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The Revolutionary Flush

March 2, 2015 by Art of morphology
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Build 1
Build 2

Early Eblade

DotA2 Hero: Morphling


Hi,my name is Tobias, and this is my first guide I am creating.¨¨Why is Morphling my favourite hero?¨What is so special about this guide?¨¨I feel that Morphling is the most versatile hero in the game, you can ask him to do anything (push the opponent, tp, dodge projectiles, burst dmg, aura steal, stun, tank, etc). Unfortunately of all these things, he is limited in many ways and cannot really specialise in anything. Here, I present a guide which trys to maximise use of every spell and item, and introduce insights to reduce some of the limitations Morphling has.¨¨I hate repeating what other guides has to say, so it is recommended to also read other guides for some basic strategies and what Morphling has to offer.¨¨¨

This guide introduces key concepts that would angle towards debatable areas, and with that I hope we renew our thinking about this hero and playstyle.

He is basically a Jack of all trades, master of none
Do not expect too much from him but u should also not underestimate his skills.

Skill Outline

Basic information can be obtained from dota wiki. Here, I would want to briefly talk about usage.

Additional notes:

Additional notes:

- Morphling can attack, cast spells and use items during the spell
- Travel speed of waveform is 1250ms
- Gives very limited vision over the Waveform area (does not give flying vision)

A great spell which doubles up as a pseudo blink and nuke.
Morphling's bread n butter skill: farming, pushing, ganking and escape mechanism.
Always try to maximise the range of the skill

Caution: Do not simply click Waveform on the opponent's head when he is moving. Waveform takes time to reach the opponent, so u have to factor in the casting animation as well as the travel speed and aoe to ensure that yr waveform does not miss the opponent.

When clearing the creep wave, I usually waveform around a 100-150 units in front of the ranged creep to reach the creeps quicker and for easy retreat.

Adaptive Strike

Additional notes:
Knock back distance is dependent on the strength to agility ratio. Strength:Agility at 3:2 will result in 300 units knock back and 2:3 will result in 100 units knock back
When unit is knocked back, any trees it collide with will be culled. (trees page on dota wiki needs updating) Gives u information on feasibility of trapping opponents.
Can knock units into hills and other terrain, which is why u cant cast it on roshan.
This additional information one should know if he is experienced in morphling. The knock back distance will indicate the length of stun.

This spell reminds me of Chaos Knight's Chaos Bolt. A level 4 adaptive strike with maximum stun matches level 3-4 Chaos Bolt. Take advantage of adaptive strike's range and its ability to knock back units.

When do we use adaptive strike? How do we ensure its full potential?

Key concept: Use it for maximum damage or maximum stun, depending on the situation. When adaptive strike level is less than 3, use it only to interrupt channeling spells.

Explanation: If u use a mid tier strike with approximately same agi and str, u get something like ~180dmg, 1.5s stun. For high agi strike u get >350dmg and 0.25 stun and for high strength strike, u get ~90dmg, 3s stun. The difference in stun between the mid tier strike and the other two strikes are about the same, but look at the minute difference in dmg for the mid tier and high strength strike. Why get ~ + 90 dmg for 1.5s stun instead of more than 150 dmg for the 1.5s stun?

Priority to usage of this spell is given to interrupting channeling spells. Look at the opponent's team and identify the hero who has the channeling spell, and if is powerful, wait for it to occur before striking him.

The stun is very useful in helping u to escape, combined with the pushback, even if u r slowed, no hero alone can take u down. It is also very useful in helping yr allies to catch up with the opponent, or even u yourself. This will be covered in catch flush.

Morph agi/str

Additional information:
The strength and agility given by this spell is unmorphable. The str n agi given are in green numbers.
It is a toggled spell with no casting animation.
The effect of the morph begins only after the time interval of that level. When u press the button with level 4 morph, the first instance of stat transition occurs 0.2s after u press the button.
U can start and stop morphing while disabled but not when silenced. Manta style is a good counter to silences.
U will not die from the strength loss when morphing agility

Morphling's ultimate spell. I feel as if morphling has two ultimates. Many people look down on this spell because it only gives 12 str or agi. Let me assure u that these people do not really understand the true power of being able to interchange these stats, this spell is certainly better than drow's ulti.

