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Undying Support

June 26, 2024 by DotaCoachApp
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Undying Support

DotA2 Hero: Undying

Hero Skills

Ceaseless Dirge (Innate)


1 3 5 7

Soul Rip

11 13 14 15


2 4 8 9

Flesh Golem

6 12 18


10 16

Hero Talents

+6 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy
+60% Flesh Golem Strength Bonus
-2s Decay Cooldown
Tombstone On Death
+10 Soul Rip Damage/Heal
+20 Tombstone Zombie Damage
+50 Decay Damage
-15 Tombstone Cooldown

Undying Support

June 26, 2024

Key Strategy

Key strategic elements to consider when playing Undying

  • Catch both opponents on the lane with Decay and use the extra damage to harass or secure last hits.
  • Check for the number of stick charges opponents have before diving or committing for a kill.
  • Don`t make it too easy for opponents to destroy Tombstone. Place it on pillars, cliffs and protect it.
  • Tombstone destroys trees and provides great vision.
  • When you drop low on resources consider suiciding into neutral camp or opponents towers to reset quickly.
  • Hit an opponent your cores are targeting at least once for damage amplification while in Flesh Golem form.
  • Undying allows the team to kill Roshan early due to zombie tanking and damage amplification from Flesh Golem.

Main Combo

Main item and ability combo

Tombstone => Flesh Golem => Decay => Soul Rip

Further Information

You can use this guide in Dota 2 by subscribing on Steam: In-game Guide

Find out more about Undying on Dota Coach's Heropedia

This guide was written by Hammad: View Gamer Profile

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