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July 01, 2015
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I didn't want to do this.

Actually, let me rephrase that. I *really* didn't want to do this. Especially considering I'm about to enter into my HSC Trials, last thing I should be doing is getting bogged down in another drawn-out story.

But I did. Like a ******.

So this is set post-events in Outside the Cycle with a different focus and cast members. It's got an... interesting opening. Warning for the squeamish.

The Waning World: Act One

Accursed Reunion

Scene One
Nightsilver burned.

Flames leapt from the glittering branches to crackle ominously in the sky, the orange tongues a startling contrast to the deep blue of the night. Around, indistinct forms ran, desperately trying to extinguish the flames.
An underground cell, the only light coming from a smouldering torch, almost burnt out, set in an alcove high in the wall. Within the cell, one man sits, hunched over, yet his stance is still defiant.
Buckets of water are being passed around; sections of the blaze are extinguished, b…
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June 29, 2015
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So, I've been messing with bots recently (during which I may or may not have been drunk) and I decided to try something that had no valid reason to exist: A right-click Pudge build. Now, this might be a troll build, but it is one that could fool a scrub like me into thinking it is a super secret Illuminati-Tier build that will let me win TI6.

Now I've tried couple different routes but the one that I found to be the most "feasible" looks something like this:

And you will want to eat this as soon as possible

Yes, you're reading that right, and granted I have not tried this in a pub yet since I don't feel like getting reported (again) but I feel if I were actually a skilled player who could land hooks on a target that isn't stunned, hex'd or beyond point blank range, I could make it work.

So an overview of these items.

Boots of Travel is pretty straight forward as it gives Pudge 100 extra m…
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June 29, 2015
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Both life and Dota put up a lot of resistance to me playing this match.

On the life spectrum: I've been busy working on my grandparents' new apartment, and have spent more time away from my computer than I like to. Between spackling, sanding, painting and what have you I've been a busy beaver. And tired. Very tired. It's been a while since I slept this well.

Nobody cares, talk about Dota.

Thank you, voice of reality. ;_; On the Dota spectrum, when I finally set aside time to do this match, there were a LOT of hiccups. The first time I loaded into a game one of our teammates just sat in fountain until he received an abandon. Thankfully, Valve detected poor network conditions and the match wasn't scored or this would be a very, VERY short and somewhat angry blog post. After that, people failed to load into my game not once, but TWICE. I finally decided to take a break, play some Sunless Sea (amazing, by the way, you should ALL PLAY THIS), and then return to matchmaking, and I…
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June 26, 2015
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Hey there, one and everyone. Safecyn here.

I thought today I'd share a bit of the stuff I work on that you never see, for one reason or another. This in particular comes from a guide I was writing on Clinkz, just... just in case you hadn't guessed that from reading the title.

And? Are you going to tell the good people of Dotafire why you never FINISHED your guide for Clinkz?

I... I am literally the worst Clinkz who ever Clinkzed. I just couldn't ever do well enough to feel confident giving advice.

Didn't stop you from writing the Brewmaster guide, though.


Anyways, on to the meat of this thing. Be sure to click the link that shows up for appropriate music!


Hello one and everyone! Safecyn here, bringing you a guide to...

I knew it. I knew right after that freaking blog post that this was coming.

And... this is a problem? You don't …
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June 25, 2015
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Something I wrote for fun.

There she stood, smiling coyly at anyone who would look her way. From my seat, I witnessed her spurn all advances directed towards her, leaving a large number of disappointed people in her wake… until she looked at me.

"AYY LMAO," I said, and her eyes widened. She dived onto my lap, undressing down to underclothes in an instant in an ecstasy of memes and lens flares. Michael Rosen smacked his lips and nodded, "Nice." Her lips, more perfect than RTZ's GPM, moved closer to mine…


I awoke, and remembered the harshness of reality - that I was not yet an MLG n0sk0p3 m45t3r, and that there were no pretty gamer grills I could seduce with a come hither look and a tipped fedora.

I staggered out of bed, trying to avoid stepping on any empty Doritos wrappers or cans of Mountain Dew. Successfully navigating the minefield of snacks that littered the floor, I opened the door and stumbled into the hallway, heading for the bathroom. I turned …
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June 17, 2015
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I am on a bad losing trend right now, its just been the past few days but I've literally only won like 1 game. I have free time so I'm wanting to play, but it just has not been working out. But why?

