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The cockroach you just can't stamp out - a complete manual to Weaver (updated)

July 11, 2014 by witooZ
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3
Build 4

Radiance build

DotA2 Hero: Weaver

Hero Skills

Geminate Attack (Innate)

The Swarm

4 8 9 10


1 3 5 7

Time Lapse

6 11 16


15 17 18

The cockroach you just can't stamp out - a complete manual to Weaver (updated)

July 11, 2014

Guide introduction

Welcome to my guide to Weaver. This guide is supposed to be a complete manual containing everything you might want and need to know about this hero, his abilities and their use in a variety of ways and so on.

It may appear like a wall of text but I've tried to make it as easy to understand as possible even though English is not my native language.

I'm not a pro player but neither am I new to this game , I've read lots of guides for Weaver but there wasn't any guide that I would completely agree with.

So after lots of time spent testing, theorycrafting and watching replays for the sake of this guide, I can honestly say that I've tried almost every single possibility with this hero (I've even tried to play a roaming support Weaver. The result was...predictable :)) and I'm going to reveal them to you.

Enough talk, it's time to start :)

I've made a build in the Dota steamcloud as well, feel free to use it. :)
It can be found here

Hero introduction

Weaver is a ranged agility hero that relies on a great mobility and invisibility for getting in and out of battle with ease.

His role is the same every single game - the carry. He is not able to fulfill any other role. The gameplay and playstyle is a quite unique for a carry and he can make use of a very wide variety of items depending on the situation.

This can make the hero harder for new players, but he is definitely worth mastering.

If you are not familiar with his skills it's not a bad idea to check the introduction made by DotaCinema

Pros and cons


  • Ranged
  • Very hard to focus and kill
  • Very hard to gank
  • Good at chasing and tower diving
  • Decent lane control for a carry hero
  • Can solo the hardlane
  • One of the best Divine Rapier holders
  • Great in a minus armor strategy

amplify damage


  • Stats and stat gains are one of the worst
  • Silence hurts him a lot
  • Low HP
  • His attack animation is not really good
  • Not easy to play
  • Partially countered by truesight

When to pick

  • Your team has a decent initiation
  • Your opponents are not super tanky
  • You want a carry that is not completely useless early-mid game
  • Your team needs a DPS hero


The Swarm

Weaver launches a swarm of 12 beetles that latch on any enemy unit in their path, attacking and reducing armor until it is killed.
  • Range: 3000
  • Beetle Duration: 8/12/16/20
  • Attack Damage: 15/20/25/30
  • Armor Reduced Per Attack: 1
  • Cooldown: 36/33/30/27
  • Mana Cost: 100
  • Beetles can be destroyed by 4 attacks
    from a hero or 8 from other units.
  • Beetles attack at 1.35 second intervals.
  • Beetles provide 321/321 sight.
  • Beetles are magic immune.
  • Beetles will drop off their target if it becomes invisible.

This is your most versatile skill. It has lots of uses in lots of different situations. However many players tend to underestimate it, but as you will see, it's really strong in its own way. Just remember that you should never ever use it on a lane to harass. The damage is too low and the beetles have about 30 gold bounty each. That means just a free farm for your opponent.

Armor Reduction

The main use of this skill is in teamfights as an armor reduction spell.

Before the fight starts, make sure that you are positioned in the back so nobody is able to initiate on you. Let your initiator go in and instantly follow him with The Swarm and Shukuchi.

The longer the battle takes, the greater is your advantage because of the reduced armor and damage over time.

Tower Diving

As you can see from the description it takes some time for creeps and towers to destroy your beetles.

So if you want to tower dive a hero, cast The Swarm on him first. Once he gets into a tower range, the tower will focus the beetle instead of your hero and you have time to catch up your prey.

In this picture I'm playing on the Radiant side and I'm diving into the enemy base to kill Pudge using the beetles to tank the tower instead of me.

Despite the in-game description that says that tower needs only 4 hits to kill your beetle, it takes full 8 hits to do so. I'm not sure if it's supposed to work this way or not, but it's still useful to know. :)

Pushing and Counterpushing

This works almost the same, just use The Swarm on creeps to draw their aggro to the beetles.

If you want to counterpush, simply use The Swarm before the enemy creeps start hitting your tower and let it do it's job.

If you want to push, send The Swarm behind the tower and let the creeps stuck there beating your beetles.