Purpose of Morph agility:
- Attack power
- Armor
- adaptive strike dmg

Purpose of Morph strength:
- Survive (main purpose)
- Increase percentage health (covered in health hackation section)
- Increase (or decrease) health pool
- Increase health regen (actually least important)
- adaptive strike stun

Morphling is both the king of agility and king of strength. To maximise attack power, ideally one should try to keep strength low to allow maximum agility. However, one must callibrate the amount of strength he has, in case of enemies launching burst damages against morphling. This spell makes morphling an excellent tank, since he starts with high agi, which gives him high armour and ends of with high strength, easily up to almost 2 times the health pool of a normal hero.

HP Re-pump technique:

This takes advantage of the fact that u will not die no matter how low yr hp is when morphing agility. The basic idea is to decrease the health gap (difference in current health n maximum health) by morphing agility, then morphing strength to yr desired hp.

Why do we regard the reduction of health gap the speed of health regeneration for morphling?

Let us use this analogy:
Consider 2 identical morphings with the same current hp, but different hp pool, example: one with 1000/1000 hp and another with 1000/2000 hp. The morphling with 1000/1000 has higher agility (~52 ) than the other and have a higher potential morphable strength than the other.
In another words, health gap represents, the 'agility' deficit and potential strength 'deficit' morphling would have if he goes into the battle after taking his desired hp.

Limitations of hp re-pump:

1. Dangerous as yr life is very low
This is a non-combat regen, so if u r in the woods doing it, be careful of global skills n invisibility heroes.
In order to use it during combat, long invulnerability spells are needed or something like faceless void ulti.

2. There is a limit to how much u can reduce the health gap. When u morph all the way to minimum strength, there will still be some unmorphable strength due to items, morph skill and base 150 hp. So having less strength providing items will be able to have a better have a minimum strength and therefore lower health gap (overcoming this 'barrier' will be covered in a later topic).

Unfortunately, I dont see that many players using such a simple way to regenerate their health. This technique requires some mana though, after a battle, even linken players would not be willing to spend their mana, but go to base instead.

Maximising Replicate

This is one of the main spells that influence picking morphling. You got to remember all the information in dota wiki as these are all crucial to yr calculation. Different illusions have different niche areas and even enemy illusions can be better than allies.

Idea of illusion potential:
The more abilities that can go well with illusions, the higher the illusion potential. Heroes that carry items that go well with illusions, e.g. Radiance, melee diffusal blade, manta, items that grant stats, they have higher illusion potential. Current health and other things listed in the dota wiki are factors that influence illusion potential. To maximise replicate, we would like illusions to play as many roles as possible and fit our team's needs.

***ualt replicate:
These illusions are favourable to be used in combat. E.g. A.M., drow, P.A., P.L. They have abilities that can increase their normal attacks.

Tank replicate:
These illusions can be used as frontliners, scouting or baiting. E.g. Viper, P.A., Centaur, Visage.
An extremely good bait is meepo.

Nuker replicate:
These are one of the best illusions due to their farming capability. E.g. Axe, Luna, Medusa.
Luna can be better than axe late game. Illusions with radiance are priority.

Scouting replicate:
These illusions possess high movespeed and good sight range. Night stalker, Luna, Slark.

'Support' illusions:
These have auras that boost movespeed, or attack power or mana or health regeneration. The ones more treasured are the ones that boost attack power or movespeed. Aura stealing from the enemy can be very powerful, like replicating and enemy luna or beastmaster.

Good enemy replicates: (rank from best to not so good) (possible counters)

Luna (aura + nuke)
Beastmaster (aura + tank)
Omniknight (aura) (slow them down during their ulti)
Shapeshifted Lycan (aura, vladmir + ulti benefits)
Axe (nuker + tank)
Spirit breaker (aura)
Vengeful spirit (aura)
Drow (aura + ulti)
Anti mage (***ualt)
Elder Titan (aura)

Special mentions to extremely good allied replicates:

Luna: Excellent nuker in late game, especially when fat. Coupled with vision bonus, aura that can give u in case the original one dies. Very good at pushing.

Axe: Good at farming ancients, get rich easily. Not very good to be used in combat if enemies are smart.

Meepo: 3 skills including ulti goes well with illusions. Need a good meepo player to be fat, levelled up, and feared. With 2 carries blinking into the replicate, the enemy is yours.

Phantom Lancer: Create more illusions, blink in and gank.

Centaur: Tank replicate. Can reflect damage and scale well into game.

Usage: Key concept always keep yr replicate doing something, aim to make full use of its duration. Do not lazily send it to base and await yr coming. If a battle is not arriving, let it scout, farm if possible. Push towers by leading the opponent creep wave away.

