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The Updated Stats & DPS Calculations

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Forum » Theory Crafting » The Updated Stats & DPS Calculations 22 posts - page 3 of 3
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Terathiel » June 20, 2017 11:48pm | Report
Time to finish this. I've been lazy. The following are in no particular order.

12. Outworld Devourer

Items: Blink Dagger, Scythe of Vyse, Assault Cuirass, Hurricane Pike, Rod of Atos, Black King Bar
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel)
Talents: +250 mana, +20 attack speed, +15 Intelligence, +60s Arcane Orb steal

Health: 2820
Mana: 2545
Armour: 15 + 15
Damage: 191 + 30
Attack Rate: 0.49

Effective Health (vs Physical): 8,294
Effective Health (vs Magical): 3,750

DPS: 1,250
Although the number is much lower, OD's DPS is delivered in massive bursts of pure damage, meaning it's a lot more devastating in the context of real games.

13. Troll Warlord

Items: Sange and Yasha, Eye of Skadi, Satanic, Butterfly, Daedalus, Black King Bar
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel, Silver Edge)
Talents: +10 Agility, +15 movement speed, +40 damage, +20% magic resist

Health: 3545
Mana: 1007
Armour: 22 + 6
Damage: 193 + 240
Attack Rate (max Fervor): 0.26

Effective Health (vs Physical): 14,740
Effective Health (vs Magical): 5,908

DPS: 2350

14. Phantom Assassin

Items: Manta Style, Black King Bar, Daedalus, Abyssal Blade, Satanic, Butterfly
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel)
Talents: +15 damage, +10% Lifesteal, +10 all stats, +25 Agility

Health: 3170
Mana: 823
Armour: 28
Damage: 218 + 209
Attack Rate: 0.42

Effective Health (vs Physical): 26,361 (8567 without evasion)
Effective Health (vs Magical): 4,216

DPS: 2500
PA with Daedalus makes more sense than you think - but again, I'm doing a Conclusions section so I'll leave the simple calculs for there. Anyway, the most interesting bit about this hero is the incredibly high EHP against Physical due to multiple sources of Evasion - once again, more in Conclusions. However, this is nullified by MKB, so don't rely too much on it and make sure to have a decent armour and Health pool. This hero isn't terrible lategame at all.

15. Juggernaut

Items: Manta Style, Eye of Skadi, Butterfly, Abyssal Blade, Mjollnir, Boots of Travel
(Moon Shard)
Talents: +20 damage, +20 attack speed, +8 all stats, +20 Agility

Health: 3175
Mana: 1315
Armour: 28
Damage: 221 + 84
Attack Rate: 0.29

Effective Health (vs Physical): 13,201
Effective Health (vs Magical): 4,222

DPS: 2200
Further illustrating my "PA isn't **** lategame" point, Juggernaut has equally comparable stats and people are not averse to playing him into lategame. Boots included in this build because unlike PA, he has no innate mobility skills. Often, they'll be replaced in a real game with Blink.

16. Windrunner

Items: Bloodthorn, Scythe of Vyse, Aghanim's Scepter, Black King Bar, Hurricane Pike, Monkey King Bar
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel)
Talents: +30% Windrun slow, +20 Intelligence, Windrun grants Invisibility, 30% CDR

Health: 2915
Mana: 2274
Armour: 11
Damage: 212 + 150
Attack Rate: 0.25 (max)

Effective Health (vs Physical): 4,940
Effective Health (vs Magical): 3,876

DPS: 2150

17. Clinkz

Items: Bloodthorn, Scythe of Vyse, Black King Bar, Diffusal Blade, Hurricane Pike, Eye of Skadi
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel)
Talents: +10 Intelligence, +30 Searing Arrows damage, +10 all stats, +125 attack range

Health: 3025
Mana: 2338
Armour: 27
Damage: 219 + 84
Attack Rate: 0.31

Effective Health (vs Physical): 7,960
Effective Health (vs Magical): 4,023

DPS: 1900

18. Shadow Fiend

Items: Butterfly, Daedalus, Satanic, Hurricane Pike, Silver Edge, Manta Style
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel)

