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Treebeard's Sniper

September 19, 2016 by dg_treebeard
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DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Treebeard's Sniper

September 19, 2016



When to pick:
* Mid lane bully pick
* Decent laning phase against most mids
* Carries into lategame
* Great slow sieging power

Avoid picking:
* When facing multiple early game roamers ( Bounty Hunter, Spirit Breaker, support duos)
* Sucks against Razor mid
* Glass cannon, requires positioning skill

How to play:

* Start and head for rune.
* Pick it up and ferry Tango's out.
* Build Boots of Speed and a Ring of Aquila asap.
* Grab a Magic Wand if needed.
* I usually opt for Power Treads because you want attack speed and the stats are useful. Phase Boots are alright.
* Get a Maelstrom fast because it helps you farm faster and you can deal decent damage with lightning procs. Pick up a Dragon Lance for more stats and more range.
* When the mid game rolls around, you will probably need to opt for some kind of mobility item. Hurricane Pike, Blink Dagger, and Shadow Blade are all good choices.
* After, get a Mjollnir after that. I like to rush mjollnir because sniper is one of the few heroes who uses it quite effectively. After that, buy situational items as needed.


* Be a bully in lane. You don't take much harass as a sniper because you outrange most heroes and it's an inconvenience to try and attack you.
* Take pot-shots at enemy heroes to whittle them down and force them to use healing items.
* You can use happy trees to block the path of gankers. Stay on the high-ground and keep creep control over enemies in order to protect yourself from ganks. Plant a tree when you see heroes coming toward you.
* Grab a sentry if the enemies have a Riki, Bounty Hunter, or Nyx Assassin and plant it in lane to avoid ganks.
* Keep on top of your positioning. Use Shrapnel to farm and zone. Think of it's long recharge time as a decisioning factor for whether or not you should farm. Sniper farms slowly so you need to commit to farming up or commit to fighting.

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