Well I've done a lot of self-evaluation believe me, and I'm not really on tilt. I'm starting out every game fresh and ready to do things right, and the game just keeps falling apart. Like it's ugly. A few games I have lost because of complete ragers and idiots, but most of them are just kinda..nothing works.

So what is it?

Well at the end of almost every game I win, there's something I say:

Nice job guys, everyone did their part

This sentiment goes nicely with the old adage that DotA is a team game.

Why do I say that? I say it because at the end of a good game everything interlocks. Your supports babysat well so you were able to farm well and then mid could go help offlane and offlane could gank your lane and you got items up you got wards up you picked your fights and went as a team …
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June 16, 2015
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How to :Recognise you Tilting

Tilting from the saying "on tilt" :on tilt : In a reckless manner, especially playing poker recklessly after experiencing bad or good luck.

this saying originated from the medieval sport of jousting, where if some one was on the verge of losing they would be "on tilt" meaning leaning over in the saddle. This then leant itself to the world of poker where if a player played a bad hand and let it effect them their decisions from then on would be bad and thus they were "on tilt" or "tilting".

Now we lead the term towards the world of E-sports and more importantly... DotA2

when one tilts in dota they are letting one bad game affect them for the rest of their time online. When someone allows this to happen a lot of their decisions made afterwards are bad, horrible or downright ****. The problem is... how do we know we are tilting? How does one tell another player that they are tilting? How do you Recognise tilting?

speaking from experience .... ill tell yo…
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June 13, 2015
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Helllooooooo guys, it's me again, Exit, and today I, for once, am going to try my hand at passing my knowledge on down ;) even though most of you are better than me. So lately I've been seeing a lot of games thrown/lost because of one thing: unfair engagements. One person will run in and die, and then the whole rest of their team will de ice to go balls deep and feed, resulting in at least one tower, if not more lost. And it's pretty disturbing, because it's not as if they are getting tanked into the fight. They are consciously making a decision in heir head go go in and try to fight all five members of the enemy team and trade.

So, when to attempt a trade? Do you ONLY fight as five, and just give away objectives while waiting on your teammates re spawn timer? Or do you run and and try to get at least one of their heroes for yours? I have come up with a sort of guide to attempting an uneven trade(it's by no means definitive though, so please, lay on the criticizing).
1) is your teamma…
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June 10, 2015
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So ive been asked to write a column for a paper. (its kinda a big paper talking state level here)

its in the tech part of the paper and its a half page spread.

thing is the editor wants it to be basically a early gen y perspective of the change in information transfer. i was born in 1990 so i grew up during the boom in telecommunications and i basically saw the start of true computer generated games and messaging services.

msn, messenger, fb, myspace... i was there before they were popular. i was using windows 95 and playing Warcraft .... the very first one. i was using msn to chat to grills and go on dates irl. i made email buddies and interstate friendships. ive seen the change in perspective on the privacy of ideas and information.

thing is... i want to be able to look at other peoples perspectives on information.

by information i mean .... everything.

your personal photos and videos, massive data like engineering blueprints, textbooks, ideas , philosophy, comments , memes...

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June 09, 2015
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Everyone! All five of you who read these! Hold on to your hats and prepare to assume the position because IT. IS. TIME.

Woo. Hooray. So exciting. I'm literally dying of excitement, see? See how excited I am. So excited. Woo.

Why don't you add a 'kappa' to the end there, make the sarcasm even MORE obvious?

Don't have the energy. Cause I'm so excited.

Shush. Anyways, I finally got around to making myself a veggie pizza burger, so I also finally got around to playing my next ranked game. This signals the halfway point of this little series, and we've had some good times, yeah?

Oh yeah. So many...



When I loaded into my game this time, something... peculiar happened. Something that I've always wanted to happen, yet never actually thought would. Someone recognized me.

Like, someone you knew?

No, I mean like... from this site. They fingered me as 'that guy who writes funny guides on Dotafire'. And I gotta say, when someone recognizes you for yo…
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