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Balance Of BladeKeeper-Shogun Build

March 9, 2015 by Bangers
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Shogun Semi-Durable

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Balance Of BladeKeeper-Shogun Build

March 9, 2015


-this is my 2nd guide a series of my balance keeper guide (samurai-shogun-shaman)
-still with poor english
-advice and suggestion are welcome

mostly jugg is build for semi-carry but incase u got some rare situation;
This build is for that rare situation. the name is SEMI-DURABLE mean: u are being vote to be the durable because you are the most buff in your team. and team didnt have TRUE durable hero like: Axe,abbadon, Bristleback

example : your teammate is Lion, Windranger, Broodmother, Nature's Prophet so forced by situation you will do tank damage AWHILE so your team can do a kill
AWHILE: because yur is only SEMI-DURABLE he can do tank damage but not as long as TRUE DURABLE Axe, Bristleback etc...

fast forward to the item section



Power Treads STR (standart boots, use str type to get some +HP)
Helm of the Dominator catch a bird named: wildwing (+damage, lifestealer, +armor)<----this one the reason to dominate this bird is for TORNADO SKILL
Shadow Blade (invisible, +AS, +damage)
Blade Mail (damage counter, +damage +int)

now here is the secret :

shadow amulet make u invis for 14 second and need 28 second cooldown
blade mail return damage for 4,5 sc and need 17 sc cooldown
blade fury is a free bkb for 5 sc and need 18 sc cooldown at level4 which is why the skill build been maximum at start.

THE SHOGUN move: place ur healing ward in safe area before open war; then go open war with blade mail+fury to the enemy after 4-5 sc, go invisible Shadow Blade .
while invisible u can decide wanna Omnislash enemy carry, support OR
place yur at safe junggle and startplaying your bird+healing ward to help your team

after your invisible end; kill the escaping enemy with omni/fury if your team win the war
if your team didnt win the war?

wait how about enemy counter your invisible? mostly i will do fury+mail+invisble in the same time remember invis is the last to activate (dont wait for fury+mail 4-5sc duration end anymore) with the invisible try to avoid ward/dust/gem area, find a safe place. control bird+healing and targeting who gonna eat your ULTIMATE.

but if you fail to anticipate gem/ward/dust and die. then control ward+bird to help ur team and believe me, ur sacrifice will be remember in their heart as long the game duration.

and one more thing before JUG die, plz do Omnislash


Shiva's Guard (+armor, +mana, slow area)
Assault Cuirass (+armor, minus armor area)
Eye of Skadi (+25 all stat, absolut slow)
Heaven's Halberd (evasion, +damage, +str, disarm)
Crimson Guard (block damage, +armor)
Heart of Tarrasque (2%regen, +hp, +str)
Bloodstone (u gonna die often for team the recipe is easy to build)
Black King Bar (avatar to counter magic)

Team Work

yurnero friend: ur team didnt pick durable hero and you being vote to do durable role
Lion, Broodmother, Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight, Naga Siren, Windranger, Warlock

worts enemy:
unit or image enemy
Lycan, Broodmother, Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight, Naga Siren, Meepo
mana burn
Anti-Mage, Nyx Assassin
blinker, jumper
Faceless Void, Mirana, Queen of Pain


Just remember to play with your bird dont ignore him TORNADO+HEALING = DAMAGE+REGEN pretty nice combo

how to play your bird right???
well u gonna play lot of Chen or we can wait till i found a good guide about it or some kind people give us a link :D

thanks for visiting hope u like it


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