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October 07, 2015
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Dear Dotafire,

Two years ago to this day I made the choice of becoming a member of dotafire. I do not regret making that decision. In the time that I've been here I have improved my knowledge of the game ten-fold, and met incredible, lovable, knowledgeable, salty individuals. I've participated in Inhouses with you amazing people, done content creation contests with incredible creative people even though sometimes they may have driven Wulfy-sama insane. Published guides for my favorite heroes, and worked with others on theory crafting new and exciting builds.

This has been an amazing adventure and I want to thank a few people for making my stay here awesome, and for being an amazing human being (Or an amazing Sofa, you know who you are).

Wulfstan: The first person to ever comment on one of my posts, and the one who welcomed me to the community. Though he may get a bit salty during inhouses, and we may drive him insane with our late Forge of Creation submissions, we love you Wulfy-sam…
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October 06, 2015
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This will probably be the last of these for a while since I'm busy with other stuff for casual writing.

Some context on this story... it's set in a game world I was writing for, and is the end of a long quest chain involving two angels, one of whom is evil and has been leading the player along in a scheme to topple the empire of one of the Lucifii princes of Hell. I don't *think* I need to explain much, other than the fact that these two characters used to be close friends until one Fell.

Story takes place in an arena in the depths of Hell, after the player goes through a portal. The confrontation of the angels is playing out in the background as you fight through swarms of demons, and it's all pretty epic.

Fair warning, given that the protagonist is a fallen angel corrupted by the archdemon of lust this will be a little suggestive at points. It felt pretty awkward to write it as I generally try to stay away from that stuff, but it's kind of a central plot point here.


"Is t…
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October 04, 2015
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My School's internet speed:

My internet speed:

Ofc, my internet isn't always this bad. On a good day I'm sitting at about 4.5 Mb/S download and 80 ping. The School is always like that, though. The point still stands however, that ISPs need to be regulated somehow. It is a civil rights issue too, it's not just a bunch of kids (the kind that go to school) making blog posts about how bad their internet speed is. But, the whole internet service industry needs to change at some point, or they're going to have a riot on their hands. Grab/Buy a pitchfork, let's go!
The Standard Lyncher:

Left Handed:

33% Off:

66% Off:

The FancyFork:

The Euro:

The Pound:

The Lira:

The Railforker:
The pitchfork railgun! Now comes with 500 Jiggawatts of electric lynching power!

Happy Lynching!

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October 03, 2015

Salt Rehab

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So as you may or may not have noticed, I've been away (and still am - thank God for my cellphone so I can keep an eye out on you miscreants) from teh Internets for a pretty long time already. Don't worry, I ain't gone forever (yet). It actually feels good not playing video games.

College life is awesome except the fact that you have to read(a lot more than I used to normally - and not always what you want to read). Group's ok, grills are more than ok(hell, plenty to chose from).

Living on your own is awesome as well. Having to manage your own money and all is super exciting. I'll probably think differently 1 month later, but for now, I feel just like this. It feels good meeting all these people with common interests where you can act like yourself (not entirely, I'd probably tie down a couple of them and torture them till they plead for mercy if I'd be fully myself Kappa).

So hell, if you have any questions(like what's up with the sudden Jeff Hardy fanboyism, feel free to ask). Cons…
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September 23, 2015
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this will be a quick blog post just more so to get them feels of the chest ya feel homies?


lately ive been smashing the games out in my second account. being playing exclusively solo ranked games and it was around 4.4-5 k that i started to support a lot more.... like ... a lot.

i now have a 0.98 on my reborn graph for supporting. :p

its my role now in my team as a pos 5 i can focus more on controlling the flow of the game and executing the movement that i want in game. i am allowed to put more time into TEAM things rather then LANE things. i can talk and communicate more about what needs to be done and do it.

this also come into my ranked games. hence the high amount of supporting. ive also come to the realization.

im getting carried.

as of last night my solo mmr is 4675 nearly 4.7k boiz! but i noticed a trend. i lose when i go core. i really do since i hit 4.5k i have not won ONE game where i went core. literally not one game. dem feels elejiggle.

but …
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September 22, 2015
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Yet more stuff! This story actually has two versions, both of which you'll be able to see. There are numerous key differences, but both were done under time constraints as a speed writing exercise with a visual stimulus.

