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December 18, 2014
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To spice up my dota life, I decided to do something I hadn't done in awhile: Limited Heroes. So I picked Wraith King and naturally there's a Sniper on the enemy team, thus began my quest to farm the almighty Blink Dagger. My quest begins like any other, I got my basic regen items and my trusty Quelling Blade before departing for the safe lane. But things began to get... spooky, at this point. The Sven on our disconnected from the game and yet... he kept moving around as if he was still in the game!

Little did I know that this was only a sign of things to come, and before I knew it, I was thrust into a solo-lane when the spooky Sven decided to go form a tri-lane with Vengeful Spirit and Zeus. "No problem" I though to myself, I didn't protest this impromptu tri-lane, knowing I would be able to get quick levels and maybe complete my Blink Dagger quest! Little did I know that there was a Witch Doctor and a Viper in my lane, and all of a sudden I began to regret my decision of b…
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December 17, 2014
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SHOUT OUT TO ULTRASUPERHYPER for being the first person to be duped by my charm and give me a a challenge. so from what i gathered my missions,should i choose to accept them,are, first dps nyx with no dagon, second support morphling, and last shrapnel sniper which will be impossible to do in 6.83. so there it is my first quests! wish me luck my followers! wait do you have followers on this website? seems like something to know

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December 16, 2014
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sup fools this is praetor with his first blog post. i figured if i started a blog i could at least get a few people to follow me and give me their money and wives but to do that need your help! (i have never done a blog before so forgive me if i am barbaric in my understanding of the system.)

You ,my soon to be mindless drones, send me ideas of stuff you want to try in Dota two but are to afraid to because you don't want people to hate you, and i will test them for you! then i will post my results (and probable beatings) on this blog so you can laugh your little heads of at my misfortune. i will also give full credit to whomever comes up with whatever stupid ideas i happen to do. SO GO FORTH MY FOLLOWERS(not that i have any at the moment) AND FETCH ME IDEAS!

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December 14, 2014
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It's Monday. You know what that means?

Regular schedule is back boiz! Will the Heroes live? Will Arash get even more full of himself? Will anyone actually care if he does?

Part Six: A Dark Horizon

There was little the Ancients did not know.

They were, as the name suggested, older than mortal civilisation, their ageless struggle raging first as the Mad Moon and now in the world itself. There were few times that they were not scheming towards the destruction of the other, pressing here, poking here, subtly influencing politicians and generals for their own ends. However, on those rare occasions when a force conspired against the both of them, the two would ease their assault on each other and direct their attention to this new threat.

Now was one of those times.

They knew much, but still the four that worked against them were at least in part an enigma. The one known as Arash had shrouded them in demon-shadow and now they had entered Vo'hollom Domosh and truly faded from sight.

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December 03, 2014
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Yep, laptop still broken and my files were unrecoverable so I had to start again. Really sorry for the long wait, couldn't be helped.

In this Act the plot takes a darker turn as the Heroes find what they were looking for, and Arash moves one step closer to his dark destiny. For added effect, listen to this with some creepy orchestral music in the background. Probably by Two Steps From Hell. Mmm.

The steady rocking of the caravan over the ground suddenly changed to a jagged series of bumps and jolts that quickly woke Lanaya. Grimacing at her aching muscles, she staggered upright as best she could. Abaddon and Dragonus still slept, but she sensed them stirring.

Act V: The Black Rook

She moved to the compartment at the front, where Arash was steering the horses. They'd moved off the road and onto overland terrain - they were somewhere in the highlands.

"I thought Abaddon wouldn't let anyone touch his horses," she opened. Arash shrugged.

"He was tired, and I wasn't."

"How much did y…
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November 27, 2014

True Strike

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True Strike


There have been many questions regarding how True Strike works and what the mechanics behind this ability are, the purpose of this article is to answer every question regarding True Strike.

Ability Data

Here are the stats of the True Strike ability as seen in the data dump;

Spoiler: Click to view

True Strike is a Critical Strike based ability with a 100% chance to land a critical strike, meaning that it will trigger on every attack against a valid target, and an option called "Data - Never Miss" set to True, which is what makes you ignore miss chances. The critical strike multiplier is 0…
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November 22, 2014
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What are Triggered Heals?

Triggered heals also go under the name pseudo-evasion, they work as to reduce the incoming damage through healing for a set amount as to make it seem as if less or no damage at all was taken. This is a function which have become widely used within DotA and can be found on a quite a few skills which work as to reduce damage.

There are currently two different kinds of triggered heals, one which uses pre-heal to reduce the incoming damage and one which uses a dynamic heal. The pre-heal always heals the unit before it is damaged while the dynamic one adapts for each situation and determines if it should heal before, after or some before and some after. The purpose of this thread is to evaluate on the how this works, what the differences between these different triggered heals are as well as bringing up the limitations of triggered heals.

The word heal might sound misleading as there in fact is no healing involved, triggers set the units HP to an appropriate lev…
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November 20, 2014


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What is lifesteal?

Lifesteal is the name given to some skills that allow you to earn HP by dealing attack damage to other units, there are several types of these skills, but they are divided in 3 groups.

Lifesteal (Unique Attack Modifier)

This is the most common type of lifesteal , it’s separated from the rest because it’s considered an Unique Attack Modifier (non-buff placer) on melee and ranged units, it’s one of the Unique Attack Modifier with highest priority, as it overrides most of the other Unique Attack Modifiers with one exception, Incinerate.

Items or Skills

If you have more than one of these items the one in the highest priority slot will override. Satanic's active effect will completely override it's passive.

Aura Based Lifesteal

This is the kind of lifesteal that comes from the Vampiric Aura skill, it shares almost all the same…
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November 20, 2014
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Darkness enveloped the land of Algazt. What vile creatures of considerable size and terrorizing form walked the ground on daylight now stalks their prey on the night. Ages past, Algazt was a place of beauty and peace. But wicked entities emerged from time to time and corrupts the once wonderful land.

Hidden from even the hardiest of animals, a being of humanlike-not human- form dwells in a dark chamber. The being wore night black robes, fashioned with a talisman of wicked gemstone. It raised it’s pale and skinny hand, a transparent ball of magic formed above it. On the ball formed images of the worlds- kings, peasants, bandits, wizards. Deafening roars and screams of battle, pools of blood and corpses.

Oh, mortals. So foolish... so... ignorant’ muttered the being.

Out of the sudden, two spheres of light formed floating on the air behind it. The magical ball dissipates from the being’s hand, his gaze turned upon the two spheres. At first, the balls of light float around rest…
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November 18, 2014
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Ah, Soul Booster. The one item that I have found very useful yet no one ever consider it once. It is a great way to increase your health and mana pool. It increases the health and mana by over 400 points, not to mention the regeneration effects. It made no sense to me as to how this simple item never picked up. I could see it be used on many heroes.

Axe- needs raw health, and mana problems solved.
Dark Seer- he builds tank items and needs mana..
Lina- needs mana and takiness, and builds later into a Bloodstone

So, why dont people ever thought of getting a simple Soul Booster? Was it.. price, perhaps?

This is, for me, a greedy and selfish support pickup. However, if only the price... of, the price. 3300 gold is hell of a lot to supports.

So, how to solve this problem? It may seem that this item is not the best pickup for non-cores. Changing the price, too, doesnt seem realistic.

So I thought of adding an item other than Bloodstone to the Soul Booster upgr…
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