Use microing techniques by assign a key to replicate like no. 2 (for all other units). The shift key is very good at queueing commands. Another concept is once yr replicate is attacked, send it to retreat immediately. I have seen noobs throwing ultimates at replicates, even tide's ulti when there is only 1 hero.

Skill build justification

Waveform should be maxed 1st as it is yr main nuke.
Replicate should be gotten whenever possible as it only cost 25 mana
Morph should be maxed up 2nd as it allows u to use more agility before tanking up with strength later in a battle. More stats are moved for the same amount of mana.

Put 1 point in adaptive strike before maxing morph if there are channeling spells.
Adaptive strike would be levelled up last as its power increases with agility. Stuns are equally useful early game and in late game. Since morphling's flexibility for agility to strength transition for adaptive strike decreases as he levels up, it is recommended to level it before stats. Some people max adaptive strike after taking 2 or 3 levels of Morph. We need to know that morphling struggles with mana early game and we should take advantage of lvl4 morph which transfers 10 agi/str instead of 6 agi/str at lvl3 morph.

I strongly discourage levelling stats early as it is not as good as the survivability that Morph and adaptive strike gives. Reading the later chapters can help u understand my justifications.

Escape techniques & mana requirements

This is where the individual plays a very important part. Beginners often feed because they r not familiar. At the start of my morphling career i was the team's feeder, even though morph's supposed to have one of the lowest deaths in the game (by statistics). How difficult could it be to just waveform away from the enemy?

Morphling's mana gain of 1.5 is completely ridiculous for its main farming and escape tool for 165 mana. Whats more, all of morph's skills especially morph itself use incredible amounts of mana. Its so hateful isnt it when u can barely make 2 waveforms in early game. 165 to 1.5, the ratio is one of a kind. Many pple hate morph because of this. Look at all the other heroes, e.g. bloodseeker have higher intel gain and use so much less mana. In a mid game battle a morphling would use approximately 2 waveforms, 1 adaptive strike, morph strength for 3 to 10 seconds, may use morph replicate. 165 +165 +100 +120 (+150) = 550 - 700 However his mana pool is only 429! (without items) at level 13. Is there any space to use waveform to farm? In any battle, yr mana is completely gone. Arcane would be of great help and it will be covered later.

All of morphling spells help him to escape, even the stun and knockback by adaptive strike helps. However, we fail to see something that we should always bring along: TP scroll.

Combining escape mechanisms:

There could be many ways to escape from the enemy and often, we would need one that is reliable and saves mana. Tping followed by morph strength is a very strong way even if u r low on heath and the opponent's disables r on cooldown. We could waveform into the forest and cast tp during its travel. Or we can stun the disabler followed by tp. If u use replicate, dont waste mana waveforming or stunning unless u r helping teammate to gank.

Im still improving this section ...

Rejected items and items that are not recommended:

We simply reject all items that give intelligence as the only stats given (orchid, shivas, eul,...)
In our discussion about items, here is the key concept:

Agility = Strength = hp + slight regen to a certain extent

This means that 1 agility = 19hp +0.03 hp regen
However, we need to consider maximum total agility, and maximum total strength, that is the area where u cannot convert more strength to agility and vice versa.
When do we need max agi?
When we go for a Ethereal Blade and we need that magical dmg. We also do not want to have too high minimum health, above 1600 minimum health is not so good.
Why is having higher maximum health good? Answer should be pretty obvious (tank).

However it is also not good to get too many items that would give u a lot of strength, as it will increase yr minimum hp. So there needs to be a balance in the strength u want to get from yr items.
I would suggest that yr combined amount of strength and hp from yr items do not exceed 1200hp.

(The list goes by popularity from dotabuff least popular to most popular)

This item needs to be gotten early, but you will not as you will rush for regen items, or eblade. Furthermore, it would be easier to ask one of yr teammate to get radiance then u replicate him for better pushing, or replicate yr enemy's radiance carry.

Skull Basher
Not for ranged heroes pls. Use yr adaptive strike for stuns.

Get veil of discord instead. Although u need 280 agility to get veil to be as good as dagon, the other benefits veil gives u r a lot more worth yr $

Force Staff
It would be very realistic to cast it on yr replicate, but it takes space in yr inventory without giving u any stats.

Heart of Tarrasque
Some guides recommend this, but it is an utter waste of money. U already have very good non-combat heal (read health hackation section). If u want super hp regen, mekanism can give u voluminous amounts of non-combat hp heal per second, we r speaking in terms of hundreds (hp per sec) not tens!

