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A pub guide to Doom

October 21, 2013 by Saom
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TeTSee | October 22, 2013 3:32pm
I disagree with you saying you should jungle Doom Bringer. He can do it, no doubt, but the amount of gold and exp you get is less when compared to lane farming. Especially with the new patch, where some creeps give less exp. The jungle is more for early gankers rather than afk farmers. Even Nature's Prophet ganks (if he's halfway decent).
The items are solid, but getting them will take longer.
I don't want to impose I'm really good or anything, it's just that jungle Doom is very lack-luster to me, and Doom Bringer is my go to carry.
Saom (1) | October 22, 2013 10:21am
Thanks for your input Peppo! :)

I have not tested the new Armlet of Mordiggian yet so I am not sure how it acts with Doom Bringer.

I know he is not a strict hard carry, but that was just the route I was taking.

I will however add a new build to this. After all I am still learning to write my thoughts into practice, and only published it with the pretense of getting people like yourself picking it apart so I can fix it and make it 'better'. So I will have the harder carry version (my one) and the more team support role, so drums valds etc.

I still hold onto the fact that Shadow Blade on a Doom Bringer is slightly too mana intensive unless you are very very strict when using it. But that is just my view on it! :)

Normally with my building I can get Radiance/ Vanguard within 20 minutes. Less if I get the odd kill/assist.

But please comment more. I want more feedback as I develop this guide and it is no where near set in stone! Ultimately these guides for the commuity and if the community comments and helps develop them, then in my eyes as a DotaFire Lurker, that tis teh whole point of this community/website :'D
Peppo_oPaccio (70) | October 22, 2013 9:51am
Taking Radiance after Midas, Boots and Vanguard doesn't really mean "rushing" it: if you're jungling in low level pubs you'd better take it straight after Midas and normal Boots or simply get something else ( Shadow Blade? Black King Bar? Armlet of Mordiggian?), since the Radiance is more of a farming item and is a lot less effective if taken after 25 minutes. Basically, you take a Sacred Relic that gives 20 more damage than an Armlet of Mordiggian (which also gives attack speed, raw HP, regen and especially armor, that Doom desperately needs) for 1100 more gold, and you shouldn't need the aura (unless there are annoying blinkers, in which case you can Doom them) because you're already farmed.

Vanguard- Radiance is a legit build (even though the Vanguard is outdated, as it gives a lot less stuff in comparison to a Drum of Endurance or a Blade Mail), but it should only be followed when safe laning with a good support. On the contrary, when you're jungling, the fastest you get your items the better it is: Hand of Midas is kind of necessary not to remain underfarmed, but then getting Drum of Endurance, Vladmir's Offering, Shadow Blade, Armlet of Mordiggian or even a Blink Dagger is way better for your team. If you want to play an afk farming Hero, leave him to the safe lane.

It looks like you still think Doom is strictly a hard carry, talking about "not having item slots" for a Heaven's Halberd and getting super expensive items: actually, jungle Doom (or mid Doom as competitive players usually do) is more of a semi-carry and is usually built as an aura holder (you could compare him to Bounty Hunter, item-wise) or initiator if getting a Blink. Doom's damage is already high with Phase Boots, add some chasing items that couple well with Scorched Earth and you've got a very strong mid-game Hero.
Saom (1) | October 21, 2013 2:43pm
True. But you don't have the slots, maybe late game. But by that stage your No3/No4 could have it for their HP as well as damage if they a str support (think undying/omni etc)

I'll add it into varients though. Though by the time a hard carry truely comes online, you should have a sheep stick somewhere in the team (you'd hope!)

EDIT: Yes if the enemy team has an Enigma, then save your Doom to interupt Black Hole as it goes through BKB. But if they do have one, then tell your team to buy a heavens halbard as you really do not have the available item slots
miishin (2) | October 21, 2013 2:28pm
Saying that you don't need a Heaven's Halberd because you have doom is sorta stupid because there can be better targets to doom like an Enigma or Tidehunter who have an ult that can affect the teamfight more than the carry. Also Doom really can't win right click battles without the evasion and disarm from Heaven's Halberd.
Saom (1) | October 21, 2013 11:56am
I personally do not like SB on doom. The ammount of Mana it costs mid game to be effective is not worth it. Plus 3000g puts you so far from getting a heart or radiance. Plus Only 6 items slots and it hurts to fill it with items that cannot help endgame, which with Doom you need to look at.

Drums is the same. You don't need the stats or the Movement speed, better on No3 in your team.
Heavens/Sange: Great item (I love it) but You dont really need it. You can disbale the enemy carry with Doom so easily as it negates some of the most powerful passives which make Hard carries so damn annoying!
Refreshers: I was thinking about this on my bike on teh way home. Yeah 2 Dooms is hilarious. But It wont acheive much. And the Mana cost. Oh god the mana. Unless you have Shiva's, then maybe its justifiable but till then no. I'll add it as a late late late game option =]

And gem is good on doom. Because of your huge HP pool and high MS, you will often go 'balls deep' and rush through the enemy line, because of this when then enemy team pops a shadow balde (or that riki just damn disappears) you can still Lvl? death them and/or doom them. Plus chase. Nothing worse than hitting a Drow to 20 HP as your Scorched runs out and she pops a SB and your Support is too far behind to help.... That is so rage inducing....

Answer your questions bro? =]
saifthedestroyer (6) | October 21, 2013 11:34am
Also doom should never carry gem late game always tell the supports to carry it
saifthedestroyer (6) | October 21, 2013 11:33am
Hmm i also like a drums on doom also add a refresher to luxury items also add heavens halbred/sange and shadow blade to situational if you implement these or maybe prove these items wrong ill give you plus 1 :3
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