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July 25, 2014
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Got to keep the { happy :)

I was replying to this guide earlier on, and it got me thinking about why I tend to build Death Prophet the way I do. Is there a best way to do it?

It's quite tricky as you really want many early levels in Crypt Swarm, at least 1 level in Silence (for ganks) and at least 1 level in Witchcraft to make your level 1 Exorcism suck less. The mana cost reduction and speed increase of Witchcraft also make it very enticing for many players - it's really quite useful.

Ok, so lets oil up TheXyrusOmeter, cos it's maths time!

Lets look at why I usually go with this build...

Early game nukes and magic damage are pretty much king - they tend to secure the kills, deal the serious harassment and generally run the show. They often fall off the side of a cliff late game as they don't scale however.

Mana pools and regen are also a big issue early game -…
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July 19, 2014
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In my previous blog entry, I tried to figure out the maximum amount of units you could cram into a single team, in order to maximize the damage of Earthshaker's Echo Slam. It was a lot of fun! Dealing with numbers that don't technically have a cap and seeing what their actual limits are is cool to me, so when I saw a comment about Lich's ult, I immediately knew the next question I had to ask.

What's the maximum amount of damage you can force out of Chain Frost?

Um... is this a serious question? If you get an Aghanim's Scepter it bounces an infinite amount of times, so you get an infinite amount of damage. Boom. Blog post done. Thank goodness.

Not so fast, buddy. It's all well and good to say that an ability with an infinite damage cap does infinite damage, but that's just on paper. We're better than that here, man. We want to figure out how much damage you could ACTUALLY get from it, not just theoretically.

I don't follow.

Any team worth its salt is going to Delta Sp…
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July 17, 2014
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I know Xyrus starts getting crabby if he doesn't get his regular fix of Dotomaths, but I've been thinking about this for a bit... Ursa has a really strange set of damage output characteristics:

- He's an agility hero with a higher strength gain (2.9) than primary stat (2.1)

- He has a no-longer-UAM in Fury Swipes

- He has brief burst of massive attack speed in Overpower

- His health pool can feed into his damage output through Enrage

This gives him some really interesting interactions between his strength/agility balance and he's the only hero I can think of who can get moar damage from a Health Booster?

Working out any damage output on Ursa is very difficult - attack speed always complicates things, and his changes anyway due to Overpower. Add to that the unpredictability of how much extra damage Enrage offers...a full HP Ursa can do waaay more damage than one with low HP, right?

Once he has level 2 Enrage he actually gets more damage benefit out of strength items than…
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July 12, 2014
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Im a noobie and just wondering if anyone could take some of their time to play with me and teach me the ways. Please senpai

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July 12, 2014
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The title may sound "sadistic", thats because it is 3:). Face it, if you werent even a little sadistic, you wouldnt enjoy the bloody fun of dota.

This is my first time writing a blog so bare with me please :(

I made this blog in honor of my 4Th favorite hero, Dark Seer. IMO Dark Seer is the best utility hero in the game because he can turn the tide of the clash to his favors, help teammates escape or chase, and most of his abilities can be used for defensive and offensive purposes and so much more........

Reason why he rocks:
This mean f#@$er has a mini Reverse Polarity, a Rot that doesnt hurt back, A mini Stampede that can be used either defensively or offensively, and finally the reason why i made this blog, his Wall of Replica. This in my opinion the best skill EVER because the more the enemy carry buys with his hard-earned gold, the┬ámore┬áhis team suffers(especially if he has a Battle Fury ^_^). I love this skill and im probably the only one in the world that gets it whe…
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July 09, 2014


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====== Xenia - The Psychic ======

Primary Attribute : Intelligence
Attack Type : Range
Role(s) : Support

== Stats Gain ==

STR 19 + 1.7/level
AGI 16 + 1.3/level
INT 24 + 3.4/level
Health : 511
Mana : 312
Damage : 43 - 54
Range : 500
Armor : 2
Move : 290


Psychic Blast
Targeting Method: Unit Allowed Targets: Enemy Unit
damage an enemy mind by sending unstable current of psychic energy to deal minor magic damage, stun and then silence them.
Castrange: 600
Damage: 25/ 50 / 75 / 100
Stun Duration: 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5
Silence Duration: 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 3.5
Manacost: 100 / 110 / 120 / 130 Cooldown: 15
- Silence occur after stun duration finished

Psychic Essence
Targeting Method: N/A Allowed Targets: Self
Passively whenever enemies cast a spell within 1000 radius, she gain cooldown reduction for all of her skills.
Cooldown reduction: 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2
Cooldown Time: 0.5 / 0.4 / 0.3 / 0.2

Deceive Mind
Targeting Method: Unit Allowed Targets: E…
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July 05, 2014
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Most of us, those of us who have played the game for any appreciable amount of time, anyways, have what I like to call an " Earthshaker Story." One of those rare, beautiful instances where the stars align just right, where your reflexes allow you to blink in at that perfect moment. You press R, and carnage ensues, your announcer of choice screaming TRIPLE KILL, ULTRA KILL or, perhaps, if the moment is just beautiful enough... RAMPAGE.

And you want us to believe that you have such a story?

Oh, I could spend all day spinning yarns about the Phantom Lancer's I've wrecked with a well placed Echo Slam and an Aghanim's Scepter, but this blog isn't about bragging, you know?

I was under the impression this blog wasn't about anything.

Shush. No today, as I do most every day, I would like to take you on a journey through absurd mathematics, to try and see just how powerful we can get Raigor Stonehoof to be. This will require far more estimation than I typically like to employ in our …
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July 03, 2014
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This Is A Blog To Help Offlaners Improve Their Play With Specific Offlaners Or The Offlane Role Altogether

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July 03, 2014
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Guys i found this really funny channel on youtube, check it out if you in a mood for laughin.

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July 02, 2014
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How to Start an Advantageous Clash

Clash is one of the most critical part in Dota games. A lost clash means a tower lost. Sometimes a lost clash means a game lost. Observing GGnet.Puppey's picks, it is clear that he is going mostly for early game 5v5 clash and push. Ganking is less in his picks. The reason here is that players have evolved now. They aren't that easy to gank anymore unlike in the past years when MYM would usually go for massive ganks. There are also a lot of surviving mechanisms in today's version. Going for a gank-oriented line up isn't that secure anymore.

There are a lot of ways clash are started but I observed from best Dota teams before and now that there are 5 best way you can start a clash that would most likely make you win the clash.

#6 Gank a hero and rush to push towers

Average teams would most likely go for this strategy because of its safety. Once you gank and killed a lone hero and you rush towards their tower, you are initiating a ha

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