  • Side lane Tier 1: X.15 and X.45 (same as a pull)
  • Side lane Tier 2: X.05 and X.35
  • Middle lane Tier 1: X.08 and X.38
  • Middle lane Tier 2: X.03 and X.33

As you can see the creep wave is stuck behind the tower and Naix can continue pushing.


It's a good chasing spell as well.

The beetles give 321/321 vision around your target so they can't juke, the damage over time can make the kill from time to time as well.

They have two options: to run and get damaged by beetles or to stop and attack the beetles and give Weaver time to catch up. Either way they are most likely dead.


Well, this is pretty self-explanatory - just cast it to the direction where you expect that you might be ganked from.

Keep in mind that the range is really long (3000), but it's not very wide.


You can also use this skill to avoid taking damage in the jungle. Use your The Swarm to keep the jungle creeps busy while you are taking them down.


Weaver shifts out of visibility, gaining the ability to move at maximum speed through physical units doing harm to any enemies it passes through.
  • Radius: 175
  • Fade Time: 0.25
  • Duration: 4
  • Damage: 90/110/130/150
  • Cooldown: 12/10/8/6
  • Mana Cost: 60
  • Can only damage a unit once per cast.
  • Does no damage to invisible units.

Shukuchi is your most important spell, you should always max this first. No matter what. I can't even stress out how important it is. It makes you invisible for 2/3 of the game and incredibly hard to kill. That's one of the biggest advantages that a carry hero can have, make sure to abuse it. :)

Escaping and chasing

With a maximum movespeed and invisibility, it's uses are pretty obvious so I'll just add some more depth to the basic uses.

When escaping, don't be afraid to use trees, fog and juke spots to re-cloak your invisibility, especially when you are chased by someone with high move speed or mobility ( Anti-Mage, Queen of Pain) because your opponents will try to chase you blindly.

You can use it to evade tower damage - you need to Shukuchi out of it's vision range.

When chasing, always try to hit your prey with Shukuchi and get in front of him in the same time.

This makes his escape even harder because you are blocking his way and he is easier to take down as well as it's shortening the delay between another Shukuchi if it is needed.


This is pretty obvious as well, just run through your opponents here and there and make sure that you last hit a creep while doing so.

Some say that Shukuchi damage scaling is not very good, but in reality it's scaling quite well because with lower cooldown and two Sage's Mask you are able to spam in constantly and force your opponents out of the lane. Against a weak lane, you should be able to 1v2 pretty easily without any loss of farm.
Also keep in mind that level 1 Shukuchi deals 90 damage which is not bad at all.

If you are soloing the offlane and your opponents are likely to kill you, using this may be your only chance to get lasthits, but be careful of true sight, especially on lower levels when the cooldown is still long.

Dodging projectiles

As many of you already know, with proper timing you are able to dodge most projectile based spells coming your way such as:

hellfire blast

Germinate Attack

Geminate Attack

Allows Weaver to dispatch two swarms, attacking an enemy twice.
The extra attack will not trigger other attack effects (such as critical strike) and overrides Unique Attack Modifiers.
  • Cooldown: 6/5/4/2.5
  • Mana Cost: 100
  • Will never trigger extra attack during Shukuchi (first hit).

This is your main harassing skill - it's free and with Shukuchi you can trade hits better than most other heroes. (That's because you evade their hit and hit them twice in the same time.)

If you are soloing the hard lane, you can use it to get last hits as well.

In lategame this is your steroid skill, don't underestimate it.

Time Lapse

Weaver warps backward to whatever position it was in five seconds earlier regaining the HP and mana from that time. No effect on cooldown, gold or experience.
  • Cooldown: 60/50/40/
  • Mana Cost: 150/75/0
  • Removes most negative buffs from Weaver.
This is one of the best escape maneuvers in the game and combined with Shukuchi it makes you very hard to kill. By Lapsing, you can regain your lost hp, mana and most importantly position. Don't hesitate to use it when your Shukuchi is on cooldown and you ran into a group of enemies, it's cooldown is pretty short.

Another useful fact to know is that your Shukuchi lasts 4 seconds, so when you finish it and lapse back, you will end up on approximately same place where you have started your Shukuchi.

Also, when you lapse, you won't only regain your lost hp back, but mana points as well. So it's advisable to use your mana before lapsing if you got time and mana pool to do so.

Along with these benefits, you can use this skill to remove most debuffs that you might been affected with which is very useful.

Unavoidable spells

However, there are some spells that you are unable to avoid by Time Lapse, I'm not going to list them all because in most cases they are slows (and you won't remember them anyway), which can be remedied by Shukuchi, but keep in mind that you can't evade everything.

