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Doom - One of the Best Jungler !

January 19, 2014 by NooBThaNYoU
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Jungler - Semi Carry

DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills


1 4 5 7

Scorched Earth

2 3 8 9

Infernal Blade

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Doom Bringer, a simple and strong hero. Let's have a look at the statistic first before go into introduction.


  • Base STR - The 2nd Highest, just below Spirit Breaker, 26 STR.
  • STR Grow - The 3rd Highest , just below Centaur Warchief and Treant Protector, 3.3 STR per Level.
  • Base AGI - The 3rd Lowest, 11 AGI.
  • AGI Grow - The 2nd Lowest, 0.9 Per Level.
  • Base INT - The Lowest in the game, 13 INT. (He is the hero with 4 ACTIVE skills.)
  • INT Grow - Normal, 2.1 INT per Level.
  • Movement Speed - The 3rd Lowest in the game, 290 MS. (The hero with the Lowest MS in the game is 280 MS.)
  • Base Armor - The 5th Lowest in the game, 0.54. (Normally the game will show 0, when you are level 1.)
  • Base Attack Time - The 3rd Lowest in the game, 1.7.
  • Base Damage - Pretty decent, 53.

As what we see, we can conclude that.
  • High HP
  • High base damage
  • Low agi
  • Low int
  • Low armor
  • Low MS
  • Low armor
  • Low base attack time.

Why am I trying to write a guide for him if he is so weak according to the statistic ? Let's move foward to his skill.


Behavior: Unit Target
Consumes an enemy or neutral creep, acquiring any special abilities that it possessed.
The amount of time it takes to Devour depends on the current HP of the unit.
Doom can't Devour mechanical or ancient units.
If you devour a creep without abilities, you'll keep the abilities you had previously.

BONUS GOLD: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100
Cooldown:70 / 60 / 50 / 40
Mana: 60 / 50 / 40 / 30

(You can earn some easy money with this skill, and this is a skill that make this hero able to be a jungler. Not just the amount of money you will gain by using this skill, you will be able to have the skill of the creep you devoured too, for example Ice ArmorIce Armor. It can be extremely strong if you are able to use it wisely, you can have an area stun, area slow, purge, mana burn, movement speed aura, attack speed aura, net, regeneration aura, armor aura, ETC. There are too much skills that you can get, but you can only have ONE at a time, some creep give 2 skills.)

Scorched Earth

Behavior: No Target
Damage Type: Magical
Carpets the nearby earth in flames, damaging enemies while Doom Bringer gains bonus HP regen and increased movement speed.
Other units Doom controls also benefit from Scorched Earth.

DAMAGE/REGEN: 12 / 18 / 24 / 30
DURATION: 10 / 12 / 14 / 16
Cooldown: 55 / 50 / 45
Mana: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75

(This skill mainly for regeneration and the bonus movement speed purpose, the damage is not really hurt but it will produce small amount of damage still.)

LVL? DeathLVL? Death
Behavior: Unit Target
Affects: Enemy Heroes
Damage Type: Magical
Dissipates a piece of an enemy Hero's soul, mini-stunning and dealing bonus damage equal to 20% of the target's maximum health when the enemy's level is a multiple of a specific number or 25.

DAMAGE: 125 / 175 / 225 / 275
LEVEL MULTIPLIER: 6 / 5 / 4 / 3
Cooldown: 8
Mana :110

(One of the most useful skill if you can use it correctly, many player don't good use of this skill. If you are able to you this skill correctly, this skill can actually produce a good amount of damage even if it's late game. But this is a very situational skill because it need to meet the requirement in order to do good damage, and this is the reason why they always choose to ignore this skill in the early game stage. I will talk more about this skill later.)

Behavior: Unit Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage Type: Magical
Inflicts a curse that prevents an enemy Hero from casting spells or using items, while taking damage over time. Doom also disables most passive abilities and removes positive buffs on cast.
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Units afflicted by Doom can be denied when their HP drops below 25%.

DAMAGE PER SECOND: 30 / 50 / 70
Cooldown: 100
Mana: 150 / 200 / 250

(Here comes our most IMBA ultimate skill in the game, and this is the reason why this hero is pick. The only Unit Target spell that is having a CD of 100 Seconds, previously it's even more but it's buff now. Most skill that is having more than 90 seconds CD are mostly the AOE Big spell, for example: Black Hole, Reverse Polarity, ETC. This is the only skill with no counter available so far, once you are doomed, you can't active any skills and items. What you need to do is just pick a good target and use this spell on him and this might win you a team fight.)

Introduction for Jungler Doom

I actually prefer doom to be a jungler, since he can jungle well, why not? First of all, I would like to say that Doom BrindgerDoom can never be a carry hero, you are not picking him for that purpose.

