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Juke Guide (For Begginers and for pros)

December 22, 2012 by SaphironOfBlood
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What is a Juke?

Nowadays while playing dota 2 we all heard about juke,more or less usually pro players can use it but its even easy for noobs/beginners to use it as well.

Firstly I will begin with a definition of juke

When a person jukes it is referred that the specific person tries to deceive his enemy using some specific tricks,getting himself into a mind battle with his enemy while trying to dodge a spell or escape him.

When do i need to juke?

There isn't a need to juke it is one of your decision to do so in order to (maybe) escape the enemy hero.There are 4 situations when you can consider to juke the enemy:

  • You're life is very low in comparison to the enemy.Going straight base will result in death.
    Note:If you have enough life to surive straight do not hesitate to right click straight to base,juke is usually used for trickyng in risky situations you can aswell end up in others enemy hero face and die.
  • When you have wasted your combo spells(ex: Lina, Lion, Earthshaker),and even if you have more hp than your enemy he can still kill you.This jukes are specifically used not to let you escape but to run around the enemy until your cd are off or until he wasted his spell,his buff duration goes off(Ex: Black King Bar, Shapeshift) .
  • When wanting to escape a battle/regen life with Heart of Tarrasque/ Evade with Blink Dagger or Town Portal Scroll.This kind of juke is used when wanting to evade box team fight or when you are being hunted by an sticky enemy (ex: Pudge, Venomancer, Axe)
  • You are hunting somebody down and in order to get to him closer you need to take shortcuts through the woods or use the terrain to your advantage.(Ex: Force Staff through hills)


Going into the subject i will present you the classification i will use to make it easier for you to jump to the part with the jukes you want to learn about:

Main three categories:

-common jukes(the most jukes used by every single one of us)
-medium jukes(used by people that have the hang of dota 2 for some while)
-hard jukes (in my opinion very hard to pull up when you are nervous,while youre blood is pumping up to your head and you are in an adrenaline rush :D,but that pays off very well)

Uncommon categories:

-hide jukes(specific locations of hiding for some purpose,will detail in the chapter)
-shop jukes(specific location of buyng for some purpose ,will detail in the chapter)
-hunting jukes(shortucts to reach your prey faster,will add later)
-hero jukes(specific help and guding to how to juke with heroes that have an in-built mechanism,will add later)

Common jukes:

Common jukes are the most easiest way of juking.

Tools:Environment ,some small thinking

Place:This kind of juke can be made almost everywhere:

A.Juke on the hills : This type of juke can be used on every hill on the map regarding of size
Just follow the steps 1 by 1.

-run to the hill

-turn back and go off the hill right after you reached the top

B.Juke around the trees : This type of juke can be used near almost all trees on the map,this uses the vision mechanism in dota 2,and it is more powerful at night!!!.

STEP 1 :
-run to the nearest trees

STEP 2 :
-now you have 2 posibilities :either you take left or right but remember to stick to the trees as closes as possible in order for the enemy to see you harder cause of the vision being stopped by the tree's edges.

And thats kinda all.Remember these jukes can be pulled out several times while being chased if it doesnt wave out the persuader.

Medium Jukes:

This jukes can only be made at locations around the map,using this jukes perefectly requires it to be combined with common jukes,but it's rather easy if you have good reflexes.

Location : Specific places on the map

Tools : Your brainz :D

1.First juke

-go through the trees(as shown)

-after you have passed do not go straight,turn around(common juke)

-go back on the hill and off to the fountain with you

2.Second juke:

STEP 1 :
-go thoughrou the trees

-go up when the enemy is some far from you
-go right when the enemy is somewhere close to you and repeat the juke + go straight after (green line)

Now i will just give you more screenshoots of this type and a legend to make it easyer for you to understand

-Red Line : First step
-Yellow line : Second step
-Green Line :third step
-Purple Line: additional step
-nr 1,2,3 : when using more same steps


I will add more by time.

Hard jukes:

Hard jukes are made on very few locations on the map and they are the hardest to pull out,along the fact that you need to carry either Tango's or a Quelling Blade to succesfully make them.

Location:very few spots on the map

Tools:either Tango's or a Quelling Blade and fast reflexes

-Red line : First step
-Yellow line: Second step
-Purple x : tree that needs to be cut
-Green : Third step
-nr 1,2,3:Multiple step choices

I will add more.

Hide jukes:

Hide jukes are usualy used when you know you will get ganked from behind,have low hp and want a safe place not to be ganked/waiting them to pass so you can gank.
This doesn't quite fit in the juke-ing category but it is by most best mentioning.

You may sometime's need to cut off a tree in order to have a better area to call "safe-place".
I included those at jukes because this requires a fast death/kill/gank taking decision.

-red line : the step
-yellow area : safe-place(he cannot see you from any angle)
-purple x : optional/must cut tree

I will add more.

Shop Jukes:

Altough again this isnt quite a juke it can be more or less.It is used very often and it is proved very usefull in situations when you fiind ourself against aggresive try-lanes with a : Sven, Jakiro,and Earthshaker,or they guard the entrace to your most-loved side/secret shoops.

It is sometime required to use Tango/ Quelling Blade or an inbuild spell as Toss if i remember correctly.

-red line : the step
-purple x : tree you must cut
-green : shopping area
-blue square : proof



I will just point out here everything that i will modifty starting from now:

-version 1.0 : guide published,waiting feedback.
-version 1.0a : modified alot of grammar mistakes
-version 1.1 : added the last shop juke known by me + modified more typo's

Wide Specifications:

As an closing chapter i want to remember you that you that in order to use this jukes correctly you don't have to come ,memorise one and say :"heck yeah il use this one in the upcoming game",becaue it will not work.

I made this guide so you can just take a look on how do i make some jukes,and maybe learn some more.In order to use them correctly and wise it's just to seize the opportunity and make the most if it,the jukes have around 25% chances of working it really depends on the experience gap between the players.

I hope you can understand the screen-shoots ,otherwise just leave a comment and i'll try to be as explicit as possible.
I hope you don't need to scrool to much xD.
Sorry for my bad english :D.

The guide until now is rellyeng on objects and environment to juke,i will add later a psihologically part if i get enough feedback too see what the comunity thinks until now.

Sorry for working in paint but i do really suck at photo-shop and i can't make movies as i do not have that knowledge.

Upcoming updates:

What i will probly do over the next week/s/month/s:
-add hunting jukes
-add escaping jukes
-add more jukes to each section
-add the last shop-juke(known by me)
-add jukes that do not require terrain and objects
-add specific hero jukes.

and more...

Credits/Why's :

My name is SaphironOfBlood(Blood in-game),and i decided to write down this guide because of seeing alot of begginers lacking in this technique.I wrote this guide especially for the new-comers to the game,and for others who just want to have a peak at it.

My dota + dota 2 experience is around 6-7 years and all the infromation used was gathered within this time.

Big thanks to :
-jhoijhoi for bb-coding
-my best friends for helping me with all the stuff i need
-IceFrog for making this awsome game

This was my first guide here and I'm Waiting for tons of feedback,and lots of Critics so i hope i can improve more and be able to give the comunity one good full guide to help others as i was helped at my time.

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