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The Super Duper Hyper Ultimate Lifestealer Nai'x Literally

November 27, 2011 by flashspyro3
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Super Lifestealer

DotA2 Hero: Lifestealer

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Quelling Blade
Stout Shield
Healing Salve
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Core Items

Power Treads
Helm of the Dominator
Vladmir's Offering
Armlet of Mordiggian

Luxury Items

Assault Cuirass
Heart of Tarrasque

Overall Items

Power Treads
Vladmir's Offering
Assault Cuirass
Armlet of Mordiggian
Heart of Tarrasque

Situational Items

Black King Bar
Battle Fury

Hero Skills


6 8 10 11


1 3 5 7

Open Wounds

2 4 9 12


13 14 16


15 17 18

The Super Duper Hyper Ultimate Lifestealer Nai'x Literally

November 27, 2011


Hello , this is my second guide and this guide's hero is Nai'x. Comment my guide if it's good , bad or something that i need to change.


Starting Items
Tango - help you stay in your lane and regenerate your health
Quelling Blade - kill more creeps faster
Stout Shield - tank items and prevent you from going back to the fountain
Healing Salve - help you stay in your lane
Iron Branch - increase stats

Core Items
Power Treads - damage , attack speed , movement speed and tank
Helm of the Dominator - lifesteal , health regeneration , damage
Vladmir's Offering - lifesteal , damage , ally support(melee)
armlet - damage , unholy strength , increase your health

Helm of the Dominator and Vladmir's Offering combination means super lifesteal + Feast

Luxury Items
Satanic - super lifesteal , damage
Assault Cuirass - attack speed , armor , -armor to enemies
Heart of Tarrasque - damage , strength , health , health regeneration , tank

If you don't want super lifesteal , change Helm of the Dominator into Desolator
Look at situational items too.


- tank, attack speed , magic immunity , help you stay alive

- super LIFESTEAL especially when they have big health

- chase , escape

- hide , health and damage

Pros / Cons

Super lifesteal
Good jungler and ganker
Good movement speed

Not really good str gain
Need some farm to use his "super attacks"
Low starting armor
Skill dependent


Be great at nai'x and check out how the double lifesteal + Feast work together
I wish this will help you win games
Be Pro

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