Skill build, as you can see, I up Level ? Deathlevel ? death at last due to the mana issue. As a jungler, you don't have much chance to actually use this skill, so it won't really affect your game play. You will be able to survive in the jungle just with the Devour and Scorched Earth skill.

Neutral Creep Knowledge

It's important to know which creep you can actually fight and which creep you are actually can't in the early game stage. Some creep is stronger than the others, but I will tell you how to deal with them.

Small Camp
-Kobold Camp (1 of the creep is having Speed Aura, it's a very good aura if you are going to snowball in the early game.)
- Hill Troll Camp (1 of the creep is having Heal, not a good skill as doom doesn't have much mana.)
- Hill Troll and Kobold Camp (1 of the creep is having Speed aura too.)
- Vhoul Assassin Camp (All of them is having the venom attack effect, something looks like the orb of venom effect.)
- Ghost Camp (The ghost creep is having frost attack, something looks like the skadi effect, better than the venom effect.)
- Harpy Camp (Chain Lightning, a spell that produce some damage, not recommend too because of mana issue.)

Medium Camp
- Centaur Camp (The centaur give you stun ability and attack speed aura, a good skill to use as initiator.)
- Wolf Camp (The big wolf give damage aura and critical x2.0, while the small wolf only give damage aura. one the most popular skill to be use for doom, I use this most of the time.)
- Satyr Camp (2 creep actually having 3 different skill, medium 1 give u the skill of mana burn, and the small 1 give u the ability of purge.)
- Ogre Camp (The blue creep give you the ability of frost armor, works just like the lich frost armor.)
- Golem Camp (You can't devour them, but hand of midas still work on this creep.)

Large Camp (Some of them give 2 skills, 2 Active skill or 1 Active skill and 1 Passive skill. Hellbear give 1 active skill only.)
- Centaur Camp ((The centaur give you stun ability and attack speed aura, a good skill to use as initiator.)
- Large Satyr Camp (3 creep actually having 3 different skill, the big 1 give u 2 skill, a wave that produce some damage, regen aura of 3hp/sec, medium 1 give u the skill of mana burn, and the small 1 give u the ability of purge. The regeneration aura actually helps a lot in early game jungling.)
- Hellbear Camp (The red bear give you an ability of small AOE slow, used quite a lot of mana, not recommend since it only give 1 skill and stun is better than slow ofc.)
- Wildwing Camp (The pink creep give you a skill of tornado and extra armor aura. You can stack some of the wave and clear it with the tornado, the creep don't run away. But it cost you quite a lot of mana in early game.)
- Dark Troll Camp (The big troll give you 2 active skill, 1st 1 is net, the 2nd 1 is summon 2 skeleton unit if there is a dead body around you.)

Ancient Camp (You are not able to devour or midas the creep of ancient camp.)
- Dragon Camp
- Large Golem Camp
- Thunderhide Camp

Since the latest patch of 6.79, they switch the small camp and medium camp. The camp that near your t3 mid tower will be medium camp and the small camp have switch to the camp near the t3 tower of dire top/radiant bottom. This actually affect a bit, last time I used to farm the small camp while I'm not able to fight the medium camp, but now you just have to deal with it. With this patch changed, most jungler like Doom Bringer,Lycanthrope, Lifestealer will be having some difficult time because they can't farm small camp when they are level 1. Thus, we must head on for the medium or large camp. Avoid touching the small camp because most of the time the support want to pull it or just block by enemy's ward.

In order to jungling efficiently, some luck are required. If you get meet the creep that give regeneration aura then you will farm a lot faster at the early game stage. Never fight the hellbear camp, either you devour 1 and fight another, if you fight them together you might need to go back to fountain after that because they are having the highest hp and highest damage among the large camp. In the early game stage, what you have to do is devour the larger creep, and man fight the small creep. Just do this repeatedly until you get your Hand of Midas, you suppose able to get it at around 8-9 minute if no one is hunting you or use ward to block your camp.

(The creep you devoured even after you respawn, the skill will still with you. If you devour another creep with skill and it will overwrite the skill. So pick the creep without skill if you want to keep the skill that you want.)

Let's get started

The starting items that you will need for jungling are:
- Quelling Blade (Produce some extra damage to the creep, 32% for melee.)
- Stout Shield (Block some damage from creep/hero, a good item for early game.)
- A set of Tango (Just eat in when you need it.)

Your 1st item after that will be a Hand of Midas, this item will boost up your gold and exp later on. Avoid dying before getting this item, some player might hunt you because doom is quite a popular jungler hero.

The neutral creep will spawn at 30 sec time, don't go there too fast because you might blocking them for spawning. Pray hard for the 1st creep you gonna devour, if you get the Satyr camp then you will be having some good time, the worst creep for your 1st creep will be the hellbear, because they don't give any passive skill.

