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Tiny coming in

December 24, 2012 by the_dark_shade
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Its obvoius...tiny the carry

DotA2 Hero: Tiny

Hero Skills


1 3 5 8


2 4 6 7

Tree Grab

10 12 13 14

Tree Throw

10 12 13 14


9 11 16


15 17 18


Tiny is one of the best pusher and anti-pusher in the game. He can finish creep wave in seconds time or take down tower like piece of cake. What more do you expect of your hero than this?

He says " tiny coming in"
"smashed".....really funny and i like his audacious voice.

Items and tips

The starting items or whatever the items sequence that i have posted is the ideal sequence of buying items only if the match is easy and going your way. Most of the matches don't go the same way as you think when you pick a hero. Therefore you need to adjust item according to the match and situation.
The starting build which i have posted looks and is the best according to me. These items are preferred because Circlet and Iron Branch gives you the sufficient mana pool as well as sufficient hit points.
I prefer to take 2 sets of Tango rather than 1 Tango and a Healing Salve because i dont want my hp to go that down in lane to use a salve which is risky . Any hit while regenerating that hp would cancel your salve.
I would say go for Bottle only if you are in easy mid lane or else you would waste your gold on that bottle.You can also buy Phase Bootsbut mana problem will still be there. If you are not mid i prefer you to not to buy the bottle as taking up runes from the mid hero would imbalance his strategy in mid. and can cost him as well.Try to rush Arcane Boots if you get free farm over your bracer] and [[magic wand because Arcane Boots will not only give you mana pool but also 135 mana when activated which is pretty good enough for tiny to clear creep waves and farm faster for his Blink Dagger.
Once [[blink dagger] is can jump in and gank squishy heroes and finish them off easily.
Then your aghanim's sceptor and Hyperstone is easily on the cards to buy.

Adapt to this if something goes wrong in your farming or you are getting ganked. Remove buying Blink Dagger from your mind and go for aghanim's sceptor just to become defensive and stay behind to farm the waves once you become fat enough to fight the heroes. If any armour reducing hero like Vengeful Spirit slarder Alchemist Tidehunter is your opponent go for early Platemail or Chainmail just to be safe and increase survivability.


Level up Avalanche and Toss first. Remember when you do your combo on any hero its the Avalanche damage which is mostly amplified. Early level 6 Grow is useless considering the fact that it will reduce your attack speed and you wont level up any of your first two skills; leading to less damage once you do your combo initially. His skills are really good and very good especially against high attack speed heroes who will get mini-stunned while attacking him due to his Craggy Exterior.

Pros / Cons

1. high strength gain
2. Huge damage once he farms aghanim's sceptor
3. Good pusher and anti pusher
1. Very low armour early game
2. Melee hero; so susceptible to lane harassment by ranged heroes.

item preference mid and late game

Tiny can meld with most of the items. During mid phase of the game if there are too many disablers in the game Black King Bar becomes a must item. If too many dps heroes then Blade Mail to reflect their damage or Heart of Tarrasque to become the tank bomb. If your opponents are like like single target heroes go for Manta Style just to confuse them while finishing the job of killing them. If you are really hyper and want more attack speed and more damage with damage return go for Mjollnir because it gives you attack speed and chain lighting and active skill of return damage if enemy attacks you. If you think you are unkillable at any stage don't fear just go for Divine Rapier but be careful once you have it and don't overcommit yourself...

What more can a tiny do ?
R**e the whole opponent team alone with the correct build and farm...
Don't you guys agree with me ?

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