Using an extra Wraith Band instead of a Magic Wand. If u r intending to sell yr wraith band later in the game, it should be replaced with Magic Wand instead. A simple comparison between the 2 would show that the magic stick charges r more valuable than 3 agi & 3dmg. This should also apply to other heroes using bracer or null. (unless u intend to upgrade them)

Not recommended items:

Hand of Midas
1) Since this item needs to be gotten early, it will hamper yr mana regen and health regen. It may also mean that u have to forgo eblade, as u r getting it too late.
2) Morphling attack speed is already very fast, so it does little to improve dmg output in late midgame.

Which boots?
The most popular boots for morphling. Set it to strength and morph back the agility. Tread switching helps in health and mana management. Note: No other hero can use treads as effectively as morphling.

Boots of Travel
Makes u very mobile, can split push very easily. Get this if u r rich.

Arcane Boots
Many guides do not like this, but mana is very useful for u and yr allies. What is especially important is the mana pool it gives, more than +50% of yr mana pool (early game). 250 extra mana means u can cast an extra waveform and adaptive strike, which may be more important than 30 attack speed and 8 agility. Helps a lot in pushing and nc. I usually go for this to upgrade to bloodstone, then decide whether to get treads or BoT.

Tranquil Boots
not recommended. U r attacking most of the time as a ranged carry.

Before I explain the builds for morphling, let us be well versed with some important strategies.

Health Hackation:

Welcome to the most sophisticated healing technique, which is powerfully unique to morphling. Pls do not let rubick know about this.
I found this technique in march 2014, and an eureka moment caught my attention. How does morph narrow the hp gap or deficit after using hp repump?

1st concept: What happens when yr hp is damaged and u pick a hp item up or put it down? It retains yr percentage hp so that abusing hp gain is limited.

2nd concept: Is there any item that does not follow the one above? Yes it is armlet. When u activate armlet, it increases yr hp and max hp by 475 and vice versa.

3rd concept: Have u watched the armlet and treads video? Unfortunately, that video is no longer popular due to the very harsh nerf upon armlets. Now, the moment armlet is activated, hp removal occurs immediately. Which means that that healing technique is not viable for almost every hero. Morph str & morph agi works in the same way to 'replace' armlet. Morphling strength increases yr percentage hp.

4th concept: Absolute minimum health. This is the hp that u have after removing all items and morphing agility all the way. Yr base hp is 150, you need to have at least 1 base strength remaining and the strength from morph is in green numbers. At lvl14 and below when u have maxed morph, yr absolute minimum hp is 283. The healing technique works best when the absolute minimum health is at its lowest.

The steps goes:
1) Put item down
2) Morph str
3) Pick item
4) morph agi

However morph str/agi for how long?
Here is where the difficulty and complexity arises. Take out a calculator and compare. The simple reason is that during morph agi, yr hp percentage increases at an increasing rate.

Quite hard to explain without use of figures and drawings so will improve this later.

Catch Flush

An intermediate technique that catches the opponent with adaptive strike when u do not have any items to slow them down. Key idea: stun is better than some dmg from adaptive strike.

Procedure: Morph str until str is almost 50% more than agility, (change treads to str as well). Cast adaptive strike, (change treads to agility) and morph agility gain immediately. Walk up and attack the opponent, (cancel backswing). When the opponent starts to run again, Waveform if possible and attack. If going to die, cast high agility strike.

When do we use this:
Opponent is losing and so is retreating
Have enough mana for the combo (400+)
Opponent does not have much health left
There is no guarantee that the waveform will hit the opponent as it is at about 800+ range
Allies do not have enough spells to slow the opponent
It is also good to use this when u have suffered some damage and morph a bit of strength. Gd to use when opponent is outnumbered.

There are some variations to this technique, but it is a technique that is still rarely used. With the recent buff to adaptive strike, this can be a real killer.

Brute Flush:

One of the most cost effective item for damage is armlet. A strange item, but let me tell u that this is nearly a perfect fit, and out of all non-strength heroes, morphling stands as the best armlet holder.

