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Shadow Fiend Like Boss

February 7, 2012 by BloodnSugar
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Build 1

Shadow Fiend Like Boss

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

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Starting items / Mid lane

Starting items / Side Lane

Early game Items

Mid game / Core items ( BD or SB pick one )

End game items, By purchase order

Complete item build

Hero Skills


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Presence of the Dark Lord

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Requiem of Souls

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Shadow Fiend Like Boss

February 7, 2012


This hero requires farming, coordination and skill, this his dmg depends a lot on items. But as I mentioned earlyer it takes time to master him, but he is really fun hero who hits like a truck and inspires fear in eyes of the enemys.
Thank you for reading this a short guide.
Please rate and comment and leave ideas.


Shadowraze, one of my most favorite spells that makes this hero shine if you manage to put all 3 spells up it can make up to 900 dmg to your target in few secs. I had a bit of trouble mastering this spell my self, but a good tip for all new players: Start with mid range blast ( W button ) then if he decides to come closer to you use close range (Q button) and if he realize he will die and start retreating use your long range (E button) to finish him off. Shadowraze is a skill shot spell that means it takes time for you to master him well. Also its very useful against people who like to buy manta style to nuke the illusions.
Necromastery This spell makes Shadow Fiend a real heavy dps that can give you 64 dmg if you have 32 souls (each soul per kill from your minions, enemys minions and heroes). Downside you loose half of souls if you die, so lets try to avoid that :)
Presence of the dark lord a very good armor reduction aura for a good hero, its something like mini Assault cuirass.
Requiem of Souls Fantastic spell a real table turner if you manage to use it right. It depends on necromastery that means you always have to stack max souls to reach it full potential. In Teamfight I go like this use BKB so that nobody would interupt your ulti then Blink dagger to the middle of fight and then use Requiem of Souls and then depends on situation use few shadowraze or just dps them down, Keep in mind this spell is something like Sand kings ulti, it needs 2 secs to set it up so dont cancel it by accident, deals a ton of dmg to all enemys and reduce their dmg and slows them down so you could finish them off 1 by 1.


As you can see usually I start with Ring of protection and Circlet and some tangos. This is because after I farmed and got my first item speed boots (500g from side shop or courier) I rush fast for Ring of Aquila, It really is wonderful item, it lets you spam more shadowraze and gives you all the stats and mana regen you need really a must item. Then I intend to finish power threads, If you are new to Shadow Fiend, highly advise you to switch to STR PT for extra HP. Then you can go quickly for a Wand of magic, always a good item for many reasons because your fragile and sometimes you need mana. After that I try to quickly rush ASAP for Black King Bar, this is the most needed item for this hero in my opinion, because it gives you all the right stuff you need, dps, hp and spell immunity to cast your ulti. after that you have 2 options Blink Dagger or Shadow blade, both items are good but I prefer Blink dagger, because its cheaper, you can quickly enter the fight on the other hand Shadow blade gives you nice stats + invisibility, but at the cost of the price, basicly its up to you. Then I go for buriza / helm of dominator depends how your team is doing, and try to teamfight all the time and finish my complete build.


Hello, so this is my idea how Shadow Fiend should look like , I tested this build many times and I must say it really hits the spot, really nice crits about 1k. I see this hero as a Hard nuker / carry, there is so many ways you can build him, but still as I tryed it this is the best option. First of all you must be focused and coordinated to play him, it does require common logic and the idea how it should be played, I will explain more in Skill section of this guide.I had a lot of problems myself till I mastered him but practise makes perfect.

Guide Discussion
Quote | PM | +Rep by Smayonnaise » February 7, 2012 2:59pm | Report
This is overall a good guide but there is a few points that I would say should be different:

- Firstly, try to break up your guide into more paragraphs as it is a LOT easier than reading a wall of text.

- Secondly, for starting items, I would advice going for some Slippers to increase your last hitting power. As well as this, I personally am a fan of Butterfly for late-game as it increases his DPS and tankiness by quite a bit.

- You should mention that Shadow Fiend is a very good mid-laner as he needs all souls and levels he can get. In addition, to this you should include the option of a bottle as it is so good on a hero like him.

-Lastly, you put your conclusion at the start and your beginning at the end. You also spelled beginning wrong.


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Quote | PM | +Rep by BloodnSugar » February 8, 2012 2:10pm | Report
Thank you for your opinion, constructive criticism always welcome, it helps you improve the things you have done wrong. The reason at start I go with ring of protection on side lanes and circlet, because you can buy slippers on side shop, that's the only reason, plus ring of protection is a decent defensive item against other ranged enemies that will eventually hit you from time to time, it adds survivability because SF is really low on hp, also as I mention a Wand is good addition to survival. But thanks again for response, and yeah wall of text is a bit annoying but in few mins dunno max 4 you can read it all, not a 100 pages of PDF :).


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Quote | PM | +Rep by SkyneT800 » February 9, 2012 11:30am | Report
Alot of what Smayonnaise said is correct, Lemme help you out with your item build.

At level 1 start with 4 gg branches, 1 circlet , 2 sets of tangos. This will give you +6 all stats and make sf not as squishy as hes known to be. This will also give you a great sized mana pool to throw about about 5-6 razes at lvl 3 and 5. First buy bottle from courier, then red boots.

After that it's a timing game. If you can afford Boots of Travel before 12 minutes do that, otherwise go safe with 2x wraith bands and power treads on STR, except with jungling.

I find going straight for BKB better than going for an initiation item like blink dagger or Shadow blade. If you die with SF it takes a while for him to get back into the game ( Soul replenishment)

After BKB I'd go for Shadow blade, that is my personal preference, blink dagger has its own perks.

Contrary to illusion, shadow fiend doesn't have that much damage with full souls, so going for a Daedalus is iffy. Go for a stygian, or if you feel you are dying faster than you should grab a Skadi.

And for games where you are just destroying grab Shadow blade then Ethereal blade. Eth blade a enemy, then shadow blade and ult inside them. GG

Best of luck.


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