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Dark Terror, the terror of time

November 12, 2014 by Devildust21
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Build 1
Build 2

Safelane Void

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Purchase Order

Starting Item build

Early Game

Core Items

Situational/ odd but good

Buy these when you are owning

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 13 14

Time Dilation

5 8 10 12

Time Lock

2 4 7 9


6 11 16


15 17 18


So basically,Void is a monster that stops time and beat the living **** out of everybody when they can't move. He is a very strong hard carry which has a good agi stat gain,extremely high damage in the early level, a build in evasion and an escape mechanism. An ideal hard carry which everything you need. Once he goes out of control or gets a lot of farm, you can just ****ing sit back and watch him end. The fountain isn't safe too, his ulti allow him to stop the fountain from moving and you will be at his mercy.

Pros / Cons

High damage
Build in evasion that even MKB cannot stop
Build in Bash
reliable escape/intiating mechanism

Soft like tofu
useless without item
Although agi hero,very slow attack speed in early game
Mana issues in early game
get ****ed by a lot of heroes
Get screwed if you miscast ulti
Every time you win, you get "Noob hero" spams from enemy team


Time Walk

An Imba escape mechanism with extremely long range, low cooldown and slows a lot of movement and attack speed.An ideal escape and intiating mechanism everyone loves and want.



Faceless void ****ing see the future and dodge attacks and spell before they hit him.The ideal evasion as even Monkey King Bar can't do **** about.

Time lock

It is literally a skull basher that void has for himself, a skill that allows early kills if lucky and deals twice the amount of damage in Chronosphere


The Game Changing ulti for void,the ulti that void is infamous for, it stops everything inside,even if you have bkb or not.It can stops tower,fountain and also heroes.If cast correctly,it is possible to change an entire team fight.

Starting items

Tango is a basic starting item that is required for Void for lane sustainability, you don't need a salve.

Stout shield is a must for all melee heroes as they will get harassed easily by range heroes and creeps.A stout shield will provide lane sustainability as you will take less damage from harassment.

Quelling Blade is a must pick up for all farmers and thats why Void needs too.A quelling blade will boost the already high damaging Void more damage so that he can last hits easier,besides more lasthits you get.More GOLD you have.

Early Game items

I personally think that Midas is a good pick up for Void even if it isn't the standard 5 minute pick up time.Midas will give Void a lot of money and attack speed and in the long run the midas is a very good investment.

Boots of speed should be built immediately after Midas as it give you movespeed that may prevent you from getting ganked as you already have your first skill + boots=safe

Core Items

Out of all the boots out there, I prefer power treads as it provide a squishy void with a considerably amount of strength, agility and intelligence. IF you can tread switch properly, You can literally spam your timewalk and treads will give agility which means more damage.

Tips for newbies: Keep strength treads at all time, when casting spells like timewalk you can switch to INT treads to save mana and when you chrono,turn to agi treads for more damage.

Mask of Madness is a common pick up on Void as it is extremely good on him.Its recent buff of 20% lifesteal and cheaper price turns it into a must for Void.Although many people think that it will make him squishy, Void is always a glass cannon. Void is played to burst down the enemies inside the chronosphere,so being a little squishy is the price to pay for extreme attack speed. Moreover,attack speed means more bashes means more damage so why not?

Mjollnir is an awesome item on Void as it gives him flash farming potential and most of all attack speed. I personally prefer this and midas then the battlefury build.Although I think that the battlefury build is viable,this build is better and cheaper.

Daedalus is a must on Void, this item allow Void to deal insane amount of damage to people inside the Chronosphere. The daedulus will give Crit chance and in the Chronosphere,the Crit will be higher because of the twice damage effect on timelock.

Situational's and Odd but good items

Armlet of Mordiggian is a situational item.It may seems funny because Void is an agi hero and you are getting an armlet which is a strength hero item however it is good as it gives armour,attack speed ,a little extra damage and finally survivability.Void is a glass cannon and if you buy Mask of Madness,he will become even squishier. Armlet will give an overwhelming number of 40 strength which is benefiting for Void as he will be tankier and if you can Armlet Toggle well even with Mask of Madness active,You will be a beast.

Assault Cuirass is a situational item for Void as although it gives armour,armour reduction and attack speed, it is too expensive and the money could be used to spend on other luxury items that can work well for void. Void already have high armour as he is an AGI hero,why not use the money to buy another Mjollnir and leave the Assault Cuirass for the tanker in your team.

Butterfly is a good pick up for Void as it provide a lot of agility and the evasion stacks with Backtrack.Although backtrack will not get countered by monkey king bar, butterfly will and it will be a waste of money. However, as backtrack will not be countered by Monkey king Bar, people may not buy it and butterfly will have its full potential.

