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To mulch with you - Innovative Guide to Hard Carry Prophet

August 25, 2012 by john5656
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To mulch with you - Innovative Guide to Hard Carry Prophet

August 25, 2012


SO, you want to play Nature's Prophet, but want to be a complete bad-*** at the same time? You've come to the right place.

Just a foreword, this guide is not to a how to Nature's Prophet in a pro game, it's merely an interesting change to how Nature's Prophet usually plays. The best thing is that nature's Prophet can pull off a non-standard build - as long as you can farm it up. This guide is not for new players, if you go mid, you must last hit and deny as if your life depended on it.

ALSO, this is unfinished, I have to clean up, add pictures, add colours. Tell me if I missed something important.


The basis of this play-style is to out-farm like crazy, and start pushing down all the towers as soon as possible. This is how it works - you go mid, you expertly farm (it should be easier with your robes of the Magi) and deny/harass. Farm your Orchid, then your Power Treads (You should get Orchid at around 10, and Boots a bit after that). Once you have both these core items, start pushing down towers. You have maxed out or close to maxed out teleport - this is the benefit of a solo mid Prophet. Try to avoid direct confrontations at the start of the game - you are still quite weak. Push, Gank, Farm Ancients.


Jungle Prophet is quite similar, except for the early game. Go jungle if you have a very dependant mid, the only thing that varies is the skill and item build - your goal is much the same, albeit more reliant on your team-mates, now that you no longer have the gold and exp advantage over others.


I'm sure you don't need me to tell you Nature's Prophet's skills, but I'll pass you some interesting tips and tricks.


Trap People! One of the longest movement disables in the game-abuse this.

Gives sight to a large radius around it - use sprout when someone is juking through trees!

REMEMBER - your attack priority is not set on the person you cast it on. If there is a closer Hero or enemy than the person you sprouted, you'll most likely not attack the person you sprouted. Right click the person trapped to ensure you're hitting the right target.


Get out of Jail free card!

You can feint teleportation - it doesn't cost mana or cooldown until its actually used!

Use in conjunction with sprout - as long as they have no allied units within your trees, you can sprout yourself. They will lose vision, and you can safely teleport out. Best used when they already no longer have vision, such as up a slope or behind a tree; most people will assume a blocking sprout or a misprout.

FARM LIKE CRAZY. This is half the reason why you can farm efficiently. Teleport gives you multiply venues of income - 3 lanes, 2 jungles, and 2 ancients. When one becomes unsafe, or occupied, go somewhere else. Try to give priority to other carries when they are farming lane unless you want to push - it's your way of thanking them for mid. Even if you didn't go mid, take advantage of un-occupied lanes. The hard thing is being 'safe' whilst you do so. That is for you to learn and judge in accordance to the mini-map and warding.

Be everywhere.

NATURE'S CALL Nature's Call

Refrain from using it on Sprouted trees when you want to kill someone in them - they usually are unreliable with trapping, and don't do much damage

Even when you only have level 1, it is still a powerful pushing tool. Kill off a wave, and summon trees. send 1 to attack the tower, and the other to travel past the tower, and aggro the incoming enemy creeps, leading them away from the attacking tower.

Also another good anti-juke tool! Summon the trees when you need a more direct route, or to ensure a wide open area.

WRATH OF NATURE Wrath of Nature

This is the second half of your ultimate farming ways.

Help or Steal kills whilst staying in lane - ensure to click the opposite corner of the mini-map to the actual place of the gank, unless you're afraid of loss or vision, or you want to kill-steal.

FARM!!!! use it when there are full creeps in each lane, and it ensures about 100-300 gold, depending on how low the creeps are, and if you have agh or not.

The challenge is, again, judging when to use it. Gank or Farm, both are optional, but if you use this skill in the wrong time, it could mean 1 less kill, or 200 less gold. Judge from the creeps, and the health of your allies and enemies.


This is what makes you. Without your items, Nature's Prophet may be the most useless hero in the game. But WITH items, you become an omniscient God of the map, coming and going as he pleases, easily picking off lone heroes. You can deny the enemy their farm, and make them extremely paranoid.


