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Call me Imba Spirit.

April 16, 2014 by robomartion
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Balance in all things.

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

1 5 9 10

Sleight of Fist

3 12 13 14

Flame Guard

2 4 7 8

Fire Remnant

6 11 16


15 17 18

What must be discovered?

This is my guide for late game Ember Spirit
Lately in pro matches I've seen ember spirits buying a hodge podge of items: , , and even (wtf?); they don't use sleight of fist properly and contribute little damage to late game fights and lose games building him as a conventional right-clicker.

They do not pick heroes to combo with him like with or with and , even Enigma with Black Hole often enough either.

Early game ember spirit desperately needs some sort of mana before he buys his first and this can come in the form of , a or

Items you should buy:
give him damage and chasing potential, the movesepeed is beneficial to as it moves at 2.5x your current speed.

Stacking these gives you the amazing cleave which can bring down an entire team in one or two . With three of them you have sustain similar to that of a .

Stacking these give you a huge chance to crit on multiple strikes in a

Dont buy:
: Early-game in team-fights and ganking, this item can be very useful. It will apply the -7 debuff on all units hit by the sleight of fist (Like a mini Weave). Keep in mind however cleave ignores armour and one extra Battlefury is 35%+ (depending on how many heroes you cleave) extra damage to all units in the cleave radius. A Desolator is a flat 29.6%.

: Without any cleave you will be unimpressed by Divine Rapier's damage output. After you get 2 Battlefury and Daedulus a Divine Rapier can become useful. But because of its risk/reward ratio it is rejected.

: wasted attack speed, the lightning proc is nothing compared to the cleave. Useless item

: Ember should consider getting this for the active - only necessary against strong spells such as doom and hexes. The regen is irrelevant as you already have two or more
: If you simply cannot do anything because of stuns and silences

A test of training.

There are two mechanics you need to know to play a good ember spirit:
1. +
Learning the cast range of will help you immensely in not whiffing this combo. This is because you need to press nearly instantly after using especially on a solo hero.
Sleight of fist gives you a huge amount of invulnerability time in fights (much like ) and can be used to disjoint all sorts of spells, buying you time to make a to escape to.
2. Using his ultimate properly
This spell can be used for free bottle refill, free TP, initiation, chasing, escaping and nuking
You can stack three remnants on the spot then use for a total of 300/450/600 burst damage. Just remember you can't escape if you use all three remnants up.
Remember to have a fire remnant behind tower or somewhere safe while you are farming lanes. Doing this makes ember spirit as elusive as the likes of
Ember spirits third skill is a and a in one. Level this when facing heavy magic damage in lane such as and making them useless against you.
Without mana Ember Spirit or if he is silenced or stun locked he suddenly becomes very easy to kill, especially when he has purely offensive items. Because of this you must play very cautiously, never entering the very fray of a fight with : until you have taken out the squishy supports with one or two first.

A higher state achieved!

Now for why Ember Spirit is so good when he is 6 slotted:

Say 5 enemies are grouped together. Sleight of Fist will hit each of them separately, meaning you are cleaving off each of them as well, which means in a best case scenario with 100%+ cleave you are hitting every hero essentially five times each while totally ignoring their armour. To add to this you have ~50% chance (with two Daedulus to crit on these attacks. Often enough you will have even more than 5 targets to cleave off in one
Getting a double kill just with a casual on full hp supports in the fog on the high ground when going for racks is not uncommon.

They will learn balance.

Ember spirit is the cure to cancer and rat dota both
Soul Keeper , Lycanthrope And the most frustrating piece of **** in the game
This is due to the amount of units he can cleave off of, and to add to that he can kill the Red unit without taking the damage from Last Will.

Thus ends the lesson.

Using sleight of fist for invulnerability and waiting out its cool down with his ultimate, Ember spirit can turn what might seem like an insurmountable 1v5 fight into a 1v2 until suddenly you have a rampage and everyone is spamming 'LOL' in all chat.

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