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By: Pahpohranger
Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018
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The Lightning Reaper





STR 21 + 1.7
AGI 16 + 2.4
INT 24 + 2.2

Damage : 41-51
Armor : -1+2.56
Magic resistance : 25%
Movement Speed : 290+2.32
Attack range : 500
Projectile Speed : 1100
BAT : 1.7
Attack animation : 0.4+0.5
Vision Range : 1800/800
Turn rate : 0.7


Fulgora is a mobile ganker, very strong at early game and can be played as a semi-carry. Her ultimate abillity which is her signature ability, neutron nova is a single target skillshot which damage is comparable to Laguna Blade/ Finger of Death with lesser mana cost and much shorter cooldown. But it can be difficult to land it succesfully, because it has to be combined with other ability/item, provided by Fulgora herself or her allies and must be done precisely. It can be done by the help of feeding enemy though. Her third ability, electric pole is a tool that can disable enemies multiple times. It helps her attacking enemies especially while she is close to them or to land neutron nova succesfully. Her first ability, electron drain passively drains mana from nearby enemies. It's very useful since her abilities have somewhat expensive mana cost but with short cooldown. Finally, her second ability, lightning surge provides mobility to escape or to go to the right position quickly. It's very important since all of her abilities relies on positioning. It can also help at landing neutron nova succesfully.

Primary Abilities

Electron Drain
Continuously steals mana from nearby enemy units who have mana. Doesn't work if Fulgora's mana is full or while she's invisible. Doesn't draw creep's aggro. Prioritizes non-hero units and illusions. Drains mana every 0.1 second.
: Passive
: No
Mana stolen per second
Maximum affected unit
: 450
: 7/14/21/28
: 4
Lightning surge
Quickly surges forward in a lightning wave to the target location, briefly stuns and damages any enemy unit you passed.
: Point Target
: Magical
: No
: 0.55+0
Cast range
Travel speed
Stun duration
: 650/800/950/1100
: 2000
: 80
: 0.25
: 70/80/90/100
: 6
Electric pole
Plants an electric pole at the target location. Enemy heroes between 2 electric poles are struck by lightning that damages, disarms and roots them. They can be hit multiple times, however they won't be hit by another lightning strike for 2.5 seconds after being hit by one. Electric poles never expires but can be destroyed by 2 attacks and can be denied. If the distance between 2 electric poles is over 2000 units, they won't strike enemy heroes between them. Planting an electric pole exceeds the maximum limit causes the oldest electric pole disappears. Electric pole has no vision. Electric pole is spell immune.
: Point Target
: Magical
: No
: 0.4+0.6
Cast Range
Projectile Speed
Status duration
Maximum Pole Count
: 650
: 1500
: 25/50/75/100
: 0.75
: 3/4/5/6
: 125
: 2

Ultimate Abilities

Neutron Nova
Shoots an enemy unit with a projectile that deals very low damage if it hits him while he is moving, but deals tremendous damage if it hits him while he isn't moving. Can't target close enemies. Target is marked since Fulgora casts the spell until the projectile hits. The mark can be seen by allies and enemies.
: Unit Target
: Magical
: No
: 0.7+0.37
Minimum cast range
Maximum cast range
Projectile speed
Damage (if hit while target is moving)
: 650
: 1150
: 650
: 400/600/800
: 5%
: 200/275/350
: 6

Other Abilities

Electric Disk
Throws an electric disk to the target location, it will turns to a random location 900 units away upon reaching target location, then returns to Fulgora afterward. Enemy heroes between an electric pole and electric disk are struck by lightning that damages, disarms, and roots them. They can be hit once per cast, and they won't be hit by another lightning strike for 2.5 seconds afterward. If the distance between electric pole and electric disk exceeds 900 units, they won't strike enemy heroes between them.

: Point Target
: Magical
: No
: 0.4+0.6
Cast range
Projectile speed
Status Duration
: 900
: 1500
: 25/50/75/100
: 0.5
: 125
: 10

Hero Talents

Neutron nova deals full damage to moving illusion (75% chance)
+120 damage

Electron drain affects invisible unit
+2 attacks to destroy electric pole

+15% spell amplification
+15% spell life steal

+25% EXP gain
+10 armor

Aghanim's Scepter upgrade

Grants electric disk ability. For each succesful full damage neutron nova hit, Fulgora gains a buff that can stacks up to 10 charges. Each charge increases neutron's bomb damage by 40/60/80. Failed to land a full damage neutron nova halves the buff's charges count.


Fulgora can't farm nor push fast, she must always look for pick off. Her playstyle revolves around on using all of her abilities constantly for maximum damage potential. She always seek for chance to use neutron nova, then use her other ability/item for a perfect hit. She can use electric pole if the condition allows it, or use lightning surge while also approach her prey to finish him off with attacks and steal his mana. Due to mana cost and cooldown of her abilities, she often needs to stay close to enemies to refuel mana. However, being close to enemies makes her vulnerable. Nevertheless, if she can survive that, She will be ready for another neutron nova assault. Landing neutron nova is a lot easier with the help of allied disabler, It's overall better because it allows her to save mana and stay at safe distance.

