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Puck! Puck needs buff or more nerfs? 7.05 how to play

April 28, 2017 by DioX
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Build 1
Build 2
Build 3

Puck needs buff on this (Safe/Offlane)

DotA2 Hero: Puck

Hero Skills

Illusory Orb

1 3 5 7

Waning Rift

2 4 8 9

Phase Shift

11 13 14 16

Dream Coil

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Dream Coil Rapid Fire
Dream Coil pierces magic immunity
+150 Initial/ Break Dream Coil Damage
-4s Waning Rift Cooldown
-10s Dream Coil Cooldown
+75 Waning Rift Damage
+0.75 Waning Rift Silence Duration
+50 Illusory Orb Damage

Puck! Puck needs buff or more nerfs? 7.05 how to play

April 28, 2017

Welcome to my Silly Puck Guide which is not

It may look stupid but its acually good. I think this is a secret from icefrog butt (lol) they no give him more damage or durability (armor) so it sucks.

Anyways if this guide works give it a thumbs up and comment me back. I only do guides for heroes who sucks but not really. Not for heroes who are overpowered like LC but this Puck guide is kinda overpowered so enjoy.


Puck is a very hsrd hero with 3 complexity which is not so hard but hard to master because the orb and phase shift is hard to skill and if you panic you lose and if you try to nuke them down with Dagon 5 , Illusory Orb , Phase Shift , Veil of Discord , or/and Ethereal Blade with the cooldown reduction from Octane Core and fight for your life there's a chance you might survive againts a Lycan, Phantom Assassin or Sniper who is farmed.

He's also a hero who is annoying, irritable and forced to b unless you have a Pipe of Insight and Black King Bar which Puck has scepter but Dream Coil is not that much of a problem.


Safe lane/ Offlane
Your job is to harass the enemy team not steal last hits from your carry like Anti-Mage, Dragon Knight, Legion Commander, Phantom Assassin, Outworld Devourer, Sven, etc.

You must build items for your nuking or Kill Steal build and save your alies which the enemy was acually baited and so they will leave it alone and attack you instead LoL but your an escapist so your not so easy to kill IF your or at Puck.

So using my Safe lane/ Off lane build is a good start mastering this hero.

Carry Puck

There's not much to say but Puck can be also a carry if the enemy team has no Evasion, Disables or High Burst Damage.

Puck goes well with Shadow Blade than blink dagger to be a right clicker and you can escape with this without being interupted by blink cooldown or unless they have dust of apperance .

Puck can also right click because his/her right click animation is very good it goes *pack - - pack 0.8, pack,pack,pack 0.5)

Scythe of Vyse and Bloodthorn can increase your damage output per seconds.

Hurricane Pike can help you fight Huskar , Templar Assassin , Earthshaker , Abaddon and other heroes who loves to come close to you and destroy you.

and the rest find it out yourself


Giving space for your team is awesome and confusing them makes them wait for the opportunity to kill you and if they fail to kill you they might be confused if they should lose interest or bait you.


Hurricane Pike Helps you initiate and focus on right clicking to help your carry or yourself to destroy your enemies.

Octarine Core lowers the cooldown

Shadow Blade is a offensive or defensive ite, {recommended: offensive}

Bloodthorn is mana regeneration and damage output

Eul's Scepter of Divinity Helps you dispel silence and slows it is also another 2nd escape mechanism.

Dagon BOANK! your dead.

Scythe of Vyse makes the enemy carry useless for a while and to be easily destroyed.

Power Threads balances the str or int of your needs and helps you right click which movement speed might be useless to you.

Linken Sphere the health regen and maybe the mana regen can help and blocks Orchid Malevolence , Abyssal Blade , Scythe of Vyse or Dagon users and spell users like Impale , Laguna Blade , Phantom Strike (you can phase shift swifting dagger ) and many more spells.

Weak Againts and Strong Againts

Weak Againts

Anti-Mage this VAGINA is such a noob hero who insults Puck's Art.

Nyx Assassins destroys Puck's Gameplay. which you have to silence nyx for to be able to initiate him and smash him kill him...

