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Ember Spirit 0.5 (7.32b) (MIDLANE) (MAGIC)

October 2, 2022 by Bylial
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Ember Spirit 0.5 (7.32b) (MAGIC)

DotA2 Hero: Ember Spirit

Hero Skills

Flame Guard (Innate)

Searing Chains

3 9 11 14

Sleight of Fist

2 8 13 16 17

Fire Remnant

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

-12s Remnant Charge Restore Time
2 Sleight of Fist Charges
+55 Sleight of Fist Hero Damage
+60 Searing Chains Damage
+1s Searing Chains Duration
+100% Flame Guard DPS
+200 Flame Guard Absorption
+12 Damage

Ember Spirit 0.5 (7.32b) (MIDLANE) (MAGIC)

October 2, 2022



Have you watched The Internationals? Ember is always banned, and picked. Tf you still thinking of not picking him boi?
-Photo is not mine. Credits to the rightful owner. Photo link ==>

Ember Spirit

Lost within the Wailing Mountains, the Fortress of Flares lay abandoned, its training halls empty, its courtyard covered in leaves and dust. Upon a dais in its sealed temple rests a topaz cauldron filled with ancient ash, remnants of a pyre for the warrior-poet Xin. For three generations, Xin taught his acolytes the Bonds of the Guardian Flame, a series of mantras to train the mind and body for the harsh realities beyond the fortress walls.

However, in teaching a warrior's way he earned a warrior's rivals, and in his autumn Xin was bested and slain. His followers spread to the wind. Yet as years turned to centuries and followers to descendants, his teachings endured by subtle whisper and deed. Touched by the teacher's lasting legacy, the Burning Celestial, inquisitive aspect of fire, cast himself to the Fortress of Flares and reignited the pyre ash. From these glowing embers emerged an image of Xin, wreathed in flame, his thoughtful countenance prepared to train and to teach, and to spread the fires of knowledge to all who seek guidance.


Searing Chains
Ember Spirit unleashes fiery bolas that wrap around nearby enemies, anchoring them in place and dealing damage each second.

Sleight of Fist
Ember Spirit dashes around with blazing speed, attacking all enemies in the targeted area of effect, then returning to his start location. Deals bonus damage to heroes.

Flame Guard
Ember Spirit surrounds himself with a ring of fire that consumes incoming magic damage, absorbing a percentage of the damage taken. Flame Guard deals damage per second in an area around Ember Spirit while Flame Guard is active. If the shield is broken, the damage is also lost.

Activate Fire Remnant
Select the Fire Remnant to arrive at.

Fire Remnant
Sends a Fire Remnant that runs to the target location at 250.0% Ember Spirit's speed. Using Activate Fire Remnant, Ember Spirit will dash out to all active Fire Remnants, destroying them and dealing damage in an area and then moving to the nearest Remnant. Ember Spirit will end at the Remnant closest to the targeted location.

This guide is a simple non in-depth guide. Idk how do I put that on my classifications under this guide.



. As we all know, Bottle is the best item for midlaners as Water Runes replenish our Bottle to (2) more charges when it drops to 0.
As Ember Spirit, you also have to use lots of mana even at laning phase so bottle is a good succor for your mana in the laning phase.

. Yes, we're not taking Phase Boots. It's a good boots but saving for Boots of Travel is better for better farming and easy access to Clashing.

. Dude, without this u r ded in ur mid lane. 80% of Midlane, spams skills to gain control on creeps and get the last hits, and ofc kill u. So stacking Wand would be a good choice.


. Son of Odin! or Son of a *****. Maelstrom will easily help you with creep wave, and damage on early phase of the game. Plus with Sleight of Fist, Maelstrom tend to be activated. Idk the explanation but yes.

. Usually builds will go for Phase Boots I'd rather save up for Boots of Travel. It's like PA on Battle Fury under 13 mins or 11. It's very good for gold plus with your Maelstrom combined, since you can segway lanes.

-With these two combined, segwaying lanes will give you bunch of gold at early phase of the game and gain advantage against your enemy team and your carry. He's competition.


