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July 15, 2016
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Hello dotaforians,
I haven't been that active recently (not that someone would have missed me) because I am currently in Portugal and experiencing the friendly, open-minded portuguese people - well...most of them are.
But even if I wasn't busy visiting Portugal I would probably visit the dotafire forum less than I did in the past if at all.
Because the forum has changed. Don't get me wrong, change can be a good thing:
New faces, new ideas, etc. But it's just not the same anymore.
Dotafire used to be about people discussing in a friendly way, sharing ideas, theorycrafting, sharing their amazing ideas of heroes and lore (looking at you Terathiel).
When I joined dotafire everybody seemed to be acting completly natural, saying what they thought without anyone's feelings being hurt.
But recently there were a lot of discussions going badly, people pointing fingers at people, people were starting arguments where in the past there have been discussions.
We seemed to be no longer able to c…
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July 13, 2016
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Greetings From Exile! While I may not be playing Dota at the moment, that doesn't mean I've been away from the game or this site! Since the current trend is everyone making their own version of 6.89, I figured I may as well join in! Hope you enjoy! And I'll probably add more stuff that I recall.

-Fixes a glitch where a hero called " Slark" appears in the hero selection pool.
This glitch is absolutely game breaking, I think this hero might still be in development since his abilities clearly aren't properly balanced yet.

- Elder Titan Is added to the game.
I really liked this hero in Dota 1 and I've been waiting for a long time for Ice Frog to add him in Dota 2.

- Silver Edge debuff (the break and damage reduction) are now dispellable by becoming spell immune.
PA, put down the Battle Fury and pick up the Black King Bar

Builds From: Level 5 Dagon plus 1500 gold Recipe
What does it do? A more appropriate quest would be what DOESN'T it do? Each time …
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July 10, 2016

Janitsu's July

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Janitsu's July

Hello, and welcome to my 5th(?) blog post on Dotafire! Since the last blog post, not much has changed; I am still the very overlord and dominator of Dotafire, I still enjoy watching you suffer get very sad from your suffering and I am still Finnsve!

But to be fair, this month is one the best ones in my life. I have been asked to teach at the music academy in Stockholm for a week due to my acknowledged expertise with violin and its different aspects! I am currently in Stockholm to meet relatives and eager to begin giving lectures :). It's a full-paid trip (food/accommodation included) but I receive very little actual pay for this thing; however, it doesn't bother me as this is going to be a duly great adventure in my life!

Other things that have been happening in my life:

I have begun to play Path of Exile and Hero Siege actively on Steam and Guild Wars 2 outside of steam. If anyone wants to play any games with me, just hit me up!

My birthday is this month and I …
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July 10, 2016

Safecyn's 6.89

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- Nerfs to heroes that I don't like playing against
- Justification as to why these heroes are OP and can not just be drafted around with heroes I don't like playing.

- Buffs to heroes that I like playing
- Justification as to why these heroes are weak because I can't win every single game with them.

- Gameplay adjustments that cater to my specific playstyle

- New item that would make some of my favorite heroes really, really, really strong.

#Shotsfired ;P

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July 08, 2016
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Yeah, this is the rodent's 6.89 I suppose. I tried something new and balanced around balance as opposed to rule of cool and taking a **** on Windrunner. Though I still did the latter because **** it.

Whatever let's get into it. Nobody reads my intros anyway so nobody will read this sentence and if they do read this sentence they'll realise it's excessively long and doesn't really serve a purpose except to confuse the people that do read this intro into no longer reading the intro which makes this sentence even more pointless.


-Roshan now gives 250 (up from 200) gold to the team that defeats him. Snatching the Aegis now grants 200 gold to the team that does so. Roshan kills before the 1-minute mark award a bonus 100 gold.

I still want to see crazy risk-taking Rosh shenanigans.

-Heroes are now credited with assists if they helped with non-damaging abilities such as Overgrowth and Global Silence. Shackleshot is excepted from this rule.

-Heroes are now granted double thei…
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July 06, 2016
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Do you think I'm worse than you?

Some of these heroes I'm not sure are balanced at all, so I put a trigger warning next to them.


