November 14, 2017

E-Sports and Entertainment

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Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a few months, due in part that I have tried to play DOTA for the hours that my doctor has limited me to and considering that I can only get about two matches a day in, I am bowing out of playing DOTA to focus on building an Entertainment company that helps people in independent entertainment niches which aren't often catered to do their thing.

I live in the Midwest, so actually catering to E-Sports isn't a good idea when I start up.

I am, however, still in love with the game and its competitive nature and would like to one day sponsor my own team and promote them through the use of my creative mind. While I am just starting up, I am slowly building my empire through tactical purchases and using my ability to think outside the box to get people noticed.

While E-Sports isn't entertainment in the same vein as music and Pro Wrestling, it is starting to pick up, and I would like to have some stakes in it once I start earning money from the current venues I am working with. Professional Gamers not only need skill, but charisma in order to make money to sell merch and interact with their fans. That's the side of things I can help with.

I would actually love to work with a skilled team to help get their name out. I have a policy that any group who acts as a "demo" to my skills in a certain genre, gets my support and experience for free. Much of what I do is experimental in nature, but I attack avenues which are often overlooked, but have a potential to get attention.

If you would like to work with me, please contact me through Discord as EBMOverlord
#0385. I am willing to take on players on an individual basis until a team can be formed. I will only be looking for serious inquiries. Surprisingly, I am not looking at skill level. I will be looking for the ability to learn, the ability to put in time, proper attitude and professionalism, and the ability to be sociable.

Keeping the dream alive from a different angle! ^_^