Just farming the 3 large camp around you,
Radiant : the 2 camp near the mid lane and the camp and the camp near this 2 camp. But I recommand just farming the 2 camp near the mid lane because it's safer, going too far might cost you the life.
Dire : The 3 Camp that below the top T2 tower.
Eat the big creep everytime even it might erase your previous skill. The reason why I put 2 point on Scorched Earth when it's lv3 is because at lv3 you mostly got a 50-60 CD on the Devour so it's a better option to go for Scorched Earth 1st that will regen more hp. Send your Glove of Haste when you have 500 gold, it might helps a bit in jungling with the 10% attack speed. Around lv3-4, when you are run out of mana and hp, it's time for you to go back and regen.

10 minute

You will have you Hand of Midas the latest by 10 min, just keep on farming and gank any place if needed. Go for a Phase Boot after Hand of Midas, with Hand of Midas you will be able to get as much exp as a solo lane. Only use Hand of Midas on the big creep, Hand of Midas will multiply the exp of the creep by 3. It doesn't worth if you use in on small creep, and by doing this you are able to clear the camp a lot faster. And of course go out to lane if no one is farming that 1, farming lane is always a better choice than jungling. Start roaming after you get your Shadow Blade, you can be a good initiator. But beware of your low mana pool, if you didn't good use of them and you might run out of mana when you needed them the most.

Shadow Blade or Blink Dagger both can be use but I prefer Shadow Blade because of the extra attack speed and damage.

20 minute

Around 20-22 minute, you should get your Black King Bar. I recommend Black King Bar than any other items because it really helps you in this mid game team fight. Most people like to go Aghanim's Scepter after this but I don't think it's a good item in the mid game. I'm not saying this is a bad item choice, it's a very good enhancement on his ultimate but mid game it's not that useful.

30 minute

Around 30 min, you can go for Assault Cirrus. Doom Bringer is having a very low armor, and this item will eventually make Doom Bringer a lot more tanky and the aura will helps a lot in team fight or pushing. If any of your teammate has pick it up then you might go for Shiva's Guard if you want to be more tanky or just go for Scythe of Vyse for a better initiation, both item give you a better mana pool.

40 minute

Around 40 minute you can go for a Heart of Tarrasque or Heaven's Halberd if you want to be more tankyy.

If you bought Assault Cirrus previously, you may go for Skull Basher and go for Abyssal Blade.
If you bought Shiva's Guard, you may go for Scythe of Vyse.
If you bought Aghanim's Scepter, you may go for Refresher Orb for the double Doom.

50 min ++++

By 50 min, you should have 6 slots, because the skill of Devour and Hand of Midas have made a lot of money for you. Let me emphasize that Doom Bringer isn't a late game hero, even if you are having 6 slot but other late game hero with 4-5 slot will be able to pawn you easily. What make you that fierce is your ultimate, Aghanim's Scepter and Refresher Orb is strongly recommend for this stage of game. Furthermore you might need to buy another Black King Bar because your old Black King Bar duration might have drop to 4 seconds.

How to counter doom ?

As i said before, what make Doom Bringer to be so fierce will be the ultimate, if you are able to make you or your ally live through the doom period and you are safe. There are a few hero can actually counter this ultimate, of course you won't be able to remove the doom debuff.

Chen - Send back your ally who got doom, and he will be deliver to the fountain and heal up.
Io - Just link the guy got doom and goes back to fountain.
Shadow Demon - Disruption the doom target, the period of disruption won't take damage.
Outworld Devourer - Same as Shadow Demon.
Dazzle - and will drag it long enough to let your ally to live.

Just get a Mekansm, or some heroes with healing ability and help the target that have been Doom to live for 13 seconds, but of course this doesn't apply to the Doom Bringer that has bought Aghanim's Scepter. In pro games, Doom Bringer's job is to keep 1 hero out of the fight and the game will become 4v5.

Who shall I doom ?

There are actually a few heroes that wherever I see them I will pick doom.

This 4 heroes are way too annoying if they are able to cast skill. I found Doom Bringer is the only counter for them so far.

In a game, there must be a priority target, and your job is to make sure that you doom that target. For example, Omniknight, Silencer, Lifestealer, Faceless Void, ETC. Your decision might win you the game or cost you the game, so please discuss with your teammate who to doom and make sure you can shut down that hero in team fight.


This hero is basically counter all heroes, standing on the top of the food chain ? LOL ~
I will add the guide for solo mid doom if you guys are interested.

Well, I hope you enjoy the guide and sorry for my poor grammar ~_~ , hope you can understand what I'm trying to say and don't be hestitate to ask or correct my mistake. Thanks for reading !

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