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April 24, 2015
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Given up the MMR climb already, eh? I don't blame you, you're not cut out for competitive Dota.

I'll have you know I'm one hundred percent committed to finishing my calibration, THANK YOU. But I've been back for a bit and it's been a while since I've done something... mathy, you know? It feels wrong. So I'll be taking a brief interlude from dying to Sniper and Troll Warlord and spend some quality time in my old math corner, with one of my favorite heroes to boot: Treant Protector.

When Treant's Aghanim's Scepter upgrade was first announced, I didn't really understand how good it was. To my credit, I knew that it basically gave him free wards on a 20 second cooldown that could see into roshpit and that the enemy would need a Quelling Blade or Tango to get rid of (or Timbersaw. Friggin' Timbersaw), but I was a little confused by how Overgrowth interacted with it.

What, something about whether the damage goes through magic immunity or not? Because it doesn't, scrub.

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April 23, 2015
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The title says it all, Why you excel that role , Why that hero fills your favorite role and some advices and tips :3

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April 22, 2015
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And the most underrated Late Game Support item catched my attention. Why mostly of guides for support heroes written don't add Vladmir's Offering as a situational item? It's cheap and scales late game. Let's face the fact that mostly of supports are Ranged but lets rephrase the word "support". Any suggestions of Supports/Carries that good carriers of Vladmir's Offering it would be greatly appreciated :)

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April 22, 2015
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Before I start in on the match itself, I think I should make one thing clear, namely my system for deciding when I want to play a Ranked game. Many of you probably played ten games in a row to get your rating, maybe even on the same day. But my mind doesn't work that way; I'm the type of person who peels the bandage off slowly instead of yanking it off all at once, firmly believing it actually IS less painful that way. That being said, this is the system I used to decide to play my second Ranked game.

1) Are friends on? --Yes--> Play unranked. --No--> Proceed to step 2

2) Is there a hero you're itching to practice? --Yes--> Play against bots. --No--> Proceed to step 3

3) Have you had lunch? --Yes--> Proceed to step 4. --No--> Go make lunch.

4) Was lunch a yummy pizza veggie burger? --Yes--> Play Ranked. --No--> Loop back to step 1.

As you can see it's a very complex, meaningful system that always leads to a good outcome. I like it. But since I had a pizza burger the other da…
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April 20, 2015
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New Blog Series!!!


"in the words of the great and wise Wulfstan WHY THE **** WOULD YOU DO THAT?

so prologue incoming!

recently and for the past maybe 5 months i have been doing my part for the dota community.


good god why would you be coaching you scrublet !

OI ill have you know im decent enough to help those beneath me ....WAAAAY BENEATH ME MUWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH



so i have been doing coaching for as of yet a roster of 4. i coach 3 newbies and 1 team. As of yet the funny thing is that it hasnt just changed them it has also changed me!


yes MEEEEE. now let me explain with songggggg ... er no jokes i wont do that, what i will do is explain some things.

The three things noobs do, that experienced noobs dont

1. Check the map

in my recent experiences of coaching i have noticed this simple and telling thing. They never check the map. ever. ok maybe sometimes to like FURIOUSLY SPAM THE PING BUTTON WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING THAT F…
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April 19, 2015
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Lately I read lot of guides about the Carry role. So, it covers also the topic about How to acquire golds asap and it come up to the point that it talk about Hand of Midas. But why and when ? They say purchase it early to keep ahead but the you will play passively and some say purchase it when you're behind. This item is ****ing controversial. What's your opinion ?

P.S: English is not my native language.

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April 19, 2015
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So I had this game as Husk, and I destroyed mid, ganked bottom, ganked top, you may notice I had a stupid amount of kills... especially since I lost.

Now I obviously made mistakes, forgot about rubberband and dove too far once or twice, but overall that wasn't the reason for our failure--It was Tiny

(This post is not to flame him, just to provide an example--please do not blow me up with comments about "IT TAKE EVRY1 2 WIN GAEM OF DOTO." I know it does, again it's an example)

Anyways, so I was roaming around the map, gettin kills, but i made sure to only come to Tinys lane when he needed help against heroes so I wouldn't stifle his farm, and I left him our jungle. But the man was just not getting gold. He missed last hits, he didn't seem to use his mana effectively to farm, he just wasn't raking in dat money. Because of this we were unable to press our advantage, Spectre got farmed, blah blah blah the usual comeback stuf this patch.

When I asked why he was farming so…
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April 17, 2015
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Some Idiot's MMR Experiment, Game 1

I felt a little silly when I clicked the 'Ranked Match' option. Not because the idea of me playing in Ranked mode is inherently hilarious, mind you (though for some of you, it surely is), but because as I was waiting for the queue to pop I couldn't help but feel nervous.

As much as I love to think about this game, study its complexities, and rage at the rampant ineptitude of both myself and my friends (typically just myself), it is, at the end of the day, just a game. The fact that there were butterflies in my stomach is a little embarrassing, I think.

But hey, on the flip side: free Butterfly. Can't argue with that.

A full three and a half minutes later I finally get into a game. Graciously, all 10/10 connect on the first try, so I can't give into the temptation to close the game and hide. #Prettypathetic.

The first thing I notice is the average team MMR, both just a little over 2800. As a guy who doesn't specialize in any one hero an…
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April 16, 2015
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Hello one and everyone! Been a while, huh?

Dang right it has. What's your excuse this time, eh? Still job, girlfriend, and the like?

Well that. But also Guild Wars 2! It's super fun! I have a little guild called Mahou Shoujo Fight Club (the tag is [chan]!) and everything is super relaxed and casual.

I... I'm you, and I can never tell when you're kidding.

I'm... why would I be kidding? Do I not seem like the type of person who would run that kind of guild?

... valid point. Anyways, what are you on here about? You realize a lot of your guides are out of date now, right?

Yeah... yeah I need to go back and update those. Particularly Ogre Magi... friggin' Valve, changing the damage values a mere week after I go through all that beautiful, beautiful mathematics. But yeah, I'll get to that. The reason I'm doing this is, now that I'm back playing Dota on a semi-regular basis, I want to answer the age-old question: Am I at all qualified to be giving advice on how to play heroe…
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April 13, 2015
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My five man team has recently come together and we are a group of people who come from all areas of skill and we would like to be able to go up against another team so that we can get a feel for the way that we stack up against other real teams instead of different groups of random pubs. We have solo MMR's of about 1200-2800 and we are just looking to get an idea. Please comment if you have an interest. We will be on saturday and sunday night.

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