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Wait for it.. Wait for it..

January 7, 2012 by Leech
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Witch Doctor

Hero Skills

Paralyzing Cask

1 3 5 7

Voodoo Restoration

10 12 13 14


2 4 8 9

Death Ward

6 11 16


15 17 18

Wait for it.. Wait for it..

January 7, 2012


Hey there and welcome to Gunker's guide to Witch Doctor. Witch Doctor is one of my favorite heroes an supports in both DotA and DotA 2. His abilities synchronize amazingly and are empowered in team fights making Witch Doctor a brilliant support character. Because Witch Doctor has such great abilities he is not that item dependent especially as a support who does not require taking lane farm. Lets jump right into this hero and show our enemies the true power of Voodoo.

When to Pick and When not to...

When to Pick Witch Doctor.

    When you are comfortable as a support hero and the actions it requires
    When you have sufficient roles already in place
    When you can rely on good team synergy and communication
    When you understand helping your team rather than carrying your team
    When you understand the concept of warding and purchasing items for helping

When not to pick Witch Doctor.
    When you are not comfortable as a support hero and the actions it requires
    When you need other important roles on your team
    When you can't rely on your team or do not trust them to play their roles adequately
    When you do not understand helping your team versus being kill hungry.


1Q: Paralyzing Cask - This ability is what makes Witch Doctor so useful, this is the best not ultimate stun in the game and becomes powerful versus enemy groups and dominates team fights. The stun bounces so be sure to pick a good target to start the chain off.

2W: Voodoo Restoration - Not Witch Doctor's most important ability and should not be taken until your other main abilities are maxed out. The problem with this spell is that you do not have the mana to make it useful in early-mid game. Leave this spell last of the four.

3E: Maledict - This spell mashed with your Paralyzing Cask can do some serious damage and cause the enemy team to be scared for their lives. The DoT on this ability will get you some kills without having to chase as well as give your team some damage insurance in fights.

4R: Death Ward - This is a channeling spell so be sure to use it after your stun and after Maledict. This spell generates a lot of damage especially if you have the opportunity to pick up an Aghanim's Scepter.


Core Items:

Magic Wand - This is an important item since you will be in any and all team fights giving you a lot of charges for your mana intensive skills.

Urn of Shadows - In my opinion core for almost all support heroes. Being able to use dead enemy heroes to heal your team is invaluable for keeping members of the team alive and eliminating the need to return to base, it also subs in for your Voodoo Restoration that is mana costly and ineffective early on.

Shadow Blade - I use this item for ganking and taking myself out of the equation when being focused in a team fight, it generates survivability and maximizes ganking potential. Blink Dagger can be taken instead, but I find Shadow Blade to be more effective.

Aghanim's Scepter - This item boots the power of Death Ward significantly and also generates more mana and health via stats produced. When Death Ward has the ability to bounce it rips teams apart.

Observer Ward - Warding as a support is almost always your job, warding is one of if not the most important aspect in DotA, vision of the enemy and runes is key for victory. Can be replaced with Sentry Wards.

Town Portal Scroll - Buy them as you need them, you should be defending key points and rushing into help the team.


Power Treads - More survivability and mobility for the constant team encounters, seeing as you are a squishier hero you will be targeted because of your great support abilities.

Arcane Boots - Usually this will be taken over treads simply because your team is doing well and you are doing all right surviving, it is a natural support item and will allow you more Cask's and Maledict's


Black King Bar - This item is taken by several heroes who cannot afford to be stunned or purged in a fight such as Enigma with Black Hole. If you find it necessary pick this item up to stop Death Ward from being interrupted; however, remember that your stun from Paralyzing Cask and Maledict are as important if not more than your ultimate in a team fight.

Team Work & Laning

Laning as Witch Doctor is fairly simple, what you want to do is try and lane with a Carry to maximize your efforts and spoon feed kills as well as babysit. Witch Doctor can lane mid; however, I don't recommend it and this guide does not cover the midding experience. Over the course of the game you want to ward both rune spots, some people don't agree on warding both rune spots but I highly disagree, not only does it give 100% rune notification it also gives vision for an enemy making movement in either area. Make sure in a gank or lane fight o open the fight with Paralyzing Cask to enable the bouncing stuns, immediately after the first target is stunned throw down Maledict on the target(s). For the most part your job is done after that, make sure to auto-attack and lead off for cooldown stuns. If your ultimate is up make sure to use it in a good position don't use it where fog will break cast or too far from an opponent where it will do little to no damage seeing as the ward is stationary with channel cast. be sure to start ganks with Shadow Blade when you get it. Try not to take too much farm form your lane partner, Witch Doctor is not super item dependent and should not take from heroes who need that farm to win the game. Of course like any stunning hero he pairs well with bursting heroes and heroes who also have some sort of disable. Make sure you stay with your team and help in any and all ways.


-Keep Wards up
-Support team
-Use Paralyzing Cask and Maledict in order and at the right time
-Be present for team fights
-Do not take farm from carries
-Keep eyes on wards and mini-map movement
-Have Fun!

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