Here are the most important spells that you can't evade:

Skill build

Weaver's skill build is pretty much set in stone until level 7 - this is because in earlygame Shukuchi is superior to any other skill both offensively and defensively. Some may argue that the damage scaling of Shukuchi is not very good, but the cooldown reduction makes the difference. Lower cooldown means that you can eascape more easily and harass more frequently resulting in more overall damage dealt.

As you can see, maxing Shukuchi first is a no brainer and it's the best solution in every situation.

The Swarm and germinate attack are abilities which are very useful on the first level because you will get most of the benefits, but their scaling is not really good.

Because The Swarm is more of a teamfight oriented skill and it's pretty much useless on lane, you should take germinate attack on level 2 and wait for The Swarm for level 4.

On level 6 there's no reason to skip your ultimate even though it's mana cost is very high because 1 level in The Swarm or germinate attack won't make any difference. So stick with your ultimate.

Beyond level 7 you will face a decision whether to max germinate attack or The Swarm. I've calculated the damage output of both skills and the result was approximately the same. (Theoretically, The Swarm deals more damage, but in real world where the towers are still up and creeps are around, the bugs will get destroyed before the full amount of damage is done. So the real damage is basically the same.)

Your decision should be based on the item build that you already decided for. If you are going for the riskier Radiance build, you should be more inclined towards maxing The Swarm because your enemies will tend to run earlier and you won't be landing so many single target hits, so you want to keep the enemies during the teamfight under constant pressure due to the damage coming from the combination of the Radiance burn and The Swarm beetles which will help you chase them later.

If you are going for the Desolator or Daedalus build, you want to max germinate attack because you will benefit more from the instant armor reduction than the damage over time from beetles.

Item build

Starting items

For your starting items, you should choose between items that give you the thing that you lack the most - stats. Along with some healing your starting build should be made by a combination of these items.

Another possibility is to start with a Wraith Band and Healing Salve with a Tango from your teammate.

Core items

Magic Wand

  • I don't think that this item needs any explanation, it's a cheap way to increase your stats and the burst mana and heal is always good. This item is core on most heroes and Weaver is not an exception.

Power Treads

  • Another typical core item is boots. Some people like to get Phase Boots over Power Treads for an early damage boost, but I don't think that's necessary. Your damage output is pretty high on it's own and you need some more surviveability in earlygame. Also, you can switch the threads for more hp, last hit damage or a little bit of mana while the phase ability is completely wasted.

Ring of Aquila

  • This is your last core item. It gives you everything you need - some stats, armor, mana regen and a little bit of damage. The buildup is also easy, so make sure to get this item every game.

These are your core items - you will buy them every single game, because they simply make you effective. After finishing the core, you should decide which of these three builds you want to follow. (These builds are standard and proved their effectivness in the test of time and even pros are playing them.)

Radiance build

This is the old school build that is advised by most guides. It's a high risk - high reward build but in my eyes it's a little bit outdated.

In times when this build was popular, the game was oriented mostly on defensive strategies based on prolonging the game and waiting for your hard carry to build his items.

This strategy was based on much longer teamfights then nowadays when the meta is much faster and the most picked heroes are the ones who peak in midgame. Towers are destroyed much faster and the fights are shorter than before. This means that instant burst DPS is more favorable than the pressure from the Radiance in long fight.

However even now it's a solid item choice and it has it's advantages but it's much harder to pull off. To make this build successful you need to farm it soon enough, preferably before the 20 minute mark, if you fail it becomes less and less effective.

On the other hand making it very soon can be so devastating that the game will just win itself.

Desolator build

This is the newest build on Weaver. It wasn't possible in Dota 1 because of germinate attack which will override the Desolator's orb effect. However in Dota 2 the orb effects stacks little bit differently, so both the effects work in a devastating fashion.

With this build you got the maximum single target burst DPS possible. You can melt an average support in 3-4 hits and it's great for snowballing. If you have a decent earlygame, this is the build that you should be getting.

Always get Medallion of Courage first, it's a great item that gives you everything you need and the -6 armor is really underestimated by most players. In earlygame it reduces about 1/3 of your opponent's EHP. And that's a lot.

Daedalus build

This is your fallback build. It's the best solution when your team is on the backfoot and you are trying to get back to the game.

It provides a solid boost to DPS (even tough you can't crit the second attack from Geminate Attack it's still the best DPS item you can get) and the buildup is also very nice. I'd reccomend this build for newer players and/or bad farmers.

