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November 22, 2014
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What are Triggered Heals?

Triggered heals also go under the name pseudo-evasion, they work as to reduce the incoming damage through healing for a set amount as to make it seem as if less or no damage at all was taken. This is a function which have become widely used within DotA and can be found on a quite a few skills which work as to reduce damage.

There are currently two different kinds of triggered heals, one which uses pre-heal to reduce the incoming damage and one which uses a dynamic heal. The pre-heal always heals the unit before it is damaged while the dynamic one adapts for each situation and determines if it should heal before, after or some before and some after. The purpose of this thread is to evaluate on the how this works, what the differences between these different triggered heals are as well as bringing up the limitations of triggered heals.

The word heal might sound misleading as there in fact is no healing involved, triggers set the units HP to an appropriate lev…
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November 20, 2014


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What is lifesteal?

Lifesteal is the name given to some skills that allow you to earn HP by dealing attack damage to other units, there are several types of these skills, but they are divided in 3 groups.

Lifesteal (Unique Attack Modifier)

This is the most common type of lifesteal , it’s separated from the rest because it’s considered an Unique Attack Modifier (non-buff placer) on melee and ranged units, it’s one of the Unique Attack Modifier with highest priority, as it overrides most of the other Unique Attack Modifiers with one exception, Incinerate.

Items or Skills

If you have more than one of these items the one in the highest priority slot will override. Satanic's active effect will completely override it's passive.

Aura Based Lifesteal

This is the kind of lifesteal that comes from the Vampiric Aura skill, it shares almost all the same…
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November 20, 2014
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Darkness enveloped the land of Algazt. What vile creatures of considerable size and terrorizing form walked the ground on daylight now stalks their prey on the night. Ages past, Algazt was a place of beauty and peace. But wicked entities emerged from time to time and corrupts the once wonderful land.

Hidden from even the hardiest of animals, a being of humanlike-not human- form dwells in a dark chamber. The being wore night black robes, fashioned with a talisman of wicked gemstone. It raised it’s pale and skinny hand, a transparent ball of magic formed above it. On the ball formed images of the worlds- kings, peasants, bandits, wizards. Deafening roars and screams of battle, pools of blood and corpses.

Oh, mortals. So foolish... so... ignorant’ muttered the being.

Out of the sudden, two spheres of light formed floating on the air behind it. The magical ball dissipates from the being’s hand, his gaze turned upon the two spheres. At first, the balls of light float around rest…
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November 18, 2014
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Ah, Soul Booster. The one item that I have found very useful yet no one ever consider it once. It is a great way to increase your health and mana pool. It increases the health and mana by over 400 points, not to mention the regeneration effects. It made no sense to me as to how this simple item never picked up. I could see it be used on many heroes.

Axe- needs raw health, and mana problems solved.
Dark Seer- he builds tank items and needs mana..
Lina- needs mana and takiness, and builds later into a Bloodstone

So, why dont people ever thought of getting a simple Soul Booster? Was it.. price, perhaps?

This is, for me, a greedy and selfish support pickup. However, if only the price... of, the price. 3300 gold is hell of a lot to supports.

So, how to solve this problem? It may seem that this item is not the best pickup for non-cores. Changing the price, too, doesnt seem realistic.

So I thought of adding an item other than Bloodstone to the Soul Booster upgr…
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November 16, 2014
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Act Four: In the Shadow of Self

"Pawn takes rook."

"Knight to E5. Check."

"Remind me again where we are going," Lanaya said, interrupting. Arash turned from the game, Dragonus still studying the board intensely. The Assassin was sitting on a windowsill, passing the time with a book of some kind. He couldn't blame her for being relatively anti-social, considering how comparatively terrible she was at chess to the two locked in furious combat.

"You wanted to see my past," Arash replied. "We are going to it."

She raised an eyebrow. "At the start, your vagueness was almost enticing. Now, it's just irritating."

"There are bad memories at this place," he said gravely. "The less I speak of it the better." His response was met with a shrug, and Lanaya returned to her book. The carriage they travelled in rolled smoothly along the roads, dragged along as it were by two steeds of Avernus. Abaddon hadn't trusted anyone else to drive them, so he had done so himself.

