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The Sands of Time

June 8, 2015 by gear4
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Build 1
Build 2

Hunger games

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

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Into midgame

Choose your boots

Hit like a truck with these fancy items

Attack speed increasers


Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 8 9 10

Time Dilation

2 12 13 14

Time Lock

3 4 5 7


6 11 16


15 17 18

About geary

Hey guys, this is Aaron "gear4" Lee ;D My first guide on DotA Fire so please bear with me if I mess up something ^^ Quick intro: I'm a 17 y/o programmer-in-training, who spends his days walking along the Cape beaches in VR and playing games. Now enough about me, let's play some Void ;D

Personal intro to Void

I'll be straight: void is a hard hero to play. Hard carry, hard hero. Very easily countered IMO, and very easy to deny farm to. Void also has very odd builds available because he's really flexible. I'll be doing 2 or 3 builds in this guide.

Pros / Cons

Some pro's about the Void:
- Can be easy if you play very safe
- Has good base damage
- Practically uncountered except by stuns/ranged
- Has AoE disable/escape
- Ultimate is overpowered

Some cons:
- Can be hard to play if you're being shut down early
- Damage is also very dependent on items
- Time Walk and Chronosphere take quite a lot of mana early-game
- Ultimate can destroy your team too, if used incorrectly

Items (Build 1/laning with support)

The starting items are pretty average, Tango and Healing Salve for regen, with a Stout Shield for some survivability, and some stats from the Iron Branches.

In the laning phase, I generally rush a Battlefury and my Mask of Madness first to get fast creep farm and quick kills in a Chronosphere (the +55 damage from BF and attack speed from Mask of Madness just mutilates enemies, *especially* squishy ones), then get my Phase Boots for some extra speed and damage, although you could sub them for Power Treads if you like attack speed and some damage

In mid game to late game I usually stick with Crystalys and Daedalus for my main damage item

In the late game, that's where things are interesting: I love getting a Monkey King Bar especially if the enemy starts getting evasion items (can never be too sure!). Monkey King Bar also gives some precious attack speed ! ;D Monkey King Bar works well with Mjollnir too, and a bit of cleave from Battle Fury.

When you get to the point where your Mask of Madness just falls off to nothingness b/c of the Mjollnir, a Desolator helps a lot with its armor reduction and damage

Some honorable mentions (situational items) would be your Aghanim's Scepter for some extra ultimate duration, your Butterfly for evasion (stacks with your W) and attack/movespeed, an Eye of Skadi for those hasty heroes like Slardar, and a Linken's Sphere in case someone targets you with a stun inside of your ultimate

Skills (Build 1/laning with support)

As you can see, I never made multiple skill builds for Void yet, but the one I've chosen is simple: play safe, jungle a bit, and rush rush.

At 1/2/3 I get QWE, because of Q's slow, W's evasion-ness, and E's stun (very nice if you get lucky on a kill or escape). At 3 the creeps should be all the way at the enemy towers.

From 4-7, I max the E and get my Chrono, because more procs in the chrono is more free extra damage, as well as neutral creep damage in the camps.

At 8-10 I max my Q for maximum distance on my slow to catch up with that pesky spirit breaker or other escapable hero (AM, QoP, etc)

1-14, Ult L2, and max Backtrack, because it helps if chrono's down and you get focussed. Not much but helps.

15-25 is just mostly stats but also the all-important L3 Ultimate from Void. You should be getting 25 when the rest are at 15 - 18 (at least I do)

Items (Build 2/jungler)

I started off with similar items in build 2; Tango for regen with Ring of Protection for some precious armor, with a Stout Shield for some damage blocking, and some stats from the Iron Branches.

In the jungle I love getting my Mask of Madness and my Battle Fury first to get fast farm and quick ganks in a Chronosphere (the +55 damage from Battle Fury and attack speed from Mask of Madness just mutilates enemies, *especially* squishy ones), then get my Phase Boots for some extra speed and damage, although you could sub them for Power Treads if you like attack speed and some damage

Usually in mid game I'm quite farmed and so I get a Hyperswtone for attack speed then immediately rush Sange and Yasha for extra movement speed, attack speed, and the maim

In the late game, I usually stick with ~ 4000 gold after some successful ganks, and start building a Butterfly. This item will give us nice auto-attack evasion, as well as attack speed and damage. After the Butterfly, you should get a Daedalus as your main damage item

Just in case you're still quite squishy and need to tank a bit, I suggest getting a Heart of Tarrasque (high regen) or a Vanguard (damage block, regen). Alternatively you could get a Good of Defiance if they have many magic-damage dealing heroes

If you're confident you won't get utterly destroyed, you could build either a Mjollnir and a Moon Shard (which you eat) or build 2 Moon Shards and eat one

Skills (Build 2/jungler)

This build I made specifically for getting as much farm without losing as much HP as you usually would.

I've started off with Backtrack and Time Lock since they give dodge and stun/smash effects, allowing you to jungle more safely than usual

When you hit L5 and 6 you get your Time Walk and Chronosphere for either easy escapes or easy ganks. Alternatively (in place of Time Walk you can get stats for extra damage in jungle)

After you get Level 6 you should be maxing out your Backtrack and Time Lock for better farming

From Level 11 upwards you should just upgrade your Time Walk, Chronosphere and Stats to max

Team Work

If you're playing a faceless void, good! You deserve a star! Unless you don't play him correctly.

FV's ultimate is very, very dangerous, and if used incorrectly could result in a team wipe. For example, a void ults but gets 4/5 teammates in it, with 3 / 5 of the enemy heroes being outside. 2 attack into chrono and 1 chases, team wipe.

On the other hand .. If your team has lots of ranged, try and chrono so that they're outside the void. That allows your team to gank the enemy pretty well, unless Tidehunter. Tidehunter's just a pain.

Ideal heroes on your team for the chrono would be drow, sniper, naga, medusa, or lich, all of which can either do devastating right-clicks, or ult the enemy to death


So yea, that's it for now ^^ I will be improving it over a while so constructive criticism will be nice :D Thanks for reading and GL HF :)

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