Player has to be careful while stealing mana. She is vey squishy, Being close to many enemies gives a lot of stolen mana, but it may kill Fulgora afterward. Being close to few enemies might give her safety, but she just gets little mana. Mind that she can't use neutron nova on close enemy.

During the early game, enemies have little control over neutron nova's damage. While Fulgora has her own disables to get perfect neutron nova hit. Allies can also help with good coordination. Executing a pick off might just be as simple as throwing 1 succesful neutron nova hit followed by auto attacks. Thus the early game is the easiest period for Fulgora. As the game progresses, enemies start acquiring items, they group up more often, and their health are too much for 1 neutron nova. Many items can be used to counter neutron nova/root, says: Black King Bar, Linken's Sphere, Force Staff, Blade Mail, Blade Mail, Blade Mail, etc.. On the other hand, Fulgora also has items and more mana, and so does her team. At this point, She can and has to hits neutron nova perfectly multiple times, and it can only be done by using all of her abilities and items constantly. Thus making the challenge gets harder and harder as the game progresses.

Don't forget that playing Fulgora isn't always about neutron nova. Her other kit is also very spammable especially electric pole, her right-click is not so bad too. FInd the right strategy for the situation.

  • Very deadly solo ganker. Even more deadly if paired with a disabler.
  • Has spammable extremely high magic damage nukes.
  • Has many disables. Each of her disable can hit more than 1 enemy per cast.
  • Abilities have low cooldown.
  • Can sustain mana by stealing.
  • High mobility.
  • Good at kiting.
  • High skill ceiling.

  • Slow farmer, bad pusher.
  • Dependent on landing ultimate constantly and perfectly which is not that easy. It requires other spell/item/teamwork and has to be done precisely. Failures are often punished hard.
  • Her disables have very short duration.
  • Somewhat high mana cost for her abilities.
  • Must be close to enemy unit to steal mana. More mana to steal = more enemies = more danger.
  • Squishy.
  • Dependent on precise positioning.
  • Weak while silenced.
  • Below average attribute and attribute gain.
  • Bad against a group of multiple enemy heroes or illusion heroes

important notes

  • Electric disk is electric pole's sub-ability. Thus leveling 1 of them up also levels the other one up.
  • Enemy who destroys an electric pole gets 20 gold
  • Lightning strikes from all source don't hit invisible unit.
  • The delay between lightning strikes is applied to the next lightning strike from all source.
  • Lightning strike delay is applied right after the former strikes occurs. That means 1.75 seconds delay after the root is over (2 seconds if the former strike is formed from a pole and a disk).
  • Lightning surge hits invisible unit.
  • Electron drain doesn't steal mana from invisible unit.
  • Fulgora's illusions doesn't have electron drain ability.
  • Neutron nova's projectile hits invisible unit.
  • Attacking and turning is not considered moving, so it won't reduce neutron nova's damage (except Windranger's ultimate that allows her to attack while moving).
  • Not carrying Aghanim's Scepter omits the electric disk ability and the buff. Carrying Aghanim's Scepter on the backpack only causes the electric disk unusable, the buff doesn't work, and Fulgora can't gains it's charge.
  • If Fulgora's neutron nova hits a moving enemy while she is carrying Aghanim's Scepter, the current buff's charge count will be halved. And if the current buff's charge count is an odd number, it will be reduced by 1 before it's halved.
  • Fulgora loses all Aghanim's Scepter's charges upon death.

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AttackHelicopter (1) | September 13, 2018 11:54pm
Now on this one I do see that the Poles should be the ult, The poles are very good for a regular ability it does way too many good things(root,disarm and deals damage) As a regular ability its very bad not because it's ****ty but cuz its nerfed to better fit as a regular ability.

Now the passive I really don't like, it's like Lion's E but you get mana way too easily, my suggestion to you is make it a passive component of the poles make it so you get mana from people who got hit by the poles(If you are with in range of course) now if you do make the poles the ult you can have as much as many mana drained as you like.

The current Ult must be remade as a regular ability. The poles being an ult makes more sense and gives a lot of gameplay possibilities without reworking too much

Also just have one more max pole for an ahgs upgrade a new ability is way too much the poles are too powerful already
Pahpohranger | September 14, 2018 10:46pm
Thanks for the input bro. I honestly have trouble in balancing electron drain, the mana loss feels too much for enemies. But the mana gained is not sufficient enough for her. Her other abilities cost too much mana and she has too use them very often in fight.

