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August 30, 2015
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As of today I am on a 5 game winning streak (with the exception of one game where the four of the enemies abandoned and the last guy left would not leave, so I left and my team lost apparently).

So what did you do differently this time around?

Today I learned one thing: mindset.

I started up Dota, and said, "okay I'm trying to get better and raise my MMR, I'm gonna have to put everything I got into winning" and guess what I did? I WON. Holy **** these were some of the best games Ive played. especially this Tidehunter game, it was a great game.

I don't know what I was doing before this, but I felt different today. An epiphany of sorts. My plays seemed better, I died less, I farmed more efficiently, I actually judged the situation decently, I picked heroes we needed not heroes I wanted to play.

Now by no means am I saying "woah holy **** I'm a pro now" but I think this is a turning point of sorts, maybe now I can finally get to my 3-4k goal.

Id highly recom…
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August 27, 2015
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So I'm at college now, and my internet is soooooo much better. This has translated to an increase in my winrate and considerably more fun games. I also feel much more comfortable playing higher skill cap heroes like ember/meepo/storm.

If you are playing with bad internet right now, I know your pain. Its frustrating, you can't pull off the plays you want to, and you can't get those last hits in lane.

When my internet was acting up, I really did try to minimize my playing because it's a game guys, we play it to have fun as well as get a good dose of competition in our day. But if you have bad internet, neither of those will happen and you will feel dissatisfied, so just don't play if you can help it.

Short blog post I know, but I also wanted to say if anyone on this site is going to USF then message me, I'd love to start a little group of players here, it'd be incredibull.

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August 25, 2015
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Just a little frame-work before the main body of the post; This came about from one of my discussions with Hamster in Sando's 6.85 thread, where as usually we have very different view points on a subject matter.

The point was based around a statement of (This is paraphrased) 'TA farming ancient stacks costs the game in a large number of situations, because you aren't abusing the peak window of the heroes skills at 8-10 minutes when you have a Blink + level 10'

Now, before we continue I will say I am approaching this from the perspective of professional games, not pub games, which may be one reason why Hamster and I end up disagreeing a lot.

Warning; This is a bit of ranting blob of text, because that's how my thought processes work, I'll do my best to TL;DR at the end.

Spoiler: Click to view

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August 21, 2015
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Since I've realised that I do a *lot* of casual writing, I figured it may be time to share it for criticisms!

This particular piece is my major work, the product of everything I've done in Extension 2 English. I submitted it last week to the Board of Studies for marking, and can only hope it's well-received there!

Entitled 'Undermine', this piece is a dystopia set in a not-too-distant future. There's a moral lesson in there somewhere, but it's mostly an expression of nihilistic power hunger and the endless struggle to climb your way to the top of the food chain.

So, let's get this going, shall we?

Have you seen this man?

Eamon Lazarus came across the missing sign, the fifth in as many telegraph poles. Around him, the city was silence. No children were playing, no friends laughing, no couples sharing a lunch in any of the restaurants that were open. Admittedly, it was a working day, but it was his lunch break, and no doubt the lunch breaks of many others. Yet still the emptiness ca…
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August 19, 2015
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Hi, im still new here~But i'm been playin dota for like almost a year~but i hevent made any friends,that are friendly and a good teacher~
hoping to know more people through here~

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August 14, 2015
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Hello one and everyone! Safecyn here. It's been a while, I know, but there was moving Grandparents in and then TI5 and then blah blah blah I PLAYED ANOTHER MATCH, OK?


That's pretty much how I felt after it ended, yeah.

The MMR standings this time were an average of 2615 on Radiant, our side, and 2616 on Dire. Now I know what you're thinking: "gosh, Safecyn, if you were that outmatched by the enemy team, why didn't you just throw in the towel right then and there?" Well perhaps that's the normal and acceptable reaction, but we Cyndaquils are made of sterner stuff.

I was forced into picking first this match, choosing my hero literally as the timer was about to hit 0 and we were going to start losing gold. Not wanting to bank on any of my teammates picking a support, I went for one myself, opting for Winter Wyvern since she's strong all around and can have a pretty big impact even in the later stages of the game. A few minutes later, and the combatants were set:


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August 13, 2015


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Hey all.

My buddy and I are looking to either start at team or join an existing team.

the fiance has okayed me furthering my experience and learning more about the game to maybe some day make some cash off it..

send me an email if your are interested in either of these options...

[email protected]

looking forward to hearing from you.

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August 12, 2015
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Hello one and everyone! Safecyn here. How about them grand finals, huh?


I... I'm sorry. We're American and he's been like that since Universe's six million dollar echo slam. It'll take awhile to un-break him.


Annnnyways, with an absolutely insanely huge tournament on our heels, it's time to start looking towards the inevitable 6.85 patch. I'm anticipating some big, big changes, because while the grand finals were fun to watch, I think everyone has to admit they were a little... stale.

The game as it stands right now heavily favors heroes that can fight early on, but also have decent scaling into the late game. As such, teams were forced to limit themselves to a specific strategy and a smaller pool of heroes than usual in order to stay relevant. Leshrac and Gyrocopter has a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT pick/ban rate this meta, even more ridiculous than the pick/ban rate of Lycan during last year's infamous deathball TI. When a team can pick Gyrocopt
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August 09, 2015
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US East Servers
Play just about every day
Have expeirience in playing the game
offlane mid and support needed
Mic needed
Message me on steam about the team

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August 06, 2015
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Hey dotafire, BK here with day 3 of my TI5 vlog series. I really hope you enjoy. Leave a comment if you have questions, or things you want to see in future episodes.

Thanks again, BK signing off.



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