- Mist Coil cast point from 0.35 to 0.3
- Aphotic Shield cast point from 0.452 to 0.3
- Aphotic Shield now deals damage equal to actual absorbed damage upon bursting

- Acid Spray radius from 625 to 375
- Acid Spray duration from 16 to 8
- Acid Spray damage per second from 15/20/25/30 to 30/40/50/60
- Acid Spray armor reduction from 4/5/6/7 to 3/4/5/6
- Unstable Concoction cooldown from 16 to 10
- Unstable Concoction maximum damage from 150/220/290/360 to 100/170/240/310
- Unstable Concoction throw range from 775 to 800
- Greevil's Greed no longer provides extra gold bonus per stack
- Greevil's Greed base gold bonus from 6/8/10/12 to 7/8/9/10
- Greevil's Greed now can be cast on an enemy creep, ward or mine to provide 120 gold bounty and 50 or 1.2x/1.3x/1.4x/1.5x experience, whichever higher. Has a cooldown of 125 seconds. (Grants 58 e
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July 04, 2016
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Let's make a 6.89. The general idea is to make some cool heroes playable again. And to give a *fair* nerf to the meta in very high scrub tier pubs.

- Sven

* Storm Hammer cooldown rescaled from 13 to 22/19/16/13 seconds
* Storm Hammer damage rescaled from 100/175/250/325 to 25/125/225/325
* Warcry coooldown rescaled from 32/26/20/14 to 17 at all levels

**** the 1/4/4 value abuse build. Seriously. That build is the reason why he gives a 20 armor bonus to his entire team at the 10 minute mark, which is broken as hell.

- Kunkka

* X Marks the Spot cooldown rescaled from 26/20/14/8 to 25/20/15/10
* Ghost Ship rum duration reduced from 10 to 7 seconds

Yes, that's a Kunkka nerf. Because the point is to balance heroes around their actual strength, not their pick rates...Right?

- Dragon Knight

* Breathe Fire mana cost reduced from 100/110/120/130 to 105 at all levels

Makes up for the fact that bottlecrowing and even bottle is dead, so you can't even afford to use your Q in th
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July 04, 2016
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Drow ranger is suppose to be carry, mid game carry right ? but I think she need buff or rework her ulti (marksmanship) and i have 2 reason to say that
first what is the point if your maximum power disappeared because someone become near to you. i don't get it .

if we gonna compare her stats and skills with any mid game carry hero we will figure out the most useless carry ever is drow ranger . jugg his skills and his stats perfect . clinks he is squashy as drow but his skills and agility gain is better than drow just think of any carry u will find him better than drow

second reason her E (precision aura ) also make her attack strong based on her agility that mean also if anyone become near to you just fu*#ed up . if I told you that to counter carry just try to be near to him and 2 of his skills become useless . easy right?!! and guess what this two skills are this carry's way to deal a damage .

also guess again she got the ****ty stats ever for a carry right clicker . drow sup…
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July 03, 2016
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when I play with juggernaut against pa, I buy the usual items eye of skadi or manta and battle fury before mkb but I can't fight back with her and she beat me very fast
my question here is if i buy mkb instead of battle fury will that work ?
sorry if had any mistakes in the language

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July 03, 2016
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So today, this is my last post before the international. I like to remove myself from.the public eye, so here goes nothin

Phantom lancer, people think, is an underpowered hero. What with direct and indirect needs. Doppelganger, juxtapose, agi, all were nerfed to his detriment but I feel there is hope for this behemoth of a snowballer that he should be played as.

People tell me that diffusal nerf buried him. Some fellow members say it is true, that it cut down his output by 30% or so. But 30% of what?
30% of awesome is still awesome so here it is, how manta into heart is one of the new meta (I know you hate this word) way to play cancer lancer.

Why manta is a viable alternative to diffusal?

Well let's say that phantom lancer can do the same on ratting if not better than diffusal.

A diffusal roughly gives you 240 awesome damage with 8 rillusions , manta early game gives you less ( around 100 damage)but reliable damage over time as the 66% increase is guaranteed instead of depending…
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