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The One and Only pubstomper Faceless Void

October 16, 2014 by Kabu
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DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 12 13 14

Time Dilation

3 8 9 10

Time Lock

2 4 5 7


6 11 16


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Hello hello! first guide over here, made to try to show you my way to play Faceless Void but also and more important, to read your opinion about it.
My native language is spanish so don´t panic if you see some grammar horrors down there.
Faceless Void is my favorite hero and my 2º most succesfull one. Void is one of the first heroes i learn to play with (ohh my feeding days with void) also.
So.. What´s Void? Void is one of the most pubstomper carries (actually in competitive games he´s rarely seen)and lately, he´s scaling into one of the most popular heroes ingame.
He scale well even with a few deaths in mid game (try to avoid this though!), can have limited but usefull prescense in the midgame unlike other hard carries like Medusa, and literally destroys the enemy team if he gets into late game (and the enemy team is a bit numb of course).
Void isn´t very difficult to play once you learn to land well your chronos and avoid dying a lot, so it can be categorize as a "noob friendly" hero, though he´s not as easy as Viper or Sniper.


- Pubstomper
- Relatively easy to play
- Initiator, ganker ***well as hard carry
- Very difficulot to outcarry him, he only fears Medusa and Spectre
- Team prescense

- Good escape and fantastic passives
- Jungle friendly
- Have (limited) prescense in the midgame and he can be usefull even with a few deaths before he got feed.

- Squishy hero
- Easy to counterpick
- A bad Chronosphere can **** up your team (get ready for some shouting on the mic)
- Noobs like to call him OP, i´ll talk about that later.


Time Walk

Timewalk is a sort of Blink (actually the longest range blink ingame) that it is use both as an initiator and escape ability.
When using it as an escape mechanism try to escape to a place where the other guy cannot follow up, that could be on the other side of a cliff or trees.
Timewalk synergizes very well with Chronosphere making a great initiation combo. simply blink into the middle of your enemy team and frezze the time with Chrono.
You must also remember that your Q also reduces the attack and movement speed of any enemy you pass by while you are "blinking".

Backtrack is one of your passives which gives you a 35% chance to evade everything (yes eVeRyThInG) that includes Lina Laguna Blade and trust me, it is BEAUTIFUL to see you backtrack at that ulti (and then kill her of course).
But this is not the normal evasion you got from a Butterfly. This evasion isn´t countered buy Monkey King Bar so don´t worry about those annoying right clickers who like to build MKB like Spirit Breaker.

Time Lock

Time Lock is your second passive and the reason appart from Chronosphere of course, that makes void so feared even in the mid game and speccialy by annoying blinkers like the classic Anti-Mage.
This ability make you have a 25% chance to ministun and deal double damage on the enemy. when it´s maxed it synergize perfectly whit your high attack speed disabling the enemy almost completely until he dies.
Time Lock is also a good counter to right clicker carries like Lifestealer.

And finally, the one you were all waiting for: CHRONOSPHERE

Your ultimate is your signature skill, it used to be more powerful because it also disabled the passives but it´s still one of the most powerful ultimate ingame.
Chronosphere is a huge AOE spell that paralyze and disable any unit or structures (including allies) you manage to trap in and also the ones that walk´s inside.
It is a great initiation spell and don´t hesitate to use it also as an escape mechanism despite of its rather long CD (i think it is 90sec at lvl3 but i might be wrong hehe)
This abilty can be a double knife though. You can kill allies (or yourself) if you trap them in a Chrono and leave a powerful caster like Skywrath Mage or a tower outside you ulti so position is crusial when you land your ulti.
Also don´t use it for killstealing, even though you are the main carry in your team, this is a sealfish attitude and you also use an ultimate whit a long CD that you may need it later.

Early Game

Void is not very flexible with lane choosing, his "default" lane is the safe one (top for Dire, bottom for Radiant). The best thing it could ever happend to Faceless Void is a trilane but this is rarely seen in pubs so always try to lane with a support (ufortunally rarely seen in pubs also).
Your starting items should be a Tango, a Healing Salve so you don´t need to go to base if you got low HP and a Slippers of Agility.
On the Early game you must make your first important decision, should i rush for Hand of Midas? I´ve seen lately that almost every Void player is building Midas even if he dies 5 times and get´s it on the 25 minute mark.
You must remember that Midas is an extremely situational and risky item you must only get it if the game seems to go for ultra late game (before 6.82 this rarely happened) you can see this from the heroes your and your enemy team choose and how the other lanes do, if the other lane is feeding, 4get about Hand of Midas.
You must also have a good laning phase, last hitting everything and not dying at all and rushing the item before the 10 minute mark. if you don´t manage to get it before 10min, start bulding other items.
Other situational and useful items for the early phase are Ring of Health and Poor Man's Shield, both useful when getting harrased a lot. RoH is bassicaly a permanent tango (very useful when you lane against the ever annoying Huskar and is later use to build your Battle Fury.
You may have some mana problems early on so use Time Walk when you really need to get out of there!

