Shadow Fiend


Faction:The Dire
Primary Attribute: Agility
Attack Type: Ranged
Role(s): carry, semi-carry

Shadow Fiend's Stats

STR 65 at 25 (15 + 2/level)
AGI 92.5 at 25 (20 + 2.9/level)
INT 68 at 25 (18 + 2/level)
Health 1727 at 25
Mana 1118 at 25
Damage 35 - 41
Range 500
Armor 1.8
Movement 305


Shadow Fiend razes the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemy units in an area. Range:...


Shadow Fiend steals the soul from units he kills, gaining bonus damage. If the killed unit is a...

Presence of the Dark Lord

Shadow Fiend's presence reduces the armor of nearby enemies. Radius: 900 Armor Reduction:...

Requiem of Souls

Captured souls are used to deal massive damage, as well as slowing and reducing the attack damage...
It is said that Shadow Fiend has the soul of a poet, and in fact he has thousands of them. Over the ages he has claimed the souls of poets, priests, emperors, beggars, slaves, philosophers, criminals and (naturally) heroes; no sort of soul escapes him. What he does with them is unknown. No one has ever peered into the Abysm whence Shadow Fiend reaches out like an eel from among astral rocks. Does he devour them one after another? Does he mount them along the halls of an eldritch temple, or pickle the souls in necromantic brine? Is he merely a puppet, pushed through the dimensional rift by a demonic puppeteer? Such is his evil, so intense his aura of darkness, that no rational mind may penetrate it. Of course, if you really want to know where the stolen souls go, there's one sure way to find out: Add your soul to his collection. Or just wait for Nevermore.

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1 67 435,060
2 6 29,922
1 17 41,099
2 20 17,062
1 16 146,045

Hero Discussion
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Atlas » August 18, 2011 5:40pm | Report
Nevermore. <3

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Lich#107372 » August 23, 2011 2:36pm | Report
An agi hero whose highest stat by far is INT


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Noir#115158 » August 31, 2011 5:00pm | Report
Oh, good old friend, how I will enjoy having your company around again as we wreak havoc on the battlefields once more. ~ Nevemore


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Quote | PM | +Rep by TehPenGu » September 1, 2011 4:48am | Report

An agi hero whose highest stat by far is INT

Thank God for that! Would be hard to keep him trucking mid without.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by ShimShady » September 2, 2011 3:42pm | Report
I don't like his animation for requiem. I like the original one much better.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by St4rs » September 3, 2011 12:28am | Report
Looks less squishy now.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by EPok » September 10, 2011 7:31am | Report
Best hero ever =p


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Quote | PM | +Rep by Phelogna » September 17, 2011 11:51am | Report
I definitely want to play as him!


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Quote | PM | +Rep by instant#143258 » October 29, 2011 1:32am | Report
if you play Nevermore right he becomes extremely dangerous for the opossing team ... gonna try it :P


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Quote | PM | +Rep by NEVERMORE#152880 » November 25, 2011 10:07am | Report
soo goood


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