Diffusal blade is a very situational item and you should only buy it if you are against mana dependent hero like Medusa and Wraith King. When you on Mask,you won't get the lifesteal but at least you can get the attack speed which will eat the enemies mana like breakfast. It also provide intelligence and agility which are both good for Void.

Monkey King bar is a very situational item just like Diffusal blade and should only bought if you are up against potential butterfly carriers,and build in evasion heroes like BrewMaster and Phantom Assassin.

Satanic is a situational item on Void,in the late game Mask of Madness will lose its potential and against strong carries,void will meed as much hp as he can get.So if you don't like the Mask build you can go the satanic build which gives immense lifesteal and strength.


Divine Rapier is when you are 6 slotted and you are still fighting on par with the enemies carry.Without any choice,just buy Divine rapier, with crits it increases your damage dealt in the Chrono by a lot although it is very risky.However, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward so only get this item when you are 6 slotted.

Refresher Orb
This item will allow Void to trap enemies twice and if you got main carry like sniper,it is awesome as sniper can sit outside and kill everybody before they can do anything and twice? I will take the cake,this is the best disabling item on the market.

Aghanim's Scepter is another situational item and should only be bought if you are playing ganking void with skywrath and witch doctor.This item gives you hp and better chrono time which works well if you are playing disable Void.


Void have many friends because he is very social and have facebook although he has no face.But here are some good friends of Void.

Sniper is good with Void because when you chrono,sniper can just sit outside of the Chronosphere and lay waste to the enemies trap in it.You don't need synergy, you just need sniper to be present in that fight to work.

Skywrath Mage
Ah,the old and awesome skywrath mage void combo, in the early game Void can farm freely with sky in the lane thanks to its 3 second heavy damaging arcane bolt as Sky is famous for its extreme Lane presence. The combo is that Void on Chrono and Sky lands it ulti.In the early to mid game.Everyone will die from it.

Witch Doctor
Another good support that has the same damage as Void in the early game. High damage means strong lane presence and maledict + Death Ward + Chrono = gg.com early game you will dominate with this and sky together.

Supports with stuns
Any supports with a stun will benefit Void as stuns mean that Void will be safe and you can snatch a kill or 2 because of the high damage of Void.

Enemies of Void

Void have many friends and also many enemies because of his popularity.

Silencer,the bane of Void.The terror which dark terror fears.Silencer in the early game can win over skywrath,witch doctor and also Void.Its skills ensure Void not being able to cast spells and the lastwords ensure the supports not doing anything. Moreover, silencer counters void hard as if void get ganked twice and died near silencer and get 4 INT stolen(which is 2 death) he won't have enough mana to cast timewalk and chrono until lvl 11.This hero is damn dangerous, moreover, Void timewalking in and chrono will take approximately 0.5 seconds to cast chrono but silencer ulti only take 0.3 seconds.Therefore,Void cannot intiate or he will be feeding INT to silencer and its team.

Displacement Heroes
Displacement heroes like Earth Spirit,Vengeful Spirit, Keeper of the light and Pudge will counter Void as even if he ulti,if these heroes are not trapped.There will be able to disrupt Void from doing anything with their displacement skills.

Unless you are lucky from backtracks,you will die immediately from a finger or laguna blades or other similar nukes. Nukers melt Void especially if he picks up the commonly pick up Mask of Madness

Doom Bringer
Doom Bringer counters void because of its ulti,if Void get caught and doomed,he is dead or in teamfights,if he dooms you before you ulti,you are virtually useless.Doom deals a lot of damage and nowadays, a lot of doom players tend to go Aga and refresher which spells doom for Void.

If you did not catch Tinker within the Chronosphere,you will deal no damage as tinker can just laser you and you will have 100% miss chance.When that happen,you will be nothing but a disabler that cannot deal damage.

Sniper can be your friend and also your enemy, if you did not catch him in the Chronosphere and you bought Mask Of Madness,you will regret it as he will kill you so fast that you will never live to see another day.

How to Lane this hero

Naturally,Void is a hard carry so he should always be placed in the safelane (which is the radient bottom or dire top) and if you are going Midas,be sure to have at least a lane support to make your life easier.

Void can also be played in the oflane(raident top or dire bottom).If you are laning a oflane Void,max your timewalk and backtrack first as it will ensure you to survive till you get your Level 6.

Void can also be played in the midlane but it is not recommended.

The End

Thank you for your time and please leave a comment if you have any question or if you spot something weird. Good luck,and have fun playing Dota

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