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Manatikik's Guide to Dragon Knight

February 25, 2012 by Manatikik
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DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Breathe Fire

4 8 9 10

Dragon Tail


Wyrm's Wrath

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Elder Dragon Form

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15 17 18

Manatikik's Guide to Dragon Knight

February 25, 2012


Howdy! I'm Manatikik and this is my Dragon Knight guide and my second guide on Dotafire. I'm writing this guide because in my opinion Dragon Knight is one of the strongest carries and one of the easiest heroes for new players to pick up. My guide will be in depth on a few things and outline what a normal game will be like for a Dragon Knight; I will also explain why I choose certain things and my theory on how to play Dragon Knight.


Pros and Cons

dragon knightt has a lot of great Pro's, but he also has some seriosu Con's as well.


- High health to damage ratio due to being a strength hero
- Great team fighting and creeping potential due to Breathe Fire and Elder Dragon Form's Splash Damage
- Unstoppable laning presence due to dragons blood
- Effectively a ranged strength carry due to Elder Dragon Form


- Low mana pool
- Takes a lot of farm to turn into a true Carry


I build my Dragon Knight as a Carry that can take a beating early game and late game.

I start off with a Quelling Blade, two Tangos, and three Iron Branch for the creep damage for last hitting, regen, and a nice little hp/mp boost for early game.

Your first item in lane should always be Boots of Speed for the obvious reason of mobility. You should then pick up a Helm of Iron Will to synergize with your dragons blood for a huge armor and HP regen boost. You wanna turn that into a Helm of the Dominator so you get a substantial damage boost and lifesteal to let you tear through jungle creeps, to keep you alive in teamfights for most of the game, and to start stacking your ancients ASAP. Pick up your Strength Power Treads soon after for your mobility, attack speed, damage, and health - What do these boots not give Dragon Knight?

Going into middle game you should start working on your core: a armlet and Daedalus. You want to work on your armlet for great attack speed, damage, and health for all those teamfights, Start off grabbing another Helm of Iron Will to synergize with dragons blood of course, then pick up your Gloves of Haste and Blades of Attack to finish off your armlet. Then pick up your Crystalys for your main Damage Engine and turn that into your Daedalus as soon as you can.

Once you get your core, coupled with your Elder Dragon Form, you should be completely wrecking teamfights. But to keep you going you need to decide which and when to pick up your luxury items.

The first choice you need to decide on is: Satanic or Black King Bar? This is a pretty easy choice, they both give about the same amount of damage, but the big choice is Black King Bar's spell immune or Satanic's lifesteal. Grab the Black King Bar if the team has a lot of CC, but you're not having problems dealing with non magic related HP issues. Pick up your Satanic if their carry hurts a lot and you need to be able to just out lifesteal him.

In most games next you buy the other choice that you didn't take, so a Satanic or a Black King Bar. After this you almost always want to go for a Heart of Tarrasque for its damage, HP, and HP regen.

You can always sub in a Skull Basher or an Assault Cuirass, but you almost never need either of these items. Pick em up at your own discretion.


Dragon Knight has pretty simple skills, but I will go over each spell in depth and how and why i pick it when I do.

icon="breathe fire" Breathe Fire

Key Bind: Q

Unleashes a breath of fire on enemy units in a line in front of Dragon Knight.
Range: 500
Area: 150 (Starting AoE) / 500 (Distance) / 250 (Final AoE)
Damage: 90 / 170 / 240 / 300

Mana Cost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 Cooldown Time: 12

Notes: This is Dragon Knights basic nuke. You can use it to help you clear creeps faster, throw out some decent AoE damage in a fight, or to make sure you get a last hit on a hero. It has a pretty high mana cost for early game, and is less of a priority as Dragon Tail for a skill rotation; thats why i max it behind dragons blood.

Dragon Tail

Key Bind: W

Dragon Knight smites an enemy unit in melee range with his shield, stunning it while dealing minor damage.
Range: 150 (400 while in Elder Dragon Form)
Stun Duration: 2.5/2.75/3/3.25
Damage: 25/50/75/100

Mana Cost: 100 Cooldown Time: 9

Notes: You're most useful spell for locking down an enemy carry. Use it to start all your fights and whenever its off cooldown in a fight. Max it last because it's damage barely goes up while its mana and cooldown remain the same.

dragons bloodDragon Blood

Key Bind: E

The life blood of the Dragon improves health regeneration and strengthens armor.
Health Regen: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Armor: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8

Notes: The reason you are such a dominant laner and can jungle really early on. You max this because it gives you free Regen and a ton of armor. What else is there it say?

Elder Dragon Form

Key Bind: R

Dragon Knight can take the form of three powerful elder dragons.
Level 1 - Green Dragon: Short poison damage over time on attack.
Level 2 - Red Dragon: Splash damage on attack.
Level 3 - Blue Dragon: Splash damage and slowness on attack.
Duration: 60
Bonus Speed: 25
Bonus Attack Range: 375
Bonus Damage: 0 / 5 / 14

Mana Cost: 50 Cooldown Time: 115

Notes: Dragon Knight's trademark move, and what makes him such a viable carry. Gives you range, a slow, and splash damage. Not to mention it gives Dragon Tail 450 range. Note the 3 different levels: Level 1, this is really only great for the fact that its passive, the 20 DPS, hurts Towers, this lets you take down your tower in 1 or 2 ults; Level 2 gives you splash, lets you rock out team fights and kill your stacked ancients right at 11; Level 3, same as Level 2 but with slowing effect. Boss? I think so.

Your normal skill rotation should be Elder Dragon Form > Dragon Tail > Breathe Fire + Rinse and repeat your Dragon Tail and Breathe Fire when they're off cooldown.

Early Game

Dragon Knight has a pretty mundane early game. Just farm like normal, pick up your Power Treads and helm of dominator. If you go for any kills use a basic combo with any lane partners, open up with a Dragon Tail for the stun, end with a Breathe Fire for some finishing damage, rinse and repeat. Don't be afraid to go into the jungle once you get your Helm of the Dominator in between creep waves. Try to push the enemy tower once you get Level 1 Elder Dragon Form

Note: As soon as you get a Helm of the Dominator dominate a creep and use it to triple stack your Ancient Creeps.

Middle Game

This is when you start hitting hard, getting kills, and really having a presence for your team. Farm jungle and lanes every time you aren't pushing or team fighting. As soon as you hit 11 go kill your stacked ancient creeps using your splash damage from Elder Dragon Form Level 2, keep it stacked with your dominated creep.

For items pick up your armlet then Crystalys to Daedalus for your main damage. Stay with the team, push towers, use your splash in fights to wreck people. Remember you can hit invisible units with your splash damage.

Late Game

This is where you are a scary carry (hell ya i did that). Pick up your Black King Bar or Satanic and go wreck fools. You can semi initiate using Dragon Tail and then splashing the enemies down. Don't be afraid to take some damage, you are a strength hero after all.

Grab roshan and the Aegis of the Immortal whenever you are comfortable taking him.

Allies and Enemies

Good Allies

Dragon Knight is best suited with a team that can do a lot of nuking damage early, and also CC'ing the team enough for him to do his damage.

Some good nukers are: Shadow Shaman / Zeus / Witch Doctor / Jakiro / Lion / Lina

Some Good CC'ers are: tinty / Tidehunter / Sand King / Shadow Shaman / Lion


Well i hope this helped anyone with Dragon Knight. If you have any questions or feedback please comment.

Representing for |Fever| Clan:

|Fever| Clan Official Website ~ Hit us up for a game or join us for a fun, mature gaming clan.

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