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July 31, 2015
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So I've stopped playing ranked recently. Why? because ranked is TERRIBLE. You know it, I know, everyone knows it. It's full of people that don't speak your languge, that rage, that feed, that troll, it's TERRIBLE.

And my win-rate has actually reflected my departure from that stressful environment, things are going well for R-Conqueror and Co. at the moment. Without trying to sound too terribly cocky, I can play most heroes pretty well so I can shine in modes like All-Random and Single draft, and everyone seems to be a little nicer anyway, it's been great..although probably not as nice for the other team :D

So why does anyone play ranked? BECAUSE IT"S A CHALLENGE.

MAN when you get that +25 MMR your blood is pumping like you just scored a goal in the world cup and you start applying to take Maybe's place on LGD

But when you lose, Gaben help you my son. The world is gray, your broken MMR laughs at you as you dejectedly watch Miracle own at 7k.

The thing is though, I just don't find i…
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July 20, 2015
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its here boys and grills !!!

game one which happened to be pretty fun and talkative and yes as you expect... easy.

im going to basically place down a video here and explain what im doing and some explanations about MMR and the like also so personal observations and some photos and run you guys through the eventual climb.

its a bit long but it hopefully clears up some MMR confusion and includes some of my backstory in MMR hell

Now before we begin i still haven't finished my first ten 10 games yet so this one is on the VERY first game played on the new account.

so with out futher ado here what the teams looked like! INB4 FILTHY SF PICKER... yes i know but hey love me some last hits and denies

as you can see the last guy didnt pick till right after the draft so all g. but i feel just looking at the drafts we were a bit ahead. early game was ok i won my lane pretty quickly with my last hitting. and i zoned out the Ques-Wex invoker pretty easily. …
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July 18, 2015
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Long delay. Expect more delays in the future as my trials begin in about 2 weeks.

Get me out of here.

Scene Four

Break of morning, coldness lingers on.
Shroud me into nightmares of the sun.
-Opeth, 'Bleak'

Sithil shivered, pulling his furs around him in a futile attempt to hide from the biting wind that scoured his bones. His teeth chattered, and already he was barely distinguishable from the snow around him, so covered by the storm as he was.

"Why do you think he chose this gods-forsaken place to live?" his companion, Quirt, asked, likewise chilled and wrapped in fur.

"The Keeper said we'd understand why when we met him," Sithil replied. The pair could not have been more different; Sithil was tall and extremely thin, whereas Quirt was stubby and stocky. "And then he chuckled."

Quirt squinted past the hail. "Must really dislike company," he said, heaving one foot out of the snow and placing it in front of the other.

Up ahead, the vague outline of a castle was visible. It was no…
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July 17, 2015
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The time has arrived for another right-click build on a non-right click hero. This time I will be doing Sando's favorite hero:

Yes, it is high time someone was dumb enough to attempt to make Techies into a right click hero and that someone is me. Now for a quick overview of why I chose to do a right-click Techies.

-Attack range: Techies boast the highest base attack range in the game, meaning that with proper items, they can kite and juke enemies with impunity. Furthermore, Suicide Squad, Attack! means that when someone manages to close that gap on you, (i.e. Chaos Knight, Slark, every other mobility hero) you can blow yourself up, denying them the huge sack of cash that one would receive from ending your GODLIKE killing spree.

-Stat Gains: Techies actually have a pretty solid stat gains for an intelligence hero, with a slightly above average strength gain of 2 and nice int gain of 2.9. The sole problem is that Techies have a dismal agility gain of 1.3, meaning that 6-slo…
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July 17, 2015
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I smuggles have decided to embark upon a grand adventure, one filled with horror and joy, happiness and pain.... and a whole lot of feeding.

i am going to create a new account ... a brand new account. I will document every tenth game on this account up until calibration, then i shall document each calibration match and i shall receive an MMR.


lately i have been having a lot of conversations about smurfing and MMR and skill and blah blah blah. people have been saying that Smurfing gives you a unrealistic MMR. That the trench is cancer. That only 3k and above is any good. im bring you all with me as i journey through the trench and climb the steep slope of newbie dota.

along the way ill explain how matchmaking works and how many smurfs i encounter. ill talk about things that newbies do that is very detrimental to their development and their chances of winning. ill try and help out those i encounter and showcase the wide range of different personalities th…
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July 13, 2015
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You know what I'm talking about, these bad boys right here:

THATTT'S RIGHT. This small creep camp will MESS. YOU. UP. They hit for like a million damage every 0.00002 seconds and you can't fight them, you can't run, they won't stop because I'm pretty sure they have U N L I M I T E D M A N A. It's like HO HO HA HA crossed with Mario.

You better pray to Gaben that the enemy Chen/ Enchantress doesn't find one of these furry balls of hate at :30 because your lane will be

IN CONCLUSION, you better get your terrible afk jungler to GET YOU ONE because it's like guaranteed ez mid ez life gg=get good n00bz.

That is all.

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July 09, 2015
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So basically this is a discussion that arose from a recent game of mine; (Try to ignore the fact I did really badly in mid, if you choose to watch the game that is)

And in this game, our Tusk was very insitent on us fighting pretty frequently. Like he's always be going 'group and push mid' or insiting we chase as 5, or going in when one of us was ganked and killed.

And the issue was... after a while, I was pretty confident this was always the worse descision he could be making for us. Like, something like 20 or 30 minutes in, I got ganked by 5 due to an error of mine (I knew they had wards in the jungle, I just throught I could get a couple of creeps and get out), and then rather than having us split push mid and top and force them either back or get a trade, he insists that everyone else group up and go into fight them 4v5.

And he did this later on, saying we should go for a fight in our midlane woods with our WD out, when I was pretty s…
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July 08, 2015
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Silencer is another hero that faces the dilemma of role confusion. Half of the players think silencer is a support whereas the other half think silencer is a carry. In my opinion, silencer is a carry. I have played over 200 matches with silencer and it works best as a carry.

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July 07, 2015
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Another short one. I can promise that the next few will most certainly be longer.

Scene Three

Even when you're gone I
Find that I'm still searching my mind
In my deepest dreams I
Dream that I may someday find you.
-Terathiel, 'Everything I've Known'

A dark-robed figure sat in the solitary throne, his face a shadow. The messenger sweated, anticipating his command.

"Speak," the bitter voice of the master grated.

"The rumours are true, my lord. From our sources within Nightsilver, and reports of our own, it is determined that, yes, the legions of the Dead God are rising."

A barely perceptible shift from the enthroned figure. "Must we fight?" he rumbled, tapping the blade leaning on his throne. "Can we fight?"

The messenger's eyes drifted to Demon Edge, and back to its wielder. "I do not think we have a choice, my lord. We are situated far too close to the Narrow Maze to simply sit out the storm, so to speak."

"I have seen death. It takes us all, in the end. Some sooner than others…
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July 05, 2015
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Hi :D I'm a South African Dota player, and I would like to find some fun people to play with :P, but I would also like to know if you have any pros, or cons, or complaints and stuff about your server xD. My current MMR is quite low and I'm ashamed >_< and I mostly just play pubbies.

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