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Axe [Offlane] - Standard Meta Guide by Der Bestimmer

September 3, 2021 by Der Bestimmer
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Offlane Tank Build

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Coat of Blood (Innate)

Berserker's Call


Battle Hunger


Counter Helix

2 3 5

Culling Blade

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

2x Battle Hunger armor multiplier
+100 Berserker's Call AoE
+100 Culling Blade damage/threshold
+12 Berserker's Call Armor
+20 Counter Helix Damage
+10% Battle Hunger slow
+3s Culling Blade Speed Bonus Duration
+10% Movement Speed per active Battle Hunger

Axe [Offlane] - Standard Meta Guide by Der Bestimmer

Der Bestimmer
September 3, 2021


Axe [Offlane] - Standard Meta Build

With the resent changes to Agg Shard, taking Axe out of the game, Axe is back as Offlane Lane Dominator / Initiator (where he belongs IMHO...).
I play around 1k atm and was looking for a reliable Hero in low elo pubs with good impact and good offlane characteristis with well rounded damage, tankiness, CC / Initiation and a decent recovery mechanism. Axe has a solid winrate in lower brackets and although easy to understand still offers enough versatility to master him in various situations and hone one's skill with the hero. So I picked up the Axe...

Since I am just starting out to play axe more, I wanted to make this guide as a kind of follow up to my learning process on the hero. For Build Ideas I mostly look at Dotabuff item statistics, high level player builds and the highest rated ingame builds @Dota 2.

If you want to use my guide ingame, you can subscribe to it here on Steam Workshop:

Axe [Offlane] - Standard Meta Build
(don't forget the thumbs up, if you like it :) )

Other interesting Sites for the Hero:

Axe Wiki

Axe Dota2ProTracker

Axe Dotabuff

Axe OpenDota

Strengths / Weaknesses and Matchups


For a list of favorable Matchups see:

Wiki List

Dotabuff List

For a list of Counters see:
Wiki List/url]

Dotabuff List

Skills / Talents

Blade Mail

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