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Low level pub guide/Gondar

August 6, 2014 by The amazing A.K.A stupid
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The amazing A.K.A stupid | September 1, 2014 6:24am
You know what?
You really discouraged me here.. I made this guide because I saw alot of bounty hunters in my level not doing their job properly and I didnt get the other guides so I made this one and I was really noob when I made this.Also I did take alot of time to write this because I was using mobile...
You want insult? I love your Spelling, everything has no space in it, its spelled write not whrite,this is a low level guide people are not that stupid and know what these items are,
starting items you know what it does then good for you I did explain why you need it,alot of people dont get to buy wards and dust ifyour really stomping or people tend to forgot/no inventory space,Poorly explained? I already try to explain every detail I can idiot,lastly Its "This is the worst guide I ever saw..." not "That is the worst guide I ever saw"
I have spotted more grammatical errors but yeah.
How about you can you rewrite my guide in computer without copy paste in 5 minutes?
Do you even have balls to make a guide?
This really made me feel like a scrub and waste of record so u know what?
I think now that I think of it I guess I was an idiot for falling for this one
LeGentleman (2) | August 7, 2014 7:53am
Dust of Appearance does not affect sentry wards.
Zeth_Foherein | August 6, 2014 9:58pm
No Urn of Shadows on a ganker hero?
Gives him more mana regen to spam Shadow Walk and he can get lots of charges once his a roaming hero.
Maybe a Diffusal Blade to Purge dust? (I dont really like it but there is some people that add this as situational)
Starting Itens - Ok, i know what the item does, why i should get it?
Early game - Same thing.
Vadmir's Offering- Dont recomend? It really helps ure team mates and give u good amount of armor.
Sange and Yasha- You forgot to mention the movementspeed b�´nus.
Abyssal Blade/ Butterfly- U forgot to say why i should get it if im stomping.
Drums of Endurance - U didnt mentioned the movementspeed boost, the active or even the aura.
Desolator/ Orchid Malevolence - Again, u forgot explaning.
One more thing: Monkey King Bar doesn't work against Backtrack.

To be honest i dont see the point of doing a low pub guide, guides should help players to get better with a particular hero and become a high-quality pub player, instead of this your guide is saying "dont care for mini-stun" "no one buys sentry" what is only true if u playing at "new players mode" (dont remember the name).

The amazing A.K.A stupid | August 6, 2014 5:10pm
hmmmm ok will add Desolator and orchid malecolence later.

might add a new skill build I guess the regular way to play him.

I dont really like medallion ofcourage but then I guess I can add it.
Fumbles16x (4) | August 6, 2014 9:21am
Don't count out Orchid Malevolence. It completely solves your mana problems and also makes ganking a hundred times easier. It's a little pricey I guess, but remember that it's made out of really cheap items so it's easy to build. If you come out of a fight/gank with a triple kill or something and find yourself with a ton of gold, Sheepstick is probably better (though you don't benefit a ton from all the extra intelligence).

Desolator is really really good on BH, as is Medallion, which was already mentioned. Combining track with lowered armor makes it a lot easier on your true carries to hunt down kills.

I really don't like skilling Shuriken up that fast, because you pretty much just want to keep it around for the mini stun. TPing out is only one instance of channeling to think of, so it has its uses at many other times during the match. Jinada and Shadow Walk are both way more useful, in my opinion, because you can start hunting squishy heroes a lot sooner.

Also I want to add that it's kind of dangerous to make guides for "low level" players. Not to say that there's only one "right" way to play each hero, but most of them do have a certain style that fits them. You should practice, even when you're new and playing in early pubs, playing heroes correctly so you can always be improving. This guide probably works great early on, but players will move up eventually and then figure out that not all of these tactics work for them anymore.
The amazing A.K.A stupid | August 6, 2014 6:20am
And also people do buy dust/sentries in low level pubs

because if they get pissed they would actually do whatever it takes just to kill you.

And orchid is good but then its way to expensive in my opinion

I dont get an early heart even tough I snowball because if I did what you say

phase+desolator then go heart is a good option but then

like I said people will kill theirselves just for you if you snowball alot

and I later have a problem killing people later in game thats why I pick up a sange and yasha for

speed and a bkb for high burst damage heroes like Lina other than that I guess I just

decide if I get a heart or a butterfly depending on the situation both are good items.
The amazing A.K.A stupid | August 6, 2014 6:05am
Oh yeah I forgot about desolator.

Also might add medallion of courage and diffusal blade.

And im researching if Bounty Hunter can carry an ethereal blade
or a hood of defiance, wich im not quiet aure yet if they are valid items.
Moodkill (9) | August 6, 2014 6:02am
Buy medallion early game, then towards desolator/orchid then proceed to heart if pwning. My opinion of pub BH. Edit*** Almost forgot about vlads lol
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