Mid Game

In the Mid game the sunrise starts.
If your early game hasn´t been so good you can go to the jungle after you get a Morbid Mask. You can also seccure some kills with Chronosphere (don´t initiate with it yet though) and even solo kill a squishy support after you finished your Mask of Madness.
Remember that MoM increases significally the damage you receive (by 30%) so use it wisely. If you don´t feel confident about the mask you can rush your Battle Fury or even buy a Morbid Mask if you need early jungling but remember you won´t have any prescense until the late game. Faceless Void may be the only hero where Mask of Madness is core.
After your MoM start rushing out Battle Fury. Some people might be asking why rush MoM first and Battlefury later, that´s because with Mask of Madness you can start killing squishy heroes who roam alone or even someone in your lane, also, Morbid Mask allows you to jungle early one if you need it.
Once you´ve got your Battle Fury you can be useful, you cannot wipe out entire teams yet but you can participate in the teamfights and be useful at the same time. You can also start pushing and farming at a much higher rate while you start scaling into the late game.

Late Game

Usually, after the Battle Fury i start building up Mjollnir, after you finish this, you can start whipping out entire teams with your insane attack speed.
After your Mjollnir you should build a Butterfly if there are other right cliker´s on the enemy team. This item stacks with Backtrack so you are almost invulnerable.
If the enemy team has lot of strenght heroes or you just feel you need more damage, consider Daedalus or Monkey King Bar instead if you have heroes with evasion, speccialy now that your Chrono no longer dissables annoying passives like Blur.
In the late game you´ll probably be the initiator. Get ready to blink with your Time Walk in the middle of the stupid enemy team that stick together and Chronosphere ´em up.
If you are well farm you could even solo kill the entire team though don´t think you are inmortal just because you got a tripple kill on the last team fight, a stun or disable can **** you up if you don´t have a Black King Bar, which usualy delays your core.

Ultra Late Game

With the new patch, the games oftenly scale into ultra late game (50min +) and hard carries just like you are crusial.
If the game scale here you must make a very important decision. Should i keep my money for buyback?
If the answer is no, you almost always rush Boots of Travel. You are crusial for your team and you must be present at any teamfight and also push when neccesary.
Other items you may consider are Assault Cuirass for more attack speed, more armor and a great aura or Heart of Tarrasque for more survibiabilty (i don´t know how to write that =D).

Why not Aghanim´s/Refresher

In dota 2 wiki, when you search Faceless Void it highly recommend´s you to build Aghanim's Scepter + Refresher Orb. While two 6 second long Chronosphere seems great on paper, it´s useless. Void ain´t very smart so he doesn´t have a lot of mana. You can run out of it before you land the second Chrono. Also, a farmed Void doesn´t really need an extra second of Chronosphere much less 2 of them!
Maybe the only useful thing about the Aghanim's Scepter is the CD reduction, but you can just be careful when to throw your ulti instead.

Why is Void not OP?

If you enter the dota 2 disscusions forum you can see tons of threads saying "Void OP, pls nerf volvo". The reason everyone says he´s OP is because he´s a pubstomper hero with two powerful passives and a breathtaking ultimate but people tend to forget how easy is to counter Faceless Void.
Harrasing and ganking in the laning phase, focusing down on team fights and a Silence/Stun can make Void look like a pink creep.
Also Void is rather useless on the early/mid game so this is the perfect moment to kill him and don´t let him snowball into late game. If Void is not farmed when the late game comes he won´t be very useful.

Friends & Foes

Faceless Void has a great combo with powerful AoE spells that can be cast while you Chronosphere this includes heroes like:

This guy can get the enemy team alltogether for you to land a perfect Chrono.

Support healers are much preciate in the lane.

This guy can make your way into rampage with his healing and free Black King Bar

Those same powerful AoE casters that synergise so well with your ulti can also **** you up if you land a Chronosphere with them outside of it.

Be sure to get stunners inside your Chrono. The reason is obvious, they stun while you are inside the Chronosphere, you throw away your ultimate.

Hard supports like Crystal Maiden or Lion tend to build this item and you´ll throw your Chronosphere in the trash if you don´t trap the holder of it.

The nightmare of the agility hero.

How to counter him

Any guide is finished without explaining what to do if you are against the hero.
If you see an enemy Faceless Void and the player is good you must know that you´ll be ****ed up if he snowballs.
If you lane with him harrass him so he cannot last hit and even needs to go back to the fountain.
If you are the support, you must rush Eul's Scpeter of Divinity after your boots and try to stay out of sight until he uses his Chronosphere. Once he use it, disable him and watch him fly in the air while you laugh.
If you are the midder, you must always prioritize ganking on his lane, Faceless Void is very squishiy and it won´t be difficult to kill him if the gank is effective.
Remember that Void can jungle so look for him if you don´t see him anywhere. ( Observer Ward are crucial.
And the golden rule: NEVER EVER stick together, doing this is asking for Void to throw a perfect ultimate.

Thank You

Thank You is a Led Zeppelin song that features on the second album, if you never listen to it, you should (both the song and the album).

Thank You (II)

Thank you for reading this guide and sorry for my english, i tried my best.
I hope it was useful and you can use Faceless Void without Refresher Orb.
Of course, comments will be preciated.
Have a nice rampage =)

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