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The invisible tank

April 5, 2015 by axemad
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Tank build

DotA2 Hero: Riki

Purchase Order

Start of game

Early game

Mid game

Late game

Hero Skills

Smoke Screen

2 7 13 14

Blink Strike

1 3 5 9

Cloak and Dagger

4 8 10 12

Tricks of the Trade

6 11 16


15 17 18


Riki is classed as a op hero such as Pudge Axe and Ursa

Riki can be countered easy by many heros such as Bloodseeker Drow Ranger and Silencer

In this guide i hope to show u how to make Riki more op than any other hero


To make Riki stay invisible and hidden from enemy hero you will need to buy lots of Sentry Ward to counter theirs

to make Riki op u need to buy damage items such as Crystalys 175% critical damage
for 2 good combo items for Riki is Sange and Yasha


Smoke Screen is a good silence and is last 3 seconds more than Silence

Riki has a amazing ult Blink Strike which chases a enemy hero and puts Riki behind the enemy hero and with backstab does bonus damage from behind a enemy hero



Is invisible and can do stealth assassination
Smoke Screen can silence enemy's long enough to kill them


Gem of True Sight can counter Riki
low health

Amazing combo

when an enemy hero is away from tower walk behind him use Smoke Screen hit him from behind with backstab and if he runs away use Blink Strike most op combo :)

combo hero with riki

Phoenix and Riki I can only think of one counter to this and that is Void and her abilities Supernova ticks stop in the Chronosphere, right?). So yeah this looks like a tricky combo to fight against and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

Creeping / Jungling

As long as you have sentry wards around so the enemy cant see u creeping up on them and killing them by stealth is fine but not if the can see u and know u are coming and just so people have never played Riki before he does not really need to jungle because if u get back to a tower ally hero and u are invisible u heal quickly

Team Work

Riki can help the team by using Smoke Screen if the enemy hero's are grouped together which will give your team a advantage you can always use Blink Strike to rush in and save a ally hero but don't use it to kill steal

If your team is in a fight an a enemy hero is running away use Blink Strike to finish that hero off and join back in fight

Stuff to remember

riki needs to farm well and earns xp by staying near a fight invisible and can use Blink Strike more than once and it does bouns damage when used for eg if u had lower health than a low health enemy hero you could just keep using Blink Strike to kill the enemy and not take to much damage

Bounty Hunter and Riki

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