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September 08, 2014
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All damage dealt throughout the game have a certain type. Some are reduced by armor (attacks), some spell resistance ( Laguna Blade) and some are seemingly not reduced at all ( Meat Hook). Damage does always take the armor type into consideration, but sometimes it just isn't reduced.

All damage has two properties under consideration here: attack type and damage type. It is possible to deal damage with any combination of one attack type and one damage type.

Attack type
The attack type of an instance of damage determines how it is reduced by the target's armor type. Physical attacks have their attack types determined by a fixed property of the attacking unit; you can see the unit's attack type by hovering the mouse over the attack icon near the bottom of the screen. The types that are used on units in DotA are: Hero, Normal, Piercing, Siege, Chaos, and (rarely) Magic. Damage with these attack types will be reduced by the armor types (see below) which can be read in the tooltip that s

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September 06, 2014
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Hello guys, this is my first ever blog post in my life, so please be nice to me xD
Oh, and also don't mind my english, because it's not my native language xD

Hello, today i want to share my experience in DotA. I'm already play this game for about 7 years, since DotA 1. I want to share about some specific role that called support, the one who live under a lot of responsibility with so little gold in the pocket. Let's get it on!


So what is support? Well, support is a role where u are the most lowest priority to farm in ur team (position 4 or 5 in terms of farm). Your job is to make sure to buy the wards all the time, buy the courier, get the utility items (mekans, pipe) , make sure your carry can farm well and protect him, gank the mid lane and help the offlane in early game, pull the camp to make sure the enemy don't get gold and exp in lane, and harass the enemy and zone out them. Well, this seems like a lot of job but if you already used to it, you won't feel har…
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September 04, 2014
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Hey guys,

Another quick video guide, this time for a 3v3 lane that developed unexpectedly in a recent ranked game. The sides were a bit unorthodox due to some slightly odd picks, but here we go:

Wraith King
Shadow Shaman


Nyx Assassin

Both teams have plenty of early stuns and nukes, but the Dire team has two ranged heroes which should help if the lane becomes drawn out. Take a look at the video - there are various mistakes and misplays in there, but it's only by looking back that you sometimes take these into account. It's obviously a way off pro level 3v3 lanes, big skill difference, and also that the players involved don't know each other or have proper comms.
(possibly still processing as of 14:04gmt)

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September 01, 2014
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The Backstory

So, I recently played a match of DotA 2 captains mode. The reason I like captains so much is because it involves a lot of teamwork and usually the best team wins. The matches also tend to be close and enjoyable! The usual thing, I'm sure most people are familiar with it. I didn't get the captain role, which I didn't mind. I just decided I would ask nicely for the pick I wanted and recommend some bans. That usually goes well, right?
Not this time.

The captain was evidently a troll (and not the funny kind; the annoying kind) who ignored all our polite suggestions and just decided to pick and ban whoever the heck he wanted! When I asked for support Lina by saying,
"can I have lina support pls?"
His response was, "stfu."

Yeah. So he picked a bunch of random heroes that none of us knew how to play (except a favorable hero for him, of course). When we told him that we didn't know how to play those heroes, he responded with,
"you call yourself a dota player and you don't kno…
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August 31, 2014
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It as been a long time since my last pathetic pub experience, but with these lessened occasions comes a downside. The ones that DO show up are considerably worse.
Beginning the game:
My teammates were a 4 stack. Normally I do not mind this, but when all four of them are insisting I play a hero I said I couldn't play all that well, I find myself hating it.

For example, the team wanted their team to look like this:
- Tiny
- Io
- Brewmaster
- Nature's Prophet
- Juggernaut
They all wanted me to be the wisp, because of course none of them want to support, let's make the random guy do it, even if he INSISTS that he cannot support, much less a hero like wisp!

So instead I pick a support i'm more comfortable with: Shadow Demon.

Take one guess as to the kind of things they began saying to me. Here's a hint.

"Wtf why are you ruining the strat?"
"You lost us the game. GG."
I think one particular moment is best described with a Pokémon battle.

*A wild enemy Pudge appears*
*Tiny used Avala…
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August 30, 2014
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Since a lot of people seem to get confused by my unique brand of emoticons...and I'm bored atm, I figured I might as well take the time to explain them in all their hairy glory!

Some of them are pretty easy to guess, they're the same as other smileys but with an "8" for eyes instead of ":" + a moustache, represented by "{" or "}"

8{) == :)
8{( == :(
8{0 == :O
8{D == :D
X{D == XD
<}3 == <3 - it's hairy love baby!

D{8 == Horror 'Stache - I am deeply surprised/upset/confused about what I am seeing

Why would you buy Shadow Blade on Riki? D{8

>8{D == Raised Eyebrow 'Stache - for when I'm making fun of someone/something or am deeply aroused

Peppo, y u so n00b >8{D

8{3 == Kappa 'Stache - because why doesn't Kappa have facial hair? 8{3

Sando's Sacred Arrows are pretty good, Roshan just too pr0! 8{3

B(D == Shades 'n' Stache - because the only way to make moustaches cooler is to add sunglasses B{)

Played Roaming Support Mirana today, went 3-0-4 in 6 minutes! B{D

<|8{D == Mathmagic…
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August 30, 2014
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Finally got my laptop in college, m back friends :D

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August 29, 2014
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A few of you seemed to like the last little video, so I've banged up another one on Youtube from a game I played earlier. This is a demo of what I consider a "sub-optimal" lane, and how to deal with that.

Basically, one guy randomed a SK early on, and I offered to swap. He said ok, and I asked him what he wanted "random" he said...and I got an SD. We agreed not to swap as his SD was even worse! Luckily, this turned out ok for the lanes they picked, but meant that I ended up dual laning with Faceless Void... a lane with almost zero kill potential until level how do we deal with that?

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August 27, 2014
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Hey guys,

I played an interesting game early on with some good examples of early Sand King support play, with various bits and pieces I wanted to talk about. It takes you through the first 8 minutes of that game with a bit of stunningly good voice over work to explain some of the decisions and actions taken.
(note, this could be total lies)

Hope it's helpful!

Additional Notes

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August 23, 2014
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So I have decided to start a new forum series (In the Theory Crafting section) called Baloney Scenarios. In each post I will come up with a certain scenario in the Dota world and you, as the community, will have to imagine.
What would happen? How would it play out in a real game? How would you draft against it? And maybe if you tried, what happened? etc etc.

I'm also open to different scenario ideas so just pm me if you have one.

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