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50 Shades of Death: A Guide to Undying [CARRY]

August 24, 2013 by enderarms
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Undying Carry Build

DotA2 Hero: Undying

Hero Skills


4 10 13 14

Soul Rip

2 5 8 12


1 3 7 9

Flesh Golem

6 11 16


15 17 18

50 Shades of Death: A Guide to Undying [CARRY]

August 24, 2013


I know you are probably wondering: " Undying as a CARRY?"
Undying's skills may not look like the skills of a carry, but this build will teach you how to play him as one.


My choice of boots is Arcane Boots since it provides a good mana supply and can later be disassembled. Then I start saving for a Bloodstone. Get the Point Booster first.
A Bloodstone gives you very high mana regeneration which is good since your skills are spammable but you need the mana to do that. Phase Boots will help you get better positioning and damage. Next I get a Mask of Madness or an Orchid Malevolence. A MoM, when active, will allow you to kick butt with your Flesh Golem, since it amplifies damage.
On the other hand, Orchid Malevolence is a great item for any mana dependent carry, so I recommend getting it before a Mask of Madness if the enemy has a escape hero.
Good old Aghanim's Scepter will make your Flesh Golem bonuses even better than they already are. A Blade Mail is another good item to buy, since you probably will be taking lots of damage. A Radiance could be used, but I dont recommend it too much, unless you are really overfarmed since you might as well not save for one, as it is VERY expensivo! Finally, if you have a couple of carry items and your support does not have one, you can still get a Mekansm as carry.

Skill Build

Decay is a pretty bad nuke, so I dont finish it until later in the game. Use it in teamfights to steal the strength of the enemy heroes all at once. It can be used to finish off fast heroes like Windrunner if they are running away with a tiny bar of HP. Soul Rip is a great healing spell, as well as a damage spell with a efficiently cooldown if used correctly. This is pretty much a free Urn of Shadows, so dont buy one. Tombstone is a great pushing spell. Cast this in a teamfight to devastate enemy creeps and heroes. The zombies are very quick and have lots of damage. Flesh Golem is great combined with some attack speed item. It can deal massive damage and aside from that, you get free heal! Undying can use his ultimate as a carry, since the plague aura acts like a weaker version of Repel.

Pros and Cons

-Will almost never run out of heals
-Easily able to chase down enemies
-Pushing ability with Tombstone
-Strength Steal
-Great at supporting and carrying
-Spammable spells

-If you are out of mana, you are screwed
-No great escape mechanism
-.80 agility gain per level? Really valve?

Friends and Foes

Friends of Undying are Bane and Lion and other heroes that can disable enemies, allowing you to farm. You can also babysit your team's carries if you are going the support route, and the best carries to babysit are Spectre and Faceless Void, 2 hard melee carries. Also, heroes that can supply him with mana, like Crystal Maiden and Keeper of the Light are good allies.

Undying is best against summoners like Phantom Lancer, Chen or Nature's Prophet since he can easily destroy all of their illusion/summoned units with Tombstone. He is also good against squishy heroes like Bounty Hunter as he can steal their strength.

Foes are heroes who can burn mana, like Keeper of the Light and Anti Mage. Also, heroes who benefit from Tombstone are Lifestealer and Doom, as using it gives them free farm!

The End!

Please rate this guide if it helped you, and I hoped this guide let you see how to play Undying as a carry.

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