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November 29, 2015
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I apologize for the momentary takeover of your internets, but I fear that I must interrupt your normal routine of ****posting, ranting about your mmr, endlessly bumping your recruiting threads that no one looks at and whatever you use dotofire for to show you what I have been up to recently.

As you all know, the Gamer Grill is an evasive being, to a point that most consider the "Gamer Grill" to be a myth (though there have been sightings of grills such as "SingSing" "Zai" and our very own ChiChi, the OGG or "Original Gamer Grill"). I, however, have been working on a little pet project in between class and other things to educate the normies about them : the making of Dotafire's own mascot and/or waifu, Dotafire-Tan.

Granted, I have merely completed this character sheet which I drew up in my character drawing class, but I wanted to, before getting too far on this, share this idea with dotofire and how I got around to making this thing.

It all started during one fateful expedition to…
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November 26, 2015
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So I am not an expert but I have done my homework well in regards to this problem. I had to conduct a research over this matter after a number of my friends complained about latest meta lag problems. After reading concerns of users from different forums (Dotafire, Reddit etc.) I found out that some problem persisted in FPS drop while others were due to Network lag.

Before I head on, I will link few websites that have already brought solutions to limelight on this matter and they should be credited for the piece of research work and legit solutions they have given. I however have derived my own hypothesis in this matter and this is what I think:

How to Overcome Dota 2 Lag and Packet Loss (By Kill Ping)
Online Gaming Ping/Lag/Latency Reduce Checklist (By Agnilam)
How to Improve your MMO Game Speed with VPN (By VPNRanks)
How to fix stuttering & frame drops in CSGO (SteamCommunity Article)

FPS Drop
FPS drops would happen if you have a potato PC, outdated drivers for your hardw…
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November 24, 2015
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hi , my nick name is reddragon in dota2 and i want to join to a team so we can participate in competitions in dota or even the champion and most important to practice with each other. i have been playing dota for 3 months as i remember . i know that i am still newbie but i think that i can do well . i want you to see me playing then judge if i can join or not. i am in Egypt and this is my email [email protected] and sorry for the long post.oh i forgot , the charachters that i prefer the most is lion as support and bristle back ,weaver and meepo but i didnt reach the maximum potential of using meepo.

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November 18, 2015
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I’ve noticed you gaming nerds need a bit of help with this subject – and you shouldn’t be afraid of admitting it. I’m a woman, and I assume: it’s true, women are in some ways more complicated than men.

This being said, it’s not an impossible mission
, and there are some tips men can learn from either being with a woman in a relationship (even if it’s only a friendship one), or by asking one.

For those of you that are cynically thinking “Riiight like every girl is the same and personality doesn’t matter” (yes Dimonychan I’m thinking of you), don’t be that naïve on both senses – of course every person is unique, and all the blablabla people use to feel special, but also there are indeed some gender common traits you might as well learn. Even if you can’t impress a girl with these…

1. Get out of your cave to meet grills

If you don’t plan on actually getting out of the…
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November 18, 2015

Lf players

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Hi guys ! i m from greece, 34 years old and i m looking 4 players to gain rating! i m on 1800mmr personal and i want to raise..alone is difficult so answer if you want the same. ty anyway

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November 04, 2015
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How to be the BEST support? You CAN raise MMR as a support !


For more info and interesting topics visit my blog:
Are you losing the lane?
Leave. The worst thing you can do as a support if you're in an unwinnable lane is stay there and soak up xp while doing nothing. Let him get solo xp so he's at least overleveled and underfarmed instead of underleveled and underfarmed. Oh, I should mention I'm assuming he knows how to play and doesn't over extend and die to get 2 creeps per minute and just sits back and soaks xp to get overleveled, you might have to mention that to him if he's bad.

Now that you've left, what do you do?
1) Protect runes for mid
2) Gank mid with good rune
3) Smoke gank mid
4) Gank opponent safe lane
5) Go to different lane and stay there to push forcing pressure off your safe lane (often called "making space")
6) Hate on mid again
7) Ward aggressively instead of defensively. People often think when they're behind they have to p…
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October 19, 2015
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The International 2014 Champions
1st Place at World Cyber Arena 2014
1st Place at MarsTV Dota 2 League 2014
1st Place at ECL Autumn 2014
1st Place at IeSF 2014 World Championship
1st Place at National Electronic Sports Open 2014
2nd Place at V Games Tournament
3rd Place at WPC 2014
4th Place at i-league Season 3
Top 4 Finish at National Electronic Sports Tournament

Still not sure how the Chinese word for "cow vagina" has anything to do with a Spartan.

Despite having just formed in February of 2014, Newbee managed to make 2014 their year. While their crowning achievement came in July with their win of The International, Newbee won other marquee tournaments such as the MarsTV Dota 2 League and the 2014 installment of the World Cyber Arena, the latter of which they won without xiao8, the driving force behind their TI4 title run. By the end of 2014 Newbee had it all: money, trophies, fame, cars, women… for a …
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October 14, 2015
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1-Kotaro Hayama

Winners of the TI5 NA Open Qualifier
2nd Place at Awqa League
Guaranteed Top 3 Finish at Sudamerican Master 3
First South American Team to qualify for a Valve-Organized event

SEA has Pinoys, EU has Russians, don't exactly know what the Chinese have to put up with (probably having to play on Perfect World), but like their Asian and European counterparts, North Americans have had their own scourge to deal with. An unstoppable force of feeding and high ping, known only as the Peruvians.

To some, the Peruvians are merely an annoyance, a factor that can be overcome by proper play and excessive reporting. But to those who've followed the signs, they know that the Peruvians are learning, adapting, and most terrifying of all, evolving. It all started at the Summit 2, when the Peruvian squad Not Today qualified for the event under the leadership of SmAsH. They may have been the first team eliminated, but that…
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October 08, 2015
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Just played a ranked game as Bane against a Tusk, Earthshaker, Mirana, and Clockwork. They very obviously had a lot of stuns to stop my ult from happening, and yet I only got it interrupted ONCE, and it was only because I failed to micro a necronomicon unit correctly in front of a Mirana arrow.

So recently I updated my Drow guide to include a section on positioning, and I realized those principals are so much more far reaching than just one hero. Where you are in a team fight can be so much more valuable than people realize. I was able to get off an uninterrupted bane ult against 6 stuns purely through where and when I used it.

Step 1: I made sure our team had the superior vision for a teamfight. I needed to know where they were so that I could position myself accordingly.

Step 2: I entered the fight late. I LOVE doing this unless I'm a hard initiator. I honestly don't care if someone dies before I come in because I will be in such a superior position than the enemy team. If you
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October 07, 2015
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Dear Dotafire,

Two years ago to this day I made the choice of becoming a member of dotafire. I do not regret making that decision. In the time that I've been here I have improved my knowledge of the game ten-fold, and met incredible, lovable, knowledgeable, salty individuals. I've participated in Inhouses with you amazing people, done content creation contests with incredible creative people even though sometimes they may have driven Wulfy-sama insane. Published guides for my favorite heroes, and worked with others on theory crafting new and exciting builds.

This has been an amazing adventure and I want to thank a few people for making my stay here awesome, and for being an amazing human being (Or an amazing Sofa, you know who you are).

Wulfstan: The first person to ever comment on one of my posts, and the one who welcomed me to the community. Though he may get a bit salty during inhouses, and we may drive him insane with our late Forge of Creation submissions, we love you Wulfy-sam…
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