Armlet build

A very speculative build that can be really strong considering certain lineups which are able to turn the game into a deathball in 10 minutes or less. In that case Armlet of Mordiggian can make you very tanky with a DPS output comparable to Demon Edge and able to tower dive a lot. However, it's crucial to snowball in the next 10 minutes or you will have a bad time.

It's very risky and not advisable in most situations especially if your team is not familiar with your plans. Also it's pretty hard to pull off as it can be a little tricky sometimes.

The advantage is the tankiness that Armlet of Mordiggian does provide - 400 hp + 5 armor. The degen is not that much of a problem because you can use Time Lapse to get your HP back.

The disadvantage is that you need some more item to support your damage output about the 20 minute mark to continue stamrolling.

Situational items

Offensive items


  • You can use it as your second big damage item. It gives massive damage boost and the true strike ability is useful against heroes that already have some evasion skill
    ( Phantom Assassin) or heroes who frequently make evasion items like Butterfly.
    ( Anti-Mage)


  • Another option for a big damage dealer is a Daedalus. It gives you the best combination of damage/price of all items except for Divine Rapier. You should get it more frequently than Monkey King Bar because it gives you more damage and the true strike is not always needed. Pick this item only if you didn't bought it as a core extension of course.


  • This is one of the best lategame items you can get, but you shouldn't get it before some big hp item because evasion doesn't work that well without it and you want to use the item to it's full potential. It's great especially against carries that don't want to build Monkey King Bar such as Phantom Lancer.

Divine Rapier

  • The ultimate weapon. You should get it only when your team is on the backfoot and there is no other option or in the lategame when your buyback is on cooldown and the winner of the next teamfight will win the game so dropping it wouldn't matter. You won't make it very often because it rarely wins a game that you wouldn't have won without it, but loses frequently a game that you could win easily.

Defensive items


  • This item was more popular in the past than it's now (because it was heavily nerfed for ranged heroes) but still it's a solid defensive item especially for earlygame and midgame.


  • Very good replacement for Vanguard, it gives you more HP, little damage and Maim which can be useful from time to time. If you don't need the regen from Vanguard this is a better choice.


  • The best defensive item you can get despite it's cost. Because of the nature of your ulti, flat hp is in most cases better than high armor. You should be getting it after the first or second big damage item unless you need a Black King Bar.


  • Your solution for all those ugly disablers like Shadow Shaman or Lion. With this item you are almost impossible to lock down and die before you use your ultimate. It gives some hp and minor damage as well and you should get it every time you see a bigger amount of disables in the opponent team.


  • Even though it's mentioned as a core in the recommended item list, it isn't your core at all and you shouldn't make it frequently. In fact compared to Black King Bar it's far more situational and has a different use - Black King Bar is there to protect you from disables, Linken's Sphere from initiation spells. (like Batrider's Flaming Lasso)
    The problem with linken's spehere is that it costs too much for what it does and you need to continue farming to be useful because you don't have any DPS. And by the time you get some DPS item, you are outcarried by "real" carries like Anti-Mage.

Eye of Skadi

  • I don't know why, but some evil part of the community think that this item is trash. With a closer look you can see that it gives you 385 hp less than Heart of Tarrasque, but on the other hand it gives you +25 agility, +25 intelligence, +150 mana and a Cold Attack orb on top of that. It's a great defensive item that can help to get a little bit more from your attacks. It's really great in the Radiance build, but should be avoided in the Desolator build because these two orbs do not stack.


  • Very situational item that's useful especially against carries that are highly reliant on lifesteal such as Phantom Assassin or Lifestealer (you will be surprised how easy it is to take down Disarmed Lifestealer). Apart from that you can also make Sange instead of Vanguard for a solid HP boost or buy it instead of Butterfly if you need evasion to counter permabash heroes.

Other items

Manta Style

  • Some guides are recommend this item, but I don't think it's very good for Weaver. Weaver has one of the worst stats and stat gains thus the illusions created from Manta Style are pretty weak and fragile. Only get this item after Butterfly if you want more pushing power. (Which is very rare)


  • I don't really like this item, but I guess that in some situations it might be good when you expect to play a long game and you had a good start. But still, you shouldn't get it very often.


  • Another very situational item. You shouldn't play on the midlane and you receive only a little profit from runes, but the fast regen and the possibility to buy a scroll of town portal and lapse back for a fast refill makes it playable in some situations as a substitute for Magic Wand. Also it can be useful lategame where runes like Double Damage become very dangerous and the investment of 300 gold is not that much.


