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6.88 Death Dealer Juggernaut

April 18, 2017 by Z3US
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Face Your Death

DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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6.88 Death Dealer Juggernaut

April 18, 2017



Hi All,
Juggernaut is my best and most played hero.It is this hero that helped me reach high skill bracket.
I wish to share with you my build that works almost always unless my team has given a huge early game advantage and towers to enemy team.There are other builds that work well but since it's my first build i'm sharing what i find to be the best build.I may later add alternate builds after i feel purpose of this build is achieved.

Juggernaut is one of the most versatile carry hero.His uniqueness is to deal huge damage to enemy team ,potentially wiping whole team himself while being invulnerable too(that must be OP right!!) through his ultimate Omnislash.

He has strong early ,mid and late game impact.The best thing is that he can itemize according to enemy heroes as he doesn't necessary need specific items to be effective.

Another notable thing about him is that his ultimate Omnislash attacks can not miss on heroes with evasion,thus he is a genuine counter to heroes with evasion like PA,WR,Brew Master,Broodmother.

    Lowest base attack time in entire Dota2.Easy last Hitting

    Best team healing ability in entire Dota2.

    Possesses crit.(means he has high DPS potential combined with low base attack time and also makes him natural MKB carrier)

    Best ultimate in entire Dota2(you may disagree but killing all while being able to use active items and being invulnerable is OP for me.)

    Possesses magic immunity and high magical damage to dominate early game.

    Possesses escape mechanism (t.p during Blade Fury).

    High agility stats growth.


Only notable weakness is that he is somewhat squishy.He needs stats items against high dps carries like Sven,PA,sniper etc.

Laning Phase

I start with a set of ,a ,one and .

Tango and Salve provides more than enough regeneration for a dominant hero.

Slippers of agility and Quelling Blade help in last hitting immensely.

Quelling blade is eventually used in completing battlefury which he equips more often than not.Slippers of agility turns into poor man's shield that negates harass from supports and also reduce damage taken from creeps.

Stats vs vs at Lvl2 ?

If faced with ultra harass we level up healing ward at level 2 or take stats &
take healing ward at level 4 .
Even if your lane support is getting low ,you must take healing ward at level 2 so that your support stays in lane to secure last hits for you without chances of dying

Either way leveling up healing ward is safer and better choice than stats or at level 2.

Why not at level 2?
    It's because it sometimes screws up your last hits.
    At this stage juggernaut has low damage (approx 55-58) at Lvl2 ,a crit won't be enough to fetch you a kill.
    At Lvl 2,i mostly focus at my last hits than harassing or fishing for kills and save mana for a kill attempt after Lvl3 which along with
and has higher chances of a successful kill attempt.

Core Items Explanation

Poor Man's Shield,Boots of speed,Bracer,and Battlefury is all we need to get early Game Kills ,and farm fast and amass net worth to bully enemy team.

Poor man's shield allows you to last hit efficiently and negative lane harass.

Boots of speed is a must get second item to deal damage reliably.This prevents enemies to outrun and avoid chunk of your damage.

Why and Not ?

After the drums stats changed from +9 all attributes to +9 intelligence,i find drums ineffective on agility heroes.It might still be useful on strength heroes and best served on Intelligence heroes.
Juggernaut doesn't have mana issues and changed drums do not serve any purpose on Juggernaut except movement speed(we go phase and manta for enough m.s anyway).

Why Then?

    Juggernaut really needs some additional H.P pool as he is vulnerable to physical damage while using
Bracer is cheap and most fruitful part of drums.
+6 strength is what he definitely needs
+3 intelligence gives him enough mana pool for using Blade Fury and Omni Slash combo.
+3 Agility won't hurt an agility hero
All this for mere 525 gold is a blessing indeed.

You may consider as alternate for Bracer ,but I can say from practical experience that works better on him than without delaying timing ,also the reason why we complete after .Trust me on that and thank me when you try both in different games :)

Why and not

The balanced approach to Build items on Juggernaut is to enable him to be a right clicker and at the same time do good enough damage during Omnislash.

Also we should keep in mind that Juggernaut is an insane pusher when equipped with .

All these aspects tilt the tide in favour of Manta Style over S & Y.

While grants +10 more strength and +6% m.s than but neither of them helps during his . Neither of them helps him split push or push faster.

Manta style provides +10 more agility,and a great mechanism to dodge disabling spells,allows juggernaut to confuse enemies to identify real Juggernaut after Omnislash gets over and deal more additional damage and pushing faster.
All of it makes S&Y much more inferior to Manta Style though S&Y . Although S&Y is 850 gold cheaper item,but it only works well on Juggernaut when equipped with BKB which is not in scope of this build.

Mid game

Let The Roller Coaster Begin

Mid game is when Juggernaut really shines.He normally snowballs to out-networth all enemies.
By this time he has level 4 and atleast 1 point in .

Using Blade Fury ,Omnislash Combo

This is one of deadliest kill combo against heroes without escape. He can kill tankiest of heroes by this time with and combo.
If you see creeps around use first,spin around enemy to see where he is headed.Remember has some range ,use it to stay nearby and deal damage.
Do not move ahead of enemy while using anticipating his movement direction as this leaves potential to dodge the damage by moving behind or sideways. Just stay near enough and keep following enemey. Most of the enemy will foresee as followup after . But we have solution for that.
If the enemy moves near his ally creeps ,keep spin such a way that both enemy and creeps take damage from bla defury that will eliminate enemy creeps and save all your jumps for enemy hero.
If enemy moves towards his tower ,do not insta follow up with as sometimes next set of enemy creeps reaches near tower and your jumps might get wasted on creeps.If you see no creeps coming use instantly.
If enemy is too low on hp and suppose you need just 1 jump to kill enemy then do not hesitate to use the . First jump will always go on the unit you target.

Victory is Near

is scary late game carry.
But it also the time when need to adjust your items according to enemy team.

You must always try to equip because it provides huge raw damage which combined with kills enemies before they know what hit them.

Another cool part of is that it's mini stuns procs cancel the channeling abilities and t.ps.

I almost always try to acquire MKB.

Then comes the flexible part,if you are sick of getting disabled by single target abilities like Fiend's Grip ,Duel ,Doom etc ,acquire

If enemy team has carriers then skip and get .

If you have enemy hero like Wk,Omniknight,Slark etc that needs to be Mana ****ed get .

Need to get rid of sick passive like BristleBack ,PA,Sven then get .

Non stop casters or heroes with strong escape active abilities then get .

Also generally try to prefer over as orb effect and stats are more useful than since Satanic works well with BKB only and doesn't grant any agility.

Tip: If you wanna beat the **** outta enemy hard carry, try MKB,manta ,mask of madness combo :). P.S such things should be tried only for fun or your team has another better performing hard carry :D

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