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To be continued later

April 8, 2014 by Xarai
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To be continued later

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


10 12 13 14


1 3 7 9

Take Aim

2 4 5 8


6 11 16


15 17 18

To be continued later

April 8, 2014


Shrapnel - my opinion situational mostly useless I don't bother leveling this up until the other 2 main skills are maxed and in some games I skip it and get stats instead only good for tower killing or if you want to obliterate a large group of creeps can be useful to slow down opponents allowing you to catch up for a kill

Headshot - the first skill you should get. Why is that? because it allows easier last hits, mini-stuns the opposing enemies all around great fantastic for helping you gank

Take Aim - probably the best skill in snipers arsenal Must upgrade 2nd just to be equal to lina's range and max it and you can SAFELY take out a long as their are no creeps that is chasing you

Assassinate - your bread and butter if you wish to achieve long as they are low on health usually they run away which means alls you have to do is shoot em with this skill and say bye :D especially with it's long *** range beware tho do not ever steal a kill from someone like pudge as it will only negatively effect your team, kills are nice but you want a win not 1 measly kill.

Important notes

I simply can't stress this enough Desolator!!!!! This alone is perhaps the single best item for a sniper I mean seriously armor in dota is better than HP on anyone and this takes it out of the equation makes tower killing a breeze, want to take out an opponent and make an easy gank..get this. early to mid game you pretty much obliterate everyone's armor making it an extremely easy kill If you are playing well with no problems get this asap, depending on who i'm versing I skip tangos and go straight for mithril hammers. and eventually racking me up tons of kills and making the enemy team want to physically and literally kill me.

I rush for Desolator and not an Assault Cuirass is this, Desolator is cheaper + it reduces more armor, You do not want any of your matches to last long, the shorter the match the better, team carries can become tanky and remove you as a threat the longer you let the match play out as a sniper you do not want this to happen...ever

Pros and Cons

High damage output
The longest attack range of any hero
Passive mini-stun that deals physical damage
One of the best attack animations in the game
Small (slightly harder to target in groups]
Can attack towers outside of the tower's attack range
Strong in the mid lane or solo safe lane vs a solo off lane
Shrapnel is an excellent tower sieging ability
HisAssassinat can secure kills at 3000 range, is target is visible (can even attack units if they go invisible after the initial trigger)

Extremely squishy
No escape ability
Low movement speed (290)
Low base damage at level 1 (36-42) (requires Headshot and Desolator)

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