Requirements for a hero to be good at holding armlet:
1. Carry hero that needs cheap and quick dmg
2. Able to translate the strength gain into dmg. e.g. Ursa
3. Have good health regen or lifesteal to make up for hp removal
4. Have invulnerability tactics which allow the hero to on and off armlet to regain health
5. Have some kind of stun to freeze the opponents attacks to safely regain health through armlet
6. Having illusions would be good as they benefit from the strength stats

2) Scared of burst dmg, we can keep about 1200 hp (mid game) then as soon as we activate armlet, morph agility for 2 sec. However, do remember about minimum strength, if u have many items granting u hp, it may not be a good idea to get armlet.
3) Morphling can easily regen health by using morph strength, if needed. 190 hitpoints per sec way exceeds the 40hp removal.
4) Waveform and morph replicate to safety before entering the fray can help in armlet repump technique, whereby we toggle armlet on & off when our health is below 475.

When to use armlet repump to recover health?
Cooldown of waveform is about to be over
Wait for health to be around 200+hp, we can morph agility by a bit to reach that.
Then waveform, double tap armlet during it.
If u have power treads, and it is set to strength, double tap it together with armlet.
e.g. Armlet key is x and tread key is z, press x & z together twice.
Here u have an extra 8 agility.

5) How adaptive strike stun can help?
When cooldown is ready, estimate length of stun. (armlet should be activated as soon as fight starts)
Stun the opponent, then morph agility. (hp repump technique)
1 sec before stun is up, double tap armlet.
This method only works if there is only 1 enemy hero and no damage over time (D.O.T).

These techniques may be quite dangerous if there are burst damage heroes around and due to its difficulty of execution, one wrong step will cause u your death.

Limitations of brute flush:
1. D.O.T. spells
2. Disables, especially silences
3. High burst damages
4. High mana cost (solved by bloodstone)
Thus a Black King Bar will go very well with armlet as it can cover up most of its limitations. Manta Style is also a good combination.

Do u understand what I am talking about?
Rather complex, so give me some suggestions on how to improve this chapter.

Shotgun Flush:

In the first place, can we get Ethereal Blade all the time?
Very simple condition: There must be at least 3 valid targets to burst at.

Heroes with high magic resistance are not valid targets.
e.g. Anti mage, Pudge with hood of defiance, Huskar, Visage.

Heroes with linken sphere.
U can counter them by 1st casting ulti on them (not very feasible)

Very mobile heroes.
e.g. Storm spirit, Puck.

Take note:
Do not cast on heroes when u know their Black King Bar is not yet on cooldown. Same for heroes like juggernaut and lifestealer. Watch out for heroes with blademail as u will suffer huge amounts of damage.

With the nerf on Ethereal Blade, there are only 2 options to combo the opponent.
1. eblade
2. Move forward/ right click opponent
3. adaptive strike / waveform
4. waveform / adaptive strike
Immediately after adaptive strike, it is recommended to morph strength.

Ask any one who is proficient in eblade morph, ask again to see if he knew he miss any step. The second step mentioned here is the updated version of the shotgun, which noobs commonly miss out as they did not take into account the travel time of eblade. U may only omit this step if u invis in or blink in with ulti.
In the past, we could cast waveform then while waveforming cast eblade. However, due to travel time of eblade, we must always cast eblade 1st. There are 2 ways this can be combined with replicate. One way is to use replicate to retreat, the other way use replicate to hunt, then morph in and combo.

Are u sure there are only 2 options to shotgun? (Morph agility,) Waveform, then Ethereal Blade, move forward and adaptive strike, (stop morph). Make sure u have enough mana. This is to close the distance and finish off fleeing heroes. (Sniping shotgun)

Damage output:
Assuming u get ethereal blade at lvl 14, have ring of aquila, morph full agility,
Base Str: 45 Agi: 63 Int: 36
Max agility: 63 + 44 + 6 + 9 + 40 = 162
Max dmg: (162 x 4 + 75 + 80 + 325) x 1.4 =1579.2
After magic resistance: 1184.4
Impressive amount of dmg at lvl14, can take down squishy supports very quickly.
However take note yr health will be at (1 + 6 + 3 + 10) x 19 +150 = 530 hp
so u have to be very cautious.

Comparable to lina burst dmg without burst dmg items, 1132.5 (after magic resistance)

At lvl 20, with ring, eblade and eye of skadi, Base str: 57 + 10 Agi: 81 + 10 Int: 45 + 10
Max agility: 56 + 91 + 6 + 9 + 40 + 25 = 227
Max dmg: (227 x 4 + 75 + 80 + 325) x 1.4 = 1943.2
After magic resistance: 1457.4

What is so good about morphling's burst damage is that its mana cost is lower than most heroes, has gd range and has gd cooldown of 30 sec. Lina's ulti already cost 680 mana and has cooldown of 50 sec.

