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SleepyBoy's guide to Nyx Assassin

October 17, 2014 by SleepyBoy1998
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Nyx Assassin

Hero Skills

Nyxth Sense (Innate)


1 3 5 7

Mind Flare

4 12 13 14

Spiked Carapace

2 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

SleepyBoy's guide to Nyx Assassin

October 17, 2014


Hello Internet, My name is SleepyBoy, and here is my guide for Nyx Assassin. It is based a lot of personal exprienced so you can leave your tips in the comment section for me to improve this guide.

Anyway, Nyx Assassin is a burst damage hero that focus on taking out key or fragile heroes very quickly. He is an Agility hero with sole purpose of his existance is to be a ganker till the very end. He is not very effective in teamfight but if played well, could take away the other team precious (underfarmed) carry or nuker with his painful combo. But since he is very fragile, very mana intensive and sometimes very items dependant. I will talk more about him in the guide below.

Pros and Cons

1. Pros:
- Very mobile
- One shot combo
- Can stall enough time for carry to farm

2. Cons:
- Very fragile
- Mana dependant
- Weakest Attack Animation (SUNSfan said that)

Skill Build

1. Imaple

Range: 700
Radius: 125
Stun duration: 1.27/1.77/2.27/2.77
Damage: 80/140/200/260
Cooldown 13 Mana 95/115/135/155

This is like Lion's stun, it sent out a line that stun any target that got caught by it in a small 125 AOE. This is the first skill you often max out first before any other skill.

2. Mana Burn

Range: 600
Intelligence multiplier: 3.5×/4×/4.5×/5×
Cooldown 28/20/12/4 Mana 100

I only pick one skill of this in the early game since this is the skill that will scale into the late game since the intel stats of every hero is high enough to deals high damage. But the cool thing about this skill that is deals damage based upon the mana that got burnt away.

3. Spiked Carapace

Duration: 2.25
Damage returned: 100% of negated damage
Stun duration: 0.6/1.2/1.8/2.4
Cooldown 23/20/17/14 Mana 40

Think of it as a free but better Blade Mail. It is mostly used as a defensive skill to yourself since it will reflect 100% of the damage back to the sender, one trolly way to say STOP HITTING YOURSELF! But before you start running into the enemy team and tank damage, rememmber this, it only reflect only 1 damage instance. For example, if you activate the skill and Phantom Assassin deals a crit to you, she will take that crit, but if she attacks again and get another crits off, YOU will get the crit. So pick your time and use it.

4. Vendetta

Fade time: 0
Duration: 20/35/50
Bonus movement speed: 16%/18%/20%
Bonus damage: 250/400/550
Cooldown 70/60/50 Mana 160/210/260

This skill defines Nyx Assassin. It brings that surpise factor to any unlucky victims that he happen to come across. It turns Nyx Invis, run faster and deals 500 undogable damage to your victim. It is used for ganking and sometimes escaping. But if you are going to use this skill, you had better get a kill or an assist, cause wasting 260 mana is a big mistake.

Items Build

1. Starting Items

Get either the Courier or Observer Wards
Animal Courier: If your team have no support, buy a courier, since you are going to need more than 1 clarity potion

Observer Wards: Since you are going to play as a offlaner, a pair of Wards could be beneficial

Tango: Regeneration for your pathetic HP pool

Clarity: Mana Regen for your pathetic early Mana pool (if you spam your stun)

Iron Branch: Stats given items that use to turn into a Magic Wand later

2. Early Game

Urn of Shadows: Since you are the ganker, it is best to build this item. It you gets a lot of kills, you will get lot of regen out of it.

Observer Wards: If no one in the team would get them.

3. Core Items

Arcane Boots: The boots that will take care of your mana problem. It gives 135 mana and also increase your mana pool by 250 and some movement speeds.

Dagon: This is the perfect items for Nyx. It is used to finished off any heroes that survive your combo. Dagon gives you some intelligence and a bit of stats. Most Nyx player would get the Dagon 5 before getting other items, and for me it is quite effective.

4. Luxury Items

Blink Dagger: Gives you more mobility.

Scyte of Vyse: Eventhough this thing is extremely expensive, it is fun to do your combo on a harmless little pig. It gives you lots of mana and mana reneration.

Etheral Blade: The only luxury items that I build on Nyx. With it, you won't have to spend lots of mana to kill people anymore, since if you do the ult, stun, EB and Dagon if needed mana burn, you will one shot people.

Linken Sphere: If you are going against Lina and Lion or anyhero that haves that type of nuking damage, a Linken will help you block that damage and save your only defense mechanism Spiked Caparace. It also gives lots of mana and mana regeneration.

Force Staff: More mobility. If also gives you intelligence and another escape mechanism.


1. Early game

There is two ways of playing Nyx. One is to play as a support. It is not a very good skill since you won't have a lot of money for your items. The real purpose of this type of play is sip enough lvl for ganking while keeping your carry farm. Two is to go offlane. This is my favourite way to play him since he is a very mobile hero that can one shot people. All of this build is to get to lvl 6 as soon as possible to gank.

2. Mid game

This is when Nyx is the scariest. The perfect target for Nyx is Intelligence Heroes and underfarm carries. If you found any of this, try to take them down as fast as possible since without them, the other team will have no chance but to either retreat when your team come in for the fight, or go 4 v 5. You actually have little purpose in team combat so get as much people caught in your stun as possible since it will be extremly beneficial to you and the team. If you find yourself being targeted, used your Spiked Caparace and if needed Vendetta to protect yourself.

3. Late Game

This is when Nyx become weak since his enemy all have high HP and have items that can block most of his damage source. But if you got Etheral Blade and a Dagon 5, keep roaming around for the perfect target to show up and kill it. Again, if you get a key hero from the teamfight, your team will win anycombat they got themselves into.

Targets, Friends and Enemies

1. Target:

Sniper: A fragile hard Carry that is a very easy target for you to kill. He has low HP, high int for an Agility and very low mobility. If you meet Sniper, just half of your combo is enough to take this guy down.

Keeper of the Light: Low HP, high intel gain, a strong nuke but requires channelling, he is literally a sitting duck for you to kill.

Drow Ranger, Luna,...: Any of this low HP but underfarm carries are perfect target for Nyx. If you get them, you will delay their farm, therefore, their effectiveness in teamfight.

Wraith King: If you burnt enough mana, he is not going to come back

2. Friends:

Any heroes that benefit from your stuns like hard carries, nukers like Lina, Lion,...

Keeper of the Light: So he is a friend also, because of his ability of giving free mana to you, that is a really good benefit of having a KOTL on your team.

3. Enemies:

Doom: Turn you into a giant harmless bug on the battle field, this hero counters everyone.

Keeper of the Light: This is a very complicated relationship. Since he has Mana Leak, he will make you decide, whether run and get your mana gone, or stay and face him and his team, both of them are both horrible.

Linken Sphere: Your ult will be wasted

Weaver: If you don't kill him fast, you won't kill him at all.


So that is it for my Nyx Assassin. If you think that this guide has problem and need improvement, put it the comment section belong. Thanks for reading and hope that this guide will help you with your game.

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