  • The green boots can be useful if you know that you will face a difficult lane with continuous harass. However, you should disassemble them later and go for Power Treads. You lose 175 gold this way but it's still worth considering.


Choosing the lane

Because your biggest potential lies in chasing battles, you would prefer an easy lane. Playing Weaver on the offlane as a solo is also possible but you shouldn't do it unless there's another carry in your team.

Never go mid. There's no reason to go there - you can't unleash the full power of Shukuchi because the lane is short, you don't really profit from runes and you are gonna lose to every standard solo mid hero. The side shops are also good for Weaver so there's no reason to ever go mid.

On the lane

It's earlygame and you shouldn't expect a huge damage output, so try to get some lasthits and harass your opponents with germinate attack and Shukuchi. Avoid taking huge amounts of damage, remember that your starting HP is 435.

If you decided to go for the Desolator or Crystalys build you should buy two Sage's Masks from the sideshop as soon as possible. With this mana regen, you can be more agressive with Shukuchi.

If you are going offlane, ask one of your supports to buy you Sentry Wards in case they want to ward the lane and make it harder for you. If they can see you, it's not possible to farm with Shukuchi anymore and you are force to stick to your tower.

Remember to always have at least 60 mana for Shukuchi if anything goes wrong. After Medallion of Courage you can either continue farming for your first big damage item or go help your teammates if needed.

The disadvantage of the Radiance build is that you can't be as agressive on the lane and you have to stay there until your Radiance is complete. Then it's time to teamfight.


Teamfights are pretty simple with Weaver, wait for your initiator to use his stuns and disables, use your The Swarm, Shukuchi to get behind your opponent and try to avoid being focused. If your opponent has a gem, play more carefully and stay behind your allies to avoid a quick death.

Turn the fight into a chasing battle where Weaver excels and snipe off any fleeing heroes.

Don't wait for your HP to drop too low before casting Time Lapse, Weaver is fragile and you don't want to die before you can use your ultimate.

Friends and foes



Weaver is one of the initiation - dependent heroes, without a proper initiation he is not that hard to lock down and kill. Notice a nice synergy with Ion Shell that gives your chasing even more power.

Armor reducers

As I said, armor reduction strategy with Weaver can be lethal, especially with the Desolator build. You can take down a hero within 3 hits and The Swarm's damage is increased as well because the damage type is physical (you shouldn't be selfish and max this spell first in that case).

Lane supports

It's true that you can solo with Weaver, but with a good lane support with some sort of a disable you can make a very strong and aggressive lane.

Hard counters


  • This is your archenemy, he has a long silence and Rupture which you cannot lapse and running won't help either. Because Weaver's low hp and his pure damage he is the hardest counter for Weaver.
  • How to play against him

    Always carry a Town Portal Scroll. He has no way to stop you from teleporting away, unless he has damage to kill you faster. If you don't have a TP scroll, you should try to run away and then Time Lapse your HP back before he can silence you or use your Shukuchi,don't move and wait for Rupture to end. (and hope that he hasn't got some sort of invisibility detection)
doom bringer

Doom Bringer

  • Another hero with a long silence, this one even goes trough Black King Bar and Linken's Sphere won't help either (he will nuke you first and then ult) unless you got a combination of both.
  • How to play against him

    There is no real way to counter him, the best you can do is to go for the Desolator build and try to shut him down early before he gets some armor. In teamfights try to stay in the back and let your allies to bait Doom, then you can fight easily.

Death Prophet

  • She is a combination of heroes that you hate - heavy nukers and silencers. She can be very annoying on the lane and she will always try to silence you in teamfights.
  • How to play against her

    The solution is rather simple, build a Black King Bar and you should be fine even though her ultimate deals physical damage.

Other foes


This heroes can be annoying to play against because silence is the best way to counter Weaver, however most of this spells can be countered by Black King Bar so it's not a problem lategame but earlygame. You need to be very cautious while playing against them and avoid tower diving unless you are really sure that you will survive.

Heavy nukers

These heroes are your worst nightmare in the laning phase. You have naturally low hp and their nukes hurts like hell. If you are desperate and need to stay on lane, make a Ring of Health and hope for the best. Lane switching is also a good idea. Lategame, these heroes are your food.


Be careful of this type of opponents. When you are disabled, you can't use any of your surviveability spells and die easily. Counter them with Black King Bar

Other mentions

Tracks and Dust

These heroes can be annoying but they are not countering you that hard because their Track and amplify damage are debuffs, so you can remove them by Time Lapse if needed.

