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The 20 minute game stomper (7.06f)

June 29, 2018 by Phsc
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Easy mid

DotA2 Hero: Meepo

Purchase Order

Starting items

Early-game items

Early-stat options

Core items


General later in the game options


Hero Skills


2 8 14 16


1 4 5 7


6 9 12 13

Divided We Stand

3 10 17


11 15 18

Hero Talents

+400 Health
-5s Poof Cooldown
-4s Earthbind Cooldown
+10% Lifesteal
+15% Evasion
+30 Poof Damage
+7 Strength
+10 Damage

The 20 minute game stomper (7.06f)

June 29, 2018

What is this?

Hello and my name is Phsc, I'm a 5k player which loves Meepo but for some reason in SA 5k it just keeps getting banned or counter-picked every game, still, if you can pick it it's a sure win, this build might look ******ed but it's the same build high-MMR players go for, you know, the people that know what they're doing, this is heavily based on Abed because he's a ****ing god with Meepo and if you just try this and lose but then you play a ******ed Vladmir's Offering three year old build it is because you suck.
Meepo is probably the fastest farmer in the game without items because Poof is really strong, also he's the best XP hero in the game as he can stand in lane while farming the jungle or just farm the jungle really fast/stomp in early fights stealing your allies XP.
Meepo is a midlaner, maybe a safelaner, this build is for mid, the safelane one is pretty different, still, it might look ******ed, but trust me, pro players build this for a reason.

IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED MORE HELP, LOOK INTO ABED REPLAYS AND SEE HOW HE PLAYS MEEPO, THATS HOW YOU SHOULD, and if you feel like doing more replays you can also watch w33ha and n0tail
So let's get started


Earthbind disables one target, you will skill two levels of it because more is useless, it disables blink and stuff, but only the first one, throwing another one will not stop the Ember Spirit from using his Fire Remnant or Anti-Mage to Blink, it is pretty good but some times it isn't enought.
Poof is your farm tool, does AoE damage, allows your to escape, initiate, and do a ton of damage, but you need to pretty fast with your TAB into W like the proplayers are.
Geostrike slows, that broken as ****, with a few items you might get and the person just doesn't move, use this with your Q and yeah, the person is standing still forever so you can land your Poof's, also does damage per sec and STACKS.
Divided We Stand is pretty simple, it creates a clone of you which gets attributes but no items, so no big-damage items, if one clone dies all of them die and it can't happen.


LEVEL 10: The armor isn't that bad but you need more damage early on, that's basically an Dragon Lance of damage, and damage for Meepo isn't an easy thing to get, while armor is pretty ok if you consider you just go for agility items.
LEVEL 15: The lifesteal allows you to rosh early, really, really strong, buy a Smoke of Deceit and go into rosh, kill it and get a tower, then stomp and win.
LEVEL 20: The evasion isn't that bad but I just like the attack speed the most and pro-players also do.
LEVEL 25: The -3 Poof cooldown isn't that bad, still... you're playing Meepo, 400 HP is a lot, most of the time you will go in, use your Ethereal Blade, kill someone, and kill the rest in hits, maybe getting someone that is escaping or a squishy support with your Poof again because the support is slow but you know... health is better.


Iron Talon YOU MIGHT THINK THIS IS ******ED, but in high-MMR, securing the ranged-creep is really important, and a level 1 Poof after activating Iron Talon allows you to get it easily, if you're not going for it because you think you're going to get harassed to hell just get a Poor Man's Shield and be happy, it also helps farming the jungle later on.
Tango (Shared) is pretty obvious because you need gold, use it in your Iron Branch to get double the regen bla bla bla, the Faerie Fire you can skip but I get it for bonus damage AND SICK 9K PLAYS.
Power Treads is the item, if you tread switch it is broken, Meepo gets double the stats from it and you know... it's pretty good to get 20 agility early on... or 400 HP... yeah... a little bit strong...
Blink Dagger is your initiation tool, blink in Poof combo and gg end fast ez team, you can change it to Shadow Blade if you're going for Silver Edge later.