Health: 3075
Mana: 1186
Armour: 24
Damage: 203 + 334
Attack Rate: 0.38

Effective Health (vs Physical): 11,538
Effective Health (vs Magical): 4,089

DPS: 2900

19. Sven

Items: Blink Dagger, Satanic, Black King Bar, Boots of Travel, Assault Cuirass, Daedalus
(Moon Shard)
Talents: +6 Strength, +8 all stats, +30 attack speed, +65 damage

Health: 3800
Mana: 680
Armour: 13 + 15
Damage: 222 + 574
Attack Rate: 0.56

Effective Health (vs Physical): 10,000
Effective Health (vs Magical): 5,054

DPS: 2,700

20. Weaver

Items: Daedalus, Diffusal Blade, Hurricane Pike, Butterfly, Heart of Tarrasque, Linken's Sphere
(Moon Shard, Boots of Travel)
Talents: +6 Strength, +25 damage, +15 Agility, +200 Shukuchi movement speed

Health: 3380
Mana: 1153
Armour: 28
Damage: 242 + 150
Attack Rate: 0.47

Effective Health (vs Physical): 13,684
Effective Health (vs Magical): 4,495

DPS: 1,900

21. Drow Ranger

Items: Manta Style, Hurricane Pike, Butterfly, Daedalus, Aghanim's Scepter, Boots of Travel
(Moon Shard)
Talents: +5 all stats, +20 attack speed, +6% Precision Aura damage, +25 Marksmanship Agility

Health: 2415
Mana: 1163
Armour: 35
Damage: 291 + 229
Attack Rate: 0.34

Effective Health (vs Physical): 11,610
Effective Health (vs Magical): 3,211

DPS: 2,700 primary target, 1,300 secondary targets
High dps but exceptionally vulnerable - Drow can struggle to leverage the split arrows effect of her Scepter upgrade, but it is exceptionally potent. Oh, and her illusions carry it too.

22. Wraith King

Items: Radiance, Mjollnir, Abyssal Blade, Assault Cuirass, Armlet, Boots of Travel
(Moon Shard)
Talents: +15 damage, +50 Wraithfire Blast DPS, +40 attack speed, literally nothing

Health: 3110
Mana: 691
Armour: 8 + 24
Damage: 173 + 154
Attack Rate: 0.41

Effective Health (vs Physical): 9,147
Effective Health (vs Magical): 4,136

DPS: 1,500
Last, and... honestly, kind of least really, is Wraith King, usurped and power creeped to a large degree of irrelevance. This kind of test really doesn't suit the hero, as I firmly believe an Aghanim's Scepter focused build is best suited to him, and poor DPS and durability backs this up.

I'll leave these up for a while before publishing conclusions so you can make predictions. Also because I'm very lazy. Enjoy!
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Terathiel » June 25, 2017 1:29am | Report


Lack of response to the last round of statistics hopefully is not indicative of a lack of general interest. This bit is where I attempt to derive meaning from all the numbers and make them relevant to actual, non-theoretical games of Dota.

With regards to damage;

Without exception, the two most potent DPS increase items, regardless of hero, were Manta Style and ( Daedalus or Bloodthorn). On almost all heroes, Manta Style resulted in higher DPS than crits, with the only exceptions being Shadow Fiend and Medusa. This remained true, regardless of whatever other items the heroes were equipped with - and even with no items. When combined together, these items vastly outstripped any other combination by sometimes thousands of DPS.

This leads me to categorise damage boosts into two classes; additive and multiplicative. Daedalus, Bloodthorn, and Manta Style each increase damage by a multiplicative amount, whereas other items with procs like Monkey King Bar or Mjollnir are merely additive.

For comparison, Manta Style on a melee hero is 66% more base damage, whereas Mjollnir works out to +37.5 damage per hit. If a hero's base damage is 57 or higher, Manta Style will offer more dps than Mjollnir to a single target (ignoring the roughly equal stats provided from each item).

