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CFC's QoP Semi-Carry Mid Destruction Build

June 12, 2013 by CFC Kyle
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Queen of Pains Semi-Carry Mid Destruction Guide

DotA2 Hero: Queen of Pain

Hero Skills

Bondage (Innate)

Shadow Strike

1 12 13 14


3 8 9 10

Scream of Pain

2 4 5 7

Sonic Wave

6 11 16


15 17 18

CFC's QoP Semi-Carry Mid Destruction Build

CFC Kyle
June 12, 2013

Basic Information

So. Queen of Pain. This guide is meant for a Semi-carry ganker QoP build. If you're looking to get a lot of kills, this guide is for you. First off, you'll want to go mid lane (obviously). QoP is a very good escape hero with a lot of killing potential in the right hands. Her Q is very good for harass, and her E is excellent for last hitting. She has an escape with her Blink, and her Ultimate Sonic Wave is a very powerful AoE nuke, but it is very mana intensive early game, so use it wisely only if you know for certain you or a teammate can get the kill(s).

Skill Build

First, take a point into Shadow Strike, as the harass damage you can do with it is extremely good. It can also break Healing Salves if they use them after being hit, or Bottle charges. Then, take a point into Scream of Pain. This is your main damage skill, and can be used to effectively farm creeps if you don't think you can get some of the last hits. Next, you'll want to take a point into Blink so you can escape any would-be ganks and also gain rune control. By this point you should definitely have a bottle. Then, max out your Scream of Pain, skilling your ulti at level 6. This is around the time you should start ganking. Level 5 would be ideal, but waiting for level 6 can be the difference between getting a kill and not getting a kill. Once Scream of Pain is maxed out, max Blink. The short cooldown means you can easily escape opponents and can also initiate from further away. After this, take another point into Sonic Wave at level 11. If you haven't died a lot and have been successful ganking, by this point you should have an Orchid Malevolence and possibly a Linken's Sphere, depending on how farmed you are. The mana cost shouldn't be a problem by now, so securing kills will be significantly easier. Next, max out Shadow Strike. The slow and massive damage it can deal are brilliant for chasing opponents during ganks, or picking off stragglers from teamfights. Then, take stats at level 15 and max Sonic Wave at level 16. If you have Aghanims by now, the cooldown and damage will be immensely helpful in teamfights. Finally, finish off the levels by getting stats (because you don't have a choice).

Core Items

First, start with 3 iron wood branches and a tango. The branches provide a decent health and mana boost, which QoP needs early game as she is rather squishy. The tango allows you to stay in lane longer. First off, buy a bottle as soon as possible and get the courier to bring it to you. This provides excellent regen and lane staying power, as QoP has immense rune control through the use of her Blink ability. Next, build into Power Treads or if you don't feel confident tread-switching, you can opt for Arcane Boots instead for the mana regen. However, with a bottle the Arcanes are not really necessary unless you are losing rune control, which through the use of Blink should not happen. Next, build into Orchid Malevolence. This item is an absolute must have on any QoP build, as she lacks any form of disable. The amplified damage is also excellent in conjunction with her ultimate. You should use it for EVERY SINGLE GANK whenever it is off cooldown. The silence can guarantee kills that otherwise would have escaped your grasp. The mana regen and damage is also very good for last hitting. Next, you should build either a Linken's Sphere or Black King Bar. Black King Bar is excellent as it provides very good survivability, but Linken's Sphere synergises well with QoP's mana intensive skills and also gives good stats and survivability. You see all that damage that Lina's Laguna Blade did? Neither did I. Aghanim's Scepter is also an essential for a ganker QoP. Some would say it isn't worth it on QoP, but I disagree. Being able to use your ulti every 40 seconds means you don't have to worry about not having it in a teamfight. You can spam away and thanks to Orchid Malevolence and Linken's Sphere, all that mana will soon come back. The extra damage is an added bonus.

Situational Items

Scythe of Vyse is an excellent item for QoP, as it gives her another disable besides Orchid Malevolence. It also gives great mana regen and damage, but the main reason you'll want this is for the hex. It can shut enemy carries out of the fight for 3.5 seconds. It may not seem like much, but that is enough time for your team to do some serious damage. If ganking, this pretty much secures a kill if followed up by your skills as long as your teammates are in position.

Refresher Orb is a good item on QoP. This item gives her insane damage and mana regen which she doesn't mind taking. It also means you can use your Ulti TWICE in a teamfight. Considering Sonic Wave is an AoE ultimate, that is some insane teamfight damage right there. This item alone can turn the tide of fights in your favour, and will almost always lead to kills.

Dagon is an item that, if you are far enough ahead, you can treat yourself to once in a while. Coming up against a lone target will end badly for them if you bring this bad boy into the fight. The damage it can do isn't to be underestimated, however there are better items for QoP and while it can provide excellent damage output, it usually isn't worth it.

Shiva's Guard. This item is a blessing for QoP. Not only does it give her massive survivability and damage, it also provides even more chase than you already have with Blink, and a mini-nuke to go with it.

Manta Style is a good item, providing good stats and movement speed, but you'll mainly want this for the manta split. You can use this to dodge thrown stuns like Alchemist's Unstable Concoction and Sven's Storm Hammer, if you time it right. It can also be used to juke and to initiate, as they won't be sure which one to attack. If you have good reactions, you should be able to hex or use Orchid Malevolence before they can do anything.

Bloodstone is excellent for survivability, and also if you are getting kills, it can be used to respawn quickly after a fight. The suicide is useful for denying yourself if your Blink is off cooldown or you are OOM, which at this point you should never be. ONLY get this is you are getting a lot of kills or are near them, if not, don't even bother with this.

Heart of Tarrasque. Again, ONLY get this if you are getting lots of kills, or rather, aren't dying. The cost of Reaver is near impossible to attain if you die a lot.

Assault Cuirass. The armor and attack speed this item gives is insane. It is both survivability and killing power all in one item. This is very good against tanky heroes and agility heroes, as the armor reduction will make them easier to kill.

Eye of Skadi. If you get this item, the chance of them escaping if they are alone is 0. This is an item you should only buy if you are doing well, as it is virtually useless in a losing situation.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity. This item gives great movement speed, but the active is what makes it so good. In a teamfight, you can take one of their members out of it for 2.5 seconds. It can also be used to save an ally near death, by using it on them and then killing their pursuer.

Finishing Touches

If you follow this guide to Mid Semi Carry QoP, you should be playing like a pro in no time. Once you get used to her skills, she is insanely versatile and can turn whole matches around by herself, by shutting down enemy carries with her insane chase and nuke potential. Should you finish the item build, she is something to be feared, as QoP will give no ****s about cooldowns or mana. She doesn't need to with these items. With Linken's Sphere or Black King Bar, Magic cannot hurt her. With Manta Style and Eul's Scepter of Divinity, she can dodge stuns and survive attacks. These items cover all her weaknesses, and enhance her already strong strengths. Have fun with your Queen of Pain, and I hope this guide helped!

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