Dragon Lance is the most effective one, get a few of them and if you need to break a Linken's Sphere later on just get a Hurricane Pike you know...
Yasha is great if you're going for Manta Style later, I don't really like this item tho.
Wraith Band is the cheapest and most cost effective one, still uses way too many slots to be OP... good if you're going for a build based on...
Ultimate Orb because it can be upgraded into items you're going to use it a lot.

Scythe of Vyse is your disable into Earthbind into...
Ethereal Blade into Poof, also they give great stats, STACK IT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STACK IT, ITS THE BEST ITEM STATS WISE
Diffusal Blade is really good because you can get a lot of agility by a good cost, and a disable that is capable of purging Ethereal Blade after you use it and Poff into the enemy.

Boots of Travel is really great at stomping, you can build it in the enemy fountain or just TP base and Poof back, if will allow you to let most of your Meepos with full health most of the time, so you can keep stomping in fights.
Diffusal Blade again? what? why? you can buy it at the enemy base, it's the best agility per gold item in the game, are you going to dive the enemy fountain for a rampage? consider this, if you got more gold and you can go into the secret shop in a easy and fast way, just go for...
Butterfly because it gives a lot of agility... if you feel like you know what you're doing get Ethereal Blade again because it gives some nice stats too but it's kinda expensive and it doesn't give the evasion from the Butterfly which only affects your main Meepo but is still great enought for tanking the enemy fountain or enemy carry right-clicks.

Boots of Travel might be great if you're not in need of tread switching, and also split-pushing is a great ability of Meepo, but you can go for other items before this in a hard-game if you know what you're doing.
Eye of Skadi... the best stat item in the game, kinda expensive, if you went for a Ultimate Orb build just get this, the slow plus your Geostrike passive is just OP, the health is great, the agility is great and the intelligence allows you just not to need to tread switch anymore... and then... if you're still squishy you can get...
Heart of Tarrasque which allows you to tank the enemy fountain if you're stomping... but still, it's a defensive item.
Manta Style is a great item to do more damage, Geostrike affects units, and if they don't have AoE damage it's really great, get this if you went for Yasha.
Aghanim's Scepter used to be great at Meepo... but it feels like some times it's not worth a slot, it is great indeed, but for some reason it doesn't really change a lot... the biggest buff is the extra Poof and extra Geostrike stack, but it's kinda bad as it doesn't give great stats.
Butterfly might also be great in games you're losing, but not as great as a Diffusal Blade or Ethereal Blade in games you're just losing hard.

Bloodthorn is great agains't AoE magic damage... use it on that Earthshaker after blinking on him and just kill him.
Hurricane Pike is great in stomps as you can upgrade it in the fountain, and also is great in hard games versus Linken's Sphere, so you can kill that person with your combo, and also is great for saving a single meepo.
Silver Edge is great if you went for Shadowblade which is a item I've seen a few players go for, it's really great, I tested it and it has been working fine, versus a Phantom Assassin? get this, and the initiation is way easier, and gives a few lovely stats.


It's pretty simple, first of all you should keep a Meepo in the midlane getting XP and the rest of them in the jungle farming, you will Poof with them to clear the camps really fast, also also hit them while it is on cooldown.
Later on you can go out of the jungle and split push lanes.


Tips and counter-picking

ALWAYS lastpick him.
If you really need to you can jungle with him.
You can use Eul's Scepter of Divinity on all of your clones... yeah...

The biggest enemies of meepo are:
Earthshaker... I don't think I need to say why.
The Battle Fury Ember Spirit
Any support with an AoE disable, Earth Spirit and Jakiro
Any midlaner with tons of AoE damage/single target damage, Lina and Queen of Pain
Black King Bar and Lifestealer
Eul's Scepter of Divinity
Blink Dagger
and a good Invoker

I think that's it

I don't really know what else to add to the guide, so comment what you want... yeah... practice a lot of Meepo because it's the hardest hero in the game, and... that's it!

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