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Countering Pudge (?!)

February 20, 2013 by SuperNova
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A short intro....

Sup. This is a guidie inspired by the Anti-guide's I have seen and is for one of the most well known mid-laners ever....Elvis Himself! This guy is usually a terror as he just hides is fog/trees/high ground/devilfish and throws out Meat Hook's and does his very own wombo combo of long stun and high magic damage. Then he snowballs and slowly eats your team. Gaining silly amounts of str from his Flesh Heap and doing silly amounts of damage with Aghanim's Scepter sounds fun amirite? Im going to go over the items,techniques and heroes that can counter him well enough to make those babys cry. Keep in mind this isnt really a guide on how to play/ what to buy/ what to pick when faced against a Pudge. Its more a concise list of all the ways that you can **** him over! Have fun reading!


Rune Watching

Always ward the runes and keep an eye on them, without runes pudge has problems getting early game kills as he wont have regen runes or invis or haste or anything. it also means he has to go to base to refill his Bottle which further inconveniences him.

Deny like a boss

Pudge needs farm for his Hood of Defiance so he doesnt kill himself all the time. dont let him get that farm, pudge can be hard to deny due to his Rot ability which makes him farm money like Donald Thompson. but i dont care, deny dat **** or go home.

Ward like you're more paranoid than Alex Jones

Put Observer Ward's everywhere. pudges strength is that Meat Hook goes through trees so you really need to ward jungle so you can see those ganks coming. This is really important cos without this pudge will keeep racking up those kills and destroy your team. Make sure you know when he is missing and try to intercept him as he is a slow moving fat***

Gank constantly

Pretty obiv i know but still important, if he gets killed more than Metroid's Ridley then he will be underlvled and underfarmed and wont do ****. Great amirite? If this happens he will probably try to Rot farm the jungle/ empty lanes but dont let him. get the **** over there and give him liposuction....with you fist.

This is a link to popular Hook spots for Pudge so these are the best spots to ward.

Also, Dont forget to position yourself! Pudge cant hook through units except siege creeps, stick behind your creeps, position yourself in the fog. Whatever! If he cant land his Meat Hook then he cant isolate and eat you!

Items that give pudge unfortunate Weight Consciousness

This item is great! you can force push Pudge away from you whilst he is dismembering you so you don't take Rot damage and you can do the same for your teammates! great! Also its good for dodging Meat Hook's if your reflexes are Godlike enough.

This item is great. Most of Pudges damage (especially later on in the game) comes from Rot and Dismember( You gotta shoot their limbs!) so getting a hood will definetly boost your survivability, especially if you're already a big beefy meat fridge hero like Centaur Warrunner .

This is an excellent item to counter Elivs, and really all strong casters, as it gives a long silence and causes him to take 25% extra damage from all sources. fun. his own rot will hurt him more whilst you and your team pile in for some good old fashioned river brawls.

well duh. 2nd life anyone?

If you're invisible he cant kill you, simple eh? Beware of Sentry Ward's and dust though.

This is great! You can save your self from being dismembered when he hooks you to give your team some more time to get their worthless ***es over there and help you. And you can use it on Pudge to disable him for a full ****ing 2.5 seconds. AMAZING. well yeah, you can interrupt Pudge with it and save some guys ***. Great.

This item not only gives you magic resistance so Rot and Dismember don't instagib you, you can buff your team as well! Give those worthless feeder-troll's some magic barrier!
AND These 2 items will put pudges armor in the minus numbers unless you fed like a boss and he has shiva's or an assault cuirass of his own.

Linkens Sphere Obvi this item is good. block dismember eh? But Dismember still goes on cooldown for Pudge giving you plenty of time to get backup.

Whatever you do, dont use shadow amulet near him. Dont. Just dont.

Hero's that give Pudge a Bad Hair Day

Slardar and Naga Siren and Shadow Fiend all have ability's that reduce Pudges armor which hurt's him a lot as he has very low armor throughout the game. His innate tankiness will often save him though so taking a Lifestealer along with these guy's will definetly rip pudge apart.

Windrunner and Shadow Shaman and Lion and Bane and of course Treant Protector all have long stuns/hex's that make sure Pudge is unable to do anything and allows your team to really lay into the guy. Special mention to Magnus for being able to skewer Pudge from a mile away by going through all the tree's

Brewmaster and Enchantress and Venomancer and Queen of Pain and Hex ability's all one thing in common. Slow's. Slows to such a degree of awesomeness Pudge will get eaten alive. Special mention to Enchantress because her Impetus ability is pure damage and thus ignores magic resistance, which is one of Pudge's strengths.

Zeus and Spectre both have ult's that provide global vision of all enemy hero's (and in zeus's case, invis ones) This is invaluable for finding Pudge if you suspect he is hiding in a tree nearby.

Faceless Void and Slark both have abilities that can be used to dodge dismember damage. Dark Pact and Backtrack respectively. Activating Dark Pact when Pudge hooks you will mean that when he casts dismember the debuff will be taken off, thus saving your ***. Backtrack of course is total B.S as it means you will dodge most of the Rot/ Dismember damage anyway.

Outworld Destroyer has a cool ability called Arcane Orb. It does pure damage. cool right? That means it ignores magic resistance!

Tiny This Rock n Rollin muther***ah is so damn cool, you can toss pudge all over the place and his nuke combo is legendary at low levels.

Bounty Hunter is one cool cat dawg, this mofo can use Track and suddenly you have a mobile ward on an enemy hero! awesome! Track will not only give basic vision on the target but it will also give a 20% speeeeeeed booost to all your homies around the target! Awesome **** right there.

Nyx Assasin!!! He has this awesome thing called Spiked Carapace which means he can reflect damage back at pudge and STUN HIM. This makes his combo useless! Nyx's ground-spike thing can also travel up cliffs and Mana Burn will ruin pudge!

Disruptor. He can easily ruin pudge with his ultimate and his barrier prevents low level ganks from pudge. Glimpse can also be hilarious if you use it on someone when they just tp'd in.

Last one that I'm gonna list here: LIFESTEALER Lifestealer. His Feast ability guarantee's dead Pudge. More health Pudge gets more buttrape he gets.


If you read all the way to the end like a ******* BOSS. Then i would like to say thank you.

Special thanks to: thisismyrifle for the idea
Wilddeonpwn for being an awesome friend and helping me out loads and loads and loads blah blah blah the end.

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