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Anti-Mage Standard Item Build 2016

July 15, 2016 by BooM_ShAkAlAkA
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Standard Item Build

DotA2 Hero: Anti-Mage

Hero Skills

Mana Break

2 8 9 10


1 4 5 7


3 12 13 14

Mana Void

6 11 16


15 17 18


Very Mobile melee carry, that can kill some heroes only with his ultimate, it is kind of rare coincidence, so welcome, Anti-Mage in Dota2, and the most laconic guide on Anti-Mage.


What I Should Do?

Key moment to play Anti-Mage well is right item order. Before we go to lane we should get Quelling Blade that will help us to last hit better. Tango and Healing Salve will restore our HP in case of emergency, and 3x Iron Branch is a great choice when we are low on money but not on slots.

Our main goal is late carry, and we should think about that, that means we don’t play aggressively yet, and try to farm as much as we can. You should last hit enemy’s creeps because our support should deny our creeps. At the beginning we should go on easy lane (top for the dire and Bottom for the radiant) with 1 or 2 supports.

First item should be Ring of Health that will give us regeneration, and will be useful for Battle Fury later. Next item can be Poor Man's Shield that will somehow solve our problems with survivability on low levels, or Boots of Speed . After we get all those items, we can send our support to roam or gank, because we not feel much stronger and can survive harass.

On level 6 we can try to kill the enemy, it’s very easy to do if you send your support in front, and enemy uses his procast, then we Blink closer and use Mana Void + our support uses his control, and we make a kill. Anti-Mage is weak hero in the early game, and if we play 2v2 or 3v3 we should think of changing the lane to play 2v1 with our support against solo player.


What I Should Do?

First of all we should upgrade our Boots of Speed to Power Treads. Why those shoes? Because we have no problems with mobility ( Blink gives us that) so we don’t need Phase Boots or Arcane Boots. We will have +25 attack speed and 8 stats for choice, It’s better to turn on strength, because we have very low amount of health.

20-40 minute we spend away from our team trying to farm as much as possible during this time. We should buy Battle Fury on 20-25 minute, and it will make us great farmer. We should not forget that we farm woods very fast, and we need to use that. We farm woods less than a minute if we use Blink right and chop the right trees.

We should always have Town Portal Scroll, because on this game stage we need to have ability to teleport on any lane to help our team. Next item for us will be Manta Style. It will give us the ability to create illusions that also burn enemy’s mana, and cancel debuffs when we will use it. With Manta Style we will be able to fight enemies and deal great damage. But we still should farm more after we got this item, if we are able to do it.


What I Should Do?

When game goes into late, we should buy one of these items – Heart of Tarrasque – with our Spell Shield, HP from items and Blink makes us almost immortal. We recommend you to start late with this item.

Butterfly – gives us even more attack speed, and helps us to reduce physical damage that we receive, and that is the only type of damage that can bring problems on this game stage. Last slot is usually for Aegis of the Immortal, but sometimes it can be great idea to fill it with Monkey King Bar, if we have enemies with Butterfly.

In late we should be close to our team and kill enemies. But we should not jump in fight straight away if enemy has a lot of control. That might end bad for us. We should use Mana Void after enemy’s procast, or if enemy has such heroes like Enigma, we should stay aside and wait for ultimate, we will cancel it with Mana Void. We also need to keep an eye for debuffs and cancel them with Manta Style.


Mana Break

Our main spell that lets us deal much more physical damage, and get good advantage on the lane, if we play against solo player. This spell burns enemy’s mana very fast, and prepares Target for Mana Void. Should be leveled after blink so we would burn a lot of mana on 11th level, when our Mana Void will deal a lot of damage.

This is interesting
-It deals physical damage that equals 0.6 per point of mana.
-Can be blocked by magic immune.
-This spell is an orb effect.
-We can get health from Mana Break damage with lifesteal aura.


A great spell that is a key for our mobility. It has low cool down. It can help us to farm woods and Blink back to lane, or evade spells, run away and chase in fights. We should level it as fast as we can so we will have ability to Blink faster or escape if we need so.

This is interesting
-If we would use Blink on place that is out of range we teleport for 4/5 of radius.
-Before we teleport there is a delay for 0.4 seconds.
-It can be used to evade AoE spells.


This passive spell gives us a lot of magic resistance that makes us great tank in late game. We should learn this spell once in the beginning, because we can really feel it only of first level, next additions are not that big.

This is interesting
-Stacks with other items for magical resistance.

Mana Void

This spell makes us kill the enemy with low mana and cancel channeling spells. Primary targets should be such heroes as Leshrac, Lion, Storm Spirit, Enigma etc. We should learn it as soon as we can. And we should use it after enemies’ procast, then we will not waste time for burning mana and we will deal a lot of damage.

This is interesting
-Stun works for heroes with magical immunity.
-Mass damage is the same that is given to our main target.

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