It turned out that the Sk…
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November 12, 2014
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The change to the day/night cycle from 6 to 4 minute intervals has had a lot of interesting effects on our fair game. Supports can now rotate under cover of darkness even earlier in the game than before, catching out important targets and disrupting their farm. It also serves as somewhat of a buff to heroes with above average night vision like Luna, Slark, Sniper, and Bounty Hunter.

Sniper and Bounty Hunter have above average Night vision?

1800/1000 as opposed to the average 1800/800. The more you know, eh?

You left Night Stalker out of there, y'know. For a reason, I'd assume.

Y-yes... Night Stalker. My old friend. There was a time when this hero was the only non-support I played. I'd rush into mid lane, survive until nighttime, and go balls deep on everyone, wrecking face and stacking urn charges like nobody's business. He was a good hero for a noob like me: his very mechanics gave me direction with what to do with my time. Whereas with other heroes I might wander ab…
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November 11, 2014


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1. Introduction
2. Interactions
3. Other Effects
4. Abilities that Pause Units


Pause is a unit state for that can be set for any unit. While paused a unit cannot move, attack, or cast spells. In addition while paused some unique effects happen.

When a unit is paused it can only be unpaused when it dies or by the functions


Disabled Passives

All of these passives are disabled while a unit is paused:
  • Bash
  • Critical Strike
  • Evasion
  • True Sight
  • Permanent Invisibility
  • Permanent Immolation
  • Building Damage Aura (Radiance Burn Aura)
  • Hardened Skin ( Kraken Shell, Vanguard, Stout Shield, etc.)
Disabled Orders

While paused a unit cannot be given any new orders. However any order previously given will still be followed out once the unit is unpaused. For example, if a unit is walking to a location and is paused, it will even continue walking to that location after being unpaused even if it was given a new order while paused.

Hardcoded Duration

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November 08, 2014
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Bit early, but I had it done early so yeah.

Act Three: Too Far Fallen

Kardel gazed down the barrel of his sniper rifle, looking for the perfect shot. From his vantage point, a ridge above the middle lane, he could see over a large stretch of river, and all he had to do was wait until some unfortunate Dire hero appeared, and their head would become a red mist faster than they could comprehend their death.

A pale horse emerged from the fog of war, its rider shrouded in black robes and even darker mist. He wielded a titanic runeblade with effortless ease - not that it would help him.

Kardel smiled, and fired.

The line was perfect - the bullet sailed with sublime precision to strike the head of the rider. The horse reared back, and both steed and rider vanished as if they had never been there.

"Illusion rune," said a murky voice behind the sniper. "Barely a fraction of the true Lord, but it served its purpose."

Kardel whirled back to find the rider staring down at him, his face cove…
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November 04, 2014
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Chapter 2
The Fifth Vestal

“Why… am I here?”

My mind was blank. I could not think. My mind shrouded with insecurity, anxiety and confusion. What does she mean that I –if I were truly I– was a binding of four souls? Did she mean that I was not in control of myself? Did she mean that I did not control my mind wholly? No… It must not be true, whatever it was, I knew that this entire body, this entire being was mine and mine alone. Amidst the tumultuous sounds in my mind, I managed to realise one thing I needed to ask. A question I should have asked since I first arrived here. Why am I there, in a place described as a recess in realities?

“Why did you bring me here?”

Hestia smiled, this time of pure satisfaction. “You are not the first echo I had materialized here, and I must say that you are… special.” She paused for a while, as if letting her word sunk into my subconscious. “There has not been a single soul that questions it’s being.” Yes, she said it

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November 02, 2014
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Act Two: It Rises to the Surface

Morning came, and the storm abated.

Arash hadn't slept - he rarely slept, save for when physical exhaustion demanded it. A knock upon the door roused him from his trance.

"Who is it?" he said, feigning innocence.

"You're being moved," said a voice Arash recognised as Chen's. "Come now."

He shrugged, and did as he was bid. The Radiant fortress was sickeningly bathed in golden sunlight, a far cry from the hopeless twilight he felt at home in. It was as if the sun was scouring him, a dark thing that did not belong here.

It was then that he caught a glimpse of the Radiant Ancient.

It was exactly what he thought it would look like - a grand edifice of Radiant Ore and natural life, protected by two titanic towers locked in eternal vigilance. Arash felt its touch on his mind, and it was a touch he had felt before - at the Dire Ancient, when the Shadow Fiend had forced him to take a side in a war that was not his.

Both sides are the same, he realised. I…
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