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The New Lucifer (7.20d)

December 7, 2018 by Croofe
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DotA2 Hero: Doom

Hero Skills

LVL ? Pain (Innate)


1 3 9 11

Scorched Earth

8 13 14 16

Infernal Blade

2 4 5 7


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

Doom Applies Break
Doom applies Mute
+2.5% Infernal Blade Damage
-10s Scorched Earth Cooldown
Devour Can Target Ancients
+5% Scorched Earth Movement Speed
+10 Scorched Earth Damage
Devour grants +15% Magic Resistance

The New Lucifer (7.20d)

December 7, 2018


The New Doom of 7.20 is certainly unique and fun. He is now a very strong beast in laning stage and very durable.

With the huge buff to Devour, his gold-mongering is back, and with his gimmick back, so does the famous flexibility of Doom.

All the skills and item builds in this guide is not fixed and should be adjusted to the situation at hand.

This is not an in-depth guide, but instead just a way on how to play him on 7.20d patch.


In 7.20d, Scorched Earth just became dumpster tier skill and like all those dumpster tier skills, you don't level it up early.

The only useful ability on this skill is now Movement speed bonus and disabling Blink Dagger. Just one point is enough for both.

Scorched Earth only shines after you take the movement speed bonus talent, aptly more than doubling it's movement speed bonus.

You can take one single point in Scorched Earth between level 4 to 9, and only level it further after other skills are maxed. You should level this immediately once when you see enemies already get Blink Dagger.

Devour in 7.20 makes Doom a devil incarnate in laning stage. Those regen bonuses are huge blessings and they fully stacks, so make sure to always immediately use this ability whenever it's off cooldown. This ability enables Doom to shrug off harasses and trading hits. Two points in Devour is very strong in laning stage, so make sure to get this to level two before leveling other skills.

Infernal Blade is the main damage, and since it's our main damage, naturally we want this ability to have low cooldown, so we max this first. It's cheap on mana cost too, so use this ability to harass back.

Doom is well... Doom. Just use Doom like usual. Use it on high priority targets.


Starting items are basic. Stout Shield, 2 Tangoes for trading hits, and Iron Branches to be upgraded to Magic Wand later.

Buy Ring of Protection from side shop as bonus armor, and Quelling Blade to last hit easily under harassment. Upgrade Ring of Protection to Ring of Basilius for some mana regen.

Best boots for Luficer in this patch is Phase Boots. The armor and movement speed burst is what you want most, but the attack speed bonus makes the Alpha Wolf passives very useful.

Grab Magic Wand for those burst health/mana heal, considering Doom's less-than-elegant Intelligence and cheap skill costs, it's a very worthwhile investment.

Disassemble Ring of Basilius and use Sage's Mask as component for Drum of Endurance. You can sell the lingering Ring of Protection when the slot is full otherwise keep it as long as you can, more armor is never bad.

Shadow Blade is a core rather than Blink Dagger, because of how fast Doom can be just by walking after you get movement speed talent bonus on level 10. Just by casting Scorched Earth and Shadow Blade after, you can chase pretty much anything.

Any other items after Shadow Blade is just to conform to the situation you face.


As previously stated, Scorched Earth shines after level 10 talent movement speed. We don't take the damage because it scales poorly in the first place.

For level 15, Bonus gold is obvious, but if you are so far ahead in terms of money, you can take evasion bonus.

Level 20, take Ancient Creep Devour, because Doom's usage is to disable and less about killing. Ancient Creep however, makes the team easier to push T3 towers with Granite Aura from Ancient Granite Golem.

Level 25, Doom has super bad attack animation, and thus Cleave is just very-very meh. Infernal Blade bonus is more deadly.

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