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Morphling Carry | Mid

July 1, 2024 by DotaCoachApp
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Morphling Carry | Mid

DotA2 Hero: Morphling

Hero Skills

Accumulation (Innate)


3 4 5 7

Adaptive Strike (Agility)

2 8 9 11

Adaptive Strike (Strength)

2 8 9 11

Attribute Shift (Agility)

Attribute Shift (Strength)


12 16 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+35 Strength
-40% Waveform Cooldown
+75% Waveform Attack Damage And Applies On Hit Effects
+1.0s Adaptive Strike Stun duration
+15 Agility
+16s Morph Duration
+250 Waveform Range
+15% Magic Resistance

Morphling Carry | Mid

July 1, 2024

Key Strategy

Key strategic elements to consider when playing Morphling

  • Focus on outlasthiting opponents with high base damage, Shifting more agility will help with last hitting but can be risky.
  • Be careful when playing versus ranged heroes. You don`t want to allow them to harras you too much and force you to morph strength.
  • Rush Morbid Mask for hp sustain on a mediocre to tough lane.
  • Whenever you drop low on health, shift to agility before using health consumables or stick.
  • Consider putting a point in Adaptive Strike on level 2 if you have issues securing range creep lasthit.
  • Start morphing into strength right away if you expect to be jumped.
  • Healing reductions and silences are a big problem for Morph and early Manta can dispel both in many cases.
  • Don`t be morphed fully into agility when moving around or before the fight.
  • Khanda gives you a big power spike because it synergizes well with your adaptive strike. Look to play closer to team once you get the item.
  • Aghanim`s Shard is really good when you are playing against excessive disable and long stuns.
  • Black King Bar is necessary to prevent getting interrupted when waveforming in to fight enemy heroes.

Further Information

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Find out more about Morphling on Dota Coach's Heropedia

This guide was written by BaLLooN, a 7.8k DotA 2 player based in SEA with 17 years of experience: View Gamer Profile

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