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Lich solo offlane (for pubs)

August 30, 2014 by Supports are cool
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Solo offlane lich

DotA2 Hero: Lich

Hero Skills

Frost Blast

2 4 5 7

Frost Shield

10 12 13 14

Sinister Gaze

1 3 8 9

Chain Frost

6 11 16


15 17 18


Lich is one of the easiest heroes to play, due to having a versatile yet easy to use point and click skillset. He is very powerful during the early game with his incredible harass skillset. Lich's sacrifice ability gives him almost unlimited mana, and Frost Blast is a very spammable point and click nuke with a low cooldown and high damage.
In this guide I will explain how to play solo offlane with my favorite hero: Lich.

Pros / Cons

Easy to use, newb hero.
One of the best harass in the game.
Amazing ultimate
Effectively makes the game a 5v3
Not item dependent.
Good slow for escape
High movement speed
Early pwnage

Weak late game
Null pushing power
Horrible attack animation
Horrible last hitting/denying


First point in sacrifice for deny & exp
Frost Blast is maxed first for harass & escape
Sacrifice maxed second for mana.
Ice armor late game for buffing.
Chain Frost as soon as you can.

Clarification for items

Starting items:
Animal Courier if no one else is buying it, better spend your gold on it than having no courier.
Tango and Healing Salve for the healing
Ring of Protection for Tranquil Boots

Boots of Speed are #1 priority, do I have to explain this?
Tranquil Boots (at this point it will only cost 350 to complete,so get it) greatly increases survivability, and saves you some salves
Flying Courier if no one else buys it.
1 Healing Salve just in case.
Observer Wards: no need to ward the map, just put some nearby so you know when someone wants you to Frost Blast them to death
Teleport scroll, always carry one around for when people need help and an enemy hero wants to be frost blasted.

Mekansm: If no one else is getting it, and your team knows how to group up.
Sentry wards & dust of appearence for invisible heroes.
Aghanim's Scepter: When there is an enigma]/[[faceless void/ Disruptor on your team. Wait for them to initiate, cast Chain Frost, RAMPAGE!!!!!!
Urn of Shadowsfor the heal/nuke if you are owning

Dagon for the extra nuke, awesome.
Necronomicon to increase pushing skill, and easy kills with Frost Blast + Necronomicon auto attack.

General play

The idea of lich is to pwn early game, help mid game, and support late game.
At 00:00 you should be standing near the tier 3 towers (the tower nearest to the place where creeps spawn). When the creeps spawn, cast sacrifice, and if you know how to block creeps, go ahead, you have sufficient movement speed. Use sacrifice as soon as you can for the deny. Sacrificing a creep gives both you and any enemy heroes nearby exp. So if you cast it outside of their exp range, you get a nice exp advantage.
Last hitting and denying is not required, however you should still try. Remember: You need very little gold. Just make sure you have Tranquil Boots, and that's all you need.
So considering that your team let you play solo offlane, your main job is to harass.
Generally you will be able to use Frost Blast very often, and that's how you should be doing it. So everytime some enemy tries to come nearer to last hit, you walk to them and cast Frost Blast on them. Generally, this way you will waste the enemy heroes's gold by forcing them to buy Healing Salve. If they go back to base, they wasted alot of exp & possible last hits, however, some people don't do either. So go over and cast Frost Blast = FIRST BLOOD!
Don't be afraid to cast Chain Frost on one hero if it means an early kill.
If you did all this successfully, you should be a couple levels ahead by everyone else, and the heroes laning against you are efficiently underfarmed. After this, it is mostly your choice. However, you should put wards nearby to make sure you don't get 5 man ganked, as a high leveled hero is a major target for ganks.

Friends, foes, and food

Enigma, Disruptor, & Faceless Void Black Hole/ Chronosphere/ Kinetic Field Cast Chain Frost = rampage!!!

Huskar High magic resistance at low health Berserker's Blood and your auto attack is also really bad.

Generally any durable hero makes it a hard time for lich. Good thing that most people like to play hard carries in pubs.

Riki, Bounty Hunter Buy sentry wards or dust, Frost Blast their squishy hp to 0
Skywrath Mage, Terrorblade, Squishy with very little escape capability.


This is the end of the guide. I hope you liked it and you should go out and own some noobs.

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