This is also reflected in the innate damage steroids of the heroes themselves, with all three of the top heroes having massive multiplicative steroids - Terrorblade with his 120% from Conjure Image, plus the 13.3% from his improved BAT, Chaos Knight with his 400% from Phantasm, and Arc Warden with its 100% from Tempest Double. This shows the power of multiplicative steroids, where additive steroids simply cannot compete in a lategame scenario - even Shadow Fiend, whomst boasts the most impressive of additive steroids, with +144 (raw) damage.

Many heroes, such as Morphling, Terrorblade, and Juggernaut, have more than one damage steroid in their kit. Morphling gains 73 Agility plus 9.7% DPS from BAT, Terrorblade has +80 base damage, +120% base damage, and +13.3% damage, and Juggernaut has +35% damage and +21.4% damage from his BAT.

Therefore, I propose a simple formula for the working out of a hero's damage;

(((Base damage + added base damage) * total illusion damage % * critical strike multiplier) + added raw damage) * base attack time
Then, for Arc Warden, double that number, because Tempest Double's unique properties take effect after all of these.

I don't think this formula yields completely accurate numbers, but it works to provide a good estimate for how much damage a hero is capable of dealing. For abilities like Desolate or Time Lock, add their average damage increase per hit as added base damage (if it affects illusions) or added raw damage (if it does not).

Likewise, this all ties into stat weights; I discussed these in my Spectre guide, but I'll reiterate them again.

A stat weight is how much DPS each point of a given stat will provide you.
Stat weights are normalised around a base - for the purposes of Dota, we use Agility, which grants 1 damage and 1 attack speed. Even if the hero is Strength, we use a hypothetical stat that functions the same as the base. This base is assigned the value of "1".
The simplest application of stat weights is comparing damage and attack speed. For Shadow Fiend, Agility has the highest stat weight, at the normalised value of 1. Damage and attack speed are 0.5, as they each give half the value of Agility. However, Necromastery will greatly devalue damage, and increase the value of each point of attack speed.

Currently, I do not have a way, nor do I believe there is a way short of creating a simulation program, to accurately determine stat weights for every hero - it would also be a pointless endeavor, as Dota is not an exact science, and these stat weights change every single time you purchase an item or level up. However, the general principle exists - balance your damage and attack speed.

The same applies to multiplicative steroids. Illusion damage, critical strike, and base attack time will yield the highest DPS when balanced around each other. However, this is mostly impossible to do as there are only two items that provide crits, one that provides illusions, and you cannot manipulate these stats when they are inbuilt to your hero.

With regards to EHP;

I promise this will be shorter.

The same principle of stat weights apply here, except you are balancing Health, armour, evasion, and magic resistance. Damage block is a binary factor - your hero will either build Abyssal Blade, or it won't, therefore it makes little sense to include in these equations short of bumping down the value of armour slightly.

Generally speaking, 2k Health will carry you to 25 armour, 3k Health carries you to 30, and 4k Health carries you to 40 armour.

Magic resistance and Health also bounce off one another when calculating EHP against magic damage, but this is less of a factor as there are far fewer sources of magic resist, and the only two carries on which Pipe of Insight makes sense are Spectre and Bristleback. Mostly, this is relevant to talents. Evasion follows the same principle.

Some basic item build guidelines

If your hero already has a way to generate illusions, Daedalus will be the highest DPS item for you.

If your hero has massively higher +raw damage than base damage, Daedalus will be the highest DPS item for you.

If your hero has an innate damage steroid that applies to illusions, Manta Style will be the highest DPS item for you.

If your hero does not fulfill any of the above qualifications, Manta Style will be the highest DPS item for you.

Regardless of your hero, combining Manta Style and Daedalus will yield the highest DPS.

Balancing your Health pool and mitigation will yield the highest EHP.
There are two kinds of people in the world; those who can count, and those who can't.

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