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Void: Stay a while and listen... BONK!

May 12, 2012 by Abaddon
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A-void hitting hard

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 9 12 14

Time Dilation

2 8 10 13

Time Lock

3 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

Void: Stay a while and listen... BONK!

May 12, 2012


Void is a hero focused on stopping enemies in their tracks and beating them with only autoattacks, his strength comes from both Time Lock and Chronosphere. While the first one allows you to stun enemies on autoattack (one of the few stuns that triggers through spell resistance too!), the second allows you to turn an area into a place where only YOU can walk unharmed, while everyone else (including allies) will be stopped for the duration. Combining those 2 skills will lead you to success in the battlefield.



  1. Can destroy enemy heroes while they don't even have a chance to strike back.
  2. Can jump in/out combat safely with Time Walk, also slowing enemies in his patch (epic chasing)
  3. Can gank, play jungle, support, carry and tank very well, despite what roles he is best at
  4. Cheap items make him unstoppable


  1. Relies on his items a lot
  2. Can lose teamfight if he uses skills wrongly
  3. Chronosphere affects your allies too, you might have them killed for it
  4. Engaging too early or too late will get you killed

When should I pick void?

  • The enemy team has many squishy heroes, specially carries
  • The enemy team has many disables
  • Your team hasn't a melee hero
  • Your team lacks melee heroes
  • Your team lacks single-target damage
  • You feel like ganking a lot
  • You are playing a public game and want to do so



Time Walk is your only *frequently usable* spell. It allows you to jump at a walkable place and slow all enemies you cross, plus those in an area where you land. Getting more levels will grant you better range and slow.

Take a point early so you can move swiftly (avoid ganks, chase, gank yourself...), be careful however with your mana pool because it will deplete in a few jumps.


Backtrack is a passive evasion chance. This will simply allow you to block full hits from attacks and spells directed at you, which isn't that useful but it REALLY turns the fights around when you dodoge a heavy hit.

One point early for the big initial bonus, this will make you invincible later with Butterfly and Vanguard


Time Lock is a passive skill that gives you a chance to stun and deal extra damage with every autoattack. This allows you to keep enemies on their knees while you slice'n'dice them in melee.

This is your bread and butter. Max it quickly because as soon as you get decent attack speed you will be the nightmare of the game.


Chronosphere is your Ultimate spell. It turns a BIG surface into a stun field, that will hold EVERYONE EXCEPT YOU dead in their tracks (including allies and goes through spell immunity).

Well, if Time Lock was your bread, this is your butter. Use this, then jump in and attack those pesky heroes to kill them before they can even retaliate. Other uses are covering paths to escape from ganks, covering an enemy escape route, teabagging Roshan...


TL;DR ---> Read the red part!
Your main focus is attack speed. Damage builds do less damage than speed ones so you should be getting all those items that grant you extra attack speed, agility, etc. instead of plain damage.

Your main focus should be:
  • Agility
  • Attack speed
  • Damage (Plain damage, armor reduction...)
  • Endurance (Strength, HP, Armor...)

So we have:

Healing Salve & Tango
As many as you need for your playstyle

Bracer & Circlet
Depending on whether you will go for Drum of Endurance or Urn of Shadows, however I recommend the first, and depending on the enemies Medallion of Courage

Speed Boots & Morbid Mask
Once you have them both, you can start mid game (you should be around level 6-7)


Power Treads & Mask of Madness
Doesn't matter what you build later, get those.

Drum of Endurance
Getting this should be your next goal because everything is what you need.

Will keep you alive, stacking with your passive dodge and lifesteal you will be able to replenish in a matter of seconds, and will also save you a lot of hp if everyone turns their attention on you.

When you finished all those items you should start late game. and be even before hitting level 15 if all goes fine, however the level threshold is level 18. Past that mark you should wonder about farming


This should be your build ideally right now:
Power Treads Vanguard Mask of Madness Drum of Endurance Medallion of Courage

Now you have to look at what the enemy has and buy consequently. If you aren't sure what to do now, Butterfly is the way to go, because it stacks on top of your Backtrack. If you ever come across 2 x Butterfly sell your vanguard because you no longer need it.

Tips about items.
  • Battle Fury allows you to pentakill the enemy team out of 1 single Chronosphere (I died to that)
  • Orchid Malevolence gives a great damage amp/silence on top of the attack speed and damage (the int and mana reg aren't that useful for void)
  • Mask of Madness Also gives movement speed, and many people seem to forget that. Use it to escape too!
  • Skull Basher does NOT stack with Time Lock, but Monkey King Bar DOES stack
  • Sange and Yasha look like they are useful, but other items outshine them in every aspect
  • Shadow Blade sucks for Void in general, but it allows you to sneak amid the enemy team while they are killing Roshan and cast Chronosphere... also works the same way in teamfights AND allows you to escape easier from focuses.
  • Manta Style copies become beastly with Drum of Endurance and Assault Cuirass, and even better if someone in your team carries Vladmir's offering...
  • Aghanim's Scepter isn't as useful as it may look, any other item outshines it

Team Work

-Last hitting and farming is a must
-Use Time Walk to hold the distances
-If you play with a stunner, you initiate and your team mate stuns and follows if you come to a skirmish

- Time Walk amid the enemy team AFTER THEY INITIATE, trigger Mask of Madness, throw Chronosphere and catch as many as you can, then focus the squishiest in their team. Also activate medallion/drums if you have them.
-Attacking the enemy who is about to kill your team mate will trigger SEVERAL stuns on him, so try to save them if you aren't their focus.

-Initiate from a hidden place (trees, higher terrain, invisibility...), place yourself amid the enemy team and trigger Chronosphere, placing it well so your team's rangers can dispose of some of them is vital
-When you have Butterfly you can pretty much go first and save Chronosphere just in case they decide to escape.
-Be careful with Blade Armor, it will kill you if you are too greedy

Last thoughts

I hope this guide will serve it's purpose to help you build a better Void. If there's something wrong, please comment and tell me, also if you feel something could be better tell me as well! Constructive criticism is accepted.

Also if someone knows the name of vlad's and aghanim's (' wasnt the solution) tell me as well and I will update it as soon as I can.

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