. For me, Shard is a good item to get early as you're always active around the map to create space, kills and all that for your team. Aghanim's Shard upgrade will give Damage for your Fire Remnant, and since you're always around the map where you can kill and assist, every death of an Enemy Hero will grant you a Fire Remnant charge. That mean's you can spam your Fire Remnant for Ember Spirit as you get those kills and assist.


. The Best upgrade for Ember. The Range, Speed and Maximum Charges of your Fire Remnant. Having this upgrade for Ember will allow you to move fast on map, gain more kills, and idk you just need this asap. Instead of having only (3) and relying on Aghanim's Shard, you can now stack (5) charges plus your Aghanim's Shard's extra charges. What else do you need? Huh?!

. Idk why I still have to explain this but, this is your Survivability item. With all the stats it provides(You can just read them and you'd be shocked) You can always survive not being the squishy Ember you are. Since we're magic, we're going for Kaya and Sange. No more explanation.

. With being root, you cannot Blink, TP, and Move. Imagine being Searing Chain'ed as some who has mobility items expecting you can still run, blink or what then suddenly the Searing Chain's almost gone then suddenly you're ****ed up for another root by Gleipnir then Tidehunter SS'd you then Kunkka's Ghostship flies on your screen then Sun Strike, then Echo Stomp, Fissure, Echo Slam, Hoof Stomp, Eclipse, alright alright im sorry poor guy.


So, all the item's needed for the build is above, and these are extension items depending on how you want to proceed with the build. It's only walk in the park ma boiiii. Octarine Core is an item I always go for after Gleipnir when I play Ember Spirit it's almost win to none.

Octarine Core . Aeon Disk . Radiance . Linken's Sphere . Ethereal Blade


Not a fan, but Physical Ember is super OP. You can watch plays on youtube on the differences between Magic type and Phys type.

Daedalus . Monkey King Bar . Desolator . Bloodthorn . Silver Edge . Orb of Desctruction

Btw. I am obsessed with enemies not being able to do their thing. Additional Bloodthorn is a meme I think but reasonable as well. Imagine.


So yeah. Divine Rapier is an item for winning and losing. If you trust how you move or how you make sure about how you can survive a clash, kill or what then Divine Rapier is an answer to your losing side. But winnning? come on.. Divine Rapier will like, tear their souls. Stop it. Jk, get Divine Rapier and their mind goes "Yeah nah, im reporting this ember." Don't drop it though.


3 BASIC ****

This chapter is for starters. With Ember Spirit you only need to know TWO(2) (NON FANCY) combos. And I hope I can explain it well.
Keep in mind, before doing all this combos Flame Guard has to be activated. Always. Solo Kills, Clash, Chase, Gank. It's your buddy.

Sleight, Chains.
As you read it, yes a combination of Sleight of Fist and Searing Chains

This combo can be for Chase, Clash, and Solo Kills. We are aware of how these skills work so Im not gonna explain the **** out of them.
Keep in mind you probably only have 0.5 secs or 1 sec to 2 secs, of pressing your hotkey for Searing Chains, as Sleight of Fist has a very small time interval before it goes back to it's starting point.

How it works?
As you are aware that Sleight of Fist has seconds duration depending on how many target it hit, once you are inside the circle and Sleight of Fist is hitting your targets, press Searing Chains as soon as you are in the circle or as soon as the Sleight of Fist is active, so that once Sleight of Fist is activated, you can root them as well while you are in the circle.

Combo goes like this,
W + Q <-- You have to do this within a second. (Be mindful you also have to timing)


Fire Remnant, Searing Chains.
Yup, you can combo with Fire Remnant and Searing Chains

This combo can always be for Chase, Gank, Solo Kills as well. Be mindful of when you press Searing Chains you must be aware of what's the distance between you and the target. I get that we get happy hands and click on Searing Chains even if we're a bit far from the target. It can be fixed through practice.

How it works?
While you put your Fire Remnant in front of the Enemy Hero, click Activate Fire Remnant as soon as possible and while you are closing into your target, be sure that your Searing Chains can hit them and press the hotkey for Searing Chains. While you are at the state of Activate Fire Remnant like you're a ball of FIRE, you can Searing Chain them.

Combo goes like this,
R + D + Q <--- (Timings must be perfect.)

Hope I can record clips then show you how it's done but demo Ember Spirit and do it. It would be easier. I'll still put videos here.




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