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27 Votes

How to Axe: A guide for the experienced Player

March 24, 2015 by Thrilling
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kaelohare | June 19, 2015 1:03pm
I think Winter Wyvern is a friend of Axe as well, the cocoon spell is great for axe.
michimatsch (26) | March 24, 2015 3:23pm
Uh... Vanguard before Blademail?
Why? Blademail gives you so much my opinion
nuc7 | December 26, 2014 7:59pm
U should add outworld destroyer to has an advantage against axe. he destroys axe.
Tigerre (4) | December 19, 2014 3:49am
Great guide overall. I have a couple of issues(Mainly the Tranquil Boots and lack of Phase Boots, Power Treads and Arcane Boots).

1. Skill build isn't that good. Generally you want to max either Battle Hunger or Berserker's Call first rather than Counter Helix. I always do; Counter Helix Battle HungerX2, Counter Helix, Battle Hunger, Culling Blade, Battle Hunger, Counter HelixX2, Berserker's Call, Culling Blade etc. I do this personally because when I start levelling Call is when I normally get my Blink Dagger and because at level 3 you can gank most lanes with two points in Battle Hunger.

2. Boots. I hate Tranquil Boots on Axe. I always go Power Treads, Phase Boots, Arcane Boots or Boots of Travel as I find them all to be more useful, though I will admit that Tranquil Boots are epic in the jungle if taking large stacks. even so, I always find myself having to go back to base if I do anything other than Arcane Boots.

3. Starting items aren't actually that good... I've done some testing and have found I last longer in the jungle if I do 3X Tango stacks(12 charges is OP XD) and a Stout Shield. I find that is best personally. I will do double Stout Shield if I decide to cut creeps though.

+1 from me!
Orion5 (4) | December 18, 2014 7:33pm
Great guide, +1 from me.

Agree with a large number of points. I use the two shield strategy which seems to work well but I think the Shield/Ring of Protection starting build is also viable.

Jungle Axe gets a lot of gold and experience early if you are left alone, sometimes even outfarming your solo mid hero. It is best to stack camps to take advantage of your Counter Helix. The faster you get Blink Dagger the faster you have an impact on the game. I especially try to stack camps with only two creeps in them (Centaur, Hellbear, Golem). You can pull even in mid combat in neutral camps at .53-.55 seconds to stack them. Battle Hunger I find useful for the Large Centaur, Large Hellbear or Large Wildwing creeps who hit hard. I get Battle Hunger at Level 4. Tranquils on the ground is a great trick to help you farm like crazy but disastrous if you lose your boots.

I would mention Jakiro, Ursa and Lifestealer I have found difficult foes for Axe. Ice Path is simply awful for a Axe who has to get close and personal. The answer might be BKB but you will need to focus the Dragon ASAP in team fights. Ursa's Fury Swipes and Lifestealer's Feast are bad against high HP heroes such as Axe.

I like to get Aghanim's Scepter after Tranquil, Blink and Vanguard to take advantage of the bonus to Culling Blade in the Mid Game, with a few ranged nukes from teammates you can call and cull like crazy which is the greatest fun. It will make you more tanky and gives you more mana which is good.

The Alliance/Mouz game with Loda as Axe is a great performance but as Tranquils can no longer be disassembled I haven't been able to use the Tranquil/Arcane boots trick that was used.
wangyuphing (9) | November 29, 2014 1:17am
Ever think of buying Arcane Boots? I have, once. One day, Axe is a very tanky and fun hero. Other days, he's suffering from lack of mana. You should add it, in case if your team is full of bastards who picked carry heroes, or all you supports decided to buy Tranquil Boots, leaving you without mana there. XD
Mcfly2k | November 4, 2014 10:12am
Is this guide @ steam?

I want to try in game.
rasro | October 31, 2014 7:33am
Nice guide. And your health bar toggling tips is really usefull for me, thanks
hiramarchibald | October 30, 2014 3:53pm
You should add Tusk to the Friends section: Iceblast + Snowball + Blink and Cull are a frightening combo. Even Earlygame a Safelane Tuskar can combo with Axe for ganks during breaks from jungling, even w/o Cull and Blink up yet.
Fumbles16x (4) | October 27, 2014 2:46pm
I've always gone with two shields on Axe and it is noticeable how much longer you live in the jungle. The ring will build into your boots, which is fine, but from a survivability standpoint two shields is the way to go. If you're good at managing the jungle and you get runes, however, you can definitely manage with a ring.

This is a really good guide. Lots of information on jungling, you have the right items in there, and you just seem like you really know what you're doing.

I would add that you need to upgrade your Vanguard asap, though. Crimson Guard is better the earlier you get it, so I think once you have your Blink Dagger you should start getting the Crimson Guard. If the team lacks much physical damage and has nukers instead, I'd go ahead and build Vanguard and then Blade Mail or Pipe of Insight.

Besides that I can't say much other than great guide.
Thrilling | October 27, 2014 1:45pm
Well, going two stouts allows you to have just enough money to get a tango, and use the increased block from the beginning. going poor mans shield wouldnt let you get a tango immediately. Also, your potential vanguard needs a stout shield to be built. most important, poor mans shield still only blocks 60% from creeps. it's only 100% for heroes
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