Riki Silences and diffusal blade Puck until he/she/it runs out of mana if you fight back or turn around and die like nothing.

Skywraith Mage 's silence is super annoying.

Silencer 's spell passes throught Phase Shift and your forced to buy Eul's first.

Phantom Assassin might burst you down in 3 seconds if it ults

Shadow Fiend Burts magical damage after you initiate or phase shift without blink dagger.

Viper 's magic immunity and damage per second destroy's Puck's blink dagger cooldown and he/she/it's forced to use euls and Phase Shift . same with venomancer but the Poison Sting is fixed so not much of a problem. no longer triggers any items to turn off.

Axe is so hard to kill as Puck and a Blade Mail buyer

Vengful Spirit 's stun and armor reduction demolishes Puck.

Strong Againts

Legion Commander if she duels someone Puck can kill her and give duel wins for free to his/her/its alies.

Monkey King is easily killed by Dream Coil and he cannot react fast to jump to another tree if he's stunned forcing a battle fury alies user to cut the tree and kill him. NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT!

Puck can just dodge Sven 's stun and gets away before he turns red and macho

Zeus cannot nuke Puck unless he's low hp and about to heal in fountain then Zeus uses his ult which pucks just hide by phase shift

Puck can just Dagon 5 Abaddon if he is 500 hp forcing him to buy pipe which is a bad thing? I guess.

Enigma is easily stopped by silencing him or using ult and if you buy scepter he's stunned even with bkb while casting ult and Enigma has to wait to initiate you to go inside his black hole.

Any supports with slow hands can be easily killed

Crystal Maiden

Not so a threat but easy to kill

Drow Ranger is easily killed if she gust a bit early or late.

Sniper can be easily stopped by killing him again and again.

Mirana Cannot leap away and forced to attack

Clinkz the spooky skeleton can be countered by linken sphere and nukes then dust then silence.

Pros / Cons


-Good Nukes
-Hard to kill if its pro Puck
-Can be a nuker carry
-KS lord
-Wins without trying that hard as long as you kill the enemy
-Master of Jukes
-Very Good initiation
-The orb of speed and moving
-A Dragon Fairy
-Solo Ganker (if there's no assassins like Nyx)
-Can be a carry
-Can kill low hp heroes

-Cannot withstand silence
-Hates stuns
-Very Squishy
-Has to buy Euls to dispel some curtain spells or to escape
-Phase Shift can be useless if you want to be a carry
-Low Ranged hero
-Silence only last for 3 seconds if level 4
-Dream Coil is useless if you have no carry or 2nd initiator
-******ed noobs like dotabuff idiot kids forumers cannot play Puck well because their noob which is a Pros but I'm to lazy to put it.

Ranked Play

May work on ganks if your pro.

Early Game

Farm for Dagon 1 or Veil of Discord and start ganking.

Use your ult to initiate so none of them can escape with low hp. stay away from tanky, burst damage heroes.

Gank, Gank, Gank that's your purpose. stay away from silencers, assassins and stunners.

Mid Game

Push, Gank, Push

Your losing? buy Scythe of Vyse , Blink Dagger and Dagon or a Veil of Discord[[ or [[Ethereal Blade then Initiate then kill then push. STAY INSIDE BASE DON'T DIE FIRST OR LOSE.

Watch out for Anti-Mage slash vagina. Watch out for Silence n00bs, watch out for ******* dps who loves picking on you like Axe.

Late Game

END or farm kills it depends on what type of hero it is. if its a pusher (Alchemist, Ember spirit Nature Prophet) it might be hard to kill but if its a right clicker, support, and weak hero you can kill him/her/it like Io, Unfarmed Sniper. Recomended is to farm kills if winning and push if losing.

Losing? Initiate more and be a suprise ***** please buy disables and nukes and team buffs (not mechanism that item sucks on Puck)


Puck is not that strong in 7.05 thanks to his talent tree and 280 magic damage

Aghanim Scepter? ask alchemist to feed you one so you can have 7 slots

Carry Puck is intentional win

DioX made this guide its all possible because of him (me)

Puck too squishy just be careful

wish me to have a good time creating my smurf account and also wish for me to get outstanding kda ratio like 100.0

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