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March 02, 2015
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Broodmother ability spawn sibling you should only use on low health creepes. Spin web is amazing silky web look and makes broodmother invisible to Herod and creepes but not to defence towers.

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March 02, 2015
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Centaur Warrunner at level 25 has over 4000 health and over 300 attack this hero is one of the best try using this hero in your next dota 2 game

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March 01, 2015
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Yo! I'm armc3j, also known as .Elusive-- I was originally brought to dota by a guy in my Starcraft II clan, who wanted me to try it out and see if I liked the whole MOBA experience... Long story short, I did, and even though I still play SC2, the majority of my free time has now been taken up by dota 2. As far as roles go, I enjoy playing the offlane solo, but I also i enjoy specific heros. My top 5 are probably Slark, Juggernaut, Morphling, Sven, and Rubick(cus who doesn't love throwing the enemies **** right back at them).
So that's just a little about myself, I really don't know what else to say, if anything.

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February 26, 2015
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One can never kill too many people.

Act XVIII: A Dirge for the Age of Gods

The barracks crumbled around him as Demon Edge struck down another creep. Abaddon wrenched the blade free in a spray of blood and pressed his heels into his steed. The horse took off at a gallop, clearing the building just as it fell. Invoker was waiting, once again flanked by a pair of forged spirits.

"This is their defence?" the mage said incredulously. "Rubick was too simple to even replicate a single spell of mine, and now they leave creeps here?"

Abaddon gestured towards the Ancient. Shimmering columns of light signified defensive teleports back to the throne.

"We'll have company soon. Hopefully, they hold us off long enough for Arash to contact and coordinate the destruction of the Ancients." He glanced towards the Dire fortress, where the Skywrath army was sieging the final tier of towers. "I hope it will be soon."

What happened to Vanath and Lanaya? he thought. They surely should have found Arash b
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February 22, 2015
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We are very nearly done here. I've been doing this whole thing for an unhealthy period of time, but the end is in sight.


Act XVII: To Become as Death Itself

Roshan's dying screams split the air, and Kael wondered who had defeated the beast. Not that it mattered; he had noticed the assaults being directed at each fortress. Leaving behind a forged spirit to watch the ruined top barracks, the Invoker himself teleported down to the bottom lane, joining the advancing army.

He gained the attention of one of the Avernal Vindicators. "Where is your commander?" he demanded. The Vindicator pointed up towards the front lines. Kael nodded and slipped his orbs to Wex before striding swiftly towards Abaddon's command. He quickly outpaced his second forged spirit, and let its enchantment fade when he felt the one he'd left behind die. Kael passed by three heavily armoured warriors wielding massive runeblades, and there he was, face to face with the Lord of Avernus.

Nothing special, was…
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February 19, 2015
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Everything is heating up quite nicely, isn't it?

A lot of expression is lost from this Act as there is no way to change font types that I can find. This is sad :(

Act XVI: A Cure for the Itch

They had gone out of their way to make him uncomfortable; that much was clear.

Arash's frustration rose as he paced around in the tiny cell. Everything had slipped his grasp! Now he had undergone a forced allegiance change, and was a prisoner of the faction he had defected to. His plans lay in shambles, his carefully constructed schemes wasted to nothing.

The door was unlocked, as the sorcery powering it would not seal him in, but there was no point escaping. The guards and heroes outside would just throw him back in there, with more force than last time. Yet now, all was quiet outside, suggesting that an offensive had been launched. The destroyed Dire barracks offered an opportunity the Radiant could not afford to squander.

Deciding to risk it, Arash opened the door and walked out. It was 
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February 18, 2015
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Let us try something different.

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February 18, 2015
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We started so well.

Just look at the graphs...

We were absolutely destroying. We had a 20 kill lead by minute 25. I was 10-2 by then. We were all way higher in GPM. I got my heart at minute 35. Had I known what was about to ensue, I would have purchased a BKB.

Then the game went on forever. Why?

I was ****ING, MUTED. The most broken punishment. I tried using the chat wheel. It's good for nothing. Nobody on my team was trying to lead. Because I couldn't spam ping, nobody pushed the last tower. They didn't even leave the base after minute 35.

So in the later half of the game, we got destroyed. It was a 70 minute game, and it seemed like we were guaranteed to end it quickly late. But nope. Enemy team ganked me everytime I tried to backdoor. No support from my team, at all.

Lesson learned?

Don't ping spam intentional feeders, and watch out for troll venomancers who report the whole team and then DC.

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February 18, 2015


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gaming is the part of life.. without it life will be totally bored

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February 18, 2015
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Mist Coil Damages or Heals the target before damaging Abaddon. Means if he denies himself with this and gets a kill, he does get the experience.
Can be cast on siege creeps
Aphotic Shield can be cast on siege creeps.
Borrowed TimeThe health loss from Heartstopper Aura does not trigger Borrowed Time when reaching the threshold. However, it is treated as damage, and thus heals Abaddon. Increases EHP of allies by 35% with aghs and not 53%
Greevil's Greed Illusions get greevils greed counter and can gain gold just as alchemist does.
Alchemist doesn't gain gold when he denies allies, kills illusions or last hits Power Cogs.
Ancient Apparition
Ice Blast
The Aoe is capped at 1000 range and not 950.
Grants 650 flying vision at target for 4 seconds.
The ice ball gives 500 flying vision while it travels.
Mana Void When cast on spell immune target it still damages units in the AoE.
Berserker's Call : Duel has priority over berserkers call and …
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