I don't think electric pole is op, root and disarm is no better than stun while most disables in dota stun and damage. Also the reason I made neutron nova as ult is because I thought It's interesting to have a skillshot that can deal lots of damage when hit succesfully. If it's remade as a basic ability, it can be maxed at level 7 so the damage must be reduced a lot. Then landing neutron nova succesfully won't be so rewarding.
delta17 (15) | September 14, 2018 8:08pm
I second this guy. With E being ult and R being basic. And I'm gonna add some of my own.

Neutron Nova has too steep of a... (for the sake of a lack of term) "delta of power". It's either TOO WEAK or TOO POWERFUL with nothing in-between. You HAVE to cast E or wait for someone's disable, or else it has no value at all. Not only is it steep, but if we average out the ability to include how often enemies move and how often they're disabled, it'll be among the OP-side of abilities. There's just too many opportunities for the 800 dmg with very little chance of messing it up, especially to coordinated plays. I would strongly suggest for the steepness and overall power to be toned down, and it's exactly what AttackHelicopter's advice will accomplish!

Electron Drain is lame, can we have it merged with Lightning Surge and get something else? Like make it steal 40/80/120/160 mana for each enemy hit. I do find the W weak in it's current state. It's just a bad Burrowstrike.

If Electric disk is electric pole's sub-ability, You don't have to put it on Other Abilities Section.

Electron drain, a passive aura, can't hit invisible units but Neutron nova, a projectile ability, can hit invisible units. Whut? Why makes you decide to do this? It's not of those slow low-dmg projectiles like Arcane Bolt, or Death Pulse......

Also that LvL 25 talent about illusions is just terrible. It already deals MASSIVE damage, which will definitely kill illusions instantly without this talent. Why bother getting one?
"delta of power 101" - Broadly speaking, it's a concept in games where an ability/effect/etc have multiple levels of power arising from multiple conditions and whatnot. Example: (It's easier to notice in card games). For 1 mana, a typical spell card deals 100 dmg. So a card that costs 1 mana that has 50% chance to do 50 dmg and 50% chance to do 150 falls into the accepted "power" (it averages into 100 dmg per 1 mana). A bad roll seems like a consolation and a good roll on the other hand feels like a sweet bonus. If another card, for the same mana, has 90% chance to do 0 dmg and 10% to do 1000 dmg. It STILL technically falls into accepted power but it's too steep that it might not be considered fun anymore. The game just devolves into a lottery. Every random in dota has this delta. While Rupture, Arcane Curse, Shackleshot, and a good others are non-random based abilities with their own delta of power. And they're greatly designed because they still have VALUE at their worst with Shackleshot probably having the steepest 'delta of power' in the game. With a delta this steep, it's almost always mandatory to NOT make the bad-end of the ability. As it hits 70% of the time.

Neutron Nova, though non-random, is like Shackleshot's case, consider it at its most normal at full dmg. Which is what makes it OP.
Pahpohranger | September 14, 2018 11:52pm
Thanks for the input bro, If both allies and enemies are good, wouldn't it be balanced? There are so many items that can counter neutron nova, but only few items that can help landing it succesfully. Perhaps the only reliable item for that is Rod of Atos, but it's also countered by many items. In late game, the amount of counter item enemy team have can be equal to the amount of disable Fulgora team have. It's damage also falls off. Thus the chance of perfect neutron nova hit becomes small.

Fulgora's basic ability has lower or equal cooldown compared to her ultimate, so whenever she can cast her ultimate, she can also cast her other abilities. So I think it doesn't matter if it has no value on it's own. There are few abilities that has no value on it's own in dota, like Overload and Aftershock.

I don't have any trouble changing electron drain as long as the new Fulgora doesn't become a spellcaster that always stay far away from enemies. That just make her super annoying.

lightning surge is very useful for mobility. Fulgora has to be in the right position all the time. Electron drain affects nearby enemies, electric pole needs to be planted in the right position, and neutron nova can't hit nearby enemies. She will have to use it constantly. I think it's still very important even if the stun and damage is removed. The stun needs to be very short, since it can be cast up to 1100 units at max level. That's almost as far as her ultimate.

I think electron drain is op if it affects invisible units. It's a permanent mini Gem of True Sight along with mana steal. I make neutron nova can hit invisible enemy for bonus entertainment since lightning surge can hit invisible enemy too.

That talent is situational, I think Fulgora is bad against illusion heroes. That talent will be very helpful for clearing illusions. 5% damage won't kill a moving illusion instantly.
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Pahpohranger | September 12, 2018 5:58am
Hello, this is my first time creating hero here. Thank you for your attention towards fulgora. I would like to hear your opinion about her. Like how balanced she is in your opinion? Do you think she is fun to play? Also feel free to criticize me, just please don't forget to give the solution.

Since this is my first time, I also want to ask about so many things. Like how to place note on the noted ability and how to attach picture on hero and spell icon?
TheSofa (54) | September 29, 2018 8:06am
Hi Pahpohranger,


Please put the link of the picture you wish to have as your ability icon in the "icon" bar beside the name.

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