Item choices

What most people go for:
tango, wraith band, boots, bottle / magic wand, ring of aquila, perseverance, power treads, linken sphere, ethereal blade, manta style.

Its a solid build, but aren't we getting eblade too late? Most of such people get eblade at around lvl 17 to 19. If u go mid lane u would probably get it earlier.

I would say that linken is quite situational as some teams do not have much single target abilities and some heroes like bristle and skywraith can easily dispel linken. Also, u can evade spells with yr waveform as well as yr ulti. If u get a bkb, do not get linken, and vice versa.

My purchase order:

tango, wraith band, boots, ring of aquila, bottle/ magic stick, arcane boots, ghost scepter, ethereal blade, soul booster -(bloodstone) then luxury.

Arcane boots give a real rush of mana regen which can exceed a morphling with perseverance at around lvl 11. Followed by some hp regen from bottle, it should be enough to support early eblade.Here i can get eblade at around lvl 14-15 (best lvl to get eblade is 14, as adaptive strike is maxed)

Importance of early eblade:
1) Easier to finish opponents within that combo
2) Most opponents have not farmed up linken or bkb
3) Can create fear which hinders the opponents farming
In late mid game where many heroes get bkb, it is very hard to execute the full combo.

Soul booster is quite a cost effective item: Gives decent regeneration with up to 23 str and 400 mana. It allows an extra eblade combo which costs at least 415 mana. Experienced players will be able to tell u that its very difficult to play morphling without mana pool.

Another build option is to rush Bloodstone 1st. This takes advantage of the techniques (flushes) mentioned above. The lower yr level, the less strength u need to morph to get maximum stun, and without leveling the stats, u can health hack faster. It gives u more than twice the mana regen and mana pool of that of linken sphere, a mana heaven. Really, with mana, morph can do anything but may in the end lack in some physical damage. It really speeds up yr farming and with sufficient charges, u can simply use adaptive strike on creeps.
The real concept of bloodstone is for morph to withstand long, very long battles. While other players might think that u cant waveform for the 4th time, in u go and they are dead. Try to use adaptive strike 3 times, so if there are no channelling spells, kick off the battle with adaptive strike.


Early game:

Its recommended to contest for rune at the start to help yr teammates. If there are very strong heroes like pudge, dont lvl up morph skill 1st cause u may need waveform to help u escape.
Do not use yr waveform to farm creeps unless absolutely necessary. Always keep a lookout for ganks.
Dont go solo offlane. Going mid may not be good if there are harsh harasses like viper and templar. Having a support to lane with is usually the better choice.
Try and get ring of aquila and brown boots by lvl 5, then bottle/ wand and arcane by lvl 9. Hopefully get eblade by lvl 14

When u have bottle and arcane, always try and hack mana by dropping arcane, use bottle then pick up arcane. U can use bottle in between battles.

Mid game:

U should either have ethereal blade by lvl 15 or bloodstone by lvl 12. If u are going utility, rush hex and get it around lvl 15 to 18. U should not be playing yr replicate so passively and try to push in late midgame. Once u have acquired eblade, soulbooster, boots of travel, or hex and others, its yr time to shine. Soloing is easy especially if u have yr replicate out. Jungle if needed and during it, morph a bit more agility to speed up yr farm.

U can waveform 2 jungles if they are close enough. Radiant has 2 pairs of camps which are within 1400 range but not dire. So the trick is to ensure that the 1st camp u go to is melee, then u pull and whack them till their health can be finished in 1 waveform, then u waveform to the next camp. Waveform radius is 200 but their attack range is about 100.

Morphling is a mid game hero. Waveform is good early game, adaptive strike is good mid game, replicate dies easily in late game. For morph it can scale well into late game, but several techniques like catch flush and health hackation is good early mid game. Also u cannot increase the 190 hp increment. His flexibility dwindles late game.

Late game:

This may be the time where harder carries start to catch up with u. Heroes like P.A. , Ursa, Drow, Alchemist will have more attack power then u. Yr eblade power will also weaken gradually, so do not drag the battle unless yr team have harder carries than the opponent. U should be actively using yr replicate trying to push and stick with yr team when the enemy is out of sight. Health hacking becomes less viable and catch flush should be rarely used. U should keep yr health above 1400, but less than 2000 before a battle, and morph strength as soon as the fight starts. 190 hp per second heal is not going to be a lot.

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