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Ursa Spotlight Guide by GamingwithDean

March 18, 2012 by GamingwithDean
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Ursa Spotlight Guide by GamingwithDean

March 18, 2012


Welcome to the Gaming with Dean Ursa Guide to Ursa as a Jungler Carry.

If there is one iconic thing about Ursa that you'll remember it's just how fast he can take someone down! Here is the whole guide in full 1080p, but I'll also be adding it all in text here.

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On with the guide!



Ursa's first ability in order of appearance is Earthshock, a short range Area of Effect slow with a damage component.


Ursa's second ability is overpower which makes up to 6 of his next physical attacks fire off incredibly quickly.

Fury Swipes

Your first choice once you get into the game is what spell to choose, as jungle Ursa our best choice is Fury Swipes, which is a passive ability costing no mana that makes each attack you land deal additional damage that seems to stack indefinitely.


Ursa's ultimate ability is Enrage, which grants a percentage of your current health as additional damage.

In Combination

When using your attack buffing abilities Overpower and Enrage, try to cast them before you reveal yourself as they both have animation times that could cost you a kill, and in the cast of overpower starts the short cooldown towards having it ready again.

Once you have picked your target stay on him. although Fury swipes can be applied to multiple units its best not to, as injured enemies still deal full damage but dead enemies do not (usually!) also the debuff is lost if you do not attack the same target again within 6 seconds.


Your money should be entirely devoted to the improvement of your character, and although it seems selfish it's actually what your teams needs from you to win, this is what It means to be a good carry.

Your main goal in the first 10 minutes of the game is to buy the item Vladmir's Offering, so once you have your starting items I suggest you drag it straight to your quickbar for easy purchase as you make money.

The most efficient way to buy Vladmirs Offering is to buy the Ring of Regen and use the courier to ferry it to yourself taking care to make sure the middle lane doesnt need it to courier his bottle, then get the full Ring of Basilius and a healing potion.

As the attack modifier of life steal from Morbid Mask doesnt stack with fury swipes, be sure to get it as the last item, even though buying a pattern before you have all the other items is usually considered useless, in this case if you have it you can complete Vladamirs at the outpost

Once you have finished Vladmirs, add Phase Boots to your quick buy bar and head out to Roshan and try and get Aegis of the Immortal, either with the help of your team or by yourself. Your team don't even have to help you directly, indirectly guarding you works too.

If you managed to slay Roshan, you now probably have two thirds of your phaseboots. All components can be bought from the outpost as well as the base, So once again you can gank a lane as part of your shopping trip.

Phase boots give slightly less passive movement speed than the other boots choices but give you activatable phasing which allows you to walk through units in your way and for the duration faster movement speed than the other boots.

Once you get next to your target you can use Earthshock as the spell has a long animation against a moving opponent and you are far more likely to hit this way

Next we are buying Sange and Yasha, more specifically the Sange part, it provides health, and with your ultimate, health is damage, but most of all it provides a movement speed slow that you can apply to enemies, combined with overpower you are almost guaranteed that your target won't be going anywhere unless you get crowd controlled (with level 4 Overpower thats 6 chances to proc 'Maim' at 15% per hit)

At this point the game may be over or in a state where you only want to save for buy-back money, but don't worry if it isnt. Purchase a Black King Bar, which eliminates your only weakness, Crowd Control Spells and items.

Next buy a Blink Dagger, with this you can take the time you lost pre-casting enrage before you revealed yourself right back and use it to deal massive damage for longer, it will also allow you to make some great escapes too.

Finally grab a Linken's Sphere, one thing people will try to do is save a stun or other Crowd Control for you the very second Black King Bar runs out, won't they be suprised when it doesn't affect you and you bear-mangle them anyway! This will make those weak of will concede, congratulations you won! (Hopefully)

Pros and Cons


  • You will be effective from roughly level 3 all the way to the very last second of the game
    Lane and Jungle Farming is very efficient
  • Last hitting is very easy, if you are just starting out or need to recommend a character that can last hit to a friend, this is it
    No competition for Gold last hits or denies in the Jungle, its like a independant playing field
  • Faster than most, easy kills on runners who don't realise it


  • Not a single long range attack
  • Fighting at Low HP cripples you, Enrage damage is lowered and so your Vladamirs lifesteal is lowered too (Fight nearby Neutral if the journey is quicker than returning to the well)
  • Burst Damage heroes (Such as Tinker) will bring the previous Con upon you suddenly

Creeping / Jungling

At the start head out to the Easy Creep camp, but don't sit too close in sight of the camp else the creeps will not spawn, this holds true at every new minute which is the neutral creep spawn time.

Once you start attacking the Easy Creep Camp be sure to attack the same monster at all times to stack up the debuff from fury swipes and then when the clock reaches the 53rd second of the minute run away into the fog, This will create a double stack, meaning more easy creeps for you to kill, while fighting them you will likely need to use one of your tangos on a tree to replenish your health.

With Quelling Blade in addition to dealing extra damage to creeps you use it to cut shortcuts into the forrest allowing you to get to other packs at the 53rd second of a minute to double stack them.

Another jungle tip is to pull the creep camp closest to the lane into the friendly creeps in your lane, bringing fights back closer to the safety of your own tower both for your ally and you when you come over to gank.

The closer to your tower they are the further they have to run and the longer you have to kill them with your team.

If you have a skilled teammate taking the solo lane next to your jungle who is backed up and fighting at the friendly tower (thanks to your pulling!) and has good health and mana remaining, signal to him at levels 3-6 that you are coming in for a gank, its very likely that you will get one or two kills as you will have gained a level advantage over the enemies, this can be made even more likely if your mid lane is actively ganking too.

Remember how In the item section I said to get the Morbid Mask Last? Well, even though buying a pattern before you have all the other items is usually considered useless, in this case if you have it in the jungle you can complete Vladamirs at the outpost after a gank or just to free up the courier aslong at its quicker for you.

Once you have atleast your Vladamirs you should start taking out the hard creeps packs, if your team have double stacked them that works out well too, if you're feeling bold you can even try to kill the enemy hard creep packs but you will need good ward coverage and knowledge of roughly where your opponents are. One thing to note about the hard creeps packs if that your fury swipes even works on the magic immune even though alot of debuffs do not.

Team Work

In early game teamfights let your allies know you are coming over and let them get close enough range and do any slows and stuns they might have just before you reveal yourself, this can make the difference between a kill and the enemy escaping.

In late game this gets even more crucial, but who you are waiting for is any initiator, whether they have a crowd control or not. The reason for this if your effectiveness actually goes down the more damage you take which isnt true for many heroes. Your initiator will coax out alot of the enemy damage and misdirect further damage away from you all the way throughout the fight allowing you to deal the damage that the team need you to deal.

The last but most important thing is to stay humble. Your team is used to provide all the crowd control and you still need to work with them even if it feels like you are indestructable.

Public Play

The only real differences here is that you may need to buy your own wards for the jungle entrance if the enemy are killing you, which makes it even more important to set aside money for it.

Secondly but similarly, no one on your team may have bought a courier! Buy your starting items as normal and if it doesnt look like anyone is going to do it (they've died and respawned but still no courier) You'll have to make the trip back and do it yourself. You won't need the health potion that I suggested to buy early on but you will need another 70 gold to make the 170 gold courier cost.

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