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Mid Lane Tiny

June 11, 2012 by RushKilinto
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mid lane

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


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Tree Grab

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Tree Throw

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Mid Lane Tiny

June 11, 2012


Hello DOTA community i want to say that this is my first guide so if it a little buggy plz let me know i will try to fix asap. This Tiny build works for me and has made tiny one of my favorite heroes to play. i suggest not using this build unless you know your team mates bacause a river ward and courior are important and Pug matches cant promise these things.

the skill choice is important in this build and knowledge of how and when to Toss can make or break a gank and turn it into a team killer. the bottle firstand getting those runes can allow tiny to harass the mid pushing up on the tower and get good farm with last hits and prepare the opponant mid for a lvl 5-7 Avalanche Toss combo to kill him.


In regards to items we will discuss some different scenarios where some changes will be needed. after bottle in a perfect situation you will go Energy Booster followed by boots to get your Arcane Boots and allow you to spam your Toss Avalanche for the rest of the game. If you are having issues with last hits and or are getting harassed due to a good opponent hero mid go Magic Wand and Bracer for survivability and A little last hit power.

the next item in this build is the Mystic Staff which becomes Shivas Guard this again increases your armor and makes team fights real fun and you should have by the same time your support has a Mekansm which creates team fight heaven.

Here is where you make a choice dependening on the game and the other team, I prefer to get Assault Cuirass making me impossible to kill if i am against a enemy team of major physical damage, and setting me up with attack speed that isnt 1.96, for when i get my scepter and become a tree weilding beast. HOWEVER if the opponent team has heavy nuke damage with magical damage i adjust my build and get a headress followed by a Pipe of Insight a great item to counter that high magic DPS. and if the enemy team has a high amount of stuns and CC and to make up for the lack of a blink dagger in this situation i get a Linken's Sphere.

if the game composition allowed me to get my assault Tiny will have 43 armor with a maxed Craggy Exterior at lvl 14 and this makes it hard to kill him but why not even make it harder? after Scepter getting a Heart of Tarrasque will make Tiny a force that is hard to stop.


Avalanche a good stun that allows you to move in on a enemy hero and toss him for the extra damage that you get when you throw a hero after Grow!.

Toss the skill that will seperate a good tiny from a great tiny, this skill selects a random hero and throws them at the target and with skills in Grow will cause extra damage to the thrown unit if it is an enemy unit. the reason this skill can be great or a fail is the ability to throw teammates at a hero this can be game winning allowing for a carry to get that kill on an escaping hero early and mid game. or throw a initiator into a group such as Sand King or Enigma at an enemy hero, and be more accurate then a blink dagger at times.

Craggy Exterior This skill makes Tiny amazing, not only does it give him that great thing called armor, but it does not come in handy until that mid game time when team fights start to happen. that is why i save this skill for last however do not skip it for stats it will make team fights great leaving enemys stunned.

Grow! This will make Tiny not Tiny, it will also make your attack speed so slow but cause more damage. however the greatest benefit is the increased damage that thsi causes Toss to do to the enemy that is thrown, yes this will cause kills to happen that would not have.

Creeping / Jungling

creeping can be a lot of fun when pushing a lane get ahead of the creeps and Avalanche the enemy creep wave then Toss a friendly creep at one of the mid creeps and you will clear the entire wave and get all the last hits, a great farming ability for Tiny.

i would suggest not jungling with tiny unless a camp has been stacked 3-4 times and none are the magic immune camp this will allow for a great surge of money with only 3-4 seconds of time a great exp boost as well


This build is somewhat different but getting a fast lvl 9 tiny that starts roaming and getting some fast kills both bottom and top will allow for a great game as tiny that simi carries your team to victory thanks for the time you took to read this post and hope it helps you into the world of carry tiny

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