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Terrifically Terrifying Terrorblade Build of Terror

September 9, 2014 by BKvoiceover
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Fast Farm

DotA2 Hero: Terrorblade

Purchase Order


Quelling Blade
Ring of Protection
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Ring of Aquila
Helm of the Dominator

Core Items

Manta Style
Sange and Yasha
Power Treads
Black King Bar

Late Game/Luxury

Eye of Skadi
Heaven's Halberd
Boots of Travel
Drum of Endurance
Assault Cuirass

Hero Skills


1 5 13 14

Conjure Image

4 9 10 12


2 3 7 8


6 11 16


15 17 18

Terrifically Terrifying Terrorblade Build of Terror

September 9, 2014

Who am I?

Hey everyone my name is BKvoiceover and I joined DOTAFire back in October. This is my first guide I have published and it is for one of my favorite carries in the game Terrorblade. Please feel free to leave a comment on my guide to better it in any way you can. Thanks and enjoy.

Introduction To Terrorblade

Terrorblade is an agility hard carry who has incredible attack speed in the midgame as well as late game and thrives from the highest starting armor in the game (that being 7). He also has the ability to summon illusions to fight for himself as well as being able to transform into a powerful demon with ranged attacks.

As an illusion carry terrorblade is all about stat items which is why he buys items that you usually don't see on many heroes such as Sange and Yasha, and Eye of Skadi,

In some ways Terrorblade has 2 ultimates in a sense because Metamorphosis has an extremely long cooldown and you have to use it sparingly which makes him all the more interesting an fun to play.

Pros / Cons


    Early resistance to physical attacks.
    Deals a lot of damage in hunter demon form.
    Massive level one slow.
    Powerful illusions.
    Great mid/late game attack speed.
    Great attacking animation.
    No good escapes.
    Squishy to magic damage nukes.
    If farm is shutdown early it is difficult to come back.
    Long cast times for abilities.
    Mana problems occur early on.
    Low Strength gain.


: Reflection is in my opinion one of the best abilities at level one and as such should almost always be the first ability that you skill. Here is why. In 6.80, At level one Reflection used to slow a target's movement speed by 60%, and their attack speed by 60% for 5 SECONDS. Now with the creation of patch 6.81 they nerfed this skill to make the duration scaled. So now you are most likely going to want 2 points into Reflection before level 6. This way, Given your supports are helping you nuke them down, this ability will almost always secure a kill early on. But, Since the attack speed slow and movement speed slow are static through all levels you will most likely want to max this skill last.

: Conjure Image is part one of a two part plan that makes you hit towers harder than anyone. Depending on your preference you will want to max conjure image 2nd or 3rd whether you want the extra damage from your hunter demon form. At max level your illusions will hit for 60% of your damage which is quite a generous amount for an illusion but there is another portion of conjure image that is really cool. If you have used Metamorphosis all of the illusions you summon will be illusions of your hunter demon form and since the bonus damage from Metamorphosis is added to your base damage, your illusions will get the increased damage as well which makes you melt towers.

: This is what makes terrorblade extremely scary. Not only does this ability make terrorblade hit harder it also makes him a hard hitting 550 range attack hero. Pop this when beginning a push and remember to summon illusions as they will benefit from the increased bonus damage from Metamorphosis and the ranged attacks as well. Fun fact as well since the ability has almost no cast delay and a casting animation it is possible to dodge attacks with it as well.

: This ability has the capability to turn fights in your favor or if your enemies have your number can be completely useless. Ultimately it swaps hp percentages with any hero, so if I was at low hp and their carry was at full hp I could swap hp percentages with him and turn the fight against him. Its downfall is that you have to be within melee range to cast it and it has a .5 second cast delay which is usually enough time for the enemy to stun you, hex you, silence you, and kill you.


: Quelling Blade is a common pick up on agility carries with low starting damage and Terrorblade is no exception, the extra damage to creeps will help your last hitting a great deal.

: Basic regeneration is essential for keeping you in lane to farm.

: You can't say no to more armor and it will build into a Ring of Aquila later on.

: Because more branches means more health and mana.

Early Game

: Boots are a necessity on any hero and early boots means you can kinda make up for that lack of an escape mekanism.

: Stats and armor are a nice thing to have and the aura will help with early game pushes.

: The lifesteal works great with your huge attack speed in the midgame, also provides a great base for building a Satanic later in the game if you find yourself with a lot of gold and needing more tankability.

: Gives some nice stats (which terrorblade loves) and movement speed also provides a base for two big items for Terrorblade, Sange and Yasha, and Manta Style

Core Items

: Nice and adaptable to any given situtaion and will also give Terrorblade some nice attack speed.

These next two items can be interchangeable or you can get both.

: Incredible Stats and the one thing that is better than Terrorblade. MORE TERRORBLADES.

: Great stats and the maim from sange is pretty nice as well.

: If those pesky enemy heroes are locking you down with stuns, silences, and magic nukes then Black King Bar will protect from the majority of them.

Late Game/Luxury

If you and your team are absolutely destroying then feel free to invest in any of these items.

: Every agility heroes dream item. damage, stats, evasion, and attack speed all packed up into one nice item.

: Great Stat item that gives a nice slow as well as more hp and mana.

: So you have extra gold and want to do something with that Helm of the Dominator get a satanic as it is basically a free aegis (health wise).

: That pesky agility carry on the opposing team giving you trouble? Heaven's Halberd will stop them dead in their tracks. The best part is that it is built from a Sange. So if you disassemble your Sange and Yasha to get a Manta Style might as well get a Heaven's Halberd as well.

: Want more map presence and movement speed? Feel free to grab some map boots.

: Needing some more stats in the early game? Drum's will fit your needs.

: The crits from Daedalus will melt heroes especially with the increased base damage from Metamorphosis.

: Because more armor and more attack speed is nothing but good.

Friends and Foes

Terrorblade has too many friends/foes to count but I will provide a short list.

Friends: Really any hero with a lock down spell (whether that be a stun, hex, slow or silence) that can keep people from running away from a fight. These heroes can include Lion with his Hex and Earth Spike, Crystal Maiden with basically all of her abilties, Venomancer with Venomous Gale, Vengeful Spirit with Magic Missile and Wave of Terror to make decrease armor and inturn let Terrorblade hit harder. The list goes on and on.

Foes: Terrorblade's friends can also become his worst enemies. Since Terrorblade lacks any type of good escape mekanism any hero with a lock down abilty like said stuns, hexes, slows,and silences can absolutely shut him down.


In almost all cases when playing Terrorblade you are going to want to start out in the safe lane (That being bottom for Radiant and top for Dire) to farm. Always you are going to want to be laning with one (or two) lane support(s) who will help you farm and can set up kills should the enemy offlaner make a positioning mistake. Once you have your first point into Conjure Image you are going to want to start stacking the camps in your jungle for when you move into their later. Starting at the 12-15 minute mark you are going to want to move into the jungle to begin farming except for when a fight requires your presence or your team is pushing.


Thank you so much for reading my build and I hope that it will be helpful for anyone trying to learn the hero. If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns feel free to drop a comment below and I will try to respond to it.

See you on the battlefield,


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