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Who's that handsome devil? BoredomIsFun's Storm Spirit guide!

December 31, 2011 by BoredomIsFun
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BoredomIsFun's Storm

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Static Remnant

2 10 12 13

Electric Vortex

1 3 5 14


4 7 8 9

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


15 17 18

Author's Introduction

Please ask me for something you would lke for me to talk about and I'll try to keep it updated.

LINKS:, for more exclusive guides! [News on the Competitive Scene] [My Channel]

Hi there, I'm a blue fat mexican | Introduction

" Storm Spirit, a hero for adrenaline junkies, Storm Spirit provides arguably the best nonstop movement of any hero, and is commonly seen bouncing around the battlefield, zapping his foes and zippingaway. Storm Spirit mixes up physical attacks spell damage.

Static Remnant lays down a flickering electrical clone, which on contact will explode, delivering shocks to all foes in the vicinity.
Electric Vortex is a powerful disabling spell, which Storm Spirit uses to reel in enemies; he especially likes to reel them into a Static Remnant.
Overload adds a blast of electricity to every spell he casts.
Storm Spirit's ultimate ability is Ball Lightning, a teleportation spell with no cooldown and no maximum range, which gives Storm Spirit the ability to zap around the map as long as his mana and regeneration don't give out. Like a storm, this hero gathers strength slowly, but once at full power, he is an unstoppable force of nature."

What does a hero truly need? | Item Build

I really genuinely don't know what to put up here.
Let's see.

Black King Bar vs Linken's Sphere

-Try to factor if they have any ultimates that go through magic immunity (ie Doom Bringer's Doom, Beastmaster's Primal Roar, Batrider's Flaming Lasso ). Spells that go through Magic Immunity (ie Black King Bar goes through BKB however will be 100% negated (No DoT, No Silence) when blocked by Linken's Sphere
-Usually getting a BKB is perfectly fine

Magic Stick is an extremely awesome item early game.
1) Since Storm has a relatively low mana pool (before your Scythe of Vyse), it heals a large portion or % (depending on the no. of charges of course). Each % of mana recovered allows to Ball Lightning futher and more often, you know what that means....MORE Overload's.

2) Able to detect enemy heroes near by (Hi Torrent/ Shadow Walk)

What do ya got under the hood? | Skill discussion

Storm Spirit
Lets go over Storm's Spirit skills!
Static Remnant
-Gives flying/unobstructed vision

[Insert Picture]
-Requires the unit to be in melee range for it to proc
-Short Cooldown
Electric Vortex
-Pulls a unit closer to the position when casted (disables I think)

-Slows immensely on hit
-Each spell gives a charge, thus after each spell use attack once
Ball Lightning
-Requires a ton of mana
-Drains % of mana, NOT a fixed amount .: Mana regen>Mana pool

How to ride the Storm! | Gameplay

Early Game
Get the starting items! Ask for courier! (Pub)
Solo mid! Farm! Last hit! Deny! The usual, I'm sure we're all tired from reading the same stuff over and over...

Thy art of Ganking!
'Usually' initiate with a Ball Lightning, giving you a overload charge.
Ball Lightning -> Overload (Attack) -> Static Remnant -> Overload (Attack) -> Electric Vortex -> Overload (Attack) -> Static Remnant (IF Possible) -> Overload (Attack)
Note! It is very important you don't waste any overloads when possible, always attack between each spell use.
If necessary Ball lighting short distances to gain overload charges as well as distance.

sv_cheats 1! Note this! | Tips and Tricks for Storm

1) Heading to base?
Ball Lightning as much as you can! Use it effectively as well, jumping over a cliff rather than walking around saves time!
2) At base?
Use a skill! Get that extra overload charge!
Bottle Spam!
3) Defending?
Make a wall of strongman poses for some burst defense!
4) Don't forget, Remnant gives unobstructed vision!
Aegis steal!
5) Wall of Defense/Strongman's wall

WTF! Why...? What? | Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Why leave Electric Vortex at level 3 rather than maxing it ASAP? Doesn't the disable last longer? ARE YOU ******ED?! WTFBBQ
A: Yes it does last longer, however I would like to mention this.
Level 3 Electric Vortex is the turning point in which if you Vortex at max range and cast Static Remnant at the same spot, it will pull close enough to trigger the Static Remnant. It simply isn't worth getting level 4 Vortex as it just increases the manacost (which you need as much as early).

Q: Skill Build Queestion! Why do you choose Overload over Static Remnant?
A: I'd like to call on eyey and otaia from /r/dota2

Leveling remnant only increases the manacost and damage, while overload will give roughly the same amount of damage for no increase in manacost.
Ulti in (hit once), pull (hit once), remnant (hit once) (At this point 3 overloads, which means 45 damage extra per level compared to 40 damage extra per level with remnant.) From then on, every time you ulti, you can hit once too, notice how overload will eventually give more damage, while remnant is unreliable when you don't have the pull. At least that is how i figured it out. -Eyey

You have to be standing almost on top of your enemy to hit them with Remnant, it scales very poorly (140 damage at level 1 and only 260 damage at level 4, compare with most max-first nukes which are around 75 damage at level 1 and 300 damage at level 4), and it costs more mana with each level. As eyey mentioned, you will be hitting your opponent with 3+ Overloads when you combo them, making it scale better than Remnant. Also, while laning, you will rarely hit your opponent with Remnant unless they are melee. Remnant can be used to last hit creeps while Overload makes your harassment more powerful. -otaia

Q: Can I make guide requests?

Boys to Men | Advance Techniques

Shall be added really really soon. I promise! Needa get uncapped =(


EHOME vs NaVi - Game 2, Championship Finals - Dota 2 International Dota Commentaries's Nebu1a goes extremely in-depth in this daily

Author Notes

01/01/12 Draft #1
Later that day, Publish!

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