Light, narrow rays of sun. Even sheltered between two high walls accursed illumination pollutes the street, falling down and being greedily devoured by the cool cobblestones. The sun heads inexorably up the east towards its crescendo in the midday sky. Impure, impure.

The night has left its mark on this little corner of a world - here a spilled drink, there someone lost their keys. The landscape stretches into the distance, winding, winding through the rise of mortar and stone that flanks the vision and yet protects from harsh light, harsh hope. The city is silence.

In shadow he stands, to any observer lost in a reverie with open eyes that yet see nothing. Although the fingers of light reach out to touch the rest of the alley, they shy away from…
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September 18, 2015
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Wykrhm Reddy :

6.85 is coming soon. Most likely next week. It will be a balance update in preparation for the Majors Qualifier.

A bigger gameplay update 6.86 will be sometime after the Majors in November.

A moment of silence for the most balanced patch in a long time, gonna miss this patch.

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September 15, 2015
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hey guys its been a while huh?


well ill have you know i wasnt lazy i have been sick, well not sick more so sick with worry. you see i recently had a operation on my face? my eye? my face area where my eye is? my eyeball? my eyelid? i dont know what to call it but basically i had something there which gave back some weird test results that made some smart people nervous so they decided to remove a bunch of blood vessels near my eye. so i havent been really super active as normal due to well... me worried about never being able to see out of two eyes again... so there was that BUT BUT BUT im back now.


BLOOOOOGGG POOOOSSSSSTTTTT!!!! woooooooo well not reall cause im thinking a lot of people wont like this one.

and by a lot of people i means around 65% of all dota players.


wellllll its because truth and recognising self truths are some of the most painful things in lyfe. wther it be that someone doesnt love …
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September 09, 2015
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That title was but a lame *** attempt at a play-on words, because this blog post is the third installment in my right-click build will focus on the best hard carry everybody's been playing wrong:

Hamstertamer wrote:

No Black King Bar -> gets solo killed by a Crystal Maiden with no items.
Top kek = top rekt :)

Well guess what hamster- you can't get solo killed by a Crystal Maiden if you ARE the Crystal Maiden (it makes too much sense guys).

Anywho, let's gets down to the nitty gritty on why I chose to pick Crystal Maiden:

-Gamer Grills: ChiChi wanted to see this build happen and I'd be remiss if I didn't listen to Doto playin Grill, Grills like it when dudes listen... I think, I dunno.

-Farming Speed: The combo of Frostbite and Crystal Nova allows CM to farm at a respectable pace and as a result, you can get most of your items up relatively fast. Throw in a casual Hand of Midas if you feel like playing farming simulator.

-Strong, independent Carry Maiden don't ne…
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September 09, 2015

Old Meta

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We are currently in a patch of magic damage. Even Gyrocopter and Anti-Mage(popular carries this patch) have big magic damage elements. Qop,lina,gyro, and leshrac are definitely the strongest heroes this patch, and you'll see them in a lot of pubs, but there's another side to this equation.

Why is Leshrac's win percentage not at, let's say 75%? For the Dota scene as a whole it might just be because there are a lot of noobs playing him. However, my skill bracket is a relatively homogenous mixture of mediocrity, so an "OP" hereo should win a lot right? turns out no, Lesh still only wins like 50% of the time. I believe this is because him being picked a lot has the adverse affect of people knowing how to play against him.

People expect you to pick Leshrac mid, they're ready for it. But what if you go OLD METAAAA and pick OD mid? Woahhh they aren't ready for that lane dominance and you have a big advantage.

Let's go to safelane, people are expecting a Gyro/Earthsaker combo but suddenl…
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