August 02, 2018

Ability Lua Tutorial 8: Slark's Dark Pact

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Slark: Dark Pact

Waiting in interval

Tutorial Will be Moved

It's not that I wanted to, but apparently this blog isn't suitable for code-heavy writings. So, I decided to move the tutorial into the GitHub's wiki page.

Don't worry, I'll still be here if you have critics or questions regarding the tutorial.

So, rather than this post being empty, I'll write out the overview instead.


So, Dark Pact will teach us about how to use modifier's interval function; OnIntervalThink. Upon cast, Dark Pact will have a delay, and after that, continuously purges the caster.

There are 2 intervals; the delay and the continuous purge/damage. Both need to share the logic on one function; OnIntervalThink. In this case, we use boolean to check which interval invokes the function.

How it should be implemented? Here's the full tutorial: Slark's Dark Pact.


Next, we're going to have Linear Projectiles and How You Use Them, using Mirana's Sacred Arrow.
Comments, Critics and Questions can be asked here. Stay tuned.