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Ember spirit-Powders Guide

April 23, 2014 by This_name_is_taken
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Safe Lane build

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Searing Chains

8 12 13

Sleight of Fist

1 3 5 7

Flame Guard

2 9 10 14

Fire Remnant

4 6 11 16


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Ember spirit-Powders Guide

April 23, 2014


Well hello, for a while, I wanted to make guides, so please, friendly and constructive criticism is more than welcome. It is my first guide on DotaFire. I do plan on making guides for all the heroes. Including Techies and Zet and eventually pitlord.

My favourite hero is Invoker, I play him mostly. I have played every other hero there is since way back in 2005, but I do not know everything there is in dota and am still learning.

I wanted to start with ember spirit because when he came out in dota 1 I had to stop playing a while due to studies. when I came back about three months later he wasn't played as much, and I was curious to learn what he's all about. And I did.

First thing to take note when you read this guide is that its completely for my play style. When I play, its usually with a full party of friends who are all very good at dota. So if you see something that makes you a little frantic, know there is a reason for it.

Please enjoy and read it with an open mind

Pros / Cons

Ember can be pretty annoying. although he isn't very invincible.

Super freaking versatile.
High movement speed(310ms: almost as fast as most heroes with boots)
Decent level 1 base damage.
Can easily harass from level 1.
massive strength per level gain.
fairly fast attack animation
Absolutely incredible if he's partnered with Magnus.

Low HP pool at level 1
Low armour(1.08) at level 1
low mana pool(pretty much the whole game.)
Becomes frail late game if he doesn't get enough farm.
Silence ruins this hero

He also has a few counters and strengths against other heroes

I realize that link may be a little inaccurate, though its only for reference.


Searing Chains -- The reason I didn't select these spells early game is because it only catches 2 units at random.. That said, its stupid to get it very early as if you were to use it, say, to get away, you more than likely will have creeps on you and theres a chance that the net wont even get the hero(doesn't mean that it won't). Get a level of it, just for the shackle time and the survivability, or even to stop an enemy hero for channelling. Just note that this doesn't catch invisible heroes at all, heroes HAVE to be in your line of sight. The damage is per second

Sleight of Fist -- This is Embers back-bone. I think that you will notice that in all my builds, I would try to up this skill first. The reason is, it is a heck of a spell. Each level increases its area of effect and so you end up hitting more units. Not to mention that you get an insane damage increase for the duration and you become invulnerable while you hop around). What's also good about this, is that you can still cast this and do full amounts of damage even if you are disabled. Targets who that were in the AOE when this spell is cast still get hit even if they leave the AOE by blink or force staff. Its a great spell to have for chasing and harassing.

Flame Guard -- I don't usually max this out and find it to be situational leveled. This is a shield that stops all magic damage to ember(does not stop ember from being targeted by magic spells) It has a flame shield that does AOE damage until the shield wares off or 500 magic damage is taken(the magic damage taken is 100%).
This spell should be used on every initiation, because lets face it, when you initiate, they are going to give you everything that they have, this spell pretty much gives you 500 extra HP. The damage over time for this spell ticks every 0.2 seconds. You can use it and chase those near dead enemies until they die or just absorb damage.

Fire Remnant -- The most underused spell that there is in dota. I know that sounds wrong, but when I say underused, what I really mean is, never used the right way. This spell can save and end lives. What I do is 1. If I gank, toss in all three remnant just behind the enemies in their lane and rush in, by that time, My alerted team-mates in that lane start to push forward and I rush in and finish them off. Keep in mind that when you toss all three in and jump in it does 300 damage. That's a lot for an AOE when they guys in off or safe lane are near level 4 or 5. For initiation, you do a similar thing. Alert your allies and when everyone is ready, toss all three fire remnants in, NOT ON TOP OF EACH OTHER!!!!, in a triangle, you have to be fast, the last remnant should be the one closest to your team-mates because after you go in, that will be the one you land at! after that, its just hack and slash.


I'm going to skip the completely obvious like Tango and branches and regen items.. You know what those do

Ring of ProtectionIts only used for a little extra armour and eventually becomes Ring of Basilius which is great because that mana regen becomes so critical early game.

Bracer is used solely for extra health. 114 extra health is a lot for ember at early levels.

Phase Boots This is used for more damage and for that amazing movement speed bursts. Perfect for chasing and escaping death.

Battle Fury No ember should be without one. EVER. great for farming, great for regeneration, great for Sleight of Fist. This item makes ember so much more great than what he already is. It works even better with Magnus' Empower. The cleave does work with sleight of fist. There is a possibility for a second battle fury, And its great to have it, just more cleave and regen and damage. Its great and i always recommend it.

Daedalus Well, crits.. 'nuff said! (This works with sleight of fist.)

I'm going to pause here and just sum up what we have so far. Battle Fury, Daedalus Phase Boots-thats 170 damage alone, that by itself can crit 459. thats a ton !

Desolator This just adds insult to injury.. -7 armor.. Again I refer to Sleight of Fist. Everyone you hit looses 7 armour.. If you can its amazing to just wait 6 seconds for sleight of fists to cool down, and hit them again, while they have 1 second left of the Desolator debuff..

Assault Cuirass More armour. Faster attack speed. This item is great if an enemy has a desolater, It can help the whole team with its armour and attack speed buffs! Especially when it slows enemy attack speed and weakens their armour.

Eye of Skadi I don't know what I can say that isn't obvious. Everyone you hit gets slowed its a good stats item for ember late game. Though this cancels desolater. so its entirely situational.

Radiance This item I usually get only in games where we're against a brood mother. Her creeps and everything else make sleight of fist last a heck long. and radiance burns while that happens surprisingly well. But its entirely for ***** and giggles. don't get it on any other time because its just about useless.

Black King Bar magic immunity... 'nuff said. It may be important to note that having a bkb on as well as Flame Guard is quite decent. The burn damage is quite okay, but again, only situational, Some people find it to be quite necessary but I can do without it. I can remember one time i had it, and it was only because the enemy had so many stuns and disables. But like i said, entirely situational.

Vladmir's Offering Fairly pointless if your support won't carry it. Although it does have some perks. Namely easier pushing. As well as a little more survivability in fights, 15% life steal does make a difference, but as I always go for Battle Fury so I find it to be quite pointless. Don't get this if you're doing okay in team fights. Try sweet talk a support instead.

Monkey King Bar Another situational item. This gives true strike, so you can never miss an attack. I stand under correction that you can hit everybody except Faceless Void. Its great against casters busy channelling because the mini stun can proc in sleight of fists

Mjollnir This item goes quite well for ember actually. Apart from being targeted by the entire enemy team on an initiation, If you remember to activate it to shield you. The lightning can proc in sleight of fists, though I stand under correction for that too.


Well movement on this hero is pretty important.

I would suggest staying in your lane until you can get a Perseverance. Start to roam only after you have made a decent push on your lane. Always tell team-mates where you are going so that they are ready. Even though you can escape, its better to not need to, let your allies be ready when you gank.

If you're playing mid, Keep watch on those runes. They help with refilling your bottle so that you can stay in lane and not loose experience.

IF you need to go back to base, Throw a remnant at your tower and tp to base. get your items or heal up, whichever, and ult back to your remnant.

Its important to gank with ember because you aren't seriously item dependant in the early game and can throw off a decent gank early game.


Well there you have it. Please feel free to ask any questions or feel like there could be something to add.

I will be streaming very soon if you would like some video guides, but it isn't confirmed just as yet.

Happy dota!

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