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February 16, 2017
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February 13, 2017
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Wind moans like an ill child and brings enunciation of frost and death. The frozen and forgotten lands of North are infamous for their deadly chill that even brings the strongest down; but coldness have never been a problem for us.
With each step I take, Snow around my feet melts and frozen snow touching my skin vaporizes instantly. I can hear Winter Wyverns, flying right above me, waiting till frost deal with me but none of them know how bright my inner fire is. I gaze deeply into the never ending Blizzard and wonder when my quest ends.
As I walk on the snow covered ground, an icicle falls next to me and creates a small cloud of swirling snow, The hallucinatory dance of snow flacks remind me the hungry flames that destroyed the Radiant.
After our teams failure, Dire dark forces took over the Radiant and destroyed it all. I saw my home turning into ash and my friends burning alive. I can still feel the stench of burning flesh and death.
I was immune to the flames but my friends weren…
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January 25, 2017
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The first rays of sun are finding their way through the trees, Birds are singing their songs and the weather is full of scent of leaves, mud and BLOOD.

The more i run the more my leg hurts, it look at the wound and realized even salve couldn't heal it, but it were not the wounds that hurt the most, Memories were the killers. The flashes go through my mind and they bring Shame, Fear and Guilt I try to convince my self all of this was a nightmare, but Bane was right, No nightmare is more fearsome than real life.
It Happened all in sudden, we were ambushed and had no time to react, no time to fight, no time to run.
The memories of that fight will never be erased from my mind, When Nevermore took Chens holy spirit, when nortrom cursed us all and shut carls mouth forever, when broodmothers spiderlings ate mirana alive and when they killed my, my..., The memory of his death broke me again, I fell on my knees, covered my face with my hands and cried for my lost love, my rock my dearest Sven…
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January 12, 2017
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Hi guys! Gil Bot here! :) For those who read my Anti-Mage guide, thanks again because it is the reason that I will write more guides so be ready for that. For those who haven't checked my guide it is archived at the moment because it is kinda outdated so I will update it to be applicable for the 7.01 patch but I'll tell you guys if it is done already as soon as possible so be sure to check it out!

Thanks and have a good day!!! :)

-Gil bot

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January 06, 2017
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Any thoughts about the new Na'Vi roster? Comment below to share about it. :)

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December 20, 2016
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Hello guys! I'm a new member here. And this is my first blog post.
I want to talk about a controversial item in dota 2, the Aghanim's Scepter. Why does it become controversial? Because so many heroes in dota 2 have aghanim upgrade. It can upgrade spells, grant new spells, reduce spell cooldown, etc. Aghanim's scepter itself costs 4200 gold and grants a few attribute, health and mana bonus. At its price, I think that bonus is not worth. But the ability upgrade is the thing that makes aghanim is a core item is some heroes. So, is Aghanim's Scepter a good item? Well, the answer depends on the hero you use.

Here's the criteria that I use to make this list
  • Does the hero really need aghs? (Weight: Heavy)
  • Is there better item for the hero than the aghs by the cost and the effect? (Weight: Heavy)
  • Can the hero farm aghs? (Weight: Medium)
  • How good could it potentially be? (Weight: Medium)
  • In what stage of the game is the aghs usually purchased? (Weight: Low)

Remember that it's my own criter
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December 15, 2016
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Hello! It has been some time I know, but I've just now had the time to goof around with 7.00 and figured I'd write a blog about my thoughts (Since everyone is entitled to my opinion).

New UI
In keeping with the OSFrog philosophy of "If it ain't broke, thoroughly **** it up." The complete butchering of the UI was disorienting for me and absolutely unnecessary. The previous UI had all the info you needed with requring you to hold down keys or hover your mouse over a microscopic icon.

Ultimately, the changes mean I will have to learn how to play this game again.

Hero Remodels:
I love the new models for Viper and Slardar, but I didn't think that Enigma really needed a new model, especially when Jakiro is in desperate need of a visual overhaul.

I haven't had time to test out all of the talents (Though I've gone through Shadow Fiend's and while his level 10 talents are a tad redundant for those who favor the casual Yasha, the rest are fairly solid) but I find it interesti…
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December 12, 2016
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As a dota 2 player I was waiting for this update so long and it finally released .
this update change a lot of things and has too much information .
I think most of dota 2 players has read the patch already or played it on test client so what is your thoughts about this patch ?
do you like it ? do you think it is a good update or no ?
for me i think it is really good and cool update . what i like the most in this update is talent tree and i think it is much better than attribute points . I think new meta is coming but i have no idea how it will be like , so I w8ing for the pros to see what they gonna do .
sorry for any writing mistakes

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November 15, 2016
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A Newcomer's Sights

Huh, how do you exactly use this "Blogs" anyway? Oh well. Salutations! Welcome to my blog. Have some crumb cakes.

It's not everytime I join a community and the people here are this nice. I joined several groups before, but the majority of them acted like the community consisted of only their friend group. If not, it's complete drama. Here, the people are nice, no drama, a very easy going and non toxic aura! It really feels like a happy family here.

Adding on, there's a lot of stuff to do here. As a coding lunatic, I can do my thing and code guides here. I find it really fun. Not only it teaches others, but it also teaches me new things when I research the data. And now that I've discovered that blogs exist here too, I'll be more than happy to start writing stories about the adventures of the Dota 2 characters.

The only thing that has made me sad, is the fact that we have so many registered members (about 2000 I believe), but at most, only 9 members are o…
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November 14, 2016

Plaq is back...

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I don┬Ęt know whether you remember me or not, but I feel I haveto apologoise for my inactivity in "hero discussion" I signed up for. Unfortunatelly, I had "serious health issue" - I got run over by a car - and spent almost half a year in hospital with my arms and legs not working properly.

Anyway, I am out of hospital now and my reconvalescence will take at least 8 more months so I'm going to punish this game as I'm bored as **** and hating my wheelchair.

Hope you are doing better than me.



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