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April 17, 2014
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Hey Guys!

Another question here, recently i was playing mid then i saw a Tiny (Bot Dire) and he was owning the opponents there but he wasn't that farmed and his in lane partner is getting his farm (both of them are fighting for a last hit) anyway my question is what hero or heroes that can perform dual sidelane(s) and i mean that yor lane partner is fighting to get farm also


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April 14, 2014
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Hey guys

Yet again i have a question, what are some mid heroes and its counters
(if you guys can name it all or maybe the strong ones)


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April 11, 2014
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Hey guys!

Recent my SF (shadowfiend) is always countered and its hard to get back from dying or losing gold so i want to ask about a hero that is strong maybe all stages, not so much counters, etc. Overall a great hero

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March 26, 2014
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One of the most common things I see these days seem to be "min/max" type builds - players taking huge risks to go after big items as early as possible. This is no doubt an overhang from the pro scene where players will routinely be farming big items in record if the pro's do it...then it must be a good idea, right?

Well, yes, and no. The pro's can do it for several reasons:

1) They're really good.
2) Their team are all really good too.
3) They have excellent team communication and co-ordination.
4) Their strategy and team are setup to make those choices work.

If any of these things fall down...well you can end up in big trouble. And in the average pub game, you'll frankly be lucky to get to even number 1 of that list, let alone the rest.

This is generally the biggest issue with carry players - going for really greedy builds like Hand of Midas AND Battle Fury in the hope of having some uninterrupted farming time. If it works, their GPM will be off the charts and the…
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March 18, 2014
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This is the game where the post will be going about. In this game I pretty much managed to get fully farmed with Axe after a rough start. [Heart of Tarrasque], [blademail], [heaven's halbeard], [blink dagger], [assault cuirass] and [boots of travel]. This game was kind of the comeback from a Faceless Void who had his bkb, treads and mom at the 13:30 minute mark. Our Morphling did surprisingly good and he kinda carried us to victory tho. What would you do in a game where you have all the farm you have ever needed with a hero like Axe? Do you think Morphling should be able to beat a Faceless Void? Who's team composition was better?

P.S. I am not saying I won this game, because that would be Morphling and Zeus.
P.S.2 If you want to play some dota 2 please add me :3, I am so lonely :C

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March 17, 2014
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So today I played a game that was winning, enemy team had early game items and we were leading about 10-20 kills, THEN this is where it starts. A riki in our team destroyed items in our courier ( My Agh and my friends deso ) He completely threw the game which we were leading so badly. Completely ruined my mood today, I think valve should add a 'ban' system.

So has this happened to you before? Just trying to let off some steam sry.

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March 05, 2014
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So a few more advanced tactics and skills that can help you become pro.

Blocking Heroes

In the same way you are able to block creeps you can also block enemy heroes to your advantage. Especially when playing support or even as a carry you can block enemy heroes to prevent them from fleeing or reaching an ally. In later game this will not be as effective as there will be a lot of heroes to deal with in 5 man teamfights, but early game you can block the enemy from finishing off your carry by simply walking in front of him and blocking him from reaching attack range. And in the same way you can block an enemy from escaping while your carry right-clicks him to death.
Just be careful as you can also block your own allies from escaping or initiating properly.
Pro Tip : You can use controlled or summoned creeps to block, giving you a chance to escape or secure a kill, but it requires a bit more micro.

The Magical Stop button

Many heroes has skills that have a cast animation, be it short o…
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March 04, 2014
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Hey Guys,

I just had the worst game possible. My teammates were great except for one person. Here is the scenario: (i won't list the heroes like i normally do in my blog post because it is irrelevant)

It was the beginning of the match, we all picked our heroes. I paused the game because my team had one guy that didn't pick a hero yet. It took him about 2 minutes before he finally picked a hero. He chose Medusa. It was fine because we lacked a mid-lane hero. After he picked his hero, i noticed he wasn't moving until about 3 minute after the first wave of creeps spawned. Already, i was ticked off. However, this story gets better. He gave the enemy Pudge first blood and said he doesn't have energy for his computer. Everyone was like "WTF!!" He disconnect and never came back. To make matter worst, this was a ranked match. At first, I had hope for my team because we did really well in the early game, despite the stupid Medusa. As the match drags on, my team started to lose fights. I do…
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February 26, 2014


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hi i am new to this page so i just wonder if someone can help me understand and what to do?


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February 21, 2014
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Hello Everyone!

I am Janitsu (I am a bit known on (Profile)) and I play many MOBA games (DoTA 2 and League of Legends mainly though). I enjoy reading and making digital art and making traditional art as well. I sketch a lot and do champion concepts and make the drawings for them.

I have played League of Legends for 3 years now and I have played DoTA 2 from the open beta. Though I never quite understood much of it and I can't claim that I am too good at it. I usually listen to pretty much like any advice that is given because the people who give them usually tend to be better and have more knowledge. There are some exceptions though.

I live in Finland and I speak Swedish, Finnish, English and French. I understand these languages but I do also understand German, Welsh and Russian. I play violin, piano and guitar and I am into creative writing and I study advanced medicine. I also played handball for quite some time but stopped playing it after the school became much …
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