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January 31, 2016
+Rep Report
My first Five games ended up to be okay. I played with lvl 1's and some of them aren't that familiar with their heroes which lead to a few mishaps (frustrating). I hope I'll do better in my next games. So far here are the heroes that I have played.

Game 1: Weaver [bottom lane]

Game 2: Axe [top back door]

Game 3: Storm Spirit [solo bottom : SF DC]

Game 4: Bounty Hunter [bottom lane]

Game 5: Tusk [bottom lane]

From what I heard I will have to try my best when making a new account since a lot of players would be inexperienced..... I hope I'll survive....

When I have reached 10 games I'll give a full detailed report on the games I have played.

IGN : X_Shuun 27_93_X

STEAM I.D. NO.: 319370766

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January 30, 2016
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Well you've certainly taken your time on this one.

It's not my fault, I swear. Between my job, family issues, and the fact that Dota 2 Reborn wouldn't let me do Ranked matches for a while? I've had some work to do.

Wait... really? You weren't high enough level? That's HILARIOUS.

Shut. Up. At the very least, it didn't reset my calibration matches, so this is in fact Match 8 and not a second Match 1. If it had been reset I... I think I would have just rage quit. XD. Anyways, there's a veggie burger in me, so let's get to... NOPE REBORN CRASHED WHILE WATCHING THE REPLAY AGAIN. GG VULVA. GIVE DIRETIDE. ༼ つ ._. ༽つ

Since it had been a while since I'd played a ranked match, I decided to go with my ultimate comfort pick: Lich. He may not be my BEST hero (an honor that goes to either Undying or Jakiro depending on which I've lost a game with most recently) but he's my most-played hero, and is one of the safest picks in the game, in my opinion. With the recent buffs to…
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January 29, 2016
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10:27 PM GTM +8

I have just begun my journey at DOTA 2. I was an avid fan of DOTA 1 and I felt like I should give DOTA 2 a shot.

With this blog I shall be posting my daily games and encounters in DOTA. It's of a personal diary but a diary I hope I can share since I really need critics with how I'm playing (I want to aim for the top though I know it's impossible...). For now I had just made my account and tomorrow will be the day I test it out.


To any body reading this wish me luck and to this site thank you for letting players post their wonderful builds. They were really of help to me when I did research about the heroes and how DOTA 2 is.

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January 28, 2016
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January 28, 2016
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The time has come for another Right-Click build and it has been far too long since I last made one. In the midst of school, ****-posting, dank meme expeditions and whatever else I've been doing in service to the Dank Side of the Dota, I've failed to bring you guys innovative, game-breaking right-click builds. But that ends today! For the focus of this build shall be the most cancerous hero in the 6.84 version of this game:

While Winter Wyvern may have gotten have nerfed and deservedly so, she's gotten some huge indirect buffs that have allowed to her to adapt to the 6.86 meta in ways that only I've discovered and will generously share with you!

Now here are some reasons I've decided to chose Winter Wyvern as the subject for this build:

-Superior Version of Sniper: artic burn at max level buffs Winter Wyvern's attack range all the way up to 1000! That means no one's getting away from you and I've prepared this build with the skill in mind!

-Farming ability: Splinter Blast was…
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January 11, 2016
+Rep Report
Since 2016 has started, I've seen everyone make blogs about raising their MMR this year. Since it has become so hep, I've decided to do the same (because why not).

However, since nobody really knows about me, I think it would be fitting to give a small introduction. I'm OAJ99 and currently play Dota by the name DS.Juk1nCancer. I'm from Pakistan and I started playing Dota in June 2014. I have played around 1400 hours of Dota but I'm still sub-2k, but, hopefully, this year that's going to change.

So what exactly do I plan to do in this blog? I plan to keep updating my stats and provide some personal insight on my improvement as a player and some of the more interesting matches I play.

Okay, so onto the case in hand:

Date started: 12th January, 2016
Starting Solo MMR: 1571
Current Solo MMR: 1648
Starting Party MMR: 1903
Current Party MMR: 2148
Current hero pool: Dotabuff profile: DS.Juk1nCancer

Looking forward to stay in touch.

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January 11, 2016
+Rep Report

Help! i recently reached level 50 trophy so now i can play ranked games. 10 games will determine my MMR how would i approach this? techniques? or anything, my friend told me that you can be 4k MMR in that 10 games

Hero: Templar Assassin
Queen of Pain

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January 11, 2016
+Rep Report
i have the balls to ask can i have an immortal of queen of pain or windranger please...... i love them both gift please if you have extra huhu its still the season of giving.

add me up 101206299 playing australia server


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January 03, 2016
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Dear fellow dotoforeans
Have a happy new year!! Did you all go negligent to notice that the world went round once again in THAT day??
Why no celebration?
Ah. Heck this, rekindle the friendly nature we have here at dotofire. Lets take a pledge to congratulate each other when it is due, inculcate good habits this year and PLAY MOAR DOTAAAA. haha.


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January 02, 2016
+Rep Report
Weight loss aside, another New Year's Resolution I've made for my self is to get to 2K MMR! After watching MMR boosters, I came to realize that it is, in fact, possible to win games in a 1v9 scenario. It's all simply a manner of having a hero pool I am comfortable with.

As time goes on, I will be updating this blog entry or simply make new ones

Current Hero Pool

Ranked Games: 0
Solo MMR: 1362
Party MMR: TBD (Dotofire giff 5 stacks pls)

Among my 10 most played heroes, Shadow Fiend is the one that I feel best is suited for the task as I continue to build my hero pool. Despite the nerfs to his early game and indirect nerfs resulting from the reduction of Bottle's mana restoration, SF can still win a vast majority of mid matchups and has pretty good item flexibility.

I feel like having a hero pool of 5 to let's say 8 heroes for ranked, what do you guys think?
Should I learn the ways of the rat and consider working heroes like Tiny or Nature's Prophet into…
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