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Electric Shock (ANTI alt-tab)

November 20, 2013 by Sp12
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Build 1
Build 2

Support build

DotA2 Hero: Disruptor

Hero Skills

Electromagnetic Repulsion (Innate)

Thunder Strike

1 8 9 10


3 4 5 7

Kinetic Field

2 12 13 14

Static Storm

6 11 16


15 17 18

Electric Shock (ANTI alt-tab)

November 20, 2013


This is two builds for Disruptor. Disruptor is probably one of the most fun support heros, with a pretty high skillcap. He scales better than most supports late game, and provides good teamfight and gank contributions. Glimpse, Kinetic Field, and Static Storm are all great skills that scale well lategame. The formatting for this guide matched heavily with my Faceless Void guide, which you can check out if you play him.

There are only a few (competitively tested viable) ways to play disruptor, which means I don't have too much to explain :) As such, consider this a partially alt-tab guide.

Despite there being a pretty static skillbuild on disruptor, his item build is somewhat variable, and he has the option of running mid or a support. Disruptor is not a bad trilane hero, and glimpse allows him to have insane kill potential throughout the game. Consider it an easy to land 1800 range hook. Read ahead.


I'm not going to list out skills/whatnot, there's quite a few good guides/replays on how to play disruptor, and he's picked enough competitively for there to be very high level replays to watch. An easy way to get better is to watch replays on player perspective -- filter recent games for Disruptor and very high skill level. I will cover some of the points I don't see people execute consistently, even at higher levels.

  • Glimpse is a direct counter to global heros. You ruin wisp/spectre/nature's prophet initiations.
  • Glimpse also is great for basically cancelling TP's. For example, if you're pushing a tower and someone tp's in you can glimpse them back to base to continue the push and waste their time/tp scroll.
  • Glimpse is also not bad as a counter initiation tool. If a QoP or Ursa blinks in a quick glimpse can save your life. Glimpse is also useful as a setup for kinetic field if you're aware of their movement.
  • Glimpse will break channeling as well as a few other skills like Bat's Lasso.
  • Kinetic Field's setup time makes it hard to correctly land it. Much like a Leshrac, you should wait for a setup stun if you're not sure you can land it.
  • None of your skills scale that well with skillpoints -- they're very good at level 1. For example, lightning only goes from 150 to 375 damage over 4 skill points. Kinetic only goes from 2.5s to 4s.
  • Lightning will give you vision of its target, even uphill. This makes it great for giving glimpse vision.
  • Carry a TP scroll.
  • BKB counters all of your skills pretty hard.
  • If you're feeling squishy feel free to grab a bracer or urn.
  • You have pretty okay str/agi growth, meaning your survivability is okay. Your only "escape" of sorts is a defensive kinetic/glimpse, so consider force staff, ghost scepter, and mekansm as defensive options.
  • Static storm is great against key initiators like Void, Tidehunter, or Brewmaster that don't want to be silenced. The damage is also pretty significant. Always try to catch them in a kinetic field so they can't walk out.
  • You are often picked as a counter to Void/Antimage/Bat who like to blink in to initiate or blink out to escape, however, you do need vision to glimpse someone back.
  • Static Storm is almost instant cast (.05 cast point), so you're great at ganking enemies that have an escape skill like Blink. Even if they manage to blink out you can glimpse them back in.
  • During late teamfights use the very long (800+) cast ranges on your skills to stay out of the focus during teamfights. Positioning is key. On the other hand, unlike most other supports your skills have cooldowns such that they will probably only be cast once during a typical teamfight. Make your ulti count.
  • You do not have to get levels 2 and 3 of your ulti. It doesn't scale that well and the manacost does increase.
  • Special mention goes to Dark Seer, Lich, Witch Doctor, KoTL, and Faceless Void as great combos with you.
  • There's an alternative skillbuild that maxes your nuke at 7, but you're far more likely to get a kill with maxed glimpse than 225 more magic damage. It does make strike more mana efficient.
  • You are pretty boss at farming jungle later with your AoE 375 damage magic nuke.
  • You can get either strike or field at level 1. Kinetic is more defensive while strike is more offensive.


