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6.77b (current version) Gyro Carry

April 29, 2013 by Bootems
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Gyrocopter

Hero Skills

Chop Shop (Innate)

Rocket Barrage

2 3 5 7

Homing Missile


Flak Cannon

4 8 9 10

Call Down

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

6.77b (current version) Gyro Carry

April 29, 2013

Pros / Cons

  • Easy-ish
  • Good at turning fights around
  • Low CD AoE ult nuke
  • Rocket Barrage is OP
  • Kills almost any hero if they're alone
  • Says funny stuff sometimes
  • He's an old man
  • His homing missle makes a funny noise
  • Super fun
  • Good way to punish DROW PICKERS earlygame
  • Can outcarry Phantom Lancer if played correctly
  • Needs a pretty good start
  • Squishy until Helm of the Dominator
  • Fairly easy to counter
  • Unreliable stun
  • Mana problems :(
  • No escape skills
  • Makes a buzzing noise all the time

When to pick

So you're thinking of pick gyro hey?

Stop right there, and think about what you're doing. Does the other team have one or more of these:

Bad Guys

Bounty Hunter
Phantom Lancer
Sand king
Nyx Assassin

Then take a second and think about what you're about to get yourself into. All invis heroes can dodge your rocket if you don't have detection, and heroes with magic immunity will not only dodge your rocket, but usually walk straight toward you and laugh as your rocket barrage fails to go off. Juggernaut is especially annoying for this because a Blade Fury --> Omnislash usually means a dead gyro.

Best friends

Undying <-- Personal Favourite
Nyx Assassin

Basically anyone who can heal, slow, or stun. Preferably melee.


Press Q --> Stand next to a hero without creeps near --> get kill

Seriously, this thing does ridiculous damage on heroes that are alone. If you find a hero wandering around their jungle or checking a rune, feel free to light him up. Best used in conjunction with Homing Missle.

Hide in the trees, or man up and drop it in someones face, either way they're usually about to start running. While they're running use your Phase Boots to catch up and fill them full of Rocket Barrage. Useful in solo mid lane to made your opponent run away.

Don't use this one too much until you can farm creep waves in only a couple shots or else you're just pushing the lane and pissing off your lane-mate(s). This one is your teamfight spell and it can melt teams with a farmed gyro.

This is a fun one. Use it when you hit someone with a rocket, or when you're ganking a lane from the treeline. This thing owns early to mid game and it can turn fights around in seconds.


It's important to coordinated your Homing Missile with your teammates, especially if they have a follow up stun. Try to use the Homing Missile from the tree line, if you disappear for just a second, they often won't expect you to have dropped the missile. Always use it when they are far from the creep wave so your Flak Cannon can get the most damage possible.

You're the carry, so you take last hits.

Hey, you're not going to have an amazing start every game. This hero NEEDS to do well early, so don't keep going back to the same lane if you're dying. Coordinate with your teammates and set-up ganks or lane switches, because if Gyro without farm is not fun.


Don't be afraid to use Call Down. It has a low cool-down and does a ton of damage at level one. If you know your Homing Missile is going to hit, it's better 9/10 to ult.

If Laning goes well

While killing heroes is fun, don't fall behind on your farm waiting around, you have a Helm of the Dominator so try to stack ancients. Share control of units if you're not comfortable stacking. The life steal from Helm of the Dominator lets you jungle extremely quickly, and don't be afraid to use both Flak Cannon and Rocket Barrage to speed up the process. I don't advise killing a heavily stacked ancient camp without your Yasha because you're still pretty squishy, and a mis-micro could be a silly death.

If Laning is rough

If you're finding yourself not tanky enough, it's a good idea to pick up a Drum of Endurance to help you stay alive in fights, and the move speed really helps your map presence and ganking. Buying a drum is helps you more for hero kills than Helm of the Dominator, but helm is better for stacking and farming

Late Game

You don't want to be in the middle of the fight unless you have a Black King Bar. Team fights at this point are simple; turn on your Flak Cannon and click on the hero (or unit) closest to you and it will spread and hit their everyone within it's ridiculous 1000 range.

Stick with your team, if you die, you could lose.

The order you get your items is up to you. If they have a scary Brewmaster, Phantom Assassin or a Butterfly carrier on their team, then get a Monkey King Bar. If they have high attack speed and attack modifiers get a Butterfly. If you're MAN then get a Divine Rapier.

Phantom Lancer

Alright, we all know this guy's the biggest ******* in Dota right now, so when you see those PL pickers pick their stupid PL, don't worry. Gyro's got this. Well, kind of. Gyro excels at clearing waves, which means as long as the Phantom Lancer doesn't get a heart before you get your damage items like Monkey King Bar and Butterfly then you can clear his illusions pretty quickly. If he DOES get his Heart of Tarrasque.. well then sorry, but you've lost.

The big problem for gyro is, while he has no problems killing illusions, he does have trouble killing the real PL. Which presents an obvious problem. Since you have carry items you likely won't have space for a gem or dust, so it's important to coordinate with your teammates when it comes to true-sight.

When ganking a PL, it's very smart to bring dust or sentries so he can't doppelwalk your Homing Missile, if he doesn't have his Diffusal Blade then dust should do the trick to get the kill.

It's usually a struggle, but it is possible.
Courtesy of Na'vi's YouTube Account

Pub Trolling

Melting an entire team with Divine Rapier is funny and all, but using Aghanim's Scepter with a global 45 second CD ult that potentially deals 625 damage is hilarious. Combine this with a Poison Nova, Ice Blast, Thundergod's Wrath or a Wrath of Nature and you can kill an under-farmed team without even being there.

Solo Mid

Laning mid, it is important to use the Homing Missile and Flak Cannon to zone out your opponent. Use Flak Cannon to push lanes when you leave lane to grab runes.

When placed mid I like to focus on movespeed, the Drum of Endurance, Yasha and Phase Boots make you fast as hell, and Shadow Blade can make you even scarier. This helps you gank lanes, as your Homing Missile and Call Down set up easy ganks and melt lanes. Flak Cannon also allows you to push lanes after heroes die to take some easy towers.

If played well you can basically win games alone, because a fed gyro can get in and out very quickly.


Hope this helps anyone learning this awesome hero, this is my first guide so feedback is appreciated. Please vote if you enjoyed it! The current highest guide is extremely outdated.


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