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December 23, 2017
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Xixhur the Coercer: (HCC)

In the most dangerous areas of the Eresiw Jungle stalk the Xarafil, humanoid-serpent like predators with 7 developed senses. Xixhur is and always will be the deadliest one of Xarafil, since his main weapon against his preys is themselves. Xixhur can either disrupt his enemies organism and slowly watch them stray in the jungle until they starve to death or he can control their entire body and see them killing themselves while concious but unable to stop.

Xixhur is an agility ranged hero.
Everyone should be aware of Xixhurs presence on the battlefield or else it will be turned into hunger games with Xixhur being the predator. Disoriented enemies wandering around the field, their friends watching them killing themselves. All this can happen in the fight with the Coercer.


-Strength: 18 + 1.9

-Agility: 22 + 2.3

-Intelligence: 20 + 2.9

-Health: 510
-Mana: 308
-Armor: 2.1
-Magic Resistance: 18%
-Attack Damage: 50 - 56
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November 14, 2017
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Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a few months, due in part that I have tried to play DOTA for the hours that my doctor has limited me to and considering that I can only get about two matches a day in, I am bowing out of playing DOTA to focus on building an Entertainment company that helps people in independent entertainment niches which aren't often catered to do their thing.

I live in the Midwest, so actually catering to E-Sports isn't a good idea when I start up.

I am, however, still in love with the game and its competitive nature and would like to one day sponsor my own team and promote them through the use of my creative mind. While I am just starting up, I am slowly building my empire through tactical purchases and using my ability to think outside the box to get people noticed.

While E-Sports isn't entertainment in the same vein as music and Pro Wrestling, it is starting to pick up, and I would like to have some stakes in it once I start earning money from the current venue…
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November 01, 2017
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With the "Dueling Fates" update drastically changing the game itself, I've decided to scrap all my previous hero guides and remake them from scratch! Stay tuned for those and the toxicity guide I mentioned in my previous blog. Anyways, since the update is very fresh, I might not be able to provide the most optimal of strategies so please forgive me for any mistakes I might make in the future.

So, what do you guys think of the update? Personally, I think it's about time Dota 2 got a major update since 7.00 was released several months ago and the game was starting to become stale. Although, I must admit that the Dota 2 development team will need to do a lot of bug-fixing and balance changes since they've added several new mechanics and quirky interactions. Heck, people are already complaining about gamebreaking bugs/interactions such as the following:
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October 31, 2017
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The new 7.07 Dueling Fates patch will be released on November 1, 2017. This will change a lot of the gameplay and how to build heroes. The problem with this now on DotaFire is all previous guides will pretty much be null and void. A lot of the talents were changed and mechanic as well. They made quite a major map change. The runes are now harder for the mid lane to grab if they want to block as well. What do you guys think of this new patch. The new heroes will have a major effect on the game. As always, there will always be that one person who wants to play it in ranked matches but have no clue what they're doing. I suggest you ban them unless you want to play that hero. Finally, there are 5 new items that Valve has implemented into the game. These items seem quite strong and I have tested them before. They have a variety of uses that I'm sure everyone will start to discover combos and such. I'll leave a link to the dueling fates update here.

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October 11, 2017
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A few months ago, I've made a guide on how to increase your Solo MMR by usage of positive mental attitude and optimal mindsets. This time, I'll be making a guide that PURELY focuses on dealing with Dota 2's toxicity and how we, as a community, can deal with it. I know it's not really a guide that will make you that much better in Dota 2, but I hope it'll still help some of you in a way.

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October 06, 2017
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HEY EVERYONE! I'm back from the dead yet again and I APPARENTLY won the ******* contest! Granted it was only one of the specific categories but still! I won, and I just want to thank everyone who supported me along the way and didn't trash me for making guides on a video game (which most of my classmates did but fck em). Anyways, I'll calm down... Okay, so for future plans, I'm going to make even more guides but the process will be much slower since I decided to focus on my YouTube channel once again. But don't worry, I STILL play Dota 2 and I will probably play it A LOT more once Puss In Boots and Tinkerbell arrives.

ANYWAYS, see you next time guys! :D

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October 06, 2017
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This is the first in a short series of theorycrafting blogs I'm going to be doing. It's a subject that's been on the back of my mind for a fair while now, and since we're only (or still) a couple of weeks out from the much-anticipated 7.07, it seems pertinent to do this now
and then
link it to
reddit for free easy karma

Why do this now? Well, a lot of what I'm going to bring up can be easily addressed and my points illustrated in terms of what we're expecting to see in 7.07. I'm going to break down the discussion into a few key points and try to keep this structured, rather than ramble on as I am wont to do.



Foreword 1: 7.07 predictions, and "leaks"

As with any leaks, take these with a really hefty grain of salt. A while ago on 4Chan (lul), there was apparently a "Valve insider" who leaked some of the changes that would occur in 7.07. It's a high chance these are completely false, but they do look really cool. What I want to focus on now is the proposed talents chan…
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September 22, 2017
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'Twas another serene evening at her library, perusing countless uncharted tomes of high-level sorceries that can only discombobulate anyone who dared to read but her. But unlike every other, this particular eventide had massive bloom of a powerful magic that tingled her skin. The origin of which seemed to have come from all directions. Her grimoires reacted in various ways at the alarm of such an incident.

But this does not alarm her, she never cared in the first place.

She remained isolated, and desolate, in her gargantuan and comfortable cage that have books for bars. And when it's finally time to receive her usual tea, none came. Normally, she wouldn't mind, but if there's naught been tea nor coffee for the next 24 hours, she's bound to leave the library. The library door opened with it's usual low-pitched creaks, but what greeted her was not the usual hall nor the usual lush carpet. It wasn't even the usual sun nor the usual soil that met her the moment she took a step out

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September 22, 2017
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[columns][img]--------------------------[/img][nextcol] [color=#ff0080][h1]Hero name, the Hero Title[/h1][/color][/columns] [rule] [h3]HERO SUMMARY:[/h3] The summary of how a hero is played goes here. Combos and playstyles and stuffs. [indent][columns][center][color=#00ff00]PROS :[/color][/center] [list][*] pro 1 [*] pro 2 [*] pro 3[/list] [nextcol][indent][/indent][nextcol] [center][color=#ff0000]CONS :[/color][/center] [list][*] con 1 [*] con 2 [*] con 3[/list] [/columns] [/indent] [rule] [center][color=#ff0080][h2]Stats[/h2][/color][/center] [columns][columns] [color=#ff0000]Str[/color] [color=#00ff00]Agi[/color] [color=#00ffff]int[/color] [nextcol] [nextcol] [nextcol] [nextcol] : 20 + 2.0 [b][color=#ffffff] : 20 + 2.0[/color][/b] : 20 + 2.0 [/columns] [nextcol] [indent][/indent] [nextcol] [columns] [color=#ffffff]Health H. regen Mana M. regen Damage Armor Spell Dmg.[/color] [nextcol] [nextcol] [nextcol] [nextcol] :

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September 20, 2017
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So this is a blog?


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