As support your job is to win your lane, securing farm for your carry while hoping to get kills. You should probably not become active in the offlane unless you are running an offensive trilane, but are great at that and can be run solo, dual, or tri in the safelane. If you're solo glimpse loses a lot of its appeal as a free kill skill and you can grab one point (most of its defensive power is there at only one point) and grab strike over it for the laning ability it offers.

As a support you need to pull. If you are not comfortable with this it is a topic outside of this guide's scope, so look to your friend google. You should get either chick or wards, not both. You will not have as much farm as a mid disruptor, and will probably be your team's Mekansm carrier, which you can build by disassembling your tranquils for good.

Your mana needs will be taken care of either with arcane boots or a small mana item like urn, medallion, or basilius. Mek is the typical order of the day for supports, but if you're not pressured for it you can get a midas or start towards an aghanims.

If your team can take an early Roshan, get medallion. You need one urn per team, so it might be yours. Basilius is very strong in trilanes and in pushes.

You need to contribute to your team's support items with flying courier and wards/dust/smoke as needed. Note that you should probably not carry the gem, even if you buy it. You can get urn, but I'm not a big fan of it on you. Glimpse should let your get kills in lane, while kinetic will let you stop a dive. You should not take last hits, instead focusing on harassing or pulling.

If you are not getting Mek you should work on Aghanims. However, Force Staff, Necronomicon, sheepstick, or Ghost Scepter are all options. As a probably underlevelled support, ghost scepter will save your life against a Lifestealer, Clinkz, Night Stalker, or other scary face-wrecker. On the other hand, it is probably not a viable option against QoP/ Tiny/nukers. Force staff is another good extension with the benefit of being able to save your own team or push the enemy out of position. If there's an invis hero Necro 3 is a great choice. Aghanims is by far your best bet for the AoE doom.


Disruptor is a support, but he can mid. If you go mid please get a bottle, which you can contest runes for pretty well with strike on the creepwave to push and glimpse/kinetic to get the rune first.

Going mid is an interesting choice. Disruptor isn't a bad mid, but like Rubick you're still effective mid-late game without the farm, just moreso earlier with. On the other hand, Disruptor is really good in dual/trilanes as you have a setup stun/slow to work with. Your team should decide whether you or a ganker/semicarry/carry should grab it. Typically if you go mid you will not be getting your team's Mekansm -- instead get midas if you can and if not then aghanims.

You will be going fast Bottle. You should aim to basically cast Thunder Strike as soon as you get in lane to force them away from the creep wave to avoid damaging it and get a regen/early last hit advantage. Pop your clarity and last hit towards bottle. Around 2 minutes try to land a thunder strike on them, hitting the creepwave with one+ strike to push so you can more easily grab the rune. If you cannot safely get the rune bottle crow as needed. At 7 you can gank pretty easily -- get in position, tell the lane to go aggressive, and drop kinetic after a stun to secure the kill, with ulti or Glimpse as needed if they have an escape/they managed to run. You can consider an Urn of Shadows. If you're planning on staying mid and not ganking you can grab more strike than glimpse levels as glimpse does not need more than one level as a defensive laning spell, and strike scales some with points.

Arcane Boots solidify your mana pool while the bottle will hopefully take care of your HP needs. Forcestaff is a pretty good extension on most supports, and the HP regen and escape mechanism are appreciated. Any of the extensions are good, I personally like Ghost Scepter, but if your team sent you mid sheepstick is always a good item and often expected. Rod of Atos is an interesting item, as it allows you to solo setup a kinetic field with the slow. It also offers some good mana and HP. On the other hand, you'll typically want sheepstick if you have that cash. In teamfights focus on staying on the outskirts while abusing the cast range of your spells.


So, there's disruptor in 1000 words or less (not really). He can be a frustrating hero to play at first since he has 3 skill-shots of sorts and no easy escape/slow/stun, but on the other hand he can be very satisfying by trolling up a Io or Morphling who wants to hop into the fight or silencing a tide as he comes forward to Ravage. As always I'd like a comment why if you feel like downvoting :P. If you feel it was worth the read a vote up helps get builds seen more. A final point I'd like to emphasize is how strongly your role transitions as the game goes on -- early on you can play aggressive with strike and field, while later you'll be skirting around teamfights using your skills to setup kills and teamfight wins for your team.

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