Sentry wards

Also not a huge problem because your Shukuchi provides maximum movespeed so you can run away from the range, but still be careful because if you get stunned, you are most likely dead.

Gem of True Sight

This is the only real way to counter Weaver itemwise. You can't really do much than stay back behind your teammates and try to eliminate the gem holder as fast as possible.

Vanguard and evasion

A very good items to reduce Weaver's damage output in earlygame and midgame. This is because Weaver is dependent on releasing lots of attacks in a short time period via germinate attack, so you have the opportunity to block or evade the damage twice.


This is not a direct counter to you, because you won't really have problems with this guy, but he can steal your Shukuchi and use it against your allies which may cause problems.

When ganking him remember to use The Swarm instantly, so he can't steal Shukuchi and use it to escape.

How to play against Weaver

Weaver's earlygame is pretty strong, but very reliant on using Shukuchi to harass and escape. Placing a Sentry Ward on the lane disables him to harass you and limits his ability to escape, especially on lower levels when the cooldown of Shukuchi is still relatively high.

Before ganking Weaver you should buy Sentry Wards and try to lock him down, before he can use Time Lapse. If you manage to do so, he will go down very quickly because of his natural lack of HP.

Lategame you need some hero with a disable that goes trough Black King Bar such as Fiend's Grip, to hold him in place while your carry beats him. Try to buy a Gem of True Sight as soon as possible before he can kill you without chasing.

Always carry a Town Portal Scroll, it's an unwritten law that you can always TP from good chasers that you are not able to outrun. ( Weaver, Bloodseeker, Templar Assassin, Night Stalker - he has a ministun but he has to initiate with it)

Tips and tricks

Intimidation with The Swarm

This one is very situational and it may or may not work, because it's more of a mind trick rather than the spell's actual effect.

The idea behind this is that every teamfight is supposed to start with an initiating spell followed by The Swarm.

So if your opponents are pushing or going Roshan and you need time to regroup, you can cast it from the fog of war and hope that they will think that you are starting a teamfight and back off.

Invisible TP

Very easy and very effective way to escape. Use your Town Portal Scroll and then Shukuchi, this won't interrupt the TP and you will be still invisible.


You have a great skill set to survive, but in some teamfights you just die before you can even use Time Lapse. In this situations you can simply buyback and instantly use Time Lapse. You will be back on the place where you died.

This is for situations when you died instantly otherwise it's not advisable as it's risky - if you miscalculate it, you will return to a teamfight with very low HP and die again.

Medallion against illusion carries

Medallion of Courage can be effective against heroes like Phantom Lancer or Chaos Knight. If you know which is the right one, immediately use Medallion of Courage on him so your teammates know which is the right one to focus as long as it's not dispelled, usually by Manta Style.

Armlet lapse

This is a nice technique that can make your Time Lapse even more effective. Every time you use Time Lapse make sure to turn the Armlet off and then Lapse. Your HP will be back at 100%. Then you can turn the Armlet of Mordiggian back on and have the bonus HP again.

Armlet farming

If you want to use Armlet of Mordiggian for farming purposes, activate Tranquil Boots as well to neglect it's HP degen.

Disassembling Tranquil boots

If you decided to start with Ring of Protection you should finish your Tranquil Boots from the sideshop. You can disassemble them into a Ring of Basilius or vice versa if you need a heal from Tranquil Boots or mana regen and some bonus damage from Ring of Basilius. It can be slow, but it is really useful. Make sure that you disassemble these items on a safe place, nothing is more humiliating than opponents destroying your items. :)


Woah...So you really finished reading this, I applaud you for your patience. This is every single thing that I know about this little bug. Hope you understand the hero better and own some pubs. :D

Also I've made a build in game which can help you play Weaver directly ingame. :)

In the end I just want to add two fun facts to this guide.

  • OMGWTF it's GEMINATE ATTACK (from the word gemini - to double) not germinate attack, you got it WRONG DotaFire
  • Just found out that this guide is longer than my final project to school. :P

Signing out


Thanks to:

  • Helgi Hjorvardsson for helping me with tests and continual trashtalking. :)
  • Kamil for helping me with tests and inventing this guide's name. :)
  • Decros for helping me with tests. :)
  • MrBerk for helping me with tests. :)
  • Booshes for proofreading this. :)
  • Others that I just forgot to mention. :)


  • 9.2.2013 - Corrected some typos, added Armlet build, expanded some item descriptions
  • 22.2.2013 - Added Sange into the item build section, made a build ingame.

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