I prefer a very risky build, Robes of Magi and 1 tango, if I go mid. Robes goes towards your first Oblivion staff, which you should take to yourself ASAP, and the tango is for sustain. A much less risky build would mean going the route of Branches, Tango and Salve, making an optional magic wand. This makes the orchid slightly further away, makes last hitting slightly harder, but you're much less susceptible to ganks, and you have higher sustain.

ORCHID Orchid Malevolence
Orchid is king. Everything it gives is perfect for a carry Prophet, and getting it early means 2 things. You now have no mana issues - you are free to not spend another cent into mana increasing items. You now also have a fantastic utility - the silence. Your trees should last 5.5 seconds max level, and a silenced, trapped, amplified player is almost a certain kill. As well, you are now actually useful to your team in fights. Sprout a melee, then silence a spell caster. Move towards the back of your group, and start auttoattacking/wrathing as needed.

of the treads, this is probably the most useful. Being able to change stats in a pinch is good, and the extra attack speed and survivability is always good. Phase boots and BoT are almost never needed on prophet, what with your teleport.

After these two, it is up to you. I prefer getting the entire set of tier 1 weapons - Helm of the Dominator, Crystalys, and Maelstrom, and upgrade as necessary. An Assault Cuirass can never be underestimated - the armour and attack speed compliments Nature's Prophet well. I prefer the Cuirass+helm to the Cuirass+ Desolator. The negative armour from Cuirass already acts like a pseudo Des, and with Helm you are open to using the Eye of Skadi, and fantastic late game item for stats and slows. Also, a Monkey King Bar is never bad as well.

The aim is to fit Nature's Prophet with things he could normally not do - the difference between Prophet and many other semi-carries is the versatility Prophet holds concerning ganks and farm. You are able to get these items much faster and much easier, is the point. Most other heroes opt not to go down this route, simply because it would take a long time, and would not benefit them as much as other support items.

But you are different.

With your items, you effectively gain other hero's skills. you get

    Life Steal
Aoe spell damage on chance Mjollnir
Crit Daedalus
True hit/Minibash Monkey King Bar

With Des or Eye of Skadi, you gain either
    A minus armour attribute on attack
    A slow on attack

Creeping / Jungling


You must be the perfect mid. last hit and deny as often as you can. Assist in ganks with Wrath or simply teleporting and sprouting - these skills would be quite high level. If your enemy mid is passive, then harass. If he is not, then stay back. Nature's prophet is not so strong during the early laning phase. What you must do is take advantage of them over-stepping. If they try to tower dive, sprout, and start hitting with assistance of the tower - you'll probably gain the kill. Otherwise, focus on the farm. Once you have your, and mid-game commences, you are free to take any un-occupied lane. When to push and when not to depends on the match-up and circumstance.


Nature's Prophet can still carry if he jungle starts, but be wary that you no longer have a huge gold or level advantage. An Agh is almost a must for a jungle prophet - you will attempt to capitalize on your potential spell damage, pushing power, and farm. Agh will make up for the loss of farm. You can still carry, but know everything you get will be much further behind. This is why I tend to lean towards a sheepstick if jungling - the hex is immense, and by the time you get an orchid if you jungle, it will have lost much of its benefits. Simply, it'll help more if you get a hex.

A Hand of midas is also a definite possibility, but you must be confident you can hit that mark every single time.

If jungling, your priority is to push, gain map control, and hopefully get farmed along the way. You can still be a huge menace, but more focus is put on your teammates with this method.

Team Work

Nature's Prophet hates teamfights. I said it. When teamfights occur, Prophet is usually overwhelmed by the sheer amount of USEFUL SPELLS the other team can use. Nukes, AoE's, silences, and stuns, all things the Prophet lacks intrinsically. This is the reason why I enjoy gaining items that give me additional effects, and why the assault cuirass is so good on Prophet - it actually makes you viable in team fights. Try to not stay near the front - on equal ground, most heroes will easily focus fire you down. HOWEVER, if you did everything right, and your team didn't feed, you should be miles ahead concerning gold and exp, and